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We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now!
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F A C T ]

Argentina ranks fifth in wine-producing countries world-wide.

Argentinas subtropical climate in the north, and the sub-Antarctic climate in the south, are just some of the special ingredients for an adventurous and exciting South American wine vacation. It is a melting pot of culture from the many who settled here, especially those with European decent such as the Irish, Basque, German, French and Italians. Despite the heavy European influence, the Spanish language is widely spoken throughout the country, and it is a land influenced by Latin art and culture. Wider than Chile, but similar in length, the major cities of Mendoza and Santiago are separated by the giant Andes. The city of Mendoza is the heart of the Argentine wine country, while Buenos Aires is considered to be the Paris of Latin America. The sensual dance of the Tango is found throughout the country, Malbec is the favorite wine, and beef is whats for dinner. Argentina is a country of picture perfect lakes, mountains, and grapevines, with the famous Iguazu Falls and the magical land of Patagonia located at its southern tip. Argentina has posh beach, golf and spa resorts, and a huge variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. This country is a destination loved by all who visit; the adrenaline junkies to literature buffs, and those just looking for a relaxing vacation infused with beautiful scenery.

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The words, El Vino Es Vida (Wine is Life) is often found carved in oak barrels.


some of the highest elevation vineyards in the world. With an average of 320 days of sunlight per year and a semi-desert like climate, this area is a near perfect grape growing climate. The four major wine regions in Argentina are Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja and Salta. There are two smaller districts in the northernmost part of the country, Jujuy and Catamarca, which is located near Salta. In the south, the coolest region is Rio Negro.

It is believed that during the mid-16th century, Argentinas first grapevines were planted by Jesuit missionaries. But it was the successive waves of immigrants from wine-producing countries during the 19th and 20th centuries that shaped the industry of today. When the railroad connecting Mendoza with Buenos Aires was built, a market for wine opened up, which led to a massive expansion of vineyards. But the countrys serious political issues created obstacles for the wine industry and the country fell behind in key advancements and improvements in their viticulture and winery practices. It has only been since the mid-1990s that Argentina began to develop a fine wine industry. Most of the wines before this time period were blends, and to the surprise of many, were mostly consumed domestically. Argentinas wine regions are in the west-central part of the country, which backs-up to the foothills of the Andes, creating


Mendoza is more than the leading wine region; it is the center and heart of the industry and is home to the best wines and wineries. The northwestern region of Mendoza includes the districts of Lavalle, Guaymallen, Las Heras, San Martin and Part of Maipu. The poor, sandy and loamy soil is irrigated by the Mendoza River and is high in salinity, which leads to high acidity wines. East Mendoza is a warm and flat area with a combination of sandy and rich soils. The soil in south Mendoza is made up of limestone rock, and although the summers are dry, hail storms can sometimes do damage to the vineyards. There is no doubt, Malbec is the prized grape and king of the land, but Sangiovese, Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon, Syrah and Barbera all grow nicely in the wine regions. Small amounts of Pinot Noir, Pedro Ximenez and other less known grapes can also be found. Saltas cool nights and hot days, tempered by the wind, is an ideal place to grow grapes were it is not so remote. Located 600 miles north of Mendoza, it is a high-altitude growing region with sandy soil. La Rioja is a hot and dry area, relying heavily on irrigation, producing mainly a white wine varietals. Historically, San Juan is known for growing grapes used to make fortified wines. And Rio Negro is the most southern wine region that shares its border with Patagonia, and is a prime area for fruit trees. Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Malbec are also harvested here.

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.
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Wineries are called Bodegas in Argentina.



Next, have lunch at one of the many Argentine cafs and take a walk through the beautiful green and flowered gardens in the Palermo. Your day would not be complete without taking a chance in a Tango bar, where locals are happy to give a quick dance lesson. Finally, the way to end a perfect day is to take a stroll down the slope to Puerto Madero, continuing along the lit-up docks past the beautiful Puente de la Mujer.

