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The average life expectancy at birth for an Italian is 79.54 years.

Slightly larger in size than Arizona, the long boot shaped peninsula of Italy is bound by the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Art and poetry, monuments and museums, cathedrals and churches, basilicas and medieval castles, are all hard to ignore while visiting this beautiful and mysterious country. Miles of grapevines decorate the rolling hills and countrysides, while picturesque streets and piazzas are found in the cities, villages and old town squares. Italy is famous for its fashion industry, luxury sports cars, motorcycles, beautiful coastlines, lakes, mountains, local pageants, festivals, Italian cuisine and VINO! Italians are very proud of their regional and local cuisine and dishes. They are also leaders in wine production, exportation and consumption, making it a must destination for wine lovers. Like breathing, food and wine are a natural intake within the Italian household. Cooking classes and schools are minutes away from any Italian destination. The eternal city of Rome is the countrys capital. Rome was not built in a day and cannot be seen in a day. There are thousands of sites, walking tours, bus tours, boutiques, shops, magical sidewalk cafs, exciting nightclubs and fine dining establishments to uncover. From the arrogant opulence of the Vatican and timelessness of the Forum, you will feel the thrill of the turbulent history when visiting this historical, yet modern city. Buon Viaggio!

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Italy accounts for the largest number of native vines in the world.



Tuscany, Italian Wine Central
No doubt about it, Tuscany is a very important wine region in Italy. It is home of the Brunello di Montalcino, also known as Sangiovese and the super-Tuscan cult wine, Sassicaia. Tuscany is considered to be wine central in comparison to the other Italian wine regions. With the warm coastal Mediterranean climate, and the cool and gentle ocean breeze, Tuscany is very proud of its eleven wine zones, most notably Bolgheri, Carmignano, and Chianti.

Salute di Vino Italiano

Cheers to Italian wine! With over 400 officially identified grape varieties that lushly carpet the rolling hillsides of Italys 21 wine regions, this boot shaped peninsula is one of the most romantic, diverse, and mysterious wine destinations in all of the world. Italian wine is more exciting and sophisticated than ever, with new focus on updating Old World wine making philosophies to concentrating on newer advanced technologies and viticulture practices. Italy is number one in wine export and number one in consumption per capita, making this destination a must for any wine lover. Wine making in Italy is so natural it almost seems instinctive. Vineyards are everywhere, and most Italians own their own row or two of grapevines either for their own personal use, or to be part of a larger group of elite growers that sell the fruit to local vintners. But what good is Italian wine without Italian food? Italian cuisine is still considered the number one ethnic food in America. So whether its the beautiful countryside, fascinating history, or food and wine, our Italian wine vacations will offer something new to discover with each memorable step along your personalized journey.


With Florence as its capital, Tuscany is the birthplace of the Renaissance, and the place where the Catholic Church has reigned supreme with total and complete power. Tuscan food is traditional wild game and foul, which is prepared with a bed of wide pasta noodles or a variety of polenta dishes. While visiting this region, which is rich in wine and fabulous cuisine, one must be sure to sample the wonderful Toscana breads; especially the Pane Toscano. This Italian bread is cooked in a wood burning oven, cooled, and then brushed in aromatic freshly pressed, virgin, green, unfiltered olive oil. Tuscany is also considered to be the leader in producing extra virgin olive oil. The wines of Tuscany have inspired many, from religious figures that date back hundreds of years, to ancient scholars who studied art, as well as famous poets and writers who did their part in creating history. The Chianti and Super Tuscan wines have come to symbolize a kind of cultural icon. With the rugged and beautiful winding hills, this is a land where great wine is made. Imagine yourself standing atop an extremely elevated vineyard that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, as you sip a glass of one of Tuscanys award winning wines. Our Tuscany adventures offer this and much more!

Piedmont, The Land and The Wine

While it is fair to say that Tuscany can be considered the Bordeaux of Italy, it is even more correct to say that Piedmont is the Burgundy of Italian wine. Piedmont is known as the premier wine region of Italy which was created by the Alps. The Nebbiolo grape lives and thrives in this large mountainous region, and is recognized as the king of the Italian red grapes. Piedmonts leading wines are Barolo and Barbaresco. They are made from this delicate, difficult to grow and produce grape. The wines from this region are phenomenal and meticulously cared for. Barbera is the most widely planted grape, creating vibrant but rustic wines.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page
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Tw e n t y p e r c e n t o f I t a l y s p o p u l a t i o n i s o v e r 6 5 y e a r s o f a g e .

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.
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Piedmont has many other note-worthy wines such as the Arneis, Moscato, and Asti Spumante. Famous for the wine towns of Asti and Alba, Piedmont has been producing wine only since the latter part of the 1800s. Vermouth, the indispensable ingredient in a martini, was also first crafted and commercially sold in Turin (or Torino), the capital of Piedmont. This is the ultimate destination for eating and consuming great Italian wines. When visiting this lush yet foggy area, with the help of specially trained truffle dogs, one can find the rare white truffle. Also an abundance of hazelnuts, chestnuts, and root vegetables are among the culinary delights crated in this gorgeous region. Be sure to stop off at some of the local restaurants for a culinary delight , which are rich with the lands treasures. That includes quality lamb and beef. And please dont forget the wine!

FriuliVenezia Giulia
Located on the borders of Slovenia and the Carnic Alps of Austria, you will find the wine region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This northern wine region reflects the history of intertwined allegiances and shifting borders. Friuli, named after the ancient Friulani who first inhabited this area and Venezia Giulia, is home to some of Italys most prestigious white wines, especially the Tocai Friulano. The area of Friuli is known to be a very ambitious and very successful wine region, because of the mixed cultures and history that lie within the background of the people who live there. But wine is not the only shining star for those who live and visit this breathtaking region. Prosciutto from this area is considered to be the best in all of Italy. The air is the key and main ingredient for this delectable Italian ham, which includes the perfect combination of the warm, salty ocean air that mixes with the cool Alpine air. While traveling through the beautiful countryside, you will find the Lambrea pig, a massive pig raised for the highest quality of prosciutto, Prosciutto di San Daniele. This area is also a leader in producing a variety of scrumptious artisan cheeses.


All of these factored together, create an extraordinary culinary picnic with a view.

