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I drink to your charm, your beauty and your brains which gives you a rough idea how hard up I am for a drink.

[ H U N G A R Y

F A C T ]

Hungary is one of the most prominent wine regions in Eastern Europe.

During Hungarys tumultuous thousand year old history, rulers came and went, empires rose and fell but Hungarys distinctive charm has never waned. Free from communism since the turn of the new century, Hungary is a place with a smiling, dynamic image, and a reputation for nostalgia. The face of the country has changed with new and modern technologies and infrastructure. But there is a constant reminder of a largely vanished Europe, with old fashioned customs, such as kissing of hands and the presentation of flowers that are mixed with modern behavior from a diverse population. Hungary is known as the land of thermal waters, with over 30 thermal springs that can help relax or gently cure specific ailments. As a result, there are many wonderful hotels and spas that focus on health and wellness. It is a destination for those who like choice. Every season has its own special events and every region has its own personality, culture and folklore. The country is filled with picturesque villages, historical sites, beautiful lakes and the Danube, creating a long list of indoor and outdoor activities. Hungary has been producing wine for hundreds of years and its beautiful wine country is steadily gaining popularity with amazing old and new world wines. A wine vacation to Hungary is spectacular, and includes the very best that this amazing country has to offer.

[ H U N G A R Y

F A C T ] D u r i n g t h e t u r k i s h i n v a s i o n , d a m p w i n e c e l l e r s w e r e u s e d a s h i d i n g p l a c e s i n To k a y.

humid mornings and warm afternoons, produce a magic that is crucial for making Tokaji Tokay (Tokaji) is the finest wine of Hungary, and a national treasure. First recorded in the mid-1600s, it was declared the Wine of Kings and King of Wines. Today, it is so important to Hungary, that it is even mentioned in the national anthem. Mostly made from Furmint and Harslevelu grapes, the great, sweet wine relies on Botrytis cinerea for its character. The botrytized shriveled grapes referred to as Aszu, are put into puttony (wooden tubs, though today stain-

Hungarys association with fine wine goes back further than any other country in the Eastern Bloc. While it was under communism the wine industry was monolithic. State farms and state cooperatives produced state wine. The country has 22 wine regions, though not all of them produce quality wine. The most important growing area is the Northeast region around Eger, where loess, tuffeau and clay soils at the foot of the Matra Hills, help to make bold red wines. Matraalja, just to the south is the second-largest wine region, where you can find Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc that are reliable and reasonably priced. The wine regions of Badacsony and Somolo, located in the west, are influenced by the Danube and several lakes. Vibrant Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer and local specialty wines like the aromatic, spicy Csersegi Foszeres, can be found. In the south, the wine regions consist of Szekszard, Villany-Siklos and Great Alfold. Nearby is the new region of Tolna, producing Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer and a Bordeaux-style red, named Talentum. The south is now Hungarys largest red-grape-growing region. Tokaj-Hegyalja is the most famous wine region, and is centered around the little town of Tokaj, where the rivers Bodrog and Tisza meet. It is the perfect region that creates the autumn growth of botrytis. The combination of cool,

G E R M A N Y, H U N G A RY & AU S T R I A

less steel vats are also used), and left while a small amount of free-run juice collects at the bottom. This juice is called essence and is added to other musts. The contents of the puttony, minus the essence, is crushed to a paste and added to dry base wine made from non-botrytized grapes. The measure of sweetness on the label is shown as 3, 4, 5 or 6 puttonyos. The mixture is left to macerate for one to five days, and then the liquid is drawn off to ferment in barrels in underground cellars. The cellar walls are covered in a thick, black growth of the fungus, Racodium cellare, which helps maintain the humidity that is vital in allowing Tokaji to mature. The wine has a Sherry-like nose (oxidation being a deliberate part of the winemaking process), and becomes richer in flavor over fifteen years. Old Tokays are thirty years plus and can still taste very fresh. Bikaver - - The Blood of Bulls - - is the second most popular wine in Hungary. The name allegedly dates back to the siege of the fortress of Eger in 1552, when the attacking Turks took fright at the dark red wine stains on the Magyar soldiers uniforms, believing that they drank bulls blood to give them strength. The wine is a blended red and made from at least three grapes. Traditionally, it includes a high proportion of Kadarka, but this grape is tricky to grow and is often replaced by Kekfrankos. Cabernet Sauvignon, Kekoporto and Zweigelt are also usually part of the blend. From 1945 until the late 70s, the wine was one of the most widely distributed cheap red wines in Western Europe. Today there is a move to improve the method of creating this wine, to increase its reputation for quality. Hungarys Terroir, overall, has a continental climate with predictable cold winters and hot summers, with prolonged autumns that favor botrytis. The topography is mainly flat and arid, although some regions are hilly from past volcanoes. Lakes and rivers are also found throughout the country.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

