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Toronto Survival In The New Millennium
By Victor Fletcher
Publisher, Journalist, Radio Personality, Activist, Astrologer
these foregoing reports. Beachers would love to be able to celebrate your ongoing celebrity status. After all, your short term as a $70,000 member of the board of directors at East General Hospital might be able to benefit from further deposits in their fertility program. While you were reported to attack their staff with insulting tirades you were simply there to work some favours for yourself weren’t you? Or am I wrong? When I asked you a question last time I saw you host a community meeting you said you’d answer me in a few minutes but then you ran away! I’ve been told that’s what you did at meetings — promise to get back to individuals then duck out! Again, Mr. Jakobek please advise us whether to confirm or deny these reports and conjectures. Beachers are standing by to celebrate your celebrity status. Hidden in the Beaches pocket away from mainstream Toronto there are a number of white collar sleazoids we have observed — an accountant with offices operating in his home — asking $1200.00 for a one-hour service for one. This guy wanted $1200 but we found an honest accountant who performed the same service for only $120. Seems the accountant has political connections and is able to pull down exorbitant fees — then laughs when he is told it is a lot of money for one-hour’s work. Nice to be connected to the Beaches elite able to “earn” money from common citizens. What a farce! I’m told their Olympic pool at the foot of Woodbine was built to block the Scarborough expressway from going through the Beaches. What a blessing that would be— an expressway that was able to let rushhour pressures lessen and ease the Don Valley Parkway. Of course, City planners under the direction of slow-thinking Masonites we can expect more such “protection” wherein all half-way houses are banned from the area and dumped together on the Danforth where the Canadian Tire store was required to build a 12 foot wall for parking lot security. The rest of the street was then threatened with the failure of putting a variety of halfway houses on the same block including the parolee probation reporting office. City planners also changed the by-laws to allow all half-way houses to be crowded together there. It allows the so-called Christian Beachers and their ‘heritage-front’ (nazi) citizens to look down on the homeless, etc. The local churches either fired their supervisors for serving winter meals or had a lawyer attempt to serve an injunction against another one for trying to help someone who isn’t able to function in Toronto.


The Beachers
So, the Beaches’ hero Jakobek is back in the news again. This time, he’s named as a ‘phantom’ developer with the opposite commercial approach that he took as a politician. Seems he uses other names on development documents than his own. Purported ‘heritage’ values that Beachers claim to espouse are once again exposed in order to crash in the light of day. When we visited the last campaign ‘celebration’ that Jakobek put forward on the night he got only 1% of the mayoralty vote a few years ago — it was absolutely disgusting to see the white collar thugs enjoying themselves even though Torontonians gave him a resounding refusal at the polls. His name was associated with the $50 million dollar computer scandal at City Hall during Mayor Lastman’s tenure. Having worked in Toronto’s financial budget bureaucracy for around 20 years he would be able to know strings to put through a huge ripoff of Toronto taxpayers. Whether he actually did is another matter

but he had the contacts and used the city’s former auditor Jack Rabinovich as his campaign’s chief financial officer. The celebration saw him show up on stage with his wife and children. Elsewhere, Frank Magazine reported on his girl friend. But as a hero of the Beachers the huge crowd at his ‘celebration’ was ecstatic. I never saw any reluctance in the part of hundreds who attended to celebrate and enjoy free beer and pizza provided by their fallen hero. I was disgusted to see the many fans of this Beaches character who once told me a direct lie to avoid a follow-up question. I couldn’t be bothered to chase him; his latest ploy is to suggest that he is retired in order to dodge uncomfortable questions. Many individuals have come forward over the years to volunteer their experiences with Jakobek; one n particular, a developer in the east end who told me he paid around $12,000 for a zoning change that he was able to benefit from but questioned why he had to pay anything. \Another one told me that as a youth, Jakobek’s term as a lifeguard saw him drop water on other people and one day falling out of his perch to break his arm. He spent the rest of the summer as a paid lifeguard who sat around with a cast on his arm. Mr. Jakobek — please confirm or deny

Reports of a Russian mob operating in Toronto’s east end are persistent. People are either afraid to report this or else the police tell them they cannot do anything. Only under-cover police operate against them — we hope!

The shoe is on the other foot and the Mexicans from Sonora don't like it Can you believe the nerve of these people? It's almost funny. State of Sonora is angry at Influx of Mexicans into Mexico . Nine state legislators from the Mexican state of Sonora traveled to Tucson to complain about Arizona's new employer crackdown on illegals from Mexico . At a news conference, the legislators said Sonora - Arizona 's southern neighbor, made up of mostly small towns - cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools it will face as illegal Mexican workers here return to their hometowns without jobs or money. The law, which took effect Jan. 1, punishes employers who knowingly hire individuals who don't have valid legal documents to work in the United States Penalties include suspension of, or loss of, their business license. The Mexican legislators are angry because their own citizens are returning to their hometowns, placing a burden on their state government. 'How can they pass a law like this?' asked Mexican Rep. Leticia Amparano-Gamez, who represents Nogales. 'There is not one person living in Sonora who does not have a friend or relative working in Arizona ,' she said, speaking only in Spanish. 'Mexico is not prepared for this, for the tremendous problems it will face as more and more Mexicans working in Arizona and sending money to their families return to hometowns in Sonora without jobs,' she said. 'We are one family, socially and economically,' she said of the people of Sonora and Arizona. Wrong! The United States is a sovereign nation, not a subsidiary of Mexico, and its taxpayers are not responsible for the welfare o f Mexico 's citizens It's time for the Mexican government, and its citizens, to stop parasitically feeding off of the United States and to start taking care of its/their own needs. Too bad all the US states don't pass a law just like Sonora. Maybe that's the answer, since the U.S. Congress will not do anything! Mexican Immigration Laws: 1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools. 2. All ballots will be in this nation's language. 3.. All government business will be conducted in our language. 4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.

City Law Centre
Lawyers & Associates
Practicing Law for Poor People Our Volunteers Make A Difference Free Notarization for the Needy
Mark Dahiya, M.A., LL.B. is a member of Ontario Bar.

