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A traveler. I love his title. A traveler is to be reverenced as such. His profession is the best symbol of our life. Going from-toward; it is the history of every one of us.
[ H E R N R Y D AV I D T H O R E AU ]

[ A U S T R A L I A

F A C T ]

A u s t r a l i a i s t h e w o r l d s l a r g e s t i n h i b i t e d i s l a n d a n d t h e s m a l l e s t c o n t i n e n t .

With its abundant physical resources and a population of 20 million people, Australia is one of the most desirable places to live, play, drink great wine and vacation. As a result of the countrys high standards and well-developed educational system, the culture is rich with diverse contemporary arts, business, industry and innovative infrastructure. Australians are also very proud of their outstanding economy, with high-growth, low-inflation, and low interest rates. The land is vibrant and the people are a pleasure to be around. Australia is a land of incredible sites, including gorgeous miles of coastlines, beautiful beaches and coves, spectacular natural environments, multicultural communities, fascinating cities and towns, superb cuisine and one of the most dynamic wine indutries in the world. Australia's unique environment offers many native plants, animals and birds that exist nowhere else in the world. The country is committed to conserving its natural heritage and has implemented a range of protection procedures. Despite the vast size of the continent, the majority of Australians live on the coast and in major cities, with 75 percent of Australia's population living in urban areas. With its laid-back outdoor lifestyle and natural beauty, Australia creates the perfect backdrop for that once-in-a-life-time vacation to all who visit. From the magnificant architecture of the Sydney Opera House, to the Great Barrier Reef, there is no other place on earth like Australia.

[ A U S T R A L I A

F A C T ]

No part of Australia is further than 1000 kilometers from the sea.


Sydney & New South Wales
The spectacular and thrilling city of Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. Located on Australias southeast coast, it is Australias financial center and has a population of over 4.2 million people. This metropolitan city is well endowed with open spaces, and has many natural areas even within the city center. Noted for its beautiful beaches, Sydney houses the third busiest opera company in the world. This iconic structure has five theatres capable of hosting a range of performance styles. Sydney has an excellent selection of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options for those who visit, including sporting events, festivals, museums, incredible sites, art galleries and shopping.

Australia is a land of unique discoveries and incredible wonders. From the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, pristine beaches, metropolitan cities and the single red rock formation known as Ayers Rock, Australia is a vacation you will cherish forever. But let us not forget that Australia is home to over 1,100 wineries. Australian vintners are exceptionally proud of their wines. The wineries and wines that are produced are looked upon as being on the cutting edge, with their dynamic vineyards and winery practices and techniques. Australia is the number one exporter of wine to the United States. Over 60 percent of the wine produced in Australia is white, with the remaining being red and sweet wine known as Stickies. The leading white premium grape is Chardonnay, with the novel Semillon a distant second. Shiraz (also know as the Syrah) and Cabernet are the most produced and desired red wines. Fifty-eight percent of the total wines produced in Australia are produced as bag-inthe-box wines. This makes drinking wine easy and accessible, which is an important part of the everyday lifestyle. Australians boast that they are number one in per capita wine consumption, and work intensely at maintaining this status. Wine blends are also very popular in Australia, with the largest percentage or leading grape variety listed first on the label.


New South Wales is Australias second-leading state in wine production. The wine districts include Hunter Valley, Mudgee, and Riverina. Hunter Valley is the most popular because of the incredible and famous Chardonnay, Roxburgh. This amazing wine can be sampled when visiting the Rosemount Estate. The Semillon wines of Hunter Valley should not be ignored and are noted for their rich, nutty and buttery fruit characteristics. The district of Mudgee has a warmer climate with less rain than the Hunter Valley, and is known for the production of nicely structured Cabernets.

