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Issue 4 December 2007

Murari Sevaka Monthly
5 3 2 M U R A R I L N M U L B E R R Y T N 3 7 3 5 9
9 3 1 - 7 5 9 - 6 8 8 8

Q u a r t e r l y F e s t i v a l Y e a r i n r e v i e w
b u d g e t M u r a r i 2 0 0 7 ! ! ! !
October 2007 Dear devotees, it's such a joy ents) and 5. ghee (clarified Radha Raman was also
Income to look back one year and see butter). With special guests present. In the year 2008
Bank Deposit $2690.12 how Murari has come alive. his holiness Hanumat P we hope to hold the first
Checks $1990.12 Yes, we have a long way to swami, Rrtadwaja Maharaja, Murari Rathayatra on this
Cash $700.00 see Srila Prabhupada's vision and Sriman Padmanaba, the same day. Get involved now!
Total income: $2690.12 for his farm come true, but we head priest of Huntsville's
Our fifth festival was Sri
are getting closer . Jaganatha’s temple. If you are
Krishna Janmastami cele-
Expenses fond of homas, mark this one
In the year 2007 six major brated in grand style with an
$2267.54 in your calendar.
festivals were established for abhiseka, homa or fire yagya
Balance $422.58
the pleasure of Sri Sri Nitai Our third festival was Chan- and yulan yatra. We dupli-
Gauracandra. Beginning with dan Yatra on a hot day of cated the festival once again
November 2007
the biggest one, Sri Gau- summer. Here we covered the at the house of Atul Yadhava
rapurnima, where everyone large and chota deities of in Oxford, Mississippi. We
Bank Deposits $2702.58
without any consideration had Nitai Gaurachandra with san- also attended the celebra-
Checks and cash
the opportunity to bath the dalwood paste to cool them tion at Nitai Gaurasundar
large Deity of Sri Caitanya down. For the first time in and Matsya's house in Mur-
Previous balance $422.58
Mahaprabhu, the most merci- Murari, the small festival dei- freesboro.
Total income $2702.58
ful of Lord Krishna's incarna- ties were taken out in proces-
And we concluded the festi-
tions. In this way, we are es- sion to the pond, Ganga
Expenses vals for 2007 with Sri
tablishing a perpetual tradi- Kunda, followed by the large
$2454.90 Govardhana Puja. Our
tion that we hope you, your murti of Srila Prabhupada. All
Balance $247.68 sweetest festival with a rep-
children, grandchildren and of you who came will remem-
lica of Govardhana hill on
long generations to come will ber the unexpected shower of
December 2007 the altar, and another hill
benefit from. white flowers that fell from the
Income made by all the devotees
trees as the abhiseka took
Checks $1143.00 Our second festival was Sri who brought sweet prepara-
place. Our special guests were
Cash $25.00 Narasimha Chaturdasi, high- tions. Sri Govardhana Sila
a bus-load of hare krishna
Previous balance $247.68 lighted by a big homa or fire was honored with a milk
youth, who led the lively kir-
Total income $1415.68 sacrifice in honor of Lord abhiseka and hundreds of
Nrsimha. Along with the sweet offerings. The pro-
Expenses chanting of powerful mantras The fourth festival on July 15 gram concluded with the
$1457.63 a Sri Nrsimha Gayatri mantra, the initiation ceremony of two offering of lamps to Sri
Balance $-41.95 and matras to Ugra Narsimha. of our members, Dr. Vishnu Damonara during the auspi-
And ajuti offerings of 1. charu caran Das and Revati DD. His cious month of Kartika. All
Note: income and expenses (thick sweet rice) 2. dry fruits holiness Radha Govinda Ma- these festivals had a multi
for December is are esti- 3. nuts 4. samagri (spices haraja presided over the ini- course prasadam feast en-
mate. roots and other dry ingredi- tiation ceremony. his brother joyed by everyone.