Needed are generous donors to help set-up City Law

Centre as a charity to render free legal help to the destitute of Toronto. CLC intends to impart free legal help to street people who are overlooked by the legal profession as they cannot afford lawyers; legal-aid won’t help them as they don’t have an address and bureaucratic papers, etc. On occasion, they commit suicide in the street as a relatively small problem may appear insurmountable to them because of their poverty, health and lack of legal help. CLC ventures to undertake this challenge only through public donations and refuse to accept grants from any level of government except office accommodations. CLC now accepts applications from retired lawyers, professionals, support staff and others ready to help those in genuine need as free volunteers in a legal environment without remuneration. Mr. Gavin MacKenzie, Treasurer, Law Society of Upper Canada has been kind enough to amend By-Laws for Volunteer Lawyers to practice law without paying license

fee to help the needy in their community free at the request of Toronto Street News writer and free lawyer Mark Dahiya. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Donations of furniture, computers, shelving, filing cabinets will be greatly appreciated. Office Accommodation if one can so donate. Contact info on page 4. Thank you. Mark Dahiya, M.A.,LL.B. Volunteer Lawyer

It is time for the public to become involved — these problems can become anyone’s — help now for all Canadians and their futures. It is exceedingly difficult to proceed — write to the mayor to ask for free lawyer’s free office accommodation to help the homeless.

Toronto Street News

Feb. 16-28, Volume 10, #16/2009 / Page 3

Why are Toronto’s financial writers conning you? Cowards all! We’ve warned investors for years as Toronto’s dailies apparently bless the financial frauds in actual progress!! Pimco Says Global Economic Crisis Facing ‘2nd Wave’
By Wes Goodman Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Pacific Investment Management Co., which runs the world’s biggest bond fund, said the global economy faces a “second wave” of turmoil unless governments adopt larger spending plans. “The economic setback is still in its early stages,” Koyo Ozeki, head of Asia-Pacific credit research at Pimco’s, wrote: “Any further decline in housing prices could accelerate the downturn, intensifying the pernicious feedback loop and possibly leading to a second wave in the financial crisis in the next six to 12 months.” The lack of specifics in U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s financial-system rescue plan triggered a 4.9% slide in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, the steepest since President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Advanced economies are in a “depression” that may get worse, Dominique Strauss- Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, said on Feb. 7. Ozeki this month said investors may want to hold off buying Japanese corporate debt until yields rise to reflect the full extent of the slump. Pimco is also avoiding longer-maturity bonds elsewhere in Asia as governments increase spending. Bill Gross, Pimco’s co-chief investment officer, said the Federal Reserve will have to buy Treasuries to curb yields as debt sales increase. ‘Second Wave’ “To overcome that second wave, governments worldwide would have to spend vast quantities,” Ozeki wrote. “The resulting erosion in their finances would increase the risk of dangerous side effects.” The cost of protecting Asia-Pacific bonds from default rose on speculation Geithner’s bank plan won’t be enough to revive the will be bankrupt by this summer. Bloomberg news has calculated that with the new stimulus plan added in, the US government has thrown 9.7 trillion dollars at the problem since September of 2008. That is enough money, the calculate, to give $1430 to every man woman and child on earth or else pay off over 90% of all outstanding US mortgages. Despite this, 19 million US homes are vacant now and the real unemployment rate in the US has reached 18%. The amount world’s largest economy. The Markit iTraxx Asia index of 50 investment-grade borrowers outside Japan increased 10 basis points in Singapore, according to Barclays Capital. Japan’s corporate bond risk climbed to a record. Credit-default swap indexes are benchmarks for protecting bonds against default and traders use them to speculate on changes in credit quality. The swaps pay the buyer face value in exchange for the underlying securities if a borrower fails to adhere to its debt agreements. A basis point, or 0.01 percentage point, is worth $1,000 on a swap protecting $10 million of debt. Toxic Assets Geithner pledged government financing for as much as $2 trillion to spur new lending and address banks’ toxic assets, seeking to end the credit crunch hobbling the economy. He said he is still “exploring a range of different structures” to implement the plan, outlined in Washington yesterday. “The worst cannot be ruled out,” StraussKahn said in Kuala Lumpur, where he was attending a gathering of central bankers from Southeast Asia. “There’s a lot of downside risk.” Investors will demand a greater yield premium to hold longer-dated Asian bonds over short-term securities as the supply of government debt increases, Pimco’s Hodge said in an interview with Bloomberg Television in Kuala Lumpur. ————————————— As we go to press another $8 billion fraud is announced as Stanford Financial principals are raided and charged. Toronto Street News has always warned against large company investments as dangerous, unlike National Post advice.

Benjamin Fulford Update
The discussions on a new financial system have failed The US Treasury Secretary is supposed to announce a plan for the financial system on February 10th. That is the third time the announcement has been delayed. Our sources are telling us discussions about a new financial system have failed and whatever is announced in the US will not be a real solution. If things continue this way the United States

AFP: Zionist militants surround Obama
People in the US and abroad are hoping that President Obama will end America's illegal wars, halt America's support for Israel's massacre of Lebanese and Palestinians, and punish, instead of reward, the banksters whose fraudulent financial instruments have destroyed economies and imposed massive sufferings on people all over the world. If Obama's appointments are an indication, all of these hopeful people are going to be disappointed. James Petras examines Obama's foreign policy appointments and finds the largest collection of zionist militarists outside of Israel. Petras concludes that Obama's "diplomatic" team has Iran in its sights, and hostility that meshes with Israel's own intent. Not realizing that a member of the press had been mistakenly invited to a selected audience, the Israeli ambassador to Australia said that Israel's attack on Gaza was a dress rehearsal for a major attack on Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu, the expected winner of Israel's March elections, has again declared that Israel will not permit