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. This seductive port city has been the gateway to Argentina for hundreds of years with, one-third of the Argentinian people living here. It is a mixture of multi-national citizens, all boasting their own uniqueness against a backdrop of Latin fusion. Buenos Aires has a world-class opera house, modern sky scrapers, Tango bars and unique neighborhoods, each with their own individual architectural style, color and character. The list of attractions is long, with a variety of night clubs, bars and restaurants. The city center is a meeting place for business, industry and government. A historical walking tour is recommended, which will leave you with an understanding of its working class people and ways of governing. If you have only one day to spend in this fast-passed city, you may want to begin walking down Avenida de Mayo, taking in the beautiful turn of the century art-nouveau. Then jump on the subway to the amazing Palacio Barolo building, once the tallest building in Latin America.


Tango - Tango - Tango!

In Argentina, Tango is everywhere. For those who like the Tango, or just have an interest in the dance, we invite you to take a lesson as you learn the moves and listen to the Tangos seductive music. If you are not the dancing type, you can enjoy a glass of wine or exotic Argentinean cocktail while you watch the passion of the dancers. Lunch and dinner shows are both available. Discover the cultural charm and magic of the dance in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires.
Its Your Trip Planned Your Way We Make It Happen.

Estancia (Ranch) Excursion

Estancias play a huge role in Argentina's culture and economy. For Argentineans, great steaks are not just a pastime, but a national obsession, comparable to wine tasting. Most estancias are over two hundred years old and maintain traditional practices and values. The beautiful natural setting makes an excellent place for all types of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, cattle drives, horse shows or helping gauchos with daily activities. Enjoy an excellent barbeque of fresh local meats and vegetables from the garden as you listen to the music of a guitar.

Drink Wine, Live It!

Tigre & Parana River Delta

The ecological zone of the Tigre and Parana River Delta is an incredible place to spend a day. Enjoy the beautiful channels and nature in all its splendor, stopping to shop, fish, check out a citadel on a jungle-like island, or sample fresh fruit at the Fruit Dock in Tigre. There is also a Navy Museum and the Sarmiento Museum to explore if you wish. Let your guide do the work as you take as much time doing the things you want to do.

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[ A R G E N T I N A

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7 0 % o f A r g e n t i n a s w i n e r i e s a r e l o c a t e d n e a r M e n d o z a



With the on-going devaluation of the Argentine Peso, the value in visiting Mendoza is great. Feast on high-quality food, wine and art as you enjoy the culture, scenery and the diverse climate. In the winter months, there is no better place to take a wine and ski vacation. Its the perfect way to ski intense mountainous slopes and sip the amazing red wines of Argentina as you warm by a romantic fireplace at night.

Nestled in the foothills of the Andes, Mendoza is a short plane ride from Santiago and is the heart of the Argentine wine country. With views of snow-capped Aconcagua, Latin Americas highest mountain, Mendoza and its surroundings are becoming a favorite destination, especially for those who love good wine and a beautiful countryside. As a convenient base for those visiting wine country, visitors can happily fill their days with delicious meals in cozy restaurants, take cooking classes or learn about local art and culture in the many museums, craft fairs and galleries. Exploring the majestic Andes landscape can bring hours of luxuriating time spent in spas, beautiful parks, or people watching. Mendoza is home to many famous winemakers and is a perfect group destination. The forested park, with a zoo and an amphitheater, is a great place to visit and relax among the vegetation and zoo critters. It is also the site of many local events including the wine harvest festival. Mendoza and its surrounding areas are full with cultural and historical monuments and other grand sightseeing spots.


While creating your upcoming trip to either Chile or Argentina, it is important for us to know what inspires you. What are your travel dreams, trip goals, and experience expectations for your perfect vacation? Sometimes it helps to put your thoughts down on paper. We have created this guide to help plan the ultimate custom vacation, hand crafted specifically for you and your companions. What are your trip dreams and desires?