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[ H U N G A R Y

F A C T ]

H u n g a r y s l e a d i n g w i n e i s To k a y A s z u .



delightful area great for window shopping, indulging in fine dinning establishments or relaxing in casual cafes. On the Pest side you will find the Central Market Hall, one of the largest markets in Europe. Here you will see housewives shopping for groceries, men meeting for a beer and visitors buying souvenirs. It is a great place to eat langozs, which is fried dough filled and topped with everything imaginable. There is also a variety of cultural arts and museums. Budapest is located in the center of Hungarys wine country.

Budapest is the capital and the heart of Hungary. It is the center of the countrys industry and commerce, and the place where all the important decisions are made. Historically, Budapest has seen many revolutions with the last of them ending in 1989, when the government gave up its power to the people, freeing it from communism. In 1990, Budapest went through a total reconstruction that involved tremendous growth and development, creating modern buildings and beautiful parks. The new surge also included new luxury hotels, huge malls, and a variety of restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. It is still know as the Pearl of the Danube, and its grand turn-of-the-century buildings and bridges marvel with elegance and grace, especially when the flood lights are turned on illuminating the great structures. The River Danube serves as a good orientation landmark, with Buda on the hilly left bank and flat Pest on the right. Buda has maintained its old charm with many historical sites and landmarks, while Pest is the commercial center or downtown. Vaci Street, located in Pest, is a

While creating your upcoming trip to either Germany, Hungary or Austria it is important for us to know what inspires you. What are your travel dreams, trip goals, and experience expectations for your perfect vacation? Sometimes it helps to put your thoughts down on paper. We have created this guide to help plan the ultimate custom vacation, hand crafted specifically for you and your companions. What are your trip dreams and desires?

S E L E C T A D E S T I N AT I O N ( S )

O Munich O Liechtenstein

Specific Cities: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Do you want to visit more than one country? ______________________________________________________________

O Trier / Mosel O Salzburg

O Vienna O Innsbruck

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C R A F T Y O U R O W N I T I N E R A RY W I T H T H E S E E X T E N S I O N S A N D O P T I O N S !

Munich is the largest city in South Germany and is the heart of Bavaria. Originally, the city was built within stone walls, safe from unwarranted visitors. As time went by the city expanded beyond the enclosure, but sections of the original wall and the gates still remain. There are countless things to do and sights to see in Munich, making it a wonderful extension to any wine vacation. The Munich English Gardens is a great place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park can be enjoyed throughout the year, and is a favorite spot for water sports and recreation of all kinds. Visit one of the many beer gardens, taste the favorite delicacies at the amazing Food Hall, or listen to the chimes of the Glockenspiel, the worlds biggest cuckoo clock. There are many splendid hotels, museums, art galleries, shopping and historical monuments and churches. Munich is also the site of the original concentration camp, Dachau. While a visit can be sobering and disturbing, the camp is a well attended tour and will take you through hours of interesting WWII history. Munich is a wonderful adventure, complete with fairy tale castles and the Olympic park that hosts year-round events, festivals, concerts and more.

Reservation staff will assist with trip advice.