of ships visiting US ports has fallen by over bank computers is not going to change that 17% from the previous month in both Decem- reality. ber and January. Trade with the US and A source connected to the UK royal family Europe is grinding to a halt. insists these people are still planning a genoThe Telegraph reports the latest financial cidal end-game and that this is what these sheplan involves money from “the alternative nanigans are really all about. Clearly nonasset industry,” which we presume the owners enslaved nations of the world will have to uniof the Fed and the BIS (the Rothschilds and laterally declare a new currency to replace the their “family”) are going to “lend” to the dollar and Euro for international transactions American people some of the money they if they are to stop these mad murderers. Also, stole. However since both the US and UK we must not forget that no matter how serious have very little primary, secondary or tertiary the Western economic crisis seems, the fact is industry to speak of, creating extra zeroes on that over 930 million people are now starving. ury Secretary, Larry Summers, is its thor of a phony study that claimed offshoring head. Summers recently declared that he of American jobs is a win-win game for had no inkling that a financial crisis was Americans, as deputy director of the National Iran to have a nuclear energy program as it about to hit. Why did Obama put a person Economic Council. Farrell is affiliated with McKinsey & Company, a firm that helps would provide the basis for developing nu- without a clue in charge? Summers's colleagues are just as bad. American corporations offshore their operaclear weapons. It makes no sense for Israel to baldly state Obama has appointed Diana Farrell, lead au- tions. its intention to attack Iran if Israel does not mean it. What if the Iranians believe the Israelis and decide to strike first with their long-range missiles? Obama's economic appointments are just as discouraging. Obama chose as his treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, the man who helped Bush's treasury secretary, Hank Paulson, engineer the $700 billion dollar rip-off of the U.S. taxpayer, money that was gifted to the crooked banksters who destroyed Americans' pensions, jobs and health care coverage. These banksters, and the negligent federal regulators who enabled them, should be put in prison, not handed hundreds of billions of dollars. Instead, Obama has appointed one of the chief orchestrators of the rip-off to the helm of the Treasury. Obama's National Economic Council is just as depressing. Clinton's Treas-

out of the coma, she opened her eyes and could breathe naturally, but she was unresponsive to speech Researched by Victor The Health Guru and visual stimuli, and appeared to lack all conscious awareness. She was still in this con40% of coma patients in a ‘vegetative state’ may be misdiagnosed, says a new dition four months after falling ill, and was later diagnosed to be in a persistent vegetative report state, or PVS: in other words, persistently unTrapped inside their bodies, apparently aware. But the diagnosis was wrong. switched off to the world, but still alive: they Although Kate could not speak, or hear are the undead. Or so we thought. Forty per properly, or make any kind of signal, or take cent of patients in a ‘vegetative state’ are misin sustenance except through a tube into the diagnosed. Now British scientists are leading stomach, she was sometimes aware of herself the field in trying to put that right and her surroundings. She had a raging thirst By John Cornwell that was not alleviated by the ward staff. She Kate Bainbridge is a lively 37-year-old forwas racked with pain. Sometimes she’d cry mer schoolteacher. We are communicating in out, but the ward staff thought it was just a the conservatory of her parents’ home in south reflex action. Kate suffered so much pain and Cambridge. She has expressive eyes and a despair that she tried to take her own life by broad and ready smile, but she can utter only holding her breath. occasional single words with difficulty. She Then a Cambridge neuroscientist called Dr sits in a wheelchair “speaking” with the aid of Adrian Owen put her in a special kind of a letter-board, using her left forefinger to spell scanner and performed an unprecedented exout words individually. periment. It revealed evidence of fluctuating Ten years ago, Kate went into a deep coma levels of brain activation when she was preand was on a ventilator for several weeks. She sented with pictures of her parents. had suffered severe brain inflammation after contracting a viral infection. When she came (continued page 15) From that point, she


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Jews United Against Zionism

Thomas Jefferson Knew About The Banksters
"I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies! If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, 1st by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." -- Thomas Jefferson 1802 U.S. foreclosures now in millions

Toronto Street News


“Therapy” Why We Need It!
I write and speak a great deal about people needing therapy. Often I get replies like: “I don’t need therapy,” “I don’t trust therapists and shrinks,” “they don’t really understand me,” “all they have learned they have learned out of books,” “they have no real experience,” or “I can’t find one I feel good with.” Lets take a look at these replies: 1. I don’t need therapy! Anyone who has difficulties with any form of control, {self or otherwise} discipline, {weather overly disciplined or not disciplined enough} or destructive attitudes, {self or otherwise}, needs therapy. 2. I don’t trust therapists and shrinks! If we take a real honest look at that statement, we really mean we don’t trust ourselves. If we don’t trust others, then we need to check to see if we trust ourselves. Due to fear, especially in situations where we have not yet as much as met the person or persons we are speaking of, we hold back trust. Many of us don’t understand therapy or why we need it therefore we, being human, fear what we don’t properly understand, thus give no trust. This fear is due to our lack of self-trust. 3. They really won’t understand me! Again we need to see ourselves. We would be accusing someone we don’t even know of not understanding therefore we need to look deeper inside to see if the reality is that we fear our own misunderstanding of ourselves. A good therapist is both open minded and hearted. He or she will understand pain, what it does to our mind, body and soul, and how to heal it. 4. All they have learned they learned out of books, they have no real experience! This has been true in past years. We need to be able to relate and we have found that someone who has only book learning is not capable of relating to us in the ways that are needed. In the past ten years there have been great changes, breakthroughs and growth in this field. More and more people, after dealing with their issues are going on to become certified in many therapies, because we know how important our experiences are to others and

understand that there is far more to what we need then just book learning to get to the real problems at hand. 5. I have not found one I feel good with yet! Unless we are truly committed to healing ourselves, no therapist will ever be good enough to help us. Keep in mind that we don’t feel very good with ourselves, {or we would not be considering a therapist at all} therefore how do we expect to feel good with a therapist we don’t even know. I suggest that we check to see if the therapist we have chosen, has personal experiences with our particular issues, {making sure of both understanding and learning being present}, and give ourselves a few visits before making any decisions as to whether it feels good or not. Therapy does not always feel good. The Good feelings come and grow but at first it’s very painful much of the time. It hurts like hell to face ourselves honestly, and it hurts even more to face the honest truth about others, {especially those we love or hold in high respect}, life the world and reality. Now lets look at what therapy is: 1. Honesty! No wounds {physical, emotional, or spiritual}, will heal properly unless we are completely honest with ourselves and our therapists. It is just as important that our chosen therapist be as honest with us. This honesty is most imperative, no matter how much it hurts. In many parts of our issues the truth sets us free from the emotional pain, which in turn sets us free from both physical and spiritual pains. 2. Making way for and accepting Change! If we have decided to get therapy for our issues then we have chosen a life change. We have made a decision to begin to face and let go of our pains. Many of us are very used to living with this horrid discomfort and not even truly realizing that it is uncomfortable, or should I say, severely painful, until it gets so bad that we end up hospitalized, jailed or in deep depression. 3. Facing our pain! Many of us do not know that we are holding such pain within. Any time we are hurt making child porn and distributing it. Police also identified two child victims. During the investigation, police rescued a four-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl from alleged sexual abuse, OPP said. The investigation involved more than a dozen forces spanning Niagara to Barrie to Kingston. Among the accused is an 18-year-old boy from Welland and a young offender from Mississauga.

