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School Pseudonym: Sunnydale High School Demographics: The school currently has an enrollment of 1,320 students with 95 faculty

members. Name/Group: Jenni Borg; Group B Administrative: PolicyBehavioral (Integrated). I chose integrated because my school uses technology appropriately in many parts of the school. For example, we have computer use agreements for students in order to use a machine. Resource/Infrastructure (Intelligent). As I have stated above my school uses a computer use agreement and students and parents have to sign it in order to have permission to log onto a computer at school. The agreement outlines what is expected and what is deemed inappropriate internet/computer use. PlanningBehavioral (Islands). Formal planning takes place, but is isolated to specific projects with some connection to other planning efforts. This statement is what my school consists of. We do a lot of planning, but it only focuses on a few projects. For example, the school was considering buying math teachers software for their classes. It didn’t end up happening because everyone was too focused on that project, and other, more expensive projects came up. Resource/Infrastructure (Islands). This goes hand-in-hand with the above. Too much focus on cost and getting the resources and not enough time spent on what teacher and students will DO with the equipment and how it will help students. BudgetBehavioral (Islands). I think that it is hard sometimes for schools to set a specific budget because things come up through the school year and some projects may need to be put on hold. I do feel like my school does a good job here; sometimes circumstances change planning. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). My school does set aside a budget for technology, but I chose islands because other budgets will never be looked at for technology. That is why some projects are put on hold. Administrative InformationBehavioral (Integrated). Administrative systems are utilized by most of the staff members; some paperless systems are in place. Most of the staff tries to utilize the technology available, but some members still have a hard time with it.

Resources/Infrastructure (Integrated). Administrative systems are available to most of the staff, and as I mentioned most try to utilize it. Curricular: Electronic InformationBehavioral (Islands). At my school students watch old TVs monitors in the morning for the morning news. The students put on the broadcast, but it’s hard to even see because the TVs are so old. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). Resources are beyond basic but lack depth. This is my school. You can see that from what I explained above. AssessmentBehavioral (Islands). Most of the time the only technology used for assessment is when the end of year assessments take place. I know that other teachers use the computers for research papers, etc. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). Traditional assessment measures are utilized in my school. As I explained, the end of year assessments are taken on computers. Curriculum IntegrationBehavioral (Islands). This is based on the teacher. That is why I put it under Islands because I’m not sure what every teacher uses. I know that must teachers are somewhat dependent on technology for curriculum. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). Technology related resources are available for some curricular areas. My school offers DVDs, TV/VCRs, etc. for instructional uses. Teacher UseBehavioral (Islands). Regular use by teachers but not integrated daily. Most of the teacher use technology but it’s not a part of everyday learning. Usually technology is used during a special project. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). Some teachers have access to technology in their work area. This is true of my school. For example, I teach Journalism and I have access to computers for the newspaper creation. Student UseBehavioral (Islands). Students have access to technology but are limited. Students can only access the technology the school offers when the school offers it to them in certain classes. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). Some students have consistent and regular access to technology. For example my Journalism students have access to computers every day.

Support: Stakeholder InvolvementBehavioral (Islands). Many of the groups are aware of the planning and implementation procedure, but few are engaged in the process. In my school many people are aware of what planning is taking place, but are too busy to engage in the process. Which is understandable from a busy teachers point of view. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). Many groups are represented in the planning process. This is very true in my school. Usually one person will represent the teacher, etc. Administrative SupportBehavioral (Islands). The administration at my school tends to have their involvement be at a distance. Again, it has to be a priority to be discussed at length. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). There are little formal times for planning and implementation at my school. This stage would only happen if it was a priority as discussed above. TrainingBehavioral (Islands). Staff members participate in technology training at my school because it is a requirement. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). But, the training is provided by limited personnel. Usually it’s the same company giving a presentation, and they usually want to school to buy something. Technical & Infrastructure SupportBehavioral (Islands). Many staff utilizes formal and informal support. Teachers like to collaborate on projects in my school so they come together on a project. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). Limited formal technical assistance. Again, teachers in my school work together, especially if one needs help on a technical issue another teacher with some experience will help. Connectivity: Local Area NetworkingBehavioral (Islands). Staff and students use available networks often. This is true in my school, but the use is unsophisticated and limited because students only use networks for basic use. For example I have never seen students or staff use the networks available to the fullest capacity. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). High-speed networking is limited to certain computer labs at my school District Area Networking-

Behavioral (Islands). Staff uses district services often, but in very traditional and basic manners. At my school staff only uses district services once in a while when there is a staff meeting. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). This is where my school needs to update. There are limited district-areas through dial-up. I think this is cheaper for them, but the data is limited. However, many staff member do not use this anyway. Internet AccessBehavioral (Integrated). Most staff and students use the internet and use is integrated into the curriculum. In my school the internet is used for basic research which is a part of the curriculum for students. So, yes, students use the internet for that, but it is still limited. Resources/Infrastructure (Integrated). Direct LAN internet access is in some locations, but it is limited. Communication SystemsBehavioral (Islands). E-mail is used often, but has no impact on communication. Again, I would have to say this depends on the teacher, but overall e-mail use is among teachers and not utilized for student success. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). E-mail is available to staff and some students. Students at my school are usually not allowed on personal e-mail. It is against the computer use agreement they sign at the beginning of the year. Innovation: New TechnologiesBehavioral (Islands). New technologies are accepted by many staff members, although opportunities for experimentation are limited. Staff at my school love new technologies, but experimentation is limited because of funds. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). New technologies readily accepted by many staff with little implementation. Again, staff will teach themselves if they get anything new. The staff just wants the technology. Comprehensive TechnologiesBehavioral (Islands). Technology becoming more comprehensive including, A/V, digitizing and scanning. This is true in my school but again it is limited. Only certain classes get to utilize this technology, and you have to sign up for the class. Resources/Infrastructure (Islands). Available technology utilization is limited to one or two types of technology for most staff and students. My school is very limited on the types of technology, but the technology we do have students and staff try to utilize. I gave any example of students broadcasting a morning news show to the school, but it is on old TVs. However, the school is trying!

Final Summary and Placement: I would place my school at Islands on the Technology Maturity Model. What lead me to place my school here was the benchmarks I did. Almost every aspect on the model in my school was under the Island category. My school has some technology but not enough. My school tries to utilize technology, but it is very limited. My school uses e-mail but it is limited to teacher-toteacher, and students do not use e-mail. So, as you can see my school has some of the requirements, but they do not utilize it or it is very limited. That is why I ranked my school at the Islands level.

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