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DON’T BLUNT THE SPEAR AIMED AT DCFS What would happen if you threw a very sharp spear weighing

several pounds at a man’s heart? I think you will agree that it would penetrate his heart and almost certainly kill him immediately. Now what would happen if you took the same spear and fashioned the spear point into round surface a foot in diameter? That same spear would do little or no damage. For a point of us their good while, I have been concerned about what many are doing to the spear aimed at DCFS. This is an attempt to explain in a commonsense way how many who are working for the same cause of protecting families and seeing that rights are secured, have very effectively hurt that cause.

In fact, I have said that Satan the Devil, who is most certainly forwarding the deception, could not have come up with a better way to thwart that cause. If someone were to approach you and tell you that some one you loved did something illegal and showed you indisputable facts. Most Americans would more or less reluctantly be useful in the prosecution of even a loved one. But if that accuser brought up a lot of other things to proffer his argument against your loved one and you knew logically and factually that those things could not likely be true, all of a sudden, you would become an enemy to the accuser. Likewise, when the many groups of advocates for families and children have amongst them people who blame the government and various officials of many different conspiracies, they blunt the spear and make enemies where there need not be any. Examples: You write the President or another entity about your case and in the same letter you or an organization to which you refers; accuse him of corruption of some sort. Right now, some of the popular ones include: 1. The Us Government sponsored 911 2. The Vice President is a war criminal 3. Most government officials are getting paid to take the children 4. We are getting rid of the dollar for the Amero 5. Jews are behind all evils

Now understand this, even if every one of those things above were true, when it comes to removing the insidiousness in the Child protection arena, a mixed advocacy of these along with the message against DCFS ONLY serves to defeat us and make enemies unnecessarily. The first thought from those that could be of help will be that they will be dealing with nut cases. This is and will continue to be true for the same reason that you would turn against the investigators accusing your loved one, in the example above. You only successfully blunt the spear so that it cannot penetrate. This is one of the reasons that most of these dispared groups cannot work together.

I know that I refused to be associated publicly with many. WHAT A BLUNTED SPEAR CANNOT DO It takes extraordinary discipline to nearly all minds and leave off other family who has seen this evil happen makes me want to knock holes through through it. stick just to that which is provable to things. This is particularly true for a to their child. Yes, it is pure evil that walls when I interact with families suffering

On the other hand, just listening to the talking heads on TV should convince the logical mind that most are true believers in the System and the inclination is only to give it more strength, “for the sake of the Children.” The choices in the minds of most Americans are: Believe this organization set there by their representatives, which seems have nothing against any individual. An organization of supposed professionals associated with professional. Or to believe an accused child abuser when they say nothing bad happened. Add to that the individuals seems to be conspiracy theorists and pathologically so. NO ONE will wants to even talk to you. When a person has seen this injustice, it makes them more likely to believe that all of government and it's officials are currupt. It is not the case. It will do you not good. You only multiply your enemies. THE SHARPENED POINT OF THE SPEAR Americans truly believes in the principles on which this country was founded 1. One of things the very learned founders of our country understood from history was that you cannot trust people in authority to always do right, so they sought for a set of balances and competing interests in different branches of government. Their thought was that Rights come from God and Governments were established only to help secure those rights. (A) Therefore a person was innocent until enough evidence showed to their neighbors that they were most likely guilty. (B) If the accuser is also the Judge, you cannot win (C) Having a jury of your peers is further protection because the judge is still goverment, even if from another branch. 2. The truth be told, we have set up a system where DCFS is the default Judge.

(A) The Judge counts on DCFS as the finder of fact. Most parents have run into this. Nothing they say and no facts that they show matters if DCFS challenges their statements or documented evidence. So, in effect they are accuser, Judge and jury, effectively ridding the system of the protections set forth by the founding fathers. Their so-called facts are generally the end all for Representatives and reporters alike. When you complain, they ask the Foxes tearing up the chickens, if they are doing wrong and then accept their answer. They will have a great lying answer. None of these professionals will risk being on the side of a potential child

abuser. We could act these things out in our protests. We could compare this way to what would happen in civil lawsuits where the Judge is a partner with the person suing. This is power no government entity should have. There is almost NO ONE who cannot understand these points. A sharp edge it truly has along with the support of 99% of Americans. 3. Secrecy: The founders knew what was done during the inquisition. In fact that strange evil done in the name of religion along with that controlling mentality was one of the reasons so many people came to America. During the inquisition, you could be accused or only said to be by someone that you would never know and who would never have the guts to accuse you to your face. Worst case scenarios from this would be faked evidence that you had NO WAY to prove was false. Child Protective Services are proven Liars. There is documentation proving that they have even said a neighbor said something that later the neighbor said under oath, they didn’t say. No matter dcfs’ statement stands without admonishment in most cases. There are many documented cases of falsified documentation and even threats to parents and others presenting this documentation. All people get this. A mighty fine pointed edge that every official would not want to be caught speaking against, if framed properly. 4. Now tie the above to the money. Not just the money going to DCFS but to a Child protection industry. All through History men have understood that the person setting as Judge CANNOT be trusted to have a vested interest in a certain outcome when they sit in judgment, yet the Default Judge in child protection cases (DCFS) has all sorts of monetary interest. In his book “Warning: The Truth about Child Protective Services and The Staggering Impact on Society”, my friend Don Lyons, documents 5 different ways they can get paid. Also Many Judges’ retirement is tied to the number of cases where DCFS is deemed to be benefactor for the children or they actually sit on boards for the operators of Foster homes. This money also eventually ends up into the hands of your appointed attorney, your child’s attorney (ad litem) Casa workers, Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, Foster care entities, case workers, Drug Companies and State coffers. Any attempts to lessen the corrupting effects of these monies will bring the wrath of all these so-called professionals down on your head and the head of Representatives and attorneys, so let’s stick to those things that allows the point to stay sharp and un-blunted. We should argue to keep the money and turn it to Title IV moneys that pay more to keep kids and families together. In the spring of 2008 the Supreme Court issued guidelines for Judges in which it states that no judge should have a vested interest in any outcome of any cases, directly or indirectly, in which they personally benefit. This is a Sharpened point that also EVERYONE understands and supports. Almost

anyone would fear to speak against reform of this sort if presented correctly. In Conclusion Let’s argue that process is not important if is does not dispense justice. Many appeals are turned down because the normalized crooked process has been carried out. Parents find out too late that a superior court won’t even care to look into it. Let’s Act these very sharp points out in front of people. Let’s write about these points to our Senators, Representatives and news reporters and papers, organizations and Churches. These things cannot be successfully argued against. Neither would any one want to. So the next step would be by everyone, not if, but change it now to the original wise intent of the founders so our families can rest in the justice of America once again. Americans will believe the saying, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” I know people who have tried it the other way for 30 years and people only thought it was a few bad cases here and there. With these things exposed in their faces with documentation, there will be no hiding place for ignorance and there will be no will to contend against us. Let’s do it! By Bill Sullivan