and do not deal with that pain properly, we hold onto that pain. This builds up and we learn not to pay any attention to it. We forget it is even there, almost become immune to it, until we get hurt again and the new pain joins the old pain and we explode. Unless we face the deepest pain within we are not free to truly live in the present. When we face our pain, cry or shout it out, the pain does end. Many of us had no idea that the pain could or would ever stop, but it can if you face it properly. 4. Learning to understand our selves! Many of us, depending on the severity of our abuse issues, do not understand why we react to situations and people the way that we do. We need to understand these things in order to get control of them and deal life properly. 5. Realizing we are strong enough to face anything we are confronted with! We need to begin to believe in ourselves to get through this situation. I found one of my best beliefs was that our Creator would never give me anything to deal with without giving me the strength to do so. 6. Dealing with it! Dealing with all that has happened to us within our lives honestly. Facing all and any abuse issues, how we feel about it all, allowing ourselves to feel, accept the reality of our abuses, safely display all emotions attached to these abuses, finding understanding for ourselves and our abusers, forgiving all involved, knowing that forgiveness is the key to love and love is the true healer. 7. Accepting it all as a learning experience and letting it go! Learning to accept all that happens to us within our lives as learning experiences gives us what I refer to as a shining jewel placed in the pit of hell. There is always good in everything and all. Even within the deepest despair a shining jewel can be found. 8. Learning how to love ourselves and then others! We have all been led to believe that because we are human we instantly know how to love ourselves and others. This is total crap. We love instinctively when life demands but we are not capable of truly lovOPP Commissioner Julian Fantino said the investigation targeted people who preyed on those considered among the most vulnerable in society - children. "The exploitation of children by whatever means is appalling," he said. Fantino said three young people are charged and was very surprised to learn of their alleged involvement. "We like to believe we're making an impact," he said.

Angel Femia Graduate of Child Psychology & Adult Psychology / ICS ing properly until we learn how. Our thinking patterns are a large part of loving. If our thinking is negative, conditional, deceitful, expecting, malicious, resentful, envious, manipulative, possessive or controlling we are not giving love. We need to learn and realize that love is just as much spiritual and emotional as it is practical and natural. The use of our thinking patterns is most imperative in order to actually give love. Love is an energy that comes from our souls and is induced by our thoughts. If we love ourselves, others will also love us, but if we do dislike ourselves others dislike us as well. What we think of ourselves is what others will think of us. The only instance I have found this not to be true is when people are in fear of love, therefore dislike them selves and most others. Blessings and Love Angel http://spiritual-majic.com http://lovecryheals.com http://angels-wings.net http://lovecry-2008.tripod.com/ http://lovecry.org http://angelll8.tripod.com/ thejoymissionofgod/ http://lovecry2007.tripod.com/ http://angel-light.tripod.com/ http://angel-love8.tripod.com/ But Fantino said with the sheer volume of child porn on the Internet the arrests are but a scratch on the surface of the issue. OPP said the rescued children have been removed from the homes and are now safe. They were discovered during the course of the investigation. Fantino once again called for a national sex registry to keep track of sex offenders.

Massive childporn bust
By ROB LAMBERTI, Sun Media The largest anti-child porn raid in Ontario has rescued two children and snared 31 people across the province. The accused face a total of 93 charges including sexual assault and interference,

Speech At United Church, 300 Bloor Street West

Dr. Bob Bowman,

Lt. Col.,

USAF, ret. National Commander, 101 Combat Missions in Vietnam as fighter pilot

PhD in Aeronautics & Nuclear Engineering, Caltech
Directed all DoD “Star Wars” programs under Ford & Carter Democratic Candidate for US Congress, FL-15, 2006 Dr. Bowman brought forward hope for Torontonians that not all U.S. citizens are for the 911 lie told by the White House. Dr. Bowman confirmed the majority’s belief that 911 was accomplished only with the co-operation of the U.S. government. He is one of a great many engineers and aeronautical experts who has stated that it takes more than kerosene to burn through several feet of solid concrete and steel to pancake buildings. He was well received by a rap audience of Torontonians who welcomed him and laughed at the facts he related about the U.S. teacher who told his daughter that Canada was not free and it was dangerous to visit here. He also related that his days are numbered as he suffers from cancer due to exposure to the President John usage of Agent Orange in Vietnam. The gathering was attended by a number of Rothschild agents who regularly surveille all 911 truth events.


————————— Toronto Street News —————
tions and similar activities, the most well known example of which is the US involvement in Nicaragua. There is also a section on legalities, including abductions ("The United States reserves the right to engage in nonconsensual abductions for three specific reasons..."). The 296-page manual was made doctrine in April 2003 by Army Headquarters, Washington DC.


Secret papers on Iraq war decision must be released, ministers told Gordon
Brown was ordered to release the minutes from crucial Cabinet meetings in 2003 which paved the way for the invasion of Iraq. The Information Tribunal ruled that secret records of Cabinet discussions in March that year must be published and that the public had a right to know what the Cabinet of the then prime minister Tony Blair decided behind closed doors on the issue of the impending war. Rumsfeld to stand trial for war crimes? 27 Jan 2009 A UN official says there is enough evidence that former US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld could be brought to justice for war crimes. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak told CNN the international body had enough evidence to prosecute Rumsfeld for his direct authorization of tortures at US detention centers in 2002.

The Obamas Have a Rabbi in the Family
Cousin of Candidate’s Wife Leads Synagogue on Chicago’s South Side By Anthony Weiss FU N N E Y E : Th e country’s most prominent black rabbi. While Barack Obama has struggled to capture Jewish votes, it turns out that one of his wife’s cousins is the country’s most prominent black rabbi. Michelle Obama, wife of the Democratic presidential nominee, is a first cousin once removed of Rabbi Capers Funnye, spiritual leader of a mostly black synagogue on Chicago’s South Side. Funnye’s mother, Verdelle Robinson Funnye, and Michelle Obama’s paternal grandfather, Frasier Robinson Jr., were brother and sister. Funnye (pronounced fuhNAY) is the chief rabbi of the Beth Shalom B’nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation in southwest Chicago. He is well known in Jewish circles for acting as a bridge between mainstream Jewry and the much smaller, and largely separate, world of black Jewish congregations, sometimes known as black Hebrews, or Israelites. He has often urged the larger Jewish community to be more accepting of Jews who are not white. . He noted that he has donated money and that he was cheering

Iraq to Deny New License to Blackwater Mercenary Firm --U.S. Embassy's Preferred Contractor Accused of Killings 29 Jan 2009 The Iraqi government has informed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that it will not issue a new operating license to Blackwater Worldwide, the embassy's primary security company, which has come under scrutiny for allegedly using excessive force while protecting American diplomats, Iraqi and U.S. officials said.