S E L E C T A D E S T I N AT I O N ( S )

O Santiago O Buenos Aires O Patagonia

Specific Cities: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Do you want to visit more than one country? ______________________________________________________________

O Santiago Vina de Mar O JuJuy Valley O San Juan Region

O Valparaiso O Mendoza O La Rioja Region

O Aconcagua Valley O Rio Negro


O Food and Wine O Cooking Classes O Latin Dance Class O Horse / Cattle Ranch O Pastries / Breads O Specialty Gastronomy O Picnics O Dinner Reservations O Fall Wine Crush

O Private Guide O Transfers / Airport O Regional Festivals O Child Activities O Rainforest Habitat O Rail O Helicopter O Shopping O Botanical / Gardens

O Museums O Thermal Pools / Bath O Archeological Sites O City Tours O Open Air Markets O Art & History O Antiques O Boat Tours O Spa

O Painting / Art Classes O Golf O Boat / Sailing Tours O Hiking / Trekking O Biking O Group Travel O Self Drive O Limousines

W H AT T Y P E O F W I N E S D O Y O U D R I N K ?

O White / Light O Red / General O Pinot Noir O Chardonnay O Syrah

O Sweet / Dessert O Merlot O Bordeaux Blends O Semillon O Pais

O White / Big O Chenin Blanc O Carmenere O Sauvignon Vert O Viognier

O Rose / Blush O Cabernet Sauvignon O Sparkling Wine O Other Varietals


O 7nts / 8days

O 10nts / 11days

O 13nts / 14days

O You Tell Us!



O Boutique Lodging O Hosienda

O Villas or Homes / Country O Ranch O Vineyard Property O Ocean View / Fjord

O Golf / Spa Resort

Did we miss something? Let us know and well make sure to include: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City _______________________State ______ Zip _____________Telephone __________________________________ Email ________________________________ Fax ______________________ No. of Travelers ____ No. of children ____ Travel dates (list alternate dates) _______________________________________________________________________ Traveling with any other couple, group etc.? ________ If so, may we contact them? _______________________________ What is your budget per person? _________________________Special Occasion? ________________________________ Do you want us to handle your airfare? ___________ Carrier Preference? _______________________________________


C R A F T Y O U R O W N I T I N E R A RY W I T H T H E S E E X T E N S I O N S A N D O P T I O N S !

Atacama Desert
Running from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes Mountain Range in northern Chile, The Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth. Mind boggling to scientists, this is one of the few places with no measurable rainfall. It is virtually lifeless and moon-like in appearance. Astronomers flock here to observe the clear and uninterrupted skies. There are over a million people who live in Atacamas coastal cities, fishing villages and oasis towns. The natural phenomena of the Atacama Desert is a tressure to see and explore. The unique desert village of San Pedro has excellent hotels and wonderful places to eat. It also contains many art galleries, museums, good street music and is near Devils Gulch, a great place to hike. The Valley of the Moon is filled with unusual geologic formations with brilliant colors, and the Salt Flats are picturesque with their snowcaped volcanoes and blue mountain lakes. The coastal cities have miles of deserted beaches with very active tide pools, tasty seafood restaurants and even a five-star hotel and casino. You can even visit a copper mine if you wish. The many natural wonders including exotic cactus, wildlife, flamingos and wild flowers make the Atacama Desert a perfect place for an extended wine vacation.

Envision your vacation, let us make it a reality, call today!

Chiles Lake Region

Chiles Lake District stretches for 210 miles south from Temuco, until the land starts to disintegrate into the archipelago of Chile, just below Puerto Montt. The scenery is stunning, with lush farmland, dense forests, volcanoes, and of course, lakes. There are twelve major lakes with dozens more that dot the landscape. The capital of the Lake District is Puerto Montt, and is the perfect place to begin a lake vacation. There are endless towns, resorts, year-round sports, outdoor adventures, traditional folklore, arts and crafts. Explore the rainforest in Alerce National Park, watch molten lava escape from a live volcano, visit beautiful waterfalls, or discover the monkey-puzzle trees, which are unusual conifer trees native to the land. Enjoy one of the many wonderful places to stay with, lakehouses and ocean resorts as options. Dine in fine restaurants or read a book in one of the most peaceful areas in all of Chile. It is a great place to bird and animal watch, both along the coast and on the lakes. Walk, hike, boat, explore museums or simply relax. Before you head for home, let a Wine Tours of the World expert help you plan the ultimate wine vacation extension trip.

