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APRIL 2012

Methylation and Memory Formation
Contributed by David L. Molfese, Ph.D.
The methylation of DNA and histones is a dynamic process catalyzed by a family of enzymes called DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs). In vertebrates, 60-90% of cytosine-phosphate-guanine (CpG) DNA sites are methylated (1), indicating the importance of this mechanism to the cell. DNA methylation plays a major role in the regulation of gene expression by silencing genes through conversion of cytosine to 5-methylcytosine (2, 3). This conversion interferes with RNA polymerase initiation (4). The methylation of DNA and histone proteins has (Max Planck Institute for Information) been implicated in learning and memory, addiction, and depression. For example, in the hippocampus, DNA methylation is dynamically regulated during contextual fear conditioning in rats and mice, where blocking DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) inhibits memory formation (5). Additionally, DNA methylation plays a role in synaptic plasticity. In field electrophysiology experiments, blocking DNMTs with Zebularine or 5-aza-2deoxycytidine impairs induction of long-term potentiation at Schaffer collateral synapses (6).
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Christoph Bock

Pre-qualified Antibodies for PLA®
The Proximity Ligation Assay (PLA ), which uses antibodies conjugated to oligonucleotides, allows visualization of proteins or protein interactions in cells or tissues. The assay is very robust, but is reliant on the availability of high quality antibodies. Bethyl is working to qualify our antibodies for PLA®, with new pairs released every month. Shown below are examples of the results you can obtain when choosing to use our antibodies for performing PLA® in cell-based assays.

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Stay up-to-date with current industry information by reading this month’s featured article. Combinatorial patterning of chromatin regulators uncovered by genome-wide location analysis in human cells. Oren Ram, Alon Goren, Ido Amit, Noam Shoresh, Nir Yosef, Jason Ernst, Manolis Kellis, Melissa Gymrek, Robbyn Issner, Michael Coyne, Timothy Durham, Xiaolan Zhang, Julie Donaghey, Charles B. Epstein, Aviv Regev, Bradley E. Bernstein
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Pre-qualified Bethyl antibodies to perform the primary-conjugate PLA®

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Primary-conjugate Duolink In Situ PLA®

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Our new Bethyl Laboratories Seal certifies that our antibodies are 100% manufactured and qualified to the highest standards at our sole facility in Texas.

Pre-qualified Bethyl antibodies to perform the secondary-conjugate PLA®

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