U.S. Pentagon Spends Billions KBR must be accountable for Iraq To Promote War Efforts Where People Die for U.S. Army deaths- U.S. lawmakers raised concerns about the U.S. military's increased use of private contractors mercenaries Promotion Opportunities in Iraq and Afghanistan, and said KBR and other companies should be held accountable for the electrocution deaths of U.S. soldiers and other mistakes.

Halliburton Will Settle KBR Suit for $559 Million 27 Jan 2009 Halliburton, the Pentagon Spending Billions on PR to
huge oil services company in Houston, said yesterday that it has agreed to pay $559 million to settle corruption charges with the U.S. government linked to its former subsidiary KBR. Halliburton said it will pay $382 million on behalf of KBR over the next two years to the Department of Justice and will pay another $177 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Journalists & Newspapers on the take!

US Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations: overthrowing governments, sabotage, subversion, intelligence and abduction, FM 3-05.201,
Apr 2003 (Wikileaks) 27 Jan 2009 (Wikileaks) 27 Jan 2009 FM 3-05.201: Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations is current US military doctrine (policy) on the use of indigenous or surrogate forces to overthrow a foreign government and the use of sabotage, subversion, intelligence, extra-territorial abduc-

Sway Domestic, World Opinion 05 Feb 2009 As it fights two [illegal] wars, the Pentagon is steadily and dramatically increasing the money it spends to win what it calls "the human terrain" of world public opinion. In the process, it is raising concerns of spreading propaganda at home in violation of federal law. An Associated Press investigation found that over the past five years, the money the military spends on 'winning hearts and minds at home and abroad' has grown by 63 percent, to at least $4.7 billion this year, according to Department of Defense budgets and other documents. That's almost as much as it spent on body armor for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2004 and 2006.

Obama on. “I know that her grandfather and her father and my mom and all of our relatives that are now deceased would be so very, very proud of both of them,” Funnye told the Forward. Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, recalled Funnye and his family coming over for visits and said that he and her children were “as close as cousins could be.” Funnye worked with Barack Obama, who, as a state senator, came and spoke at events for the organization. When Barack and Michelle Obama married, Funnye and his family attended the wedding. Funnye converted to Judaism and was ordained as a rabbi under the supervision of black Israelite rabbis.

UK Spy Chief: “We risk a police state” — Dame Rimington
http://www.legitgov.org/ http://www.legitgov.org/ #breaking_news Spy chief: We risk a police state -Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5, has warned that the fear of terrorism is being exploited by the Government to erode civil liberties and risks creating a police state. 16 Feb 2009 Dame Stella accused ministers of interfering with people’s privacy and playing straight into the hands of terrorists... Dame Stella said in an interview with a Spanish newspaper: "The US has gone too far with Guantánamo and the tortures. MI5 does not do that. Furthermore it has achieved the opposite effect: there are more and more suicide terrorists finding a greater justification." Terrorist threat 'exploited to curb civil liberties' --Security measures brought in after September 11 attacks 'undermined the rule of law' 17 Feb 2009 Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5, has accused the Government of exploiting public fear of terrorism to restrict civil liberties. Her comments came on the same day as a report published by international jurists suggested that Britain and America have led other countries in "actively undermining" the rule of law and "threatening civil liberties" in the guise of fighting terrorism. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Dame Stella said that a series of increasingly draconian policies have led British citizens to "live in fear and under a police state".

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Harper Traitor-Watch
Traitor Now Working Over time To Sell Out Canada! v Over

Harper Says: “Israelis Have Right To Continue 60 Year
Israel started Hamas to split Palestinians and keep the fighting alive while they steal Palestinian lands and develop exotic, illegal weapons to burn them alive!
My CSIS informers wiretapping the duly elected MPs are doing a great job for Canada — Your Fuehrer!

Slaughter Of Palestinians”

U.S. Agent also known as PM Harper takes internationalist orders besides his oil-friend payoffs to make Oilberta the 51st U.S. state without the need of troops

Orgone Masters

Stop New World Order Weapons & Demonic Attacks
www.OrgoneMasters.info 416-419-9023 danah@jrgenius.com

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Toronto Street News

Feb. 16-28, 2009 Vol. 10, #16 — Page 8

Rothschild flunky says: Bankster Bonuses Okay in the UK!
Mandelson urges ministers to avoid knee-jerk response over banker bonus 'frenzy' Philip Webster, Political Editor The Government must not be rushed into hurried judgments about tackling the banking crisis because of demands for action from the media and political opponents, Lord Mandelson will say in New York today. In a call to the country, his party and the Government to hold its collective nerve, the Business Secretary will say that recovery will be a “complex process” and that it is time to remove the “frenzy” surrounding the issues. Referring to bank bonuses, on which ministers have been accused of dragging their feet, he will say that the Government must respond to public opinion but seek a fair solution. Sources close to Lord Mandelson denied immediately that his remarks were aimed at the Prime Minister, who has been accused of taking too many initiatives. Downing Street has seen the speech in advance and is relaxed about it. Speaking to the Council of Foreign Relations in New York, Mr Mandelson will make an appeal for calm that is obviously directed at some in his party – such as Harriet Harman, the Leader of the House of Commons, who has argued in Cabinet that bankers who have failed should be forced to pay back their bonuses. Lord Mandelson will say that while governments need to take time to plan carefully, they are accused of dragging their feet and there is a demand for instant delivery. High-level meetings generate big expectations which, in turn, trigger disappointment and market reaction when immediate results are not produced. He goes on: "The fact is, recovery is going to be a complex process and while this is difficult for our 24/7 media, and gives plenty of opportunity for our political opponents to exploit, there is no value in trying to create frenzy around these issues every day. "We are going to find a way through, at home and internationally. It will take time. We cannot schedule the recovery, but it will start.” He adds: "As nations, we must keep a steady nerve and cool judgment, constantly refining our policies as necessary. Governments must neither ignore the public's anger and impatience, for example on bank bonuses, nor be pushed into hurried judgments because we fear accusations of indecision. "What we do has got to be right, even if it means more time before we are seen to deliver. This is politically difficult but economically necessary, and we have no choice but to get on with the work and speed the recovery as fast as we can."