South Australia
South Australia is the largest wine producing state and has many different and well-known wine districts, producing the most famous and most expensive wines in all of Australia. With Adelaide as the center, this wine country includes the Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, Eden Valley, Clare Valley, Padthaway and McLaren Vale. More than half of all the wine produced in Australia comes from the wine districts of South Australia, with Barossa Valley and Coonawarra being the most popular districts to visit. Bold Cabernets and jammy Shiraz wines, such as Penfolds Grange, can be tasted while visiting this incredible wine state. A fair amount of winein-the-box is also produced in the districts of South Australia. The small but elegant city of Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, and is often referred to as the city of food and wine. It is a fabulous place to experience culture from the beautiful white sandy beaches, to its beautiful gardens, buildings and parks. Adelaide is the perfect base for your South Australia wine vacation!

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.

Western Australia and Perth

Western Australia is home to several wine districts, which include, the Great Southern Region, Pemberton,

[ A U S T R A L I A

F A C T ]

Ta s m a n i a h a s t h e c l e a n e s t a i r i n t h e w o r l d .

Despair is vinegar from the wine of hope.

[ AU S T I N O M A L L E Y ]

Perth Hills, Swan Valley and the most important, the Margaret River district. Located 3,000 miles west of Sydney, lies Australias Bordeaux. Wines from the Margaret River area are elegant and rich wines that mirror the wines of Bordeaux. When traveling to this famous wine district, you can taste stunning Cabernets, and magical Merlots. The white Bordeaux varieties of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc also shine in this amazing district, due to its gravelly soil and maritime climate. The Chardonnays are also a treat for any wine lover, and surprisingly connected to the region with intense affinities. They are absolutely breathtaking and known to be some of the best-produced wines in all of Australia. The friendly and beautiful city of Perth is the hub of Western Australias wine country. Here you will find unspoiled beaches, incredible scenery, big blue skies and the natural, yet sophisticated people who live here. Perth is located at the southern tip of the Swan Valley, which is famous for its much talked about Verdelho wines that were brought to this district in 1829, by the botanist Thomas Waters. Although Western Australia only produces 5% of Australias total wine, traveling to this area is a must for anyone who loves wine.

Victoria, Melbourne and Tasmania

During the great gold rush of 1850, grapevines were planted in all of Victorias wine districts. But as years passed, the area was completely invaded by the highly destructive aphid known as phylloxera. By the mid 1960s, the entire state was completely devastated. It wasnt until the 70s and 80s that the wine regions of Victoria took on a new look with freshly planted grapevines, which today, is Australias third largest wine producing state. The wines produced in the districts of Victoria, like in most Australia wine states, include Shiraz and Chardonnay. Sparkling Wine, which is produced by the Pinot Noir grape, is also produced in this district. The specialty wines of Victoria are the sweet, fortified wines of the Muscat and Tokay.


Australian Fun Facts

The average Australian can expect to eat during his or her lifetime 17 beef cattle, 92 sheep, 406 loaves of bread, 165,000 eggs, eight tons of fruit, half a ton of cheese and ten tons of veggies.

The oldest skeleton found in Australia is believed to be 60,000 years old. It was that of an Aboriginal male. Traces of ochre, a ceremonial paint used by Aboriginals, were also found.

The popular party dessert, Pavlova, which is a shell of meringue filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit, was created by chef Bert Sachse while he was working at Perths Esplanada Hotel. He made the delicasy in honor of the hotels most distinguished guest the great prima ballerina, Anna Matyeena Pavlova. It is now a national dish.

The first European settlers in Australia drank more alcohol per person than any other community in the history of mankind.

Wine snot a man or woman who drinks the label and the price.

In 1954, Bob Hawke made it into the Guinness Record Book because he sculled 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds. Bob Hawke went on to become the Prime Minister of Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef has a mailbox. You can ferry to it and send a postcard, stamped with the only Great Barrier Reef stamp.

Koala bears weigh less than 0.017 of an ounce when they are born, but at full size weighs 15 to 30 pounds. They can also run as fast as a rabbit. Each day they eat 2.5 pounds of Eucalyptus leaves.

[ A U S T R A L I A

F A C T ]

There are 1500 species of Australian spiders.


mals from both the sea and bush communities. Beautiful beaches and aquariums are some of the favorite places to spend time for both the local people and tourists. Enjoy a tour of the great Sydney Opera House, with a performance to follow, or climb the spectacular Sydney harbor bridge for a birds eye view of the entire city. Zoos, trips into the wine country, entertainment centers and any imaginable activity can be embarked upon when visiting this wonderful city.