Trentino-Alto Adige
Italys northern most wine region is Trentino-Alto Adige. Beautiful and pristine vineyards lie between the Alpine regions narrow valleys. With extreme elevation changes, some vineyards are located as high as 3,600 feet. The setting is inspiring with the sheer rock faces of the Alps, and its deep green valleys. Here you will discover some of the worlds most breathtaking vineyards. Although hyphenated, Trentino and Alto Adige are two distinctively different places. Italian is the primary language spoken in Trentino, located in the south, while German is the main language of Alto Adige, located right below Austria. However, even with the differences in the cultures, there is a strong bond with one another when it comes to making and producing fine wines. Chardonnay, Muller-Thurgau, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and TrentinoAlto Adiges most famous grape, Teroldego, are found in this beautiful alpine region. If you like sparkling wine, this is the right destination for you. With the cooler climate, this is an ideal place to grow and produce world-class sparkling wine. During the month of June on one of the last Sundays, you can experience the Festa di Sacro Cuore (Day of the Sacred Heart). Huge fires are set usually in the shapes of hearts or crosses, casting unforgettable shadows of yellow and orange over the faces of the steep vineyards. This is a long summertime ritual that began first as a pagan offering to the sun gods, and later was looked at as a Christian tribute to Saint John, whose saints day coincided with the summer solstice. Other legends and stories are often told about this incredible day.

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his, old familiar pillow.
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T h e i c e c r e a m c o n e w a s i n v e n t e d i n I t a l y.

Travel and change of pace impart new vigor to the mind.


This is also home of Grappa, a strong alcoholic drink that is made from the leftover seeds and skins, of pomace. Grappa has been produced for hundreds of years. After refermenting and then distilling the pomace, you get a highly sophisticated after-dinner drink. Found throughout Italy, Grappa is most famous from the northern Italian wine regions. But before you indulge in a glass of Grappa, be sure you feed your appetite by sampling some of the local favorite foods, which include Tyrolean smoked bacon, air-dried beef, rennet apples, Asiago cheese, and wonderful gnocchi and dumplings that are made from bread and flour. Salute!

Of the Tre Venezie, Veneto is the largest producer of wine in Northern Italy. The names of both Veneto and its magnificent city of Venice, come from the native tribe that once inhabited this incredible land, known as the Veneti tribe. Nothing can prepare you for the sites of Venice. At one time one of the worlds most famous medieval ports, Venice today is rich with luxurious palaces, exotic landmarks, and romantic waterways. Both political and stylistic, Venice is the capital of this famous wine region. The cuisine is a fusion between fish and local food that is either raised or grown there. A long list of dishes can be sampled, ranging from various recipes for risotto and polenta, to a very common dish of liver and onions. Visiting Venice is like walking out of a Canaletto Masterpiece. However, your trip to Venice, even with its entire splendor, is not complete without visiting Verona, known as Venetos principle wine town. The hills that surround Verona are blanketed with a sea of deep green grapevines that flow as far as the eye can see. For wine professionals and wine lovers of all walks, Verona is home to one of Italys most important and largest wine fairs called Veronafiera, which is held annually in April. At this wine festival, you will find some of Italys finest wines, including the most collected wine, Amarone. This wine is intensely concentrated and is loaded with tannins and high alcohol. It is made from a combination of the Corvina,


Rondinella, Molinara, and sometimes Negrara grapes. This wine is usually not released for sale for three to six years from the date of its vintage, and can have a shelf life of over 25 years. Valpolicella is made from the same grapes as Amarone, and is also a famous wine of Veneto that can be found in five distinct styles. While the grapes are the same, the similarity ends there. It is a much younger, softer wine than Amarone, and is released earlier and a delight to anyones palate. These are just two of the well-crafted wines you will find visiting this magnificent Italian wine region. Veneto definitely has it all- the magical city of Venice and a spectacular wine country.

Emilia-Romagna is Italys most ultimate and important food region. With Bologna (meaning the fat one), as its capital, the worlds best Balsamic vinegars and ParmigianoReggiano cheese can be found in this gastronomic wine region. You must come hungry when you visit this culinary rich state. The regions restaurants and specialty foods will definitely be one of the highlights of your wine vacation. One has not lived until theyve sampled a piece of perfectly aged ParmigianoReggiano cheese that has been delicately dipped in some of the worlds most famous Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale (balsamic vinegar). It is an explosion of flavor that will not easily be forgotten. But dont forget you are also here for the wine. Taste the Lambrusco, which wine that is very food friendly and easy to drink. In fact, this is the number one Italian wine in the United States. While it is not made like Champagne, it does have a slight fizzy affect on the palate. However, if its fizz that you want, you can also find another popular wine of the land, the Spumanti wines.

To get away from ones working environment is, in a sense, to get away from ones self
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Anytime you drink the wine of a particular region, eat the food of the same region.

Umbria is the producer of one of Italys most well-known and consumed white wines, Orvieto, a crisp and refreshing wine made from Trebbiano, Verdello, Grechetto, Drupeggio, and sometimes Malvasia. Orvieto is not only a superb wine, but also a beautiful gothic-like medieval town. Umbrias serene land is home to Saint Francis of Assisi and Italys most complete wine artifact museums, the Museo del Vino. From cooking classes to world-class chocolate tastings in the quaint town of Perugia, you will feel like you left your heart there and need to return. Travel provides you with experiences that will remain locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind.
[ D AV E B A R R Y ]

Sicily, one of the Mediterraneans largest islands, is also one of the largest producers in wine, running neck and neck with Veneto. The sunny climate has a long history of producing sweet, fortified wines. With extreme hillside elevations, poor soil conditions, and endless sun, this is the perfect place to grow world-class fruit. During the twentieth century, Sicily suffered from placing the importance of quantity instead of quality, causing it to decline in its reputation. In effect, Sicily became known for undesirable, cheap wine. Starting in 1970, grape growers and wine makers decided to change this reputation and they launched a revolution that began to change history. Sicilys most famous wine is Marsala, but the region is also known for the dessert wines, Moscato di Pantelleria and Malvasia delle Lipari. Today, Sicily is Italys new shining star, producing many note-worthy wines. But wine is not all that Sicily has to offer visitors. Beautiful picturesque seaside communities are abundant, with views that are unimaginable and unforgettable. Cuisine is also a passion among the local people. Rich with seafood, various nuts, olives and tomatoes, some of Italys best cuisine is found here. If desserts are what you fancy, then you came to the right place. Sicily is not only known for desserts of the earth, but it is also believed that the gelato made here is the best in the world.