Salzburg is regarded as one of Europes most musical cities. Julie Andrewss musical, The Sound of Music, was filmed in Salzburg. Once each year the city hosts the Salzburg Festival, which showcases the worlds most talented classical music artists. Salzburg means Salt Castle, which refers to its massive fortress and white gold from the mountains in the south. The citys incredible baroque town center is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Strolling the charming streets and alleys is an unbelievable treat. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg. Visit the home where he spent his early childhood years, and see his violin and other memorabilia that are on display. Be a guest at a Mozart dinner concert or take home Mozart fine chocolates as that perfect souvenir. There are hours of specialty stores to discover, including many arts and crafts, jewelry, glass shops, clothing stores and magnificent local food and wine shops. Dining is also an anticipated activity with hundreds of casual to fine dining restaurants, nightclubs, pubs and bars to enjoy. Salzburg is a destination full of beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures. Just hours out of town you can see beautiful ice caves and an underground glacier. Or you can walk, bike, trek or hike your way through the beautiful hills that come alive.
Envision your vacation, let us make it a reality, call today!

G E R M A N Y, H U N G A RY & AU S T R I A

Visiting Slovenia is a dreamland filled with incredible beauty and amazing adventures. It is a land of charming, historical towns and breathtaking countryside. Its rivers, lakes and Slovene part of the Adriatic Sea offer a wide variety of waterrelated sports from traditional boating, yachting, diving, adrenaline induced white-water rafting, to relaxing among crystal clear, green water surrounded by beautiful waterfalls. Wellness and body harmony is a big part of the Slovenian life-style with over 15 natural thermal and climatic health resorts. Mile after mile of mountain paths can be walked, hiked, biked and climbed. Slovenia has three different wine regions with wines that are elegant and fresh. The regional food consists of dishes that are made with cabbage, beans, potatoes and a huge variety of fresh meats, poultry and fish. Each region specializes in its own bread, potica, pastries and cakes. Modern casinos with deluxe accommodations, a variety of entertainment, shops and gourmet dinning are also part of the Slovenia landscape. Luxury ski resorts settled among the mountains can also be found. The capital city of Ljubljana offers a variety of options for the traveler. Visit museums, castles, a magical town square, cathedrals, churches and lush green parks and gardens. There are also metropolitan cafes, shopping areas, sport centers and exquisite international restaurants that line the citys famous riverside. The people are warm and hospitable waiting to serve your every need.

Travel as you like it Anything is possible.

Fantastic routes, beautiful vistas, bridges, tunnels and an Alpine sunset are some of the views you will see while visiting Switzerland. The diversity of this landlocked mountainous country is the essence of the land, and gives the country a unique identity. This tiny little country has it all! See inspiring glaciers and waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and streams, fields of wildflowers and even grapevines. Every Swiss city honors its own symphony, opera, theatre, festivals and traditions. It is home to some of the best cheese and chocolate in the world. You will find Chocolate Heaven, The Swiss Chocolate Train, chocolate schools and even chocolate bathes. Switzerlands major cities include Berne, Geneva, Zurich, Basil and Lucerne. Wonderful resorts and hotels, world-class restaurants, museums and a variety of historical sites and monuments are just a few things you will discover on a Swiss getaway. The regional cuisine is wide and varied. Find fish dishes on the shores of one of the beautiful lakes, or indulge in fresh meat dishes, fresh produce and amazing desserts. Shopping is a must while traveling throughout the country. Embroidery and linens, wood carvings, Swiss army knives, watches and of course cheese and chocolate are just some of the items you will want to bring home. Switzerland has endless hours of fun and adventure waiting to be explored.
We take your dream and make it your reality.

[ G E R M A N Y

F A C T ]

Germans are the world champions in collecting used paper and recycling.

Your professional guide is available to assist you with your every need, from dinner reservations to suggestions throughout your wine vacation. See the highlights of Frankfurt on your personal tour of the city. Relax and enjoy lunch and the beautiful sites of the Rhine River. Wander through the streets of the quaint village of Rudesheim. Enjoy Trier located at the opening of the Mosel-Saar Ruwer wine region. See the historical city and enjoy a local sausage and beer tasting with other regional specialty foods. Cross the border into Luxembourg for a day with an incredible tour of the city, both above and below ground. Explore lovely Heidelberg as you stop to shop and indulge in the wonderful sites offered Find your private wine tours, lunches, dinners and vineyard activities in the wine regions of The Rheingau, The Rheinhessen and the Mosel River Feast on a farewell wine paired dinner.