Your travel passion and our reservation guidance turn a dream into reality.


The Best of Patagonia

Consider a trip to the city of Punta Arenas at the southernmost point of Patagonia on the Chilean side. From Punta Arenas, drive north through the Patagonia outback to the Torres del Paine Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978. This geological rock outcrop has been photographed by many from around the world. Those who travel to Patagonia find excellent trekking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, river rafting, canyoning, fishing, horseback riding, whale and penguin watching and mountain climbing. Your Patagonia extension trip can either begin in Punta Arenas, Chile or Bariloche, Argentina. You will be whisked away by a private guide to a luxurious resort where you can relax and still enjoy the wines of South America. Enjoy Patagonia for a few nights or spend a week. Enjoy the natural and cultural environment of the remote regions at the southernmost tip of South America. This is an ultimate location for a Latin American OutBack Experience.

Travel as you like it Anything is possible.

Iguassu Falls
Located between Brazil and Argentina, Iguassu Falls is taller and wider than Niagara, and is surrounded by a dense tropical forest complete with squawking parakeets and monkeys swinging from trees. The quaint town of Iguazu, on the Argentina side of the falls, is a wonderful place to begin your adventure. You will have a personal guide assist you with boat trips, nature walks and guide you through the park. Your accommodations are in the park, so you can hear the sounds of the wild at night. The walk to Garganta del Diablo, is worth the trip, as it is the largest and most impressive waterfall. Your guide will also take you for a short trip to the Brazil side of the falls for a different view. We can also arrange a delightful shopping spree in Uruguay. There are several footbridges and paths to take leisurely walks and identify hundreds of species of butterflies. Golf and spa resorts are also available while visiting this world wonder. There are museums, local arts and crafts, and amazing places to experience the foods of both Argentina and Brazil. Let this natural spectacle be the perfect way to begin your Argentina wine vacation.

Our Tour/Travel Specialists customize each and every trip.

[ A R G E N T I N A

F A C T ]

A r g e n t i n a s m o s t f a m o u s w i n e i s t h e M a l b e c .

Meet your personal Wine Tours of the World guide upon arrival at the Mendoza airport, who will assist you with all your needs during the duration of your Argentina wine vacation. Find a welcome wine tasting and wine makers dinner at a prestigious Mendoza winery. This is a perfect way to relax and welcome you into wine country. Enjoy your private winery tour, tasting, and vineyard activities in Mendoza and the surrounding areas award winning wineries. See Mendozas Parque General San Martin, including a tour of historical Mendoza visiting the past and present. Fly to metropolitan Buenos Aires for a wonderful city tour, shopping spree and colorful neighborhood tour. Spend a day at an authentic Estancia, where you will be treated to a fabulous Argentinean BBQ prepared just for you. You will also see a horse and dance show, and will be able to ride the beautiful horses, if you wish.

Argentina Wine Escape

7 N I G H T S / 8 D AY S

With nearly 40 million people, Argentina is a land with a diverse population. The North Country is rich in culture, natural beauty, and villagers who honor their Andean roots living in the rainforests. At the edge of Rio de la Plata, is Buenos Aires, Argentinas capital. The dusty central plains are home to the Gauchos, who keep busy herding the famous Argentinian cattle. On the western border are the

prized vineyards, producing the worlds finest Malbec. And the south is home to innumerable penguins, whales and sea lions, living on the Atlantic coastline of Patagonia. This outdoor amusement park is the end of the world and continues to tempt visitors with crystal blue mountain lakes, towering glaciers and white powdery snow.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Welcome to Mendoza. Unpack and rest
before your first evening dinner and Argentinian wine tasting.