Thoughts from the Road

Wine Tours of the World' has definitely got it down pat. Our time was well spent getting to know a specific area with all the local culture, history, people, food and wines of the Tuscany region. It made our first trip to Italy the type of adventure that you want to do again and again. Thank you............ Nancy Nauman

West Palm Beach, FL

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic vacation to Italy. Our culinary and wine tour of Tuscany was a very unique and memorable experience. The cooking lesson and dinner at Fattoria Di Corsignano was a highlight with our hosts Elena and Mario welcoming us in their home and wine cellar! The wine tasting excursions to Chianti District opened my mind to the joy of Italian wines. I also loved walking the cobblestone streets of Siena, discovering wonderful little shops, and small, local Osterias for lunch. I think of Siena every time I wrap my favorite souvenir scarf around my neck! I can highly recommend this region and tour to my clients. Thanks again, Melody Sattizahn Denver, CO

Travelers never think that they are the foreigners.


Going to Italy has always been a dream of mine. Last year that dream came true. In the fall of 2007 I headed to Tuscany with 11 other food and wine lovers. We cooked dinner at the winemakers farmhouse and ended the evening tasting his Chianti Reserve in the cellar. We walked the cobblestone streets of Siena and Florence admiring the black and white patterned churches, and if all that wasnt enough we ended the trip being wined and dined in a castle. People ask me was Tuscany everything you thought it would be, and I tell them it was every thing I imagined and more. Gail Madsen Denver, CO

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T h e a v e r a g e I t a l i a n c o n s u m e s o v e r 2 6 g a l l o n s o f w i n e p e r y e a r.

Versace, Armani and Gucci can be easily found. Antiques, leather goods, shoes and handbags are sold in stylish boutiques and open-air markets. The city is also the gateway to Tuscan wine country, and day trips can be easily arranged into the Chianti wine region. Pisa, Siena and the wine towns of Lucca, Montepulciano, Montalcino and San Gimignano, are all within the region. Come once, come often Florence is the perfect start to a once in a lifetime Wine Tours of the World custom vacation.

Florence, the city of flowers, is also the capital of the Tuscan region. Originally settled by Julius Caesar, Florence is often referred to as the Italian Athens. It is also home to the Art Renaissance movement that inspired many. Art Renaissance was a period when the free development of thought, derived by a vision of life, and reality independent from metaphysical and religious concepts, were expressed in a new manner. The Arno River winds through Florence and is the second most important river in Italy, next to the Tiber River. The Ponte Vecchio, noted for its shops and fine jewelers, and the Santa Trinita bridges, are just two of many historical sites to see. When visiting Florence, Michelangelos David, the Duomo of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore and the Uffizi Gallery, and Palazzo Degli Uffizi are all must see sites. Florence today has both fine and casual dinning. Wine bars, known as enoteches, are a popular afternoon stop. Hundreds of Italian wines can be sampled and are accompanied by plates of antipasto and other regional and local cuisine. Florence rivals other major cities of the world for shopping. Products from



While creating your upcoming trip to Italy, it is important for us to know what inspires you. What are your travel dreams, trip goals, and experience expectations for your perfect vacation? Sometimes it helps to put your thoughts down on paper. We have created this guide to help plan the ultimate custom vacation, handcrafted specifically for you and your companions. What are your trip dreams and desires?

S E L E C T A D E S T I N AT I O N ( S )

O Rome O Florence

Specific Cities: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Do you want to visit more than one? ____________________________________________________________________

O Milan O Venice

O Turin/Piedmont O Tucany

O Sicily/Siena O Umbria/Italian Lakes


O Food / Wine O Cooking Classes O Chocolate Tours O Specific Wine Types O Pastries / Breads O Specialty Gastronomy O Picnics O Dinner Reservations O Fall Wine Crush

O Private Guide O Transfers / Airport O Child / Family Activities O Helicopter O Regional Festivals O Rail O Antiques O Ocean Sports O Botanical / Gardens

O Museums O Historical tours O Hot Air Ballooning O City Tours O Biking O Art / History O Painting / Art Classes O Performing Arts O Cordials & Liqueurs

O Spa O Golf O Sailing O Shopping / Fashion O Group Travel O Self Drive O Driver/Guide O Limousines

W H AT T Y P E O F W I N E S D O Y O U D R I N K ?

O White / Light O Red / General O Sangiovese O Chardonnay O Pinot Grigio

O Sweet / Dessert O Merlot O Super Tuscan O Arneis O Babera

O White / Big O Barbaresco O Nebbiolo O Sauvignon Blanc O Chianti Classico

O Rose / Blush O Cabernet Sauvignon O Sparking Wine O Brunello DiMontalcino O Other Varietals


O 7nts / 8days

O 10nts / 11days

O You tell us! _______________________________


O Boutique Lodging O Chateau

O Villas or Homes / Country O City Property / Central O Vineyard Property O River / Ocean View

O Farmhouses

Did we miss something? Let us know and well make sure to include: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City _______________________State ______ Zip _____________Telephone __________________________________ Email ________________________________ Fax ______________________ No. of Travelers ____ No. of children ____ Travel dates (list alternate dates) _______________________________________________________________________ Traveling with any other couple, group etc.? ________ If so, may we contact them? _______________________________ What is your budget per person? _________________________Special Occasion? ________________________________ Do you want us to handle your airfare? ___________ Carrier Preference? _______________________________________



Cooking Italian Style

This excursion allows you to step into the Italian kitchen. You and your professional chef will make a wonderful 5-course Italian meal. You choose the menu! From pastries and breads, pizzas and pastas or traditional dishes from the Italian garden, you will learn about the ingredients and the methods used to prepare your grand feast. You will also be advised on your wine selections for each course. Then relax and enjoy your feast. Salute!
Reservation staff will assist with trip advice.

