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Scheme of Work - Year 7

Programme: Programme Music Subject Focus: Performance and Composition of Programme Music. Understanding of different musical styles. End Date: Monday 11th May 2012 Level of Learning: KS3 Teacher: Lisa Browning

Start Date: Monday 21st May 2012

Day and Time: Mon P4, Tues P3, Weds P3.

Venue: Bay House School Music Department

Aims: To learn a number of Programme Music genre pieces on a range of instruments and be able to perform these to the rest of the group. To understand the meaning of thematic writing and how to write a melody in accordance to the genre. To be able to peer assess others work and give feedback on how they could improve their work.

Learning Goals: To further the knowledge of Programme Music and the purpose of its composition. To build on performance skills and be able to include a range performance techniques.

Learning Resources Needed to Deliver this Programme: White Board, CD Player, Keyboards, Hand-outs, Register, PowerPoint presentation, Musical examples (audio equipment for this).

Assessment Methods for this Programme Include: Filling out hand-outs, demonstration, notation, question and answer, observation, formative monitoring of keyboard work, final composition assessment.

Week Number

Lesson Times Mon P4, Tues P3, Weds P3.

Topic Introduction to Programme Music: Hall of the Mountain King melody line.

Aims & Objectives

To understand the concepts of Programme music. To be able to play and discuss the key features of Hall of the Mountain King melody line.

Activity/ Learning Strategies

Demonstrating the understanding of where the notes are positioned for the melody. Fast pace explanation of how to play the melody get pupils of keyboards ASAP. Question and answer about what Programme music is? Observation of students understanding of the bass after teacher models this. Assessment of performances at the end of the lesson; peer and teacher. Monitoring of keyboard work whilst learning bass part. Push G&T pupils to put the 2 parts together. Class discussion about musical examples. Prompts on PP slide.

Resources White Board/ Register/ Keyboards/ Handouts/ PP presentation

Mon P4, Tues P3, Weds P3.

Hall of the Mountain King Bass part

To be able to perform the bass accompaniment part to Hall of the Mountain King To understand the assessment criteria and use this to peer-assess the performances of the Hall of the Mountain King. To be able to combine both the tune and bass part in pairs on the keyboards.

White Board/ Register/ Keyboards/ Handouts/ PP presentation

Mon P4, Tues P3, Weds P3.

Thematic Music: Vivaldi and The Sorcerers Apprentice. Compose a theme for a scene

To be able to analyse musical examples of programme music and be able to pick out key features of the tonality, tempo and instrumentation. To be able to compose a

White Board/ Register/ Keyboards/ HandChecklist for compositions outs/ PP presentation

provided as well as the notes given to use. G&T pupils to use a whole

main melody that matches a scene.

Mon P4, Tues P3, Weds P3.

Adding accompaniment

To be able to add an accompaniment to your main theme. To be able to put the two parts together. To begin thinking about adding dynamics or tempo changes according to your scene.

tone scale. Pupils write down their ideas on a piece of paper for next lesson. Give out paper from last lesson with notes on. Talk about accompaniment and the types that can be used e.g. bass line, drone, chromatic, chords? Listen to Fantasia piece and discuss accompaniment. Assessment criteria/questions projected on board. Promote positive feedback as well as improving points. Give levels at end of lesson.

White Board/ Register/ Keyboards/ Handouts/ PP presentation

Mon P4, Tues P3, Weds P3.

Performances and assessment of Compositions

To be able to peer-assess performances by the end of the lesson. To play your entire composition to the rest of the class and give feedback to others.

White Board/ Register/ Keyboards/ Handouts/ PP presentation