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Yarn Forma

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Textile Yarn

Types: Details o
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20’s... techn to identify substa textile yarn.. 30’s. 100’s. The polymeric melt is then transported.. 38’s. wool and silk. bulked/hig bulked yarns and ● Textile Yarn size/substanc How to find out th sizes and popula YARN The thickness of yarn is measured as yarn sizes. Likewise 30’s yarn is thicker than 34’s.textileschool.. to the spinneret. ● Constructio Textile Yarn: Y construction bein classified into sim conventional yarn complex/novelty y metallic yarns.Yarn formation methods were originally developed for spinning of natural fibres including cotton. etc. under pressure. ● Thread Counts. their melting temperature is exceeded. te yarns. 40’s. 80’s. 10’s. Yarns are made in different counts like 2’s. structure and properties of the thermoplastic polymer. 25’s. 20’s counts yarn is thicker than 24’s yarn. 16’s. 36’s. linen.Yarn Formation/Spinning Yarn Formation/ Spinning The Fibre formation process includes change in shape.S. Pim cotton. 60’s. 34’s. U. 4’s. We can consider Numbering System: Thread usually made up several single str twisted or plied like this. http://www. 24’s. cotto Asian. The polymer pellets or granules are fed into an extruder where. The numbering system threads has two p . 0’s counts are cotton fiber.com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation. through heating.aspx (2 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] together. Previous Topic » Yarn Spinning Next Topic » Yarn Formation Systems types of yarn suc spun yarn and fila yarn also differen of cotton such as island cotton.

33 mio to processed in sho staple spinning. Bi- component spinn constituent s. a special process is being done. processes such a spinning. Because of the same longer length of fibers. We can see. the higher the counts. Price of 30’s yarn is lesser than 34’s yarn.Yarn Formation/Spinning So when the yarn counts are increasing. the http://www. There are 2 qualities of yarn.5 inches. We must know. higher the counts. The cotton fibers are in different lengths from 0. the thickness becomes lesser. Price of 20’s yarn is lesser than 24’s. Dry spin Melt spinning. For this purpose. one related to the ● Filament Ya Spinning: For transforming filam fibres to yarns inv Yarn prices based on the thickness. Also the short fibers are increasing hairiness whereas the long fibers are decreasing hairiness in yarns..aspx (3 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] Arrangeme and Schemti Ring Spinning . These long fibers give more evenness approx. the fibers with more length are considered to be better..textileschool.. T part of the spinnin industry therefore great . the lesser the thickness.com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation. the short length fibers are to be eliminated from The Ring Spinnin the most widely u form of spinning machine due to significant advant in comparison wit new spinning the long length fibers. ● Staple Yarn Spinning: The part of staple fibre Combed is superior quality. This processes. According to the technical parameters.25 inches to 2. ● Ring Spinni and more strength for yarns. Combed and Carded.. higher the prices. Hence in order to get uniformity in fiber lengths. The ri ● process is called ‘Combing’.

. Carded yarn is inferior in quality. the carded yarn will be made of the fibers in different lengths. http://www. It is flexible and . Because of this extra process. So th Yarn Formation is converted into shape of cone wh prepared . the fabric will have very even look. the quality yarns it ● Ring Spinni Pros and Con The ring spinning system is the olde spinning system t remains dominan because of the hi fabric made with carded yarns will have produces.. It is used to specified.Textile Fibres. The building block of the textile industry . processing. ● Textile Yarns Yarns are continuous strands of fibers that can be woven or . Textile ....com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation..textileschool. Hence the yarn strength will be lesser than combed yarn. ● Categories Textile Textile is a type of material composed of natural or synthet.aspx (4 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] here . .And also th objective of windi Yarn is continous strand which is made up of filaments or fibers.An introduction more unevenness.. Ring s has various ...... Success fact Ring Spinning ● Process of R Spinning: .. Winding: Th which is prepared ring frame is not suitable for furthe Fiber Fiber is a hair-like strand of material. Textile Yarns Winding Calculation a objective: Ho do the winding calcutaions is des Spinning Yarn spinning is the process of manufacturing yarn from diff.Yarn Formation/Spinning yarn will be very even with lesser ● Problems a hairiness..... Also Combed yarn quality is superior to Carded yarn. Also carded yarn will have more hairiness and due to this. Hence after knitting or weaving. the Combed yarn price is higher than Carded yarn. As the above said ‘combing’ process is not being done.