D A Y T W O : Mendoza is famous world-wide for exceptional wines. Expect to visit four regional vineyards today. This day is all about Malbec wine, and it includes a barrel tasting for good measure. Consider a dinner engagement at Azafran to conclude the day.

D A Y T H R E E : The wineries of the Upper Mendoza

River and Lujan de Cuyo valley are not only picturesque but also inviting. Plan to attend a quaint vineyard lunch in a hasienda vineyard setting.

D AY F O U R :

The 865-acre Parque General San Martin houses a wonderful zoo, a national science museum and is a perfect place for a hike or a nature walk through beautiful walkways and trails. The park is peaceful and serene and a perfect venue for a quiet picnic as you review your wine tasting notes from yesterday.

D A Y E I G H T : Meet your guide this morning wearing

boots and jeans. Today you will visit Santa Susana Estancia, home to the Rossiter family. Known for having success in agriculture, prize cattle and beautiful horses, you will be treated to a ranch style BBQ, prepared by the local chef. You will see an equestrian exhibition, a dance and music show. You may also ride one of the amazing horses. In the afternoon, an assortment of delicate cakes and tea will be served. Then, your guide will take you back to your hotel for a quick change of clothes. This evening you will be treated to a Tango dinner show. Enjoy a delicious meal as you watch the passion, fire and elegance of the Tango dance.

D A Y F I V E : This morning your guide will treat you to a

wonderful breakfast in Mendozas town square. You will have a tour of all the historical sites, including the wonderful Plaza with its beautiful gardens. In the afternoon, you will taste the cool climate wines of the Uco Valley, with a grand tasting and dinner at Bodegas Salentien.

D A Y S I X : Its off to Buenos Aires today. A city tour is

scheduled, which includes the historic Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, and Teatro Colon. The neighborhoods of Buenos Aires are wonderful and very unique from one another, each boasting their own architectural style and design.

D A Y E I G H T : After breakfast, you will have some time

to gather your luggage before your transfer back to the Buenos Aires airport, where you will catch a flight home.

Other Excursions & Extensions

D A Y S E V E N : You will begin the day in the glamorous

and wealthy neighborhood of Palermo, decorated with exquisite homes and gardens. Then you will stop at La Recoleta, a marvelous shopping area with intimate cafes, clubs and specialty boutiques. You will have lunch before heading to the Recoleta cemetery, where you will find the grave of Eva Peron. You will have the remainder of the day to shop and explore this exciting area. Dont forget to stop in at one of the local leather shop for custom clothing and jackets. Your guide is available to assist you with dinner recommendations in the area.

Tango Dance Lessons, Fall Wine Crush, Bike Wine Country, Venture south into Argentina Patagonia, Iguassu Falls is a magical extension.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.

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Chili is not put into food too frequently in Chile.

Your personal guide is available for the entire length of your Chilean wine vacation, to assure you all the excitement of exploring a new city with the comforts and safety of home. Pick the accommodations that are right for you. Choose from quaint winery cottages, beautiful outdoor lodging or luxury golf, spa and city resorts. Take in the sites of Santiago, learning its history along the way, ending with a welcome wine tasting and dinner. Enjoy the coastal cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar for amazing sightseeing and touring. Search for the perfect souvenirs to bring home with you on a magical shopping and art tour. Indulge in a beach resort spa treatment as you sip the fine wines of the country. Trace the footsteps of Chiles noble laureate of literature, Pablo Nerude. Find all your winery tours, tastings and activities private and customized for you.