The beautiful waterfront city of Sydney is one of the many great places to begin a wine country vacation. It has a tremendous range of places to visit, things to do and sights to see. Embark on a world-class shopping experience and see how old meets new, where local meets international, and pick up your favorite designer products, local arts and crafts and a large variety of specialty items. Enjoy glorious food! Sydney caters to those with tastes from around the globe. From world cuisine and fine dining restaurants, to contemporary eateries, pub fare and cheap eats, you wont go home feeling hungry. The city of Sydney invites you to step back in time and explore the fascinating history through images, text, memories and voices, museums and historical exhibitions and more. Sydney is biologically diverse with all forms of life including plant and animal species, as well as their genes and ecosystems. Many conservations and parks are available to visit, which include ani-



While creating your upcoming trip Down Under, it is important for us to know what inspires you. What are your travel dreams, trip goals, and experience expectations for your perfect vacation? Sometimes it helps to put your thoughts down on paper. We have created this guide to help plan the ultimate custom vacation, hand crafted specifically for you and your companions. What are your trip dreams and desires?

S E L E C T A D E S T I N AT I O N ( S )

O Sydney O Melbourne

Specific Cities: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Do you want to visit more than one country? ______________________________________________________________

O Adelaide O Tasmania

O Victoria Wine Country O Great Barrier Reef

O South Australia Wine Country O New South Wales Wine Country


O Food and Wine O Cooking Classes O Chocolate Tours O Specific Wine Types O Pastries / Breads O Specialty Gastronomy O Picnics O Dinner Reservations O Fall Wine Crush

O Private Guide O Transfers / Airport O Regional Festivals O Child Activities O Rainforest Habitat O Rail O Helicopter O Shopping / Fashion O Botanical / Gardens

O Museums O Historical tours O Archeological sites O City Tours O Scuba Diving O Art & History O Antiques O Performing Arts O Spa

O Painting / Art Classes O Golf O Hot Air Ballooning O Sailing O Biking O Group Travel O Self Drive O Limousines

W H AT T Y P E O F W I N E S D O Y O U D R I N K ?

O White / Light O Red / General O Pinot Noir O Chardonnay O Shiraz

O Sweet / Dessert O Merlot O Bordeaux Blends O Semillon O Other Varietals

O White / Big O Chenin Blanc O Cabernet Franc O Sauvignon Blanc

O Rose / Blush O Cabernet Sauvignon O Sparkling Wine O Tokay


O 7nts / 8days

O 10nts / 11days

O 13nts / 14days

O You Tell Us!



O Boutique Lodging O Inn

O Villas or Homes / Country O Cave O Vineyard Property O Dude Ranch

O City Property / Central O River / Canal / Ocean View

Did we miss something? Let us know and well make sure to include: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City _______________________State ______ Zip _____________Telephone __________________________________ Email ________________________________ Fax ______________________ No. of Travelers ____ No. of children ____ Travel dates (list alternate dates) _______________________________________________________________________ Traveling with any other couple, group etc.? ________ If so, may we contact them? _______________________________ What is your budget per person? _________________________Special Occasion? ________________________________ Do you want us to handle your airfare? ___________ Carrier Preference? _______________________________________



Bungee Jumping
Challenge the limits of your mind and test the edge of fear by leaping off a 50 meter rainforest bungee. As you leap over the edge, the ground hurtles toward you and the air rushes wildly around your body. And then as if in slow motion, you are headed back up like you are flying. Once you are safely back on the ground, a wonderful lunch and Australian wine will help you get grounded again. This adventure is adrenaline at its best!

Your individual travel vision is our focus while planning your trip.

Australian Food Tour

The infinite variety of foods in Australia reflects the diversity of its land, and opens a new door for all food lovers. Experience food, only found Down Under. Try Damper, traditional Australia bread made without yeast or Lamingtons, chocolate coated cubes of sponge cake, rolled in desiccated coconut served with whipped cream. You will also sapmle boiled fruit cake, yabbies, Schnitters and Sangers with Fritz and the mysterious Vegemite. This is a unique tour that your taste buds will never forget!