Germanys Wine Roads

9 N I G H T S / 1 0 D AY S

Germany is known for fabulous year-round festivals, medieval castles, amazing history, and mouth-watering food including an assortment of sausages, beer, pretzels and delicious desserts and pastries. Germans live to have fun and are producers of some of the most stunning white wine in the entire world. Miles of vineyards surround beautiful rivers such as the Rhine and the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. Traveling to Germany is like stepping into a fairytale; complete with picturesque villages, medieval castles, crystal clear lakes and snow capped mountains. Its cities are elegant and stylish with vibrant culture, historical centers and sidewalk cafes. A wine vacation to Germany is a beautiful experience and a wonderful way to see this magnificent country in its entire splendor.


G E R M A N Y, H U N G A RY & AU S T R I A

The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Upon arrival into the Frankfurt airport, you
will find your guide for a transfer to your hotel. This afternoon, you will meet in the lobby for a welcome wine tasting and a 2- hour tour of Frankfurt. Your tour will end with standing on the platform of the main tower, with a birds eye view of the entire city. This evening your personal dinner reservation will be waiting for you at Weinhaus Bruckenkeller. Excellent German cuisine will be served in a medieval ambience as musicians serenade you.

D A Y T W O : Today will be your first full day tasting the

wines of Germany in the Rheingau region. You will be treated to a winery lunch with breathtaking views. This evening, you will check into a river castle, with a wine makers dinner at a nearby wine estate.

D A Y S E V E N : Today your wine adventure continues as

you visit more German wineries in the Mosel river area. You day includes a winery lunch before you relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery on the way to Heidelberg, where you will check into the Hotel Ritter with dinner awaiting your arrival.

D A Y T H R E E : Today you will board a luxurious riverboat for a day of sightseeing on the Rhine River. You will depart from Rudesheim, where you will first have the morning to explore this quaint village. Once on board, you will be treated to a gourmet lunch including wine! Your trip will end in Lorelei, where you will continue your journey into the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine region, checking into a Trier hotel. Dinner is at your leisure this evening.

D A Y E I G H T : See the attractions of beautiful and

charming Heidelberg. Your guide will lead the way, stopping for lunch and shopping at wonderful boutiques and specialty stores. Dinner this evening is at your leisure. You may continue exploring this splendid place as night takes hold.

D A Y N I N E : Today you will begin your trip back into

Frankfurt with wine tasting in the Rheinhessen region. This evening, upon arrival back into the city, you will enjoy a farewell wine paired meal at your hotel.

D A Y F O U R : Today you will taste the wines along the

beautiful Mosel River. Your private tour and tastg today will include lunch and a wine education class at a prestige Mosel winery. This evening you will have dinner at a Mosel-Saar-Ruwar wine estate before heading back to you hotel.

D A Y T E N : Its time to return back to the Frankfurt

Airport where you will begin your journey home, or continue your wine vacation with a selected extension trip.

D A Y F I V E : Start your day with the amazing sites and a

tour of Trier, known as the Second Rome. After your tour, you will have the rest of the day to shop and explore the Town Center Market Place where you can enjoy lunch in a German Rathskeller. This evening for dinner, you will sample a variety of German sausage, beer and other local cuisine.

Other Excursions & Extensions

Cooking Class specializing with Bavarian Food, Shop for a German Cuckoo Clock, Visit a German Brewery, Visit the Cathedrals of the Area, Visit the Historical City of Munich.

D A Y S I X : Its off to Luxembourg today. Enjoy the old city, exploring ancient sites, the grand palace, and its charming winding streets. You will even go below ground for a tour of the tunnels that lie beneath. You will choose your lunch and dinner stops today from many tantalizing restaurants and cafes.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


Beer is made by men, wine by God.

[ M A RT I N L U T H E R ]

[ W I N E

F A C T ]

T h e s w e e t n e s s o f To k a y i s m e a s u r e d i n P u t t o n y a s .