Terra Cotta Workshop

Italy is the birthplace of Baked Earth, or Terra Cotta. The refined clay "mud" is dried, cast, molded, or hand-worked into a desired shape. Terra Cotta has been used throughout history for sculpting, pottery and building materials such as bricks and roof shingles. While visiting the Italian Wine Country, you can visit a local factory and witness how the precious pieces are created. You may even want to take a hands-on class, or simply shop among the many different forms of terra cotta that include vases, statues, garden ware and kitchen and home decorations. This adventure will leave a new insight for the artist at heart.

Experience the difference with our travel specialists.

Italian Cheese Factory

Wine Tours of the World would like to invite you to enjoy a wonderful experience in the culture of the Italian land. Get directly in touch with the ancestral tradition of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, the King of Cheese, and other local Italian cheese. Watch how the cheese is made, how imprints are formed and see how cheese is salted and placed on their aging shelves. Then relax and enjoy an elegant glass of wine as you sample the magnificent creations! This excursion is a perfect part of any wine country day!
Your individual travel vision is our focus while planning your trip.


Drive a Ferrari
Enjoy Italys spectacular scenery from inside one of the worlds most exotic automobiles. Imagine sitting behind the wheel of a beautiful, new shiny Ferrari as you are blown away by its incredible speed and extreme performance. This is an exhilarating experience of a lifetime. Whether you want to see the countryside or visit quaint towns and villages, Wine Tours of the World has a car waiting for you.
We can make it happen. You just tell us when.

Food, Food & More Food

Italy is known for more than just great cheese and wine. Italians are also proud of their Parma hams, aged balsamic vinegar, rustic breads, homemade pastas, olives, olive oil and fine chocolate. Take a day to discover the secret ingredients that are hidden in the pantries of all Italian kitchens. Taste the secrets as you see how these local regional favorites are processed and stored. Behind every sample lies a lovely glass of wine!

Drink Wine, Live It!

Wine Country Golf

A fine golf course, like fine wine, must have distinct character, a good body, and a great finish. Imagine teeing off in the beautiful rolling hills of the Italian countryside among the beautiful rows of grapevines. Tuscany, Piedmont, and Sicily are just some of the areas to pull out a club and set up a golf ball. Golfing in the microclimates of any wine country is a treat for those who have a passion for the game.

Its Your Trip Planned Your Way We Make It Happen.

C R A F T Y O U R O W N I T I N E R A RY W I T H T H E S E E X T E N S I O N S A N D O P T I O N S !

Classic Rome Tour

Your local guide will take you on a pleasant stroll through the historical center of Rome, where you can admire sites such as the Trevi Fountain, La Colonna di Marco Aurelio, Palazzo di Montecitorio, designed by Bernini, the Pantheon (visit inside), Palazzo Madama - seat of the senate, and Piazza Navona. Passing alongside Castel S. Angelo, your coach will take you to the Basilica of St. Peter (visit inside, except when there are religious celebrations), where you can admire one of Michelangelo's magnificent works of art - La Pieta.
Envision your vacation, let us make it a reality, call today!

Private Customized Tour

Whether your trip to Rome is your first or your fifth, this magnificent city always has history and stories to delight the discerning traveler. Wine Tours of the World hand picks a guide with tour credentials to match your personal interests for your half-day or fullday private tour. Your day may include the vineyards just outside the city proper or specific hard to find historical sites. They may include local neighborhoods few tourists see, the Tiber River, catacombs under the city, or hidden castles. You select the topic, well handle the rest!

Travel as you like it Anything is possible.

Audience with Pope Benedict XVI at Vatican City

Your day begins with a short drive past Piazza della Repubblica with the Fountain of the Nayads, and the beautiful Piazza Barberini with Bernini's Baroque Tritone Fountain. Upon arrival at St. Peter's Square, you will pass the impressive Castel S. Angelo, the ancient tomb of Emperor Hadrian. Next, you will attend a Papal Audience in Rome to see Pope Benedict XVI. Wine Tours of the World handles the tickets and secures your reservation. The audience takes place in St. Peter's Square, St. Peter's Basilica or the Audience Hall.
Our Tour/Travel Specialists customize each and every trip.


Illuminated Rome Night Tour

Discover some of the famous monuments of the Eternal City in the romantic atmosphere of past times. Some of the sites you pass will include The Fountain of the Nayads, the Exhibition Palace, Piazza Venezia with its Tomb to the Unknown Soldier, and the Capitoline Hill. Take a glimpse of the Imperial Roman Age as you drive by, and admire the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and Arch of Constantine, and the Circus Maximus. Leap into the Papal Era when driving along the banks of the Tiber, here you will see the Jewish Quarter, complete with the synagogue and the imposing Castel Sant'Angelo, which heralds your approach to St. Peter's. Set in the ancient Aurelian Walls that frame part of the Villa Borghese Park you will see some of the most beautiful gateways in Rome; Porta Flaminia, through which you can admire the Piazza del Popolo, and Porta Pinciana through which you reach the famous Via Veneto, the symbol of "la dolce vita" (the sweet life) in Rome. There will be two stops on your tour, the first, at Piazza Navona, to discover Bernini's beautiful Fountain of the Four Rivers, and the second at the Trevi Fountain, where you can maintain the tradition of throwing coins into the fountain to ensure your return to Rome in the future. You can choose to include dinner with the tour to round out the evening experience.

Are you looking for unique? Well find it for you.

Naples & Pompeii Day Tour

Head south from Rome to the Naples & Pompeii region to discover the most symbolic regions of southern Italy. Begin on the Highway of the Sun, and "Castelli Romani" (Castles of Rome). See the Abbey of Monte Cassino, famous for its battle and complete destruction during the Second World War. Enjoy the views of Naples from the hill of Posillipo, including spectacular views of the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, which erupted in AD79. Visit the ancient fishing quarter of Santa Lucia and see the impressive Castel dell'Ovo (Egg Castle) for a photo stop. Next, you will cross the valley of Mount Vesuvius, passing through the villages of Ercolano (Herculaneum), Torre del Greco and Torre Annunziata before arriving in Pompeii for a lunch stop. Enjoy a guided two-hour walking tour of the ancient city of Pompeii, as you explore the ancient ruins buried in ashes after Mount Vesuvius erupted. Discover the everyday life of the Imperial Age, and imagine the panic felt by the people in those last few minutes before the city was so disastrously buried. After the walking tour of Pompeii, stop at the Coral and Cameo Factory, where you will have the opportunity to admire and purchase items of this ancient craft that dates back to the Greek period. Choose to return to Rome, or Wine Tours of the World will organize your hotel for the evening.
We take your dream and make it your reality.