Chavez Wins After Ban for Bush Banks!
By Stephen Lendman Venezuelans voted on whether to let presidents, National Assembly representatives, governors, mayors, and state legislators run indefinitely for re-election after Chavez last December proposed a national referendum for constitutional change - so voters, not politicians could decide. Sunday they spoke decisively in favor by a 54.4% to 45.6% margin with over 94% of votes counted. Chavez didn't win. Venezuelans did for Bolivarian continuity and against oligarch dominance, no democracy, and back to an impoverished state. Since 1999, Chavez transformed Venezuela to what it is today: -- a Bolivarian republic based on "solidarity, fraternity, love, justice, liberty and equality" beyond the "free-market" model of worker exploitation for capital; -- politically, economically, and socially changed; affirming quality health care for all as a "fundamental social right and.... responsibility....of the state;" also educa-

tion; affordable housing, food and other essentials; pensions; the highest minimum wage in Latin America; land reform; job training, micro-credit; free speech, ending discrimination, indigenous rights, and much more; -- a participatory democracy empowering people at the grassroots; -- a Constitution serving people, not elite interests; -- using the nation's oil wealth for all Venezuelans, especially those most in need; -- overall, a government of, by, and for the people; one that cares; an unimaginable one in America where freedoms are eroding, wealth is sucked from the public to the powerful, and elections are reduced to theater. On February 16 at 2.41AM, Reuters reported that "Chavez wins re- election chance in economy's shadow." Around the same time, AP said "Chavez calls Venezuela vote mandate for socialism," and The New York Times headlined: "Chavez Decisively Wins Bid to End Term Limits." The vote (lets Chavez run again) in 2013. For his part, before and after America's election, Chavez offered friendship and conciliation, a change from George Bush's

hostility and confrontation, and a new page between two hemispheric neighbors to advantage them both. Caracas supporters were jubilant when Chavez appeared on the Miraflores balcony in triumph. Thousands turned out. Fireworks exploded, bugles blared, and people waved red flags, honked horns, sang the national anthem, and shouted "Chavez no se va" (Chavez isn't going anywhere), and "Viva Chavez." Chavez answered: "Today we opened wide the gates of the future....Truth against (U.S.) lies (and) the dignity of the homeland have triumphed....Venezuela will not return to its past of indignity.... Any attempt to take us down the path of violence, by failing to recognize the results of the people's will, will be neutralized....In 2012 there will be presidential elections, and unless God decides otherwise, unless the people decide otherwise, this soldier is already a candidate." He read a congratulatory note from Fidel Castro quoting Bertolt Brecht to Jorge Luis Borges, then declared Bolivarianism is re- invigorated. "God grants victory to perseverance," he said. Even Brazil's Lula told Germany's Der Spiegel that "Chavez is without a doubt Venezuela's best president in the last 100 years."


MACLEAN’S own zionists
caught lying and smearing Putin!
MACLEAN’S says the president of Russia is a
“puppet”. What, like their pal Bush under Cheney?
Then, they make the false claim that he masterminded the “war in Georgia”. Honest journalists know that Israel sold Georgia billions in arms and supplied more than 1,000 “military advisers” to Georgia where they were to subsequently launch an air attack on Iran. Head general of Georgia’s army was fresh out of Israel’s army. It all went wrong when Georgians murdered 1,400+ civilians in that unarmed provincial capital — these Russian Christians were massacred by Georgian muslims and Russian tanks simply swooped in to protect their own dual-passport citizens. South Ossetia was a self-governing province which, while not large enough to form its own nation gained international police to provide independent security even though they were still referred to as Georgians. In 1992 at the break-up of the Soviet Union
they voted 95% to stay within Russia and carried Russian Passports. Georgian police shot their fellow Russian police point-blank in South Ossetia.
Posted by Barbara Peterson under GMO, food contamination | Tags: contamination, cross-pollination, engineering, genetic modification, GMO, Monsanto, organic food, poison | monsanto_rain By Linn Cohen-Cole People say if farmers don’t want problems from Monsanto, just don’t buy their GMO seeds. Not so simple. Where are farmers supposed to get normal seed these days? How are they supposed to avoid contamination of their fields from GM-crops? How are they supposed to stop Monsanto detectives from trespassing or Monsanto from using helicopters to fly over spying on them? Monsanto contaminates the fields, trespasses onto the land taking samples and if they find any GMO plants growing there (or say they have), they then sue, saying they own the crop. It’s a way to make money since farmers can’t fight back and court and they settle because they have no choice. And they have done and are doing a bucket load of things to keep farmers and everyone else from having any access at all to buying, collecting, and saving of NORMAL seeds. 1. They’ve bought up the seed companies across the Midwest. 2. They’ve written Monsanto seed laws and gotten legislators to put them through, that make cleaning, collecting and storing of seeds so onerous in terms of fees and paperwork and testing and tracking every variety and being subject to fines, that having normal seed becomes almost impossible (an NAIS approach to wiping out normal seeds). Does your state have such a seed law? Before they existed, farmers just collected the seeds and put them in sacks in the shed and used them the next year, sharing whatever they wished with friends and neighbors, selling some if they wanted. That’s been killed. In Illinois, which has such a seed law, Madigan, the Speaker of the House, his staff is Monsanto lobbyists. 3. Monsanto is pushing anti-democracy laws (Vilsack’s brainchild, actually) that remove community’ control over their own counties so farmers and citizens can’t block the planting of GMO crops even if they can contaminate other crops. So if you don’t want a GM-crop that grows industrial chemicals or drugs or a rice growing with human DNA in it, in your area and mixing with your crops, tough luck. Check the map of just where the Monsanto/ Vilsack laws are and see if your state is still a democracy or is Monsanto’s. A farmer in Illinois told me he heard that Bush had pushed through some regulation that made this true in