Drink Wine, Live It!

Rainforest Dinner Extravaganza

Light your candle and ignite your senses on a journey set deep in an enchanted and magical rainforest. Explore mysteries of time, the rare indigenous culture and customs, and relax with a bountiful feast of exotic produce, fine wines and succulent meats and reef fish. Your evening will include tales and stories of the rainforest, dancing, chanting and Aboriginal music. An evening deep in the heart of the rainforest will be soul nurturing, and an experience you will respect and cherish forever.
Envision your vacation, let us make it a reality, call today!


Aboriginal Culture at its Best

Australia offers a unique opportunity to uncover the art, culture, Aboriginal artifacts and traditions with its many cultural centers, museums and outdoor habitats of its Aboriginal origins. This is a wonderful way to experience sacred ceremonies, learn song and dance, watch how arts and crafts are made and even play a Didgeridoo. You can also want to learn the secrets and the ingredients behind Aboriginal cooking. While visiting Australia, this is a must-do activity for all who want to unlock the mysteries of the land.
We can make it happen. You just tell us when.

Australia by Air
Take your wine vacation to the highest level, touring the many famous landmarks, rainforests, the Australian outback and bush, the Great Barrier Reef and more. Enjoy a romantic picnic and wine tasting as your pilot lands your helicopter in one of Australias vineyards. Or take off to a deserted island, complete with a five-course meal and an assortment of elegant Australian wines and sparkling wine. A luxury fleet of aircraft including helicopters, seaplanes, biplanes and other types of airplanes are available for you to enjoy a classy and thrilling air adventure.

Its Your Trip Planned Your Way We Make It Happen.

Conservation, Animal & Wildlife Park

Australia is the only place in the world where you can cuddle with a Koala, bounce in a field with kangaroos or feed a baby Wallaby a bottle of warm milk. The natural bush brings out the beast in all who visit the many wildlife and conservation parks. It is the perfect setting for Dingos, reptiles, aviaries and the beloved Tasmanian Devil. This is a wonderful way to spend part of a day or even longer. Enjoy the rare and exotic Australian wild at your own pace.
Travel as you like it Anything is possible.

C R A F T Y O U R O W N I T I N E R A RY W I T H T H E S E E X T E N S I O N S A N D O P T I O N S !

Victoria & Its Wine

Victoria is Australias southernmost wine region, with each of its wine districts different in terms of climate, soil and terrain. The Yarra Valley, Geelong and Mornington Peninsula are among the most renowned districts, producing wonderful wines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. It is also home to Seppelt Great Western, the biggest sparkling wine operation in the southern hemisphere. An extended wine vacation to Victoria will not only enhance your wine knowledge, but will open the door to a whole new Australian adventure. The fascinating city of Melbourne will be base camp for you, as you explore its inner city laneways, arcades and find the heart of the Labyrinth. Discover opulence bars, electric boutiques and fashionable restaurants in alleys and behind non-descript doors. After a satisfying day in the vineyards, visit the Crown Casino, the largest gaming establishment in the southern hemisphere, or stroll along the historical streets of Swanston, Spring and Collins. There are endless museums, monuments, beach communities and shopping plazas. See a parade of penguins as they return to their sand dune homes at dusk or see over 800 species of butterflies living peacefully among one another. Come equipped with a real sense of adventure with this authentic Down Under experience.

Your travel passion and our reservation guidance turn a dream into reality.

The Great Barrier Reef & the Islands of Queensland

Rising off of Northeasten Australia and one of the seven natural wonders of the world, lays the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is made up of over 2,800 individual coral reefs living in harmony among one another in the clear, shallow, warm waters of Australias tropical seas. Experience this underwater Eden as you discover hundreds of exotic species of fish, and an amazing array of sea wildlife living in this great coral community. It is a sight that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Whether you like to snorkel, dive, swim or enjoy the beauty from on top of the water in a glass-bottom boat, kayak or private yacht, visiting the reef is a vacation within itself. Select a hotel or beach resort in the nearby towns of Cairns or Port Douglas, both offering of variety of activities from scrumptious dining options and upbeat nightlife, to rainforest and natural park excursions. Queenslands exotic islands are also at your fingertips. Enjoy a long walk on one of Green Islands white sandy beaches, take a catamaran cruise to Lizard and Dunk Islands, or explore one of the deserted islands for a day with a lovely bottle of Australian wine and a gourmet picnic, complete with an umbrella, snorkeling equipment and beach towels. Whatever it is, we will find the perfect combination that will further add pleasure to your Australian wine adventure.
Are you looking for unique? Well find it for you.


