COMICS 2008 1/6 Martha Arguello, 90 - creator of the comic strip ‘Bobby Sox’ (later ‘Emmy Lou’), 1944-79 - signed

her strip ‘Marty Links’; one of the first female members of the National Cartoonists Society


Gus Arriola, 90, Parkinson’s disease - cartoonist and creator of ‘Gordo’, 1941-1985


Roger Testu, 94 - French cartoonist


John Alvin, 59 - movie poster artist


Steve Gerber, 60, pulmonary fibrosis - comic book writer – The Defenders, Man-Thing, Foolkiller - co-creator of Howard the Duck; waged a long legal battle with Marvel Comics over ownership of the character - animation writer – co-creator of “Thundarr the Barbarian”


Stéphane Peru, 26, heart attack - comic book colorist for Marvel and DC; titles include ‘52’, ‘Incredible Hercules’ and ‘Young X-Men’


Robin Moore, 82 - collaborated with artist Joe Kubert on the ‘Green Berets’ comic strip - wrote the novels “The French Connection” & “The Green Berets” (1966-69)


Steve Whitaker, 53 - colorist; ‘V for Vendetta’


Dave Stevens, 52 - comic book artist/writer; creator of ‘The Rocketeer’ - known for his stunning pin-up art, particularly of Bettie Page


Jim Mooney, 88 - legendary comic book artist whose career spanned the 1940s to the 1990s - best-known for his work on Supergirl and Spider-Man, as well as work with Steve Gerber (see above)


Ollie Johnston, 96 - the last of Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men”, the pioneers of Disney animation - Animator from 1935 to 1981, contributing to all the animated features from ‘Snow White’ to ‘The Fox and the Hound’


John Berkey, 76 - sci-fi/space artist/painter, including early artwork for Star Wars


Ted Key, 95 - cartoonist; creator of ‘Hazel’, a comic strip that ran from 1943-1993, which spun-off a live-action TV show (1961-66) - also created ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’ for “Rocky & Bullwinkle” and wrote the story for four Disney films


Will Elder, 86 - EC Comics artist and one of the original artists for MAD Magazine - Followed MAD co-founder Harvey Kurtzman to his other short-lived humor mags – Help!, Trump and Humbug - Co-writer/artist of ‘Little Annie Fanny”, a cartoon feature for Playboy that ran almost a quarter century


Mel Casson, 87 - Comic strip artist; several strips between 1948-99: ‘Jeff Crockett’, ‘Sparky’, ‘Angel’, ‘Mixed Singles’, ‘Redeye’


Harry Lange, 77 - illustrator and production, known for his work on ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ - also contributed to ‘Dark Crystal’ & the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy


Michael Turner, 37, bone cancer - Artist; drew/co-created ‘Witchblade’ for Top Cow


Created his own series, ‘Fathom’, in 1998 and started his own company, Aspen, in 2002


Michael Silberkleit, 76 - chairman of Archie Comics; son of Archie co-founder Louis Silberkleit; worked at Archie for 60 years


Carlos Meglia, 50, aortic stroke - Argentinian comics artist, working primarily in his native country, then later Spain and in the past two decades for Marvel and DC


Bill Meléndez, 91 - Animator/director; best known for helming the Peanuts cartoon specials and films


Raymond Macherot, 84 - Belgian cartoonist, published in the Spirou and Tintin magazines


Ray Lowry, 64 - English cartoonist, illustrator, and album cover designer


Mark Buck, motorcycle accident - artist; Samurai Penguin


Tom Fagan, 76 - fan whose love of comics led him to create an annual super-hero costumed Halloween parade in Rutland, Vermont - the parade, and Fagan, were the subject of several comics in the ‘70s from Marvel, DC and Charlton


Forrest J. Ackerman, 92 - one of the originators of sci-fi fandom - founder of ‘Famous Monsters of Filmland’ magazine, which he ran from 1958-83


Bettie Page, 85 - 1950s pin-up model who experienced a resurgence of interest after being featured in ‘The Rocketeer’ comic in the mid-1980s - starred in her own comics from Dark Horse


Maddie Blaustein, 48 - formerly Adam Blaustein; comics writer – ‘Static’, ‘Hardware’, ‘Legend of the Shield’ - voice of Meowth on the US version of “Pokémon”


Edd Cartier, 94 - Pulp fiction artist

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