5 3 2 M U R A R I L N Murari sevaka farm established in 1976 by the founder
M U L B E R R Y T N 3 7 3 5 9 acarya HDG, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada,
9 3 1 - 7 5 9 - 6 8 8 8
who naming the presiding deities, Sri Sri Nitai Gau-
532 Murari Ln.
Mulberry, TN 37359 rachandra.

Please send donations to:
P.O. Box 108 The current temple president Gayatri Das and Yoga Rupini
Lynchburg, TN 37352
DD are working together to develop the vision of a Holistic
Phone: 931-759-6888 Spa Retreat Center. The future development to include
vedic and interfaith cultural dialoguing and discussions
Simple living, high thinking.
designed to create harmony and health.
O t h e r n o t a b l e S u p p o r t e r s W o r k g o i n g
i t e m s f r o m o f m u r a r i o n a t m u r a r i
m u r a r i i n 0 7 i n 0 7
For the next three months there will be
First prize in the Memphis Indian fair for the best a sound of power tools all around Mu-
We want to thank the following
booth, with an attendance of 8000 people. devotees who supported Murari rari. There are various projects that
New devotee families coming from Huntsville, AL , Sevaka throughout the year and we will start in the coming days and
Nashville, TN, Oxford, MS, Atlanta, GA, and from the encourage all of you to follow their weeks. Most notably, thanks to John
towns surrounding Murari Sevaka. example, this coming year, 2008. and Christina, we will be enclosing the
A new website and newsletter established by Rob Balavanta Das Ogle temple building which has been
and Christie Vogel.. Gayatri Das needed for a long time. Another thing
A continuous flow of guests visiting the farm with a Yogarupini DD that has been needed for long time is
record of 13 guests in one day on November 30 (a Nitaig. Das and Matsya DD Singh the renovation of the bathrooms to be
record for the cold season). Rama Caran Das completed. That too is in the works for
A membership program, which has given murari Kiran and Darshana Desai the coming weeks. There are also two
financial stability, with more than 20 monthly do- Visnu caran das and Revati DD
cabins being renovated thanks to Bala-
nors. Vijaya Visnu Das and Lalita DD
vanta das. These three things are in
Murari has also recieved many donations, like a Rajendra Das and kalpana DD
major need to be finished and I have
speaker system from Jagendra Patel. A farm truck Gadhahar Das and Syama Kisori
set a hard target date for (start your
from Gayatri Das. A new computer from Rama Ca- DD
ran. A rose garden from Balavanta Das and Yoga prayers now) before the next festival in
Gameshyan and Rani Heda
Rupini. A greenhouse from Balavanta Das. Six new March. There are also some much
Jyoti Chandida Mani
deity outfits, sponsored by Satyabama DD, Dama- needed repairs around the temple that
Girish and Anuradha Bhika
yanti DD, Gandharvika DD, Dharmaraja Das, will also be completed by then. They
Kurt Mussert
Mrnalini Dixit, and Yogarupini DD. Gayatri Das are attainable goals but we could use
John and Christina
funded a new underground electric and water sup- Rob and Christie any help you can give. If you are good
ply line to the cabins and Sikhi prabhu provided the Sharda and Nina Dixit with tools, have electrical experience,
labor. Gayendra Patel also paid for the fixing of the Atul Yadav Aboli can finish drywall, paint or just have a
interior of two of the cabins. Sikhi strong back, please call the temple or
We end the year with a donation of $25,000 from Terri email me at webma-
John and Christina to fix the bathrooms, and en- The Devoties from Jaganath Temple Any help you
close the new building. But more of these in the next in Huntsville can provide will be greatly appreciated.
issue. Devoties from Oxford Miss.

w w w . i s k c o n m u r a r i . c o m
The website project is growing immensely. Now the webmaster, Robert, has an assistant, Christina, to help with the everyday
running of the website. We have many new and exciting things planed for the website and things that are already in place. We
have a forums page not unlike other out there. With it we can communicate together while not at Murari. We are also working on
getting news feeds from other website so that we can make it easier to find out what is going on in the world. 2007 was the start
of the site and the future looks even better.