Fijian Holiday
Bula! Welcom to Fiji. And the South Pacific. Fijians have warm welcoming smiles when you arrive to their island paradise. Nandi will be your first stop before heading to the Coral Coast. Fiji romances the mind with peaceful seclusion, crystal clear waters, lush tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches and intimate places to stay. Consider a private island stay or a Bure (thatched hut) over the water. Fiji is the perfect place for a honeymoon, anniversary or a relaxing stopover on your way home from Down Under. The food of Fiji consists of a crafted blend of fresh fish, local meats, exotic fruits, and vegetables with either an Indian or Asian flare. With over 350 islands fringed by virgin coral reefs, be sure to keep your snorkeling equipment nearby. Fiji is an underwater paradise with over 80 species of soft coral, and is considered a top 10 worldwide diving destination. As a guest in Fiji, you will be frequently invited to participate in one of the most common ceremonial and social customs, the Kava drinking ceremony. Kava is the National Drink, and in the past was only drank by island chefs. Let your Wine Tours of the World representative show you the proper procedure and help you plan your enchanting South Pacific excursion.

Our Tour/Travel Specialists customize each and every trip.

The Hobart Adventure

Tasmania is 150 miles from the Australian mainland. Tasmania is wild, with a pleasant temperate climate, wonderful wine and food, rich history and a relaxed island lifestyle with activities that only the mind can limit. Tasmania is also known for having gorgeous beaches, such as Wineglass Bay, voted among the 10 top beaches in the world. A Must Do includes Salamanca Place. The Salamanca Street Market takes place each Saturday. Salamanca Street is also the Tasmanian center for culture and social life, with theatres, restaurants, galleries, cafs, specialty foods, places to stay and a huge variety of shops that locals and visitors can enjoy any day of the year. The Tasmania wine country is considered one of the coolest wine regions, similar to Burgundy, France. It produces cold coastal varietals such as crisp Chardonnays, elegant Pinot Noirs, fruity Pinot Gris and fresh Reislings. Enjoy freshly shucked oysters, grilled salmon and other day-boat seafood, with a well-balanced glass of any Tasmanian wine. Takein awesome views of the ocean atop a beautiful vineyard anytime of day or at sunset. Tasmania is also a place for nature, animal lovers and outdoor types. With many gardens, parks, wildlife conservations, trekking and water sports, Tasmania offers a variety of activities for all who visit. Upon arrival onto this picture perfect island, be prepared to breathe in some of the cleanest air in the world!
We take your dream and make it your reality.

[ A U S T R A L I A

F A C T ]

No part of Australia is further than 1000 kilometers from the sea.

Begin your vacation with a welcome wine tasting and a fabulous dinner to follow. Choose from a selected list of Perth and Margaret River accommodations, including beach resorts and rainforest retreats. Taste exquisite wines aboard a boat while traveling down the Swan River. Its a special excursion that includes a gourmet lunch and live entertainment See the major attractions in Perth and Fremantle, including Millionaire Row, major historical sites and a visit to a local brewery. Enjoy your private tours, tastings and winery activities in the Perth Hills, Swan Valley and Margaret River Area. Experience a winemakers lunch and dinner extravaganza with regional dishes and reserve wines. Take a specialty food tour, with visits to a local cheese factory, olive oil and gourmet food shop, and chocolate and candy factories.

