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Application of Mass Communication Theories in Anna Hazare Movement 75
By Sulabha

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Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal Bill
Large scale corruption in 2010 Commonwealth Games followed by 2G scam had left a bitter taste in every Indian. Things looked gloomy. To add to the misery, the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and his men looked utterly helpless and lost. At this crucial juncture, Anna Hazare, a dhoti clad Gandhian made a grand entry pumping infinite hopes into the sinking hearts of the Indian public. As far as the media was concerned, this was a 'God- sent' opportunity to assuage the broken sentiments of the Indian public. Indeed, just when every Indian had begun to feel proud of the advancements in IT and other areas, he was rudely awakened by the wide spread corruption in the country. Really, things couldn't have been worse! What is so special about Jan Lokpal Bill? The Bill, if passed, will be special. There had been several attempts in the past to pass the bill. But, those attempts had gone unnoticed. This was the first time that a common man understood the meaning of Lokpal or for that matter Lokpal Bill ! To explain it better, Jan Lokpal bill or anti-corruption Bill is aimed at curbing corruption that is so rampant in the country today. If the bill gets passed, everybody- right from Prime Minister to government official will be answerable to Lokpal (Ombudsman), in matters of integrity. How was Anna Hazare able to create mass interest in the Bill? After a long time there came a man who spoke the language of the common man. He also understood the agony of a common man. Thus, what he spoke made an impact on the minds of the people. Did media play a role here? Very much! In fact, the success of the movement can be explained by means of 2 Mass Communication Theories—Agenda Setting & Diffusion Of Innovations. What does Agenda Setting Theory say? Agenda Setting Theory--Agenda Setting Theory is a famous Mass Communication theory that Prof. Maxwell McCombs & Prof. Donald Shaw arrived at, in the 1972 U.S.presidential elections. According to the theory, it is the media that sets the agenda for what people should think about. This finding was based on the research that 'public give a lot of importance to the issues which are given big coverage by the mass media'.This is exactly what happened in the recent Anna Hazare movement. The hunger strike was discussed with great enthusiasm by various TV channels, radio and every national, regional and local newspaper. This resulted in everybody talking about the movement. Indeed, It was interesting to watch bus conductors, vegetable vendors and others, bringing 'Anna Hazare' name in their day to day conversation. Further, with honest cop like Kiran Bedi supporting the cause, there was no question of doubting the movement. The outcome of this reaction was that the media did not dare to divert the attention of the audience to other stories. This besides, with every medium monitoring its competitor in terms of issue coverage, Intra-media Agenda Setting also came into picture.

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Comment: 5 6 Post Comment ¡ ¡ No HTML is allowed in comments. presented this finding in the form of a multi-step flow model in 1983. If the elite were talking about Page 2 / 3 . No wonder. Submit a Comment Name: Members and Guests Sign in or sign up and post using a hubpages account.. but URLs will be hyperlinked Comments are not for promoting your Hubs or other sites about us blog advertise faq link to this page copyright Copyright © 2012 HubPages Inc. http://sulabha. How did you find this article? j k l m n Informative j k l m n interesting Vote See results without voting vote up Was this Hub . His initiative really deserves appreciation. with a message of “Get well soon”! Truly an great happening! The noteworthy part is that Anna Movement has a noble objective behind it. housewives and every person in India. an idea or message travels through interpersonal contacts or various media & social networks. Such a frenzy was noticed at the time of release of a Bollywood movie ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. spreads across horizontally and vertically in the contemporary communities and societies. Everett Rogers. If that was not enough. and respective owners. Nations like the US and UK were astonished to see a bloodless movement shaking up a country from its deep slumber. that a Pakistani businessman Jahangeer Akhtar declared that he would go on hunger strike as a fight against ‘endemic corruption' in his country.hubpages. And he was definitely able to spread hope with his movement. the application of Mass Communication Theories to Anna Hazare movement seem meaningful and interesting.. influenced by the concept of ‘Gandhigiri’ some people took to sending flowers to corrupt men... In India itself. 8 months ago Interesting article. As per this theory or model. The effect percolated to neighboring countries as well. So much so.? vote down useful (1) funny share awesome print beautiful flag interesting (1) Comments Go to last comment anusha15  Level 3 Commenter loading. later. the Anna Hazare movement spread vertically and horizontally to all sections of the society. sometimes causing changes that otherwise would not occur. All rights reserved. the crusade succeeded in getting the attention of the outside world too.What does Diffusion of Innovations Theory or Model say? Diffusion of Innovations Theory first appeared as a 2-step flow model which said that an individual receives information and passes it along to others. At that time. so were the bus conductors and small shop owners as also students. Page 3 / 3 .terms of use privacy policy (0.13 sec) HubPages Business http://sulabha.