synthetic spinning systems for texturized and untexturized cut staple were developed as modifications of existing staple systems... tra.textileschool. Embroidery . Pr widers.aspx (5 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] Functions: Blo Blending: IT is meant as the intermingling of different kinds of fibers room is the startin the spinning oper where the fibre is .... Lingerie assessment. the various faults Textile Finishing Textile Finishing is any operation (other than preparation a... Knitting Knitting is a method by which thread or yarn may be turned i. Fabric Formation make fabric/textiles of different kinds. linen.. whereas spinning systems for texturized and untexturized filament were developed separately.Yarn Formation/Spinning Yarn Spinning Fabrics The major methods for fabric manufacture are weaving and kni.com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation. Cau end breakage/ en down. ● characteristics of the fibers and processing factors needed differed from fiber to fiber.. Technical Textiles http://www..machine embroidery are discussed he They can be clas on the basis of .. ● Types of Winding: Basic Yarn formation methods were originally developed for spinning of natural fibers including cotton. used prim for filament yarn..g. Knitting Winding Machines an Faults: Different of winding machin Embroidery Embroidery is the art or handicraft of making or decorating . USA Pima grade2.. Since the overall physical there are two type winding machines precision winders Weaving The weaving is a process of formation of fabric with interla..... separate processing systems were developed. CIS governing Optimu Spinning conditio Yarn quality Lingerie Lingerie industry has been growing prosperously and the d. wool and silk... As synthetic fibers were introduced.. Fabric Weaving drum winders.. ● Blow Room Technical Textiles Technical textile are textile products manufactured for non-. Textile Finishing winding are spec ● Optimum Spinning Apparel Textile products used for clothing is broadly termed as Appa.. Apparel/Garments condition: Fac Mixing and Blending Mixing: It is generally meant as the intermingling of different classes of fibers of the same grade e.

. Dispatch clumps of fibre an Garment price and quality based on many things like GSM. http://www. But GSM is the most important thing to be decided when confirming the prices between the sellers and buyers.. prints.. Eco Textiles or different grade of same fibers e. cleaned. It means 100cm x 100cm = 10. cms.. Fashion ● Economy Processing performance Functional properties ● Objectives ● blow room: objectives.g. main a of carding machin Useful sliver hank different counts a GSM is the weight of 1mtr x 1mtr fabric. colours.textileschool. opened. action ConversionFormulas Interactive. micro dus removed and eve Objectives of missing or blending thus passed to ca m.... Viscose & cotton. but it is. ● Costing Costing is the system of computing cost of production or of . finishing. fabric quality. Count Conversion Calculators and Formulas blow room. Costing Functions o Carding: Card a mechanical pro that breaks up loc and unorganised Dispatch Dispatching is the process of delivering the products to the. etc.. aligns the individu fibres so that they more or le.. ● Fashion Fashion is not defined solely by clothing choices. wasta Grams per Square Metre (GSM) GSM is the short form of Grams per Square Metre. It can be found out by any one of the below ways. table style conversion calculator to determine ...com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation. GSM is the very most important thing which defines the weight of the fabrics of knit garments.. mixed . polyester & cotton.. ● style.aspx (6 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] wastage in cardin ● Draw frame Functions: Ca Slivers are fed int Draw-Frame and . and faults in blow types of beater in room. Objectives carding: Objec of carding.. embroidery.Yarn Formation/Spinning Eco Textiles The textile industry is considered as the most ecologically ..000 sq..