Perth, the Wines of the Swan Valley & Margaret River

7 N I G H T S / 8 D AY S

Visiting Western Australia promises a land of unspoiled beaches, amazing scenery including the dense and alive rainforest, blue skies and beautiful vineyards and wineries. With Perth as

its capital city, your vacation can include visits to art galleries and museums that focus on timeless history and culture. Because of the numerous rivers, many adventures take place via tion for its world-class wines,

boat. The small town of Margaret River has a mighty reputaextravagant resorts and beach communities. The superb restaurants and specialty shops, and also the various activities, make this a perfect Australian wine experience.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Welcome to Perth Australia! Stretch relax
and get ready for your adventure Down Under. A welcome wine tasting sets the tone of the trip.

D A Y T W O : Boat shoes are needed for the Swan

Riverboat excursion. A picnic with Houghton & Perth Hill wine are perfect compliments to the day as you motor towards the prestigious Sandalford Estate for a private wine tasting. Next up is the Water Edge Winery for another private tasting and delicious three-course lunch at the riverside restaurant overlooking the Swan River.

D A Y T H R E E : Tour Perth and Fremantle today. Start at

Kings Park botanical gardens, where you will experience a walk through the tree canopies on the Tree Top Walkway, continuing to Cottesloe Beach and concluding with historical Fremantle. On the way back to Perth, you will board a boat, cruising by the extravagant waterfront houses of Millionaires Row. A wine tasting and three-course lunch will be served before arriving back in Perth. Then, via private van, your guide will take you past the University of Western Australia with stops at the Royal Perth Yacht Club, the Barrack Street Jetty, the Bell Tower, the Perth Mint, and the Old Swan Brewery, where you can sample beer and ales.

D A Y S I X : Handcraft todays tasting with winery choices

including Evans and Tate, Cape Mentelle and Moss Wood Winery. In the afternoon, you will arrive at Xanadu Winery for a blending exercise, private tasting and winemakers dinner. *Lunch is also included.

D A Y S E V E N : Culinary shopping begins with the

Margaret River Cheese Company for a cheese tasting, before heading to sample olive oils and other gourmet food products at Olio Bello. Eat lunch at a charming caf with local drink favorites like lavender ale and chili cola with lime. The Margaret River Chocolate Factory tour and tasting is a delightful confection. Tonight you will have a farewell wine tasting with dinner reservations at Vat 107.

D AY F O U R :

Its beach the quaint town of Margaret River. This may include stops at Leeuwine State for a private food and wine pairing, and Voyager Estate for a vineyard walk and tasting. Lunch is arranged at Brookwood Estates, and you will end your day at Capel Vale. Choose an oceanfront restaurant for your evening meal. *Private Rainforest cottages are also an option for lodging.

D A Y E I G H T : Today you will say goodbye to Western

Australia and begin your journey home.

D A Y F I V E : Margaret River is home to over 350 limestone caves, some open to the public. You will have a privately guided tour through both Jewel and Mammoth caves before your gourmet box lunch in the beautiful Karri Rainforest. Afternoon options include yachting, snorkeling or fishing.

Other Excursions & Extensions Accommodations

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

Botanical Gardens Tour, Performing Arts Event, Golf/Spa Day, Sailing, Biking, Great Barrier Reef & Queensland.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?


[ A U S T R A L I A

F A C T ]

T h e a v e r a g e K a n g a r o o e a t s o v e r 1 4 p o u n d s o f g r a s s p e r d a y. .

Find a welcome wine tasting waiting for you upon arrival in Sydney. See the famous sites of Sydney by private yacht including the Opera House and Sydney Harbor where you can take a bridge climb for a birds eye view of the area. Learn the history of Adelaide with your private guide. Sip your way through wine country with private tours in the Hunter and Barossa Valleys, Adelaide Hills and Mclaren Vale. Relax among the vines with gourmet lunches and specialty food tastings. Spot rare, glossy black cockatoos and sleeping Koalas as you enjoy a bountiful lunch on Kangaroo Island. Step over sea lions at Seal Bay Conservation Park. Take in the panoramic views from the top of Mount Lofty. Cross the Daintree River on your way to Cape Tribulation in the Daintree National Park. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef via your private 62-foot catamaran equipped with all your favorite foods and beverages.