The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach
every state. People need to check on that. 4. For sure there are Monsanto regulations buried in the FDA right now that make a farmer’s seed cleaning equipment illegal (another way to leave nothing but GM-seeds) because it’s now considered a “source of seed contamination.” Farmer can still seed clean but the equipment now has to be certified and a farmer said it would require a million to a million and half dollar building and equipment … for EACH line of seed. Seed storage facilities are also listed (another million?) and harvesting and transport equipment. And manure. Something that can contaminate seed. Notice that chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not mentioned. You could eat manure and be okay (a little grossed out but okay). Try that with pesticides and fertilizers. Indian farmers have. Their top choice for how to commit suicide to escape the debt they have been left in is to drink Monsanto pesticides. 5. Monsanto is picking off seed cleaners across the Midwest. In Pilot Grove, Missouri, in Indiana (Maurice Parr), and now in southern Illinois (Steve Hixon). And they are using US marshals and state troopers and county police to show up in three cars to serve the poor farmers who had used Hixon as their seed cleaner, telling them that he or their neighbors turned them in, so across that 6 county areas, no one talking to neighbors and people are living in fear and those farming communities are falling apart from the suspicion Monsanto sowed. Hixon’s office got broken into and he thinks someone put a GPS tracking device on his equipment and that’s how Monsanto found between 200-400 customers in very scattered and remote areas, and threatened them all and destroyed his business within 2 days. So, after demanding that seed cleaners somehow be able to tell one seed from another (or be sued to kingdom come) or corrupting legislatures to put in laws about labeling of seeds that are so onerous no one can cope with them, what is Monsanto’s attitude about labeling their own stuff? You guessed it - they’re out there pushing laws against ANY labeling of their own GM-food and animals and of any exports to other countries. Why? We know and they know why. As Norman Braksick, the president of Asgrow Seed Co. (now owned by Monsanto) predicted in the Kansas City Star (3/7/94) seven years ago, “If you put a label on a genetically engineered food, you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.” And they’ve sued dairy farmers for telling the truth about their milk being rBGH-free, though rBGH is associated with an increased risk of breast, colon and prostate cancers. I just heard that some seed dealers urge farmers to buy the seed under the seed dealer’s name, telling the farmers it helps the dealer get a discount on seed to buy a lot under their own name. Then Monsanto sues the poor farmer for buying their seed without a contract and extorts huge sums from them. Here’s a youtube video that is worth your time. Vandana Shiva is one of the leading antiMonsanto people in the world. In this video, she says (and this video is old), Monsanto had sued 1500 farmers whose fields had simply been contaminated by GM-crops. Listen to all the ways Monsanto goes after farmers. Do you know the story of Gandhi in India and how the British had salt laws that taxed salt? The British claimed it as theirs. Gandhi had what was called a Salt Satyagraha, in which people were asked to break the laws and march to the sea and collect the salt without paying the British. A kind of Boston tea party, I guess. Thousands of people marched 240 miles to the ocean where the British were waiting. As people moved forward to collect the salt, the British soldiers clubbed them but the people kept coming. The non-violent protest exposed

the British behavior, which was so revolting to the world that it helped end British control in India. Vandana Shiva has started a Seed Satyagraha - nonviolent non-cooperation around seed laws - has gotten millions of farmers to sign a pledge to break those laws. American farmers and cattlemen might appreciate what Gandhi fought for and what Shiva is bringing back and how much it is about what we are all so angry about - loss of basic freedoms. [The highlighting is mine.] The Seed Satyagraha is the name for the nonviolent, noncooperative movement that Dr. Shiva has organized to stand against seed monopolies. According to Dr. Shiva, the name was inspired by Gandhi’s famous walk to the Dandi Beach, where he picked up salt and said, “You can’t monopolize this which we need for life.” But it’s not just the noncooperation aspect of the movement that is influenced by Gandhi. The creative side saving seeds, trading seeds, farming without corporate dependence– without their chemicals, without their seed. ” All this is talked about in the language that Gandhi left us as a legacy. We work with three key concepts.” ” (One) Swadeshi…which means the capacity to do your own thing–produce your own food, produce your own goods….”

“(Two) Swaraj–to govern yourself. And we fight on three fronts–water, food, and seed. JalSwaraj is water independence–water freedom and water sovereignty. Anna Swaraj is food freedom, food sovereignty. And Bija Swaraj is seed freedom and seed sovereignty. Swa means self–that which rises from the self and is very, very much a deep notion of freedom. “I believe that these concepts, which are deep, deep, deep in Indian civilization, Gandhi resurrected them to fight for freedom. They are very important for today’s world because so far what we’ve had is centralized state rule, giving way now to centralized corporate control, and we need a third alternate. That third alternate is, in part, citizens being able to tell their state, ‘This is what your function is. This is what your obligations are,’ and being able to have their states act on corporations to say, ‘This is something you cannot do.’” ” (Three) Satyagraha, non-cooperation, basically saying, ‘We will do our thing and any law that tries to say that (our freedom) is illegal… we will have to not cooperate with it. We will defend our freedoms to have access to water, access to seed, access to food, access to medicine.’”

10 Dear Springeagle: Perhaps, but...."Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Is this nothing more than a justification for doing anything a person might want? How can anyone accept this as any kind of rule to live by? This type of confusion is what made me give up on the Catholic Church. Joseph Dear Joseph: This Rule: "Let he who is without sin cas the first stone!" only pertains to The fact that we are not to judge and cast guilt on others without making sure We are not guilty ourselves of sin. We all sin throughout our lives and we have gotten into a bad habit of punishing others for doing the same as we have done or do and have just not been Caught doing the act. If you look into the rest of the story regarding Mary and the stone throwing, Christ was stopping the crowed from vertically killing her for prostitution. But Many of the men in the crowed used her services often. Therefore they were just as guilty as she was for the acts in the first place. Christ did not say it was not wrong to prostitute, he showed a better way to deal With the problem using compassion, understanding and forgiveness. I am not Christian but I have studied all religions and Christ is one of my best teachers. Any time you come across this type of prophecy you have to look deeply into the story that coincides with the message to fully understand what Christ is trying To say. Remembering always that Christ talked in proverbs and his explanations are Usually found in his story telling. Love, Light and Peace: Springeagle Dear Springeagle: What is 'Wicca'? What are their main views and activities? Are they a

Toronto Street News
Cult/occult? (what is the difference between cult and occult?) Thank you Ladylove Weight loss would only be one of the many. To my knowledge the drug that usually id attributed to loosing weight is speed. Other drugs do effect weight loss but