Chile Wine Adventure

7 N I G H T S / 8 D AY S

Chile is Latin Americas most stable and prosperous nation. Extending down South Americans west coast, it is home to the Atacama Desert, Torres del Paine and stormy Cape Horn. It sits between the worlds deepest ocean and longest mountain range with beautiful lakes, rivers, majestic mountains, fjords and miles of coastline. It is a playground for the outdoor adventurer and a haven for the art lover. The sophisticated city of Santiago is the countrys heartbeat. Chileans are proud of their culture including art, music, cuisine and wine. It has hundreds of museums, historical and government buildings, international restaurants, a variety of sports and entertainment, specialty shops, and great nightlife. A long list of accommodations ensures that perfect wine vacation.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Upon arrival, a representative from Wine Tours of the World will meet you for a transfer to your hotel. In the afternoon, you will have a Bohemian lunch in the neighborhood of Bellavista. Other sites today will include visits to the 1800s neighborhood of Yungay, known as The Llano de Portales, Plaza Brazil, Mercado Central, Plaza de Armas and La Moneda. At sunset, you will see panoramic views of the city from San Cristobal, where you can take photos of the Virgen de las Inmaculada. Back at the hotel, you will find a welcome wine tasting and dinner waiting for you. D A Y T W O : This is your first full day of wine tasting,
Chilean style. You will taste the wines from the Maipo Valley, including the much talked about Cabernet Sauvignons. You will have four private tours and tastings today in the best Maipo wineries. A food and wine pairing, as well as lunch, will be included. This evening, dinner is at El Madronal, one of Chiles finest authentic Spanish restaurants.

D A Y F I V E : Its back on the wine road today, with more

private tours and tastings in the Colchagua Valley. Your day will include a winery lunch and a wine-blending seminar. Dinner this evening is at your leisure.

D A Y S I X : On the way back to Santiago, you will find

the wines of Concha y Torro waiting for you. Your winery experience will include a marvelous lunch. Next you will visit Casa Marin Winery, before arriving in Santiago. Your guide is available to assist you with dinner reservations this evening.

D A Y S E V E N : Your guide will drive you directly to the

commercial center of Alto Las Condes, where you will find impressive department stores and an excellent selection of boutiques and designer stores. Enjoy lunch in the area before arriving in Los Graneros del Alba, where you will find craftsmen working with stone, clay, leather, copper, wool, lapis lazuli and other natural materials. This is the perfect place to shop for Chilean products. This evening you will have another wine tasting and a gourmet Chilean farewell dinner.

D A Y T H R E E : After breakfast, meet your guide in the

lobby for a drive to the seaport town of Valparaiso, stopping at two wineries along the way. Lunch will be served in a wine country restaurant. Upon arrival into Valparaiso, you will check into your new hotel and prepare for a walking tour of the Bohemian city. You will ride in a trolley bus and take a hundred year old elevator for spectacular views of the colorful and picturesque city. You will also have time to shop in the many delightful shops. The evening is yours to explore the exciting nightlife and local restaurants. Visit the museum home of the Nobel Laureate of literature, Pablo Nerude. Discover the secrets of his eccentric life and the passions that lead him to his success. Next you will stop in Vina del Mar. Enjoy the chic, posh restaurants, shops and extravagant casinos. This evening enjoy a spa treatment with a champagne tasting at an elegant beach resort, with dinner to follow.

D A Y E I G H T : Your guide will transfer you back to the

airport, where you will begin your journey home. Or you may wish to continue your South American wine adventure.

D AY F O U R :

Other Excursions & Extensions

Trek in the Foothills of the Andes, Fish in the Lake Region to the South, Visit the Atacama Desert in the North, Dont forget an extension to Torres del Paine Park in Patagonia.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

[ W I N E

F A C T ]

Argentina has approximately 1,800 wineries.

Find your personal and private wine tastings, tours and educational experience in the best of Mendoza, Maipo, Casablanca and Aconcagua wine country. Choose your accommodations from a long list of lodging options. Travel to a working Estancia for an organic Brazilian cooking class, complete with wine and a fabulous horse show. Discover a modern waterfront neighborhood in Buenos Aires, as you shop through boutiques and stroll through art galleries. See Recoleta, one of the most popular and upscale neighborhoods in all of Buenos Aires Take customized tours of Santiago and the oceanside cities of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. Walk or hike the beautiful nature paths in Chiles El Morado National Park, seeing mineral springs, glaciers and wildlife in its natural environment.