Feel a warm welcome with your welcome tour of Vienna and wine-paired dinner. Taste the wines of Austria and Hungary in the countries most prestigious wineries and wine cellars. Enjoy your personal dinner reservations, winery lunches and dinners in some of Austria and Hungarys best eating establishments and wineries. Bargain hunt for souvenirs and other regional specialty items in the hottest shopping districts of Vienna and Budapest. Spend an entire day at the Austria Wine Academy. Choose the classes of your choice, instructed by Austrias best winemakers. Taylor your trip by selecting the activities and excursions that best fit your lifestyle and preferences. Select your accommodations from a long, careful list of hotels, inns, cottages, wine properties and castles. Learn the history of Hungary, both past and present, with your personal guide.

year round.

Austria & Hungary Wine Experience

9 N I G H T S / 1 0 D AY S

Austria and Hungary are two of the most beautiful countries in Europe. A vacation that combines the highlights of both countries will bring hours of adventure in the breathtaking Alps, world famous rivers, crystal clear lakes, quaint towns and villages and modern yet ancient cities. Both countries are extremely rich in history and very proud of their unique and beautiful wine countries. Charming and modern accommodations can be found

throughout each of the countries, as well as mouth watering restaurants, cafes and a variety of exciting nightlife. The summer months bring celebrations and festivals and winter becomes a magical wonderland, making this itinerary accessible


G E R M A N Y, H U N G A RY & AU S T R I A

The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Welcome to Vienna! Meet your guide in the
baggage claim area for a transfer to your hotel. Take some time to relax before your private tour of Vienna, where you will see all the major points of interest. This evening you will have a welcome dinner paired with fine Austrian wines.

D A Y T W O : This is your first full day of wine tasting.

You will visit four of Viennas premier wineries. A winery lunch will be served Viennese style. This evening dinner is at your leisure.

D A Y T H R E E : Breakfast at the hotel will be early today.

You will head north into the Lower Austrian wine country. The focus today will be the Gruner Veltliner and Riesling wines. Lunch will be served, as well as a winemakers dinner before returning to Vienna.

D A Y E I G H T : Experience a full day of wine tasting in

the wine regions of Budapest and Egar. You will taste the famous Bulls Blood, and enjoy a winery lunch. Your overnight will be in the quaint town of Egar where you will have time to explore and enjoy a quiet dinner.

D AY F O U R :

Take the morning to shop Viennas longest street, MariahilferstraBe. You will find many designer stores, specialty shops, and quaint cafes. In the afternoon, meet your guide for your transfers into Rust, located in Burgenland. This evening dinner is at your leisure.

D A Y N I N E : Its all about the incredible Tokaji wine

today. Sip the world-famous, award winning wines of the region in underground cellars. Learn how the sweet wine is made and stored. You will be served a wine paired lunch that will make your taste buds scream for joy! This evening you will have a farewell dinner and final Hungarian wine tasting.

D A Y F I V E : Breakfast will be served at the hotel, and

then you will be transferred to the Austria Wine Academy for a full day of wine classes. Choose from a long list of courses instructed by Austrias top winemakers. Lunch will be included today, as well as a wine paired dinner.

D A Y T E N : Have breakfast at the hotel this morning and

then board a train for a three hour trip back to Budapest. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the airport where you will begin your journey home, or start a Wine Tours of the World extension trip. Learn about the Chocolates of Austria, Enjoy the music of Vienna, Spa in the Historical Baths of Budapest, River Tour on the Danube, Lucerne Switzerland is the perfect extension for this trip.

D A Y S I X : Your wine journey continues today traveling

into Hungarys wine regions. But first, you will stop at three Burgenland wineries before arriving into Budapest. Lunch will be included today as well as an amazing dinner at Gunda, which features traditional Hungarian classics.

D A Y S E V E N : Enjoy both Buda and Pest today. Relax

with your guide as you see all the major sites of this friendly city. This evening you will have a walking tour of Budapest, and then you will have free time to explore Vaci Street, where you can shop, dine and be part of the areas exciting nightlife.

Other Excursions & Extensions

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Reservations made upon request.

9 Breakfasts Included 6 Lunches Included 2 Dinners Included 18 confirmed wine tastings

A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.
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