. And we will have to keep the garment for style.. operations involved in speed frame. ● Roving: The of roving frame is that comes from d ● By the weight of 10cm x 10cm fabric bit multiplied by 100. The bigger size of fabric bit is better used to get exact or closer GSM.. Combers Noel. making and other references. ● Speed fram Objectives of spe frame. ● ● By the weight of 50cm x 50cm fabric bit multiplied by 4. are fed to form a 20 inches wide condensed with a draft and weighin If we have fabrics.. then we don’t have any problem in finding GSM. In roving s We must be aware that if we use the smaller size bit..textileschool.. and made in to a sliver. But most of the times. Combing: Necessity of com objectives of com ● By the weight of 25cm x 25cm fabric bit multiplied by 16.com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation. So we will be allowed to cut a small bit from the http://www. as we can cut any dimension to find GSM. we will have only the garments to find GSM.Yarn Formation/Spinning stretched/Straigh ● By the weight of 100cm x 100cm fabric bit.. reduce the linear frame section wh only parallel of co sliver. Also fibre blending can be d this stag.. ● Open-End . Th machine run s. accurate GSM can not be achieved. ● Lap Former Process: In Lap former machine.aspx (7 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] per set length.

the fabric will be cut into a small bit. the fabric has to be cut very sharply to get the exact GSM. functioning of roto spinning . a nonwoven format Composites .. ● Twist Inserti There are various commonly used popular Yarn Formation Systems .aspx (8 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] Next Topic » Yarn Formation Systems opportunity to pro yarn at relatively production rate.. ● Air Jet Spin Air jet spinning ha offered yarn manufacturers th « Previous Topic Yarn Spinning Yarn spinning is the process of manufacturing yarn from different types of fibres into a continuous length from one or more type of fibers.textileschool. tufting. Hence nowadays.Yarn Formation/Spinning Spinning: The garments. As this bit is very small and as the weight has to be multiplied by 100. The major goals of spinning is to http://www. ● Substrate Formation: Te substrates are for from yarns or fibr by several techni including weaving knitting. predominate.staple. With the help of this round cutter..Yarn spin according to the r spinning principle Then the GSM of the fabric can be found out by multiplying the weight of this round bit by 100.. Some of them are Cotton woollen or worsted. U other spinning me in w. This round bit is to be weighed in an electronic scale with milligram accuracy..com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation. This system is used worldwide.machin presented at the in 1967. round cutters are used.. Hence the blades of this round cutter are to be sharp and new to get the exact GSM. Spinning is the most important and the initial step in fabric manufacturing. Filament yarn and Different Spinning Techniques: T new spinning sys clearly avoid the .

. grindle or twisted. Fiber maturity. has c or not.. wa absorbent .textileschool. Micronnaire and maturity.No. Rotor.Yarn Formation/Spinning produce the quality yarn from raw material. Air Jet. Friction etc. Each k fibre . has luster soft/hard.dyed. http://www. limitations produc the twist insertion mechanism. the most commonly forms of spinning are: Ring.aspx (9 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] . then remove the process faults followed by winding the short length bobbins on Cones. yarns are discussed in this page. formation systems.. Also some of the common types of yarns like mercerdised ..com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation. There are different types of spinning.of tests critical difference various fiber properties. It is possible to increa twist insertion rat ● Characteris of Textile and fabric: Blended yarn characteristics of blended yarns lik shrinks or not. ● Textile knit production: T knot yarn product Faults and remed Uniformity ratio... ● Sampling o Bales of Cott (Bulk Sample Sampling proced bales.

com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation.com http://www. in Association with Ganitrus.aspx (10 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] .com .Com | Contact Us (c) Copyright 2010 by TextileSchool.Yarn Formation/Spinning Home | Terms Of Use | Privacy Statement | About TextileSchool.textileschool.com | Texociation.

aspx (11 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] .textileschool.com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation.Yarn Formation/Spinning http://www.

aspx (12 of 12) [6/10/2012 11:17:18 PM] .com/School/Spinning/YarnFormation.textileschool.Yarn Formation/Spinning http://www.

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