A Taste of South America

soned traveler.

1 0 N I G H T S / 1 1 D AY S

A vacation to Chile and Argentina is an explosive and exciting combination. It offers the best of both countries into a one-of-a-kind wine experience. You will see the mate desert and enjoy the sites, sounds and culture that thrive in the modern cities of Santiago and Buenos Aries. Whether you want to explore the many fascinating outdoor America highlights both countries

wonders of a tropical rainforest, feel the heat of the ulti-

destinations, or relax and be catered to, A Taste of South with the major sites and important activities. This is an incredible journey that includes art, music, local cuisine and fine wine. This is a dream come true trip for the young at heart and the sophisticated sea-



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Welcome to Buenos Aires! Your first event
in Argentina is an introductory city tour followed by a special invitation to a Tango dance and dinner show.

D A Y T W O : Argentina is all about the perfect beef meal

while on location at an authentic Estancia (Ranch), where you will meet a local chef and learn the secrets and techniques to perfect an Argentinian meal. When lunch is finished, enjoy a horse show featuring some of the most beautiful horses in the world. How about a horseback riding trip through the vines for an afternoon adventure? If riding is not your flare, stroll a waterfront neighborhood where you can shop the specialty stores and boutiques. While strolling, window shop for a perfect evening dinner stop


The coastline of Chile is not to be missed. The colorful seaport city of Valparaiso, is a fabulous setting for sipping the wonderful wines of Casablanca. An afternoon strolling and trinket shopping is very peaceful. Dining choices are numerous for your evening.

D AY N I N E :

D A Y T H R E E : Recoleta is a fashionable, upscale neighborhood lined with cafs, boutiques and art galleries. Enjoy a casual morning before a flight to Mendoza and your wine country hotel. A welcome wine tasting and dinner will be held at a famous local winery. Mendoza is all about tasting Malbec wines. Your day will include lunch and a winery tour that takes you through the winemaking process from grape to glass.

On your way to Vina del Mar, the sister city of Valparaiso, you will stop and do more tasting in the Casablanca wine region. Vina del Mar is a place to be seen in Chile. Watch carefully you may see a starlette. This evening, you will have a winemakers dinner in an Aconcagua wine estate.

D AY T E N :

D AY F O U R :

D A Y F I V E : The majority of all award-winning

Argentina wines come from the Mendoza wine region. Today you will taste the wines in the upper Mendoza River and Uco Valley. It will be a full day of food, fun and wine education. Dinner will also be an extravagant affair, taking place at a prestigious winery with an American story to be told.

En route to Santiago, you will stop at El Morado National Park where you can hike or walk to see the natural wonders of the park, nestled at the base of the Andes. See the mineral springs of Aquas Panimavides and the beauty of San Francisco Glacier. All of this fresh air will make for a hearty appetite, so be ready for a picnic when you stop. Keep your camera ready!

D AY E L E V E N :

Meet your guide in the afternoon for your departure to the airport, where you will begin your journey home. Or continue your wine vacation by adding an extension to your trip.

D A Y S I X : Its off to Santiago, Chile today. Santiago is a

beautiful Spanish city at the base of the Andes. The sites begin with a tour around town and end at San Cristobal, with spectacular views of the prosperous city at sunset. Tonight you will enjoy a wine tasting and a wonderful Basque dinner at a popular Santiago restaurant.

Other Excursions & Extensions

Golf in South America, Become acquainted with Hacienda Architecture, Learn about the Rain Forest Habitat, Peddle a Day through Wine Country, Canoe the Lake Region of Chile, Picnic with Views of the Andes.

D A Y S E V E N : Chilean wine country is easily accessed from Santiago. Maipo Valley has full body, rich Cabernets to enjoy under the brilliant Chilean sun. The lime and chalk soils in the region add interest to the regional aroma. Consider Chilean Seabass for an entre selection this evening.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


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