[ I T A L Y

F A C T ]

Italy is slightly larger than the state of Arizona.

Walking tour of fashion-forward Milano, the style and fashion capital of Europe. Lake District Region that includes the Italian-Swiss border, Lake Garda, the walled hilltop village of Bergamo, the cobbled street villages of Riva, and Malcesine. Italian wine tastings of Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Roero, Barbera, Dolcetto and Arneis. Castello Sforzesco, a Visconti fortress redesigned by Leonardo da Vinci, now an incredible art museum. Also visit the Duomo, the fourth largest cathedral in the world. Lapis Gold Factory in Marco, Lugano Lake two-hour scenic boat Tour, a Tour of Underground Torino, Wine Bank Tour in Pollenzo and White Truffle Tasting in Alba. Learn about the historical and current viticulture methods, vinification practices, producers and styles, and DOC and DOCG boundaries and regulations. Learn about the Italian wine labels as you sip your way through spectacular wines.

Magnificent Milan, The Lakes & Piedmont Grapes

9 N I G H T S / 1 0 D AY S

Northern Italy has a plethora to offer any wanderlust person who has a curiosity for the region near the Italian & Swiss border. This mountainous region is home to one of the most famous lake regions of the world, Lake Como. Other picturesque lakes in the region include Lake Garda and Lake Lugano. City splendor also resides in the region

with stops in Milan and Torino. The wines of northern Italy have world recognition. Your itinerary is carefully crafted to include daily sipping splendors of the wine varietals from this region while exploring quaint vineyards, delightful northern Italian cuisine and best of all, castle accommodations.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Welcome to Italy! This evening you will
have your first Italian wine tasting and northern Italian welcome dinner.

D A Y T W O : Start the day with a walking tour exploring

the fashion-forward Milano. Milano is considered to be the style and fashion capital of Europe. The Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle is a real shoppers paradise. You will also see the Castello Sforzesco, a Visconti fortress redesigned by Leonardo da Vinci, which is now an incredible art museum. Conclude your walking tour day with an Italian wine tasting.

D A Y E I G H T : Visit famous regional wine cellars and

vineyards today. The theme is the wines of Piedmont. Taste Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo and Arneis. You will visit the Wine Bank in Pollenzo and taste white truffles in Alba. Enjoy a gourmet lunch in the prestigious wine cellars of La Morra Restaurant. This afternoon taste more wines from the cellars in Asti and Gavi.

D A Y T H R E E : Depart for the Lake District. Your private chauffeur will take you along the Italian-Swiss border for a scenic ride to Lake Garda. En route, see the walled hilltop village of Bergamo, where you will have a wine-paired lunch. Your 4-Star accommodations await you with a wine reception.

D A Y N I N E : Tour the underground of Torino. Fifteen

meters below the city, the tunnels of the citadel and the sub-cellars of the Baroque palaces are waiting for you to discover their mysteries and sites of ancient murders. Your afternoon wine tasting will focus on wines of Piedmont. You will learn about the historical and current viticulture methods, vinification practices, producers and styles, and DOC and DOCG boundaries and regulations. An unforgettable lunch will be served at the castle of Grinzane Cavour, a beautiful castle in perfect condition, which is home to the provincial wine museum. Your evening dining experience is at a winery, where you will taste all the fresh, local foods of the region paired with excellent wine!

D AY F O U R :

Today is filled with beautiful sites, wonderful people and excellent food. You will take a scenic tour of Lake Garda and the surrounding villages. After lunch, stop at the Lapis Gold Factory in Marco to shop for sparkling jewelry. The Arco village evening tour and cathedral are remarkable. This evening, you will also prepare your own dinner at a hands-on cooking class in a family owned restaurant located in a 13th century building, Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc. Salute!

D A Y F I V E : Its off to Sirmione, located on a stunning peninsula. Sirmione is a maze of narrow streets, attractive cafs,
elegant shops, villas and churches. Next stop is Como, located on the gorgeous blue-green waters of Lake Como. You will have a wine tasting and lunch before touring the cathedral and town hall. Continue to Lake Lugano, and conclude the day with a wine tasting and dinner.

D A Y T E N : Time to return home or choose to extend your

vacation to either Rome or Venice.

Other Excursions & Extensions Accommodations

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

D A Y S I X : Set sail for a two-hour scenic boat tour. You

will arrive at the Lugano town pier for a day of sightseeing, shopping and lunch.

Sailing, Hiking & Climbing, Pasta Cooking School, Castle Tour, Rome, Ferrari Manufacturer Plant, Cheese Production Tour.

D A Y S E V E N : Today starts with Torino. Your private

driver will craft a splended sightseeing tour that includes a wine tasting lunch. Your castle accommodations sit atop the quiet and unspoiled medieval gorgo near Alba. Its all about the wines of Barolo and Barbaresco. Upon arrival at your castle, a welcome wine tasting and educational briefing about the wine country you have just entered is scheduled. This evening you will be a special guest at a private wine-makers dinner.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.

[ I T A L Y

F A C T ]

Italy has more hotel rooms than any other nation in Europe.

Welcome wine tasting and dinner with traditional Sicilian food and regional wines. Orientation and private city tour of Palermo. The city is an exotic mixture of Moorish, Norman and Spanish Baroque styles makes this a special city. Personal Sicilian cooking class and lunch paired to perfection with the wine of the vineyard. Olive oil factory tour including lesson in how olive oil is made. Sample a variety of blends, flavored and extra virgin olive oils as well as fresh olives. Wine tasting in Marsala, Italys largest contiguous grape growing region. Private tours of Catania and Taormina. Shop for treasures and trinkets such as pottery, lava stone works and the Napoli family puppets in Catania. Mount Etna tour at approximately 3350 meters; Europe's highest active volcano. The height of its summit changes with each eruption, and over the centuries a few lava flows have reached the coast.