Koalas, Kangaroos & Wine from the Vine

9 N I G H T S / 1 0 D AY S

This is the land of Koalas, Kookaburras and Kangaroos. Your Australian vacation will include hours of viewing both beautiful cities and the country, while sipping award winning wines in Sydney, Adelaide and Cairns. Embark on luxury yachts as you see the Sydney Harbor and Great Barrier Reef. Your personal private chef and gracious staff will be at your service and will satisfy your every need. Enjoy beautiful Adelaide in the heart of

Southern wine country. If its a bush baby you long to hold, we know right where to take you. South Australia and New South Wales are rich in Aboriginal culture, endless art galleries, and beaches.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Down Under Ready or Not! Check in and
stretch your legs before an optional two hour get acquainted tour of Sydney, Australias largest city. Kick back this evening and enjoy your first wine tasting before dinner. A waterfront dinner reservation with breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbor await you.

D A Y T W O : Friendly Australian staff will greet you as

you board the Sydney Harbor luxury cruise tour. See spectacular harbor view with lunch included. Consider an afternoon adventure of the Bridge Climb Tour, for a birds eye view over the harbor. This evening you will have a guided tour of the Sydney Opera House and dinner at Aria Restaurant. *Tickets to the opera can be requested depending on availability.

D A Y S E V E N : Todays wineries are located in the

Barossa Valley. Your first stop will be at the Peter Lehmann Estate, where you will have a private vineyard tour and tasting. Well include other winemakers such as Rolf Binder and Dave Powell. Lunch will be served at Saltrams, with a private tasting. In the afternoon, you will visit Wolf Blass for a private tasting and Make Your Own Blend Tour. Evening dinner and accommodations include the Pepper the Louise Resort.

D A Y T H R E E : Venture into the Hunter Valley wine

region today. The region has many sipping splendor options. Stops include Cypress Lakes Resort, McWilliams Winery, and Ivanhoe Estates for tasting and lunch. Wine country accommodations will await you.

D A Y E I G H T : Switch gears today to the gorgeous

Adelaide hill country which includes Shaw & Smith and the Handorf Hill winery. Enjoy a private tasting, followed with lunch at the famous Bridge Water Mill. The city views are stunning from the Mount Lofty lookout. The tour continues through Handorf with a stop at Udder Delights, for an educational cheese tasting. The Cladich Pavilions awaits your check in this evening.

D AY F O U R :

We hope you slept well. Today is a full day of wine tasting in the Hunter Valley. Your private tour/tastings include options such as Tullock, Pepper Tree and Bimbadgen with lunch at the famous Wyndham Estate. Your afternoon will include a cheese and wine pairing or a chocolate tasting. Dinner reservations are always in place.

D A Y N I N E : This trip would be incomplete without the

McLaren Vale region, home to some of Australias best wines and wineries. Wineries include Geoff Hardys, Wirra Wirra, Darenberg and Samuel Gorge for private tastings, lunch and olive oil tasting. Back to Adelaide for a quite evening.

D A Y F I V E : Off to Adelaide, with a transfer to Sydney

and a flight to the Victorian city. A get acquainted city tour and wine tasting at the National Wine Centre are a perfect opener upon arrival. Stop for lunch en route to your hotel. A private winery tour and fairy tail dinner at Penfolds Magill Estate, home to Australian Shiraz, will conclude your day.

D A Y T E N : After breakfast this morning, meet your guide

in the hotel lobby for your transfer back to Sydney, where you will begin your journey home.

D A Y S I X : Start off your day with a short air flight to

Kangaroo Island, a wonderful ecological adventure. Our enthusiastic guides have passion for this nature reserve. You can explore a red gum forest in the Cygnet River Valley while you seek out koalas sleeping in the forks of trees. Take a walk through the habitat of Kangaroo Islands own kangaroos, tammar wallabies and the endangered glossy black cockatoos. Lunch menu items include local seafood, fresh salads and fine South Australian wines at a private bush location.

Other Excursions & Extensions Accommodations

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

Australia by Air Tour, Picnic in the Vines, Australia Food Tour, Shopping Tour, Visit the Red Center, Fiji Island Stay.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.