Sunny Sicily The Wine Island

7 N I G H T S / 8 D AY S

Palermo is rich with monuments and royal palaces, amidst the bustle of the 21st-century lifestyle. The wine enthusiast will enjoy a first full day of wine tasting in the Palermo city limits. Catania, another Sicilian city, is famous for pottery, lava stone works and the Napoli family puppets. The village of Taormina has breathtaking views because of its location 200 meters above sea level, overlooking the Ionian Sea. Over the centuries, Taormina has fascinated wretched poets, writers and restless painters who decided to put down roots here. Some pilgrams were inspired by the beauty, others by the unique, refreshing climate that makes it seem like it is always springtime. Salute!



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Welcome to the warm, beautiful, and pleasant island of Sicily! Start your orientation with a two-hour city tour of Palermo. The exotic mixture of Moorish, Norman and Spanish Baroque styles makes this city special. Your guide will point out tucked-away churches and lively street markets, where innumerable reminders of history are woven within the modern city splendor. Your hotel will welcome you with a wine tasting and dinner.

D A Y T W O : Today you will taste the wines of Palermo.

You will stay within the city limits today, in order to visit the best wineries Palermo has to offer, including a private tour and cave tasting. Then you will depart for Tasca D Almerita for a special reserve tasting and cooking class hosted by Anna Tasca Lanza. The afternoon continues at the wine estate of Fatascia for a private vineyard tour and tasting. Conclude the day with a stop at an olive oil factory for a lesson in how olive oil is made. This evening, Wine Tours of the World has made a dinner reservation for you at Cin-Cin, one of Palermos best restaurants. Hidden down a flight of steps behind a gate on Via Manin, the setting is serene.

D A Y S I X : Today you will visit Agrigento, which is on

Sicily's southwestern coast. Agrigento was once an important center of Greek learning and culture. Built on a cliff above the beautiful bay of Capo Bianco, the city today is largely collapsed into the sea. An extravagant wine lunch will be served at a historic site for full archeological enjoyment. Finally as the sun begins to fade, you will walk among the Valley of the Temples near the modern city of Agrigento, described by the Greek poet Pindar, as "the most beautiful city of mortals."

D A Y T H R E E : The beautiful Marsala wine region is

Italys largest continuous grape growing region. Vineyard visits and tastings today include Donnafugata, lunch at Marco De Bartoli and Pellegrino and Planeta wineries later in the day.

D A Y S E V E N : Explore beautiful Taormina by yourself

or with your guide. In the late afternoon, you will be expected back at the hotel for a Marsala wine treatment at the hotel spa. This evening a dinner reservation will be waiting for you at A Zammara. When you step into this restaurant, you might think that you have had too much wine because of the ancient Roman artifacts on display at your feet in the glass floor. Order the meatballs grilled in lemon leaves, a favorite house specialty.

D AY F O U R :

Tour the historical and modern city of Catania before arriving into Taormina for the evening. Catania is famous for pottery, lava stone works and the Napoli family puppets. In the afternoon, you will take in the breathtaking sites of Taormina, built 200 meters above sea level that overlooks the Ionian Sea like a terrace. It is truly one of the prettiest places on earth. Your hotel for the evening has scheduled a special wine and food pairing in the garden. Enjoy!

D A Y E I G H T : Time to transfer to the Palermo airport,

where you will board your flight home.

Other Excursions & Extensions

D A Y F I V E : Sicily's greatest natural attraction is also its

highest mountain. To the ancient Greeks, Mount Etna was the realm of Vulcan, God of Fire, and the home of the one-eyed monster known as the Cyclopse. Be sure to dress in layers today, due to the elevation of the volcano. There are many different levels of hikes and nature walks available while visiting the park. Bird watching tours and other botanical tours are also recommended. Your guide will help you find the perfect way to spend the day here. Lunch, wine, and snacks are all included.

Picnics, Ocean Sports, Painting & Art Classes, Biking, Spa, Barrel Tasting, Wine Festivals, Naples & Pompeii.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.

[ R AY B R A D B U RY ]

[ F O O D

F A C T ]

T h e a v e r a g e I t a l i a n c o n s u m e s o v e r a h a l f p o u n d o f b r e a d e a c h d a y.

Tuscany is rich in culture, art and culinary creations. Artists from around the globe never tire of depicting this country splendor on a canvas. Time in Florence including a walking tour by night. Private wine lunches, dinners, and food pairings throughout the hill country of Chianti, Montepulciano, Montalcino and Umbria. Enjoy time in the medieval walled cities of Siena and Orvieto. Italian cooking class and wine seminar with personal chef and sommelier. Meet the locals while strolling Assisi during your private tour. Enjoy the local Italian foods including olive oil, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto and homemade pastas. Wine, Wine, and more Wine throughout one of the most picturesque regions of Italy. En route to prearranged wine tastings, drive through hillside villages, past secluded villas that are framed by olive groves and vineyards.

Classico Tuscany & Umbria Hill Country

7 N I G H T S / 8 D AY S

Florence by night, is one of the most romantic cities in the world. As evening light softens, bustling shoppers head toward popular cafs and bistros. The caf door-fronts display inviting menus for the passersby to review, while the chefs entrees of the day spill aroma onto the cobblestone streets. Preparation of food is the life blood of all Italians. The wine regions of Chianti, Montepulciano and Montalcino consist of rolling coun-

try hills with hidden jewels around every bend. The villages of Siena and Orvieto, with their walled cities, invite the mind to remember centuries past. The visual beauty of these Italian regions lures travelers from around the world.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Transfer from the airport to your hotel overlooking the Arno River, in the heart of Florence. Your afternoon starts with your first Italian wine tasting paired with a wonderful assortment of fresh Italian cheese. Then enjoy a walking tour of Florence in the evening, by a dinner reservation at Ristorante La Loggia. The restaurant is known for their hand-made pasta dishes and incredible views of the city skyline.

D A Y T W O : Sightseeing in Florence is the ticket for

today. Visit places such as the Accademia Delle Belle Arti, where you can admire some of the worlds most famous works, including Michelangelos David. You will also see other sites, such as the Cathedral complex and Giottos Bell Tower. In the afternoon, you will have time to shop and visit the leather factory. This afternoon your guide has arranged another wine tasting at a local Italian bistro. You can sit outside of a caf and people watch as you sip on a flight of red and white Italian wines. Dinner this evening is at your leisure.

D A Y S I X : Wine production in Umbria is limited, but the

quality is outstanding. Today you will visit the wine cellars of Poggio Bertaio and Arnaldo Caprai. Enjoy lunch at a local bistro with an afternoon chocolate tasting of Italian confection. A spa treatment awaits you in the privacy of your hotel room.

D AY T H R E E :

Today journey to Siena for wine tasting in the Chianti region. The Tuscan experience of Chianti and Siena have gained fame again with the travelers of the world. This wine region is picturesque and all who travel here vow to return again. Your first private tour and tasting will be in the cellars of Il Molino Di Grace. Then it is off to Radda for lunch, and then a private tasting at Brancaia with one more vineyard stop en route to your hotel in Siena. The region is also famous for olive oil, balsamic vinegar and prosciutto. This evening your personal reservation will be waiting for you at Trattoria di Fonte Nuova.

D A Y S E V E N : As you head towards Rome today, you

will wine taste in the Orvieto region. Enjoy private tours and tastings upon your arrival at La Carraia and Decugnano Dei Barbi. Lunch will be en-route. This evening your guide has arranged a special Rome tour by night. This twilight view of Rome is splendid and a favorite for all. Your personal dinner reservation will be at one of Romes most romantic and intimate restaurants.

D AY F O U R :

Your adventure today includes sipping your way through the wine areas of Montepulciano and Montalcino. The wine estates have been carefully selected for you with private wine tours and tastings at vineyards including Castello Banfi, Biondi Santi and Fattoria Santavenere. A vineyard and winemaking tour with lunch will be included today.

D A Y E I G H T : Its time to start your trip to the States.

We trust your vacation to Italy will inspire a future vacation to this country, which always pleases its guests!

Other Excursions & Extensions

D A Y F I V E : The drive to Perugia is scenic. Upon arriving, attend a personalized Italian cooking class. Before you dive into your freshly made cuisine, your personal sommelier will assist you in selecting the wines to complement the meal. The afternoon includes a drive to Assisi for touring, shopping and sightseeing.

Tuscany Picnic in Vineyard, Hiking the Tuscan Hill Country, A Day of Photography, Pasta Pasta Pasta Cooking Lesson, Extend to Milan or Venice.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.


[ I T A L Y

F A C T ]

Tw e n t y p e r c e n t o f I t a l y s p o p u l a t i o n i s o v e r t h e a g e o f s i x t y - f i v e .

Rome Welcome Wine Tasting with Italian antipasto. Enjoy an elegant family owned farmhouse. Roman castle tour with gourmet lunch with wine tasting and an enchanting Twilight Night tour of Rome. Tuscany wine tastings including, Montepulciano wine region and the sought after Brunello (Sangiovese) wines. Local specialty foods are so delicious! Sample fine Italian chocolate and aged balsamic vinegar and Parmesano Reggiano, cheese. Learn the secrets of Italian cooking with your personal chef. Sienna is the perfect spot to take a culinary arts class. See an authentic leather factory, while enjoying a day of shopping. Tour Florence by night with an indepth Art Renaissance tour. Personalized dinner reservations made at top restaurants in all tour locations. You will also be treated to a family-style farmhouse dinner and a farewell winemakers dinner. Salute!

A Toast in Tuscany

8 N I G H T S / 9 D AY S

From Rome, head north through beautiful rolling hills dotted with medieval villages and castles of Tuscany. Tuscany is all about wine, romance and a picturesque place to vacation. The wines have been praised by many for years, with favorites such as the Brunello di Montalcino and the Super-Tuscans. Relax as you play a round of golf or enjoy a spa treatment. Shopping, chocolate tasting and cooking schools are just a few of the activities to choose from. The way to an Italians heart is through the joys of eating. You

will sample mouth watering Italian meals and Parmesan cheese. The Art Renaissance city of Florence, rich in art, fashion and culture, is where you will conclude this trip. Tuscany is a dream destination for many.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Welcome to Italy! Get ready to begin your
Rome orientation with a city tour in late afternoon. This evening will be your first private wine tasting with some of Italys most exquisite wines.

D A Y T W O : A private car is set up for a tour of the

famous castles of Rome, including the Castel Gandolfo Village, which is the Summer Residence for the Pope. Your journey will include a gourmet lunch and a private wine tasting at each of the castles. Twilight hours include the Rome by Night excursion. This is always a favorite for guests visiting Rome.

D A Y S I X : Brunello is a famous wine varietal and clone

of the noble Sangiovese grape. Your day will include private tours and tastings at wine estates such as Biondi Santi, Brunelli Le Chiuse Di Sotto or Castelgiocondo. Lunch will be served at a local Trattoria. Enjoy the beautiful sites of the rouged Italian vineyards, as you embrace the aromas of these famous wines while they dance across your taste buds. An afternoon olive oil tour and tasting is on the schedule. Dine at the farmhouse or hit the streets of Siena with many culinary dining opportunities.

D AY T H R E E :

Its off to Tuscany today. A private tour and tasting is scheduled en route to an esteemed winery choose from the Falvo family estate, Poliziano or Fassati. Enjoy a true Italian gourmet lunch while taking in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. For an afternoon treat, your day continues with a private Italian chocolate tasting before checking into a charming Italian Farmhouse that includes Tuscan charm and wine country ambience. Dinner will be a delight as you indulge in an Italian family-style dinner.

D A Y S E V E N : Florence is the focus for today. Enjoy a

walking tour after the short transfer to the home of the Art Renaissance period. This tour will include a local leather factory, making it the perfect opportunity to buy custom leather pieces. Stroll the streets of Florence, a world class city for fashion and design. This city is radiant at night. This evening includes a twilight tour with Florence architecture lit for viewing.

D A Y F O U R : The winding hill country of Chianti is

charming. Look forward to a private tasting and vineyard tour at the wine cellars of Gaiole. Your next stop will be at the medieval village of Radda for lunch. En route to your farmhouse accommodations, stop in historical Castelline in Chianti for a wine tasting of delicate, and fine handcrafted Chianti Classicos and Super Tuscan wines. Dine on property this evening.

D A Y E I G H T : Walk in the footsteps of Michelangelo

during your final opportunity to visit the most famous sites of Florence with your guide. Visit the Accademia Museum, the Basilica del Santo Spirito, and lastly Piazza Michelangelo. Tonight is your farewell wine and cheese tasting before dinner.

D A Y F I V E : Today is filled with food and fun at an

D A Y N I N E : This is the last chance for souvenirs before

departure. See you again!

Italian cooking class. Wine Tours of the World has arranged a personal cooking class in one of Sienas top culinary schools. Learn how to shop, prepare and present a full Italian meal. Today you will also be treated to a special tasting of Italian balsamic vinegars. Taste the sweet and delicious aged vinegar that will be accompanied with Italys own Parmesano Reggiano cheese. En route to the farmhouse, you will stop in Palio, home of one of Italys oldest horse racing events. Wander through the streets of this quaint and historical 11th century village. Choose to dine on property or venture out to a local restaurant in Palio or Siena.

Other Excursions & Extensions

Cave Tour, Spa / Wellness Day, Day of Antiquing, Golf the Hills of Tuscany, Painting/Art Class, Extend to Liguria on the Northern Coast.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.


[ I T A L Y

F A C T ]

The thermometer is an Italian invention.

Venice Grand Canal and City Lights Night Tour with Wine. Shop for local arts and crafts and regional food items as you enjoy free time to explore the unique shops and open-air markets. Board a boat bound for the Venetian Islands including Murano, Burano and Torcello. Scrumptious winery lunches served family style and winemakers dinners accompanied with the brilliant wines of the Tre Venezie. Private wine tours and tastings in the Northern Italian alpine wine regions of Trentino, Alto Adige, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Stay in a beautiful Tyrolean-style hotel situated in the southern Dolomites. Spa treatment included. Discover the secrets of Northern Italian cuisine as you listen and learn how to prepare regional dishes with your private chef/sommelier. Step into the quaint homes of the well-known lovers, Romeo and Juliette when visiting the town of Verona.

Venice & the Tre Venezie

1 0 N I G H T S / 1 1 D AY S

The wine regions of Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Fruili-Venezia Giulia, create what is referred to as the Tre Venezie, Italys most northern wine region. This alpine region has sheer cliffs and valleys filled with row after row of grapevines. Italys most important wine event, Primavera del Processo, is held in Venice annually. Lesser know grapes are found here. Northern Italian cuisine is heavily influenced by the surrounding countries of Switzerland and Austria. The unspoiled beauty is like walking into a scene from Heidi, with the Dolomites

and Alps as giant, silent backdrops. There is no other worldclass wine region in the world as dynamic as the surrounding areas of Tre Venezie.



The Itinerary
D A Y O N E : Arrive in Venice! Begin with a 1- hour
private boat tour of the Grand Canal and the minor canals of Venice, the city built on water. Sip on sparkling Prosecco and other selected wines as the magic of Venice comes alive. This evening is a welcome dinner at the hotel.

D A Y T W O : Venice walking tour includes the Frari

church hidden away in the San Polo district of the city, home to masterpieces of Titian and Bellini. The artisians quarters are a labyrinth of narrow passageways. This evening includes your personal gondola for a relaxing serenade with wine. Private full day boat tour of the Venetian Islands, located in the Venetian lagoon. Islands include Murano, known for fine glasswork, Burano, famous for its lace and fishing industry, and Torcello with a population of about 60 people. Back in Venice, visit a local enoteca (wine bar) for a tasting that include Amarone and Soave wines. Trento is Europes mushroom capital. Start with a lesson on domestic and wild mushrooms and end with a lesson on white trufles.

D AY T H R E E :

D A Y N I N E : Go North! The northern-most area of Alto

Adige is all about white wines including Muller-Thurgau, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio. Reds include Lagrein, Lambrusco, Marzemino and Teroldego. You will be treated to a Tyrolean style lunch along the way. Continue on to the wine alpine village of Bolzano, located in the southern Dolomites. Be ready for your European spa treatment. Conclude the evening with a lesson on how Grappa is made.

D A Y F O U R : Morning drive through winding hills to

Verona. En route, stop at the wine village of Soave for private tours and tastings. Lunch is hosted by the Leonildo Pieropan wine estate continue on to Coffele and Suavia. A farmhouse outside Verona is home for three nights. Staff greets guests with a wine reception and family-style dinner.

D A Y T E N : Your rail transfer will leave Bolzano and travel to Trieste in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Check into your hotel for the evening, explore the area and enjoy a caf while people watching.

D A Y F I V E : Verona is a splendid, romantic, yet gothic

city that includes La Casa di Romeo and La Casa di Giulietta, the homes of Romeo and Juliette.

D A Y E L E V E N : The Fuiulian Wine Estates are the

focus for today with choices that include Abbazia Di Rosazzo, Steverjan, Ronchi Di Cialla and Vigne Dal Leon. Once again, each wine will be paired with local cuisine and dishes. This evening you will have a farewell wine tasting and dinner at Jermann winery. In the morning you will transfer to Venice for your flight home.

D A Y S I X : Today is all about the wines of Veneto with

choices including wine estates like Tedeschi and Romano Dal Forno. The private wine tour also includes a pairing with fresh, local regional foods. The family-owned winery of Speri will be awaiting your arrival for a wine-makers dinner paired with their best wines.

Other Excursions & Extensions

D A Y S E V E N : Head to the pristine, Northern Italian

alpine valleys of Trentino-Alto Adige, with its lush carpets of grapevines. On your way to Trentino, you will have a private tour and tasting at vineyards like Foradori and Cesconi.

Climb in the Dolomites, Travel during Fall Crush / Festival Season, Enjoy a Historical Tour rich in regional culture, Extend to the coastal communities of Carrara, Viareggio and Torre Del Lago Puccini in Tuscany.

Property, location, style, size and amenities chosen based on client specifications.

D A Y E I G H T : Trento is an amazing village, including Fontana del Nuttuno (Neptunes Fountain), the most beautiful fountain in Europe. Enjoy lunch at a quaint outdoor caf before an afternoon of shopping. Conclude the day with a personal chef and sommelier for a cooking class. The theme is mushrooms!

This suggested itinerary is based on two people traveling together. A single supplement fee will apply. Cost of itinerary is priced based on dates of travel.


Restaurants and meals listed above are recommendations only. Wine Tours of the World handles reservations at top restaurants, small intimate bistros and gourmet dinners at vineyards. Exact meal inclusions and dining reservations will be specified at time of booking based on final trip itinerary.


The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.
[ G K C H E S T E RT O N ]