Feb. 16-28, Volume 10, #16/2008

into such a relationship shows that her abuses started long before this relationship. These scars need to be attended to as well. One of the worst problems as victims of abuse, is our addiction to pain and comfortHi Ladylove: ability. These have to be attended to so that Wicca is not a cult at all. It is the belief in your friend does not jump into another relathe Mother Goddess, tionship with the same outcome. The law would very much like to help and do when they are able but due to not having not to the enough insight to the real problems they are stuck without real answers and this does degree you speak of. Any drug with speed in it will block hunger but this person make things much worse. Mother Nature and all Blessings Springeagle would have to be taking lots of it, on a daily that is created by the higher powers. Dear Springeagle basis to have the kind of effect you are askThe main rules are: I have a problem making the right words ing about. 1. Be Honest come out of my mouth when needed to be Blessings 2. Harm No One said. I tend to say the wrong things to peoSpringeagle 3. Respect to all creation, ple that make them hate me when really all I Dear Springeagle: 4. Love. Hello I have a good friend online that I am am trying to do is say the right things. How and more. can I fix my problem and say the right Wicca is a simple belief system and there very close too and would like to help out. things instead of the wrong things? She has no confidence in herself and is Is much discipline involved within the Sincerely Cory trapped by her current situation. Which is practice. Dear Cory: she is stuck with an abusive husband. I Cults are groups of people who believe I think you may be trying too hard to get and work towards the same things and goals. won?'t go into people to like you and therefore rushing into Details. But things are getting quite bad People fear the word speaking too quickly without thinking things and I fear she stays there much longer she And apply it to groups they fear. through completely. Slow down, think will take her life early. She does not know Blessings longer and choose your words before you what to do or where to go from here. She Springeagle has two kids and is scared to leave because put them out. You will most likely get some Dear Springeagle: things right this way and you need to believe One of my friends has been losing a lot of she fears that this person that some people will like you without your Would come after her and her children. weight and I think that she may be doing a She has got the police involved before but it trying to get them to, and others just will not lot of drugs. What drugs can be taken to for no reason of your own. make you lose weight? I know that like co- made no difference and just resulted in Chill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! things becoming worse. caine makes u less hungry so then u lose ———————————– So any theories on what she should do weight. But what else? Blessings Springeagle next or information on any places that can Than you Blessings and Love help and deal with this type of situation Mary Anne Angel would be greatly appreciated. She Hi Mary Anne:: http://spiritual-majic.com Lives in Pennsylvania. Loosing weight does not always mean that http://lovecryheals.com Thanks Joan a person is on drugs. Many other things can http://angels-wings.net Dear Joan: attribute to a lose of weight as well, such as http://lovecry-2008.tripod.com/ You friend will have to get completely out emotional issues not dealt with properly. http://lovecry.org of the relationship that she is being so It is not necessarily the drug that causes http://angelll8.tripod.com/ abused in. There is no other way. weight loss but the attitude changes and She will also have to seek proper therapy thejoymissionofgod/ emotional problems the person is living http://lovecry2007.tripod.com/ for all the wounds and addictions she has within. There would also be attitude http://angel-light.tripod.com/ been left with. changes, temperament changes and life http://angel-love8.tripod.com/ Due to the fact that she even got herself changes if this person had a drug problem.

ngeagle Spri

Karma, Judgment and Respect
Karma, The Three Fold Law, & Grace "As you sew so shall ye reap". "What goes around comes around". "Whatever you send out returns three times". These are all sayings very familiar to all of us, all of them examples of a Supposedly Universal Law of cause and effect, action and reaction. Of course many of the religious systems try to furnish us with some sort of "escape clause" that will allow man to either alleviate suffering from past Misdeeds, or to escape responsibility totally. Let us take a little closer look at these three ideas and their inter-relationship. It seems that, on one level, we do live in a mechanistic universe, one Pretty much ruled by cause-and-effect. This Newtonian universe seems to react in a very mechanical fashion, I.e. Every action "produces an equal and opposite reaction". A good analogy for This is the example of one billiard ball striking another. The energy from the striking billiard ball is transferred to the one struck and is used to push against the first, imparting motion in the line of it's fire. Judgment We are living in a society in which everyone believes they have the right to Judge others, situations, things, life, and even our Creator, for more Reasons then I could ever get on this paper. We all feel completely Justified in the doing so. But then someone judges us and we are hurt, wondering why, wondering where They got the right and why they just can't accept us as we are. Well when

You judge, don't' you stop to consider how

this action makes you feel and Realize that all else feels just as hurt by your judgments as you feel with Theirs? Within our mental capacity, as humans, we were given the blueprints to Judgment. Judgment is a very useful tool, if used correctly, in the proper places. We humans have grown a custom to using this tool in all the wrong places. This is why we have a special department in our police departments to deal with hate crimes. Judging and sentencing people for the color of their skin, Race, religion, intelligence, coping skills, or lack of, stage in life, where they live, what they have, and I could go on forever. How often do we see things in life or things that others make or acquire And then decide we like or don't like it after judging it? Our judgment may not be necessarily right at all. The person who is in ownership of this object and the next person that comes Along may truly like it. Remembering that we all have the same human capacity and blueprints as to how to judge, yet what we like and dislike are Completely different. In this we see clearly that our judgment is meant to be used only for personal desires and needs, not to be putting down whatever It is that we have judges not for ourselves. Judgment is meant to help us make good decisions and protect ourselves. Respect! One must give respect to one-self before it can be given to others, or even before one can be respected. Like love, respect must be the way we deal with ourselves. If we do not

respect ourselves, we put out signals to other that it is ok to disrespect us, hence others will find it very hard, if not imposable to react in a respectful manner. Respect is not just action. A show of respect is not true respect it is just what it says, a show of respect! It is easy for any of us to act respectful, be respectful, or show respect, but that is exactly what we are doing. acting like we respect each other. This is not true respect at all. when we truly respect, we send a message of positively from the right side Of our brain, {the emotional center}, to our soul and our soul then send out positive emotional energy. Much in the same way we send love to one another. We think loving thoughts. Respectful thoughts can be sent the same way, and with the show as well it becomes true respect. When one only respect's because someone demands it, there is no sincerity within and it is phony. One must give respect to others before others can give respect to them. Many people, such as authority figures, {police to criminals, judges to accused, parents to children, teachers to student, manager to staff, seem to believe, {usually due to their position in society}, others should automatically respect them but they do not have to be respectful towards the people they are demanding respect from. At best they may receive a show of respect but, actual respect is also sincere and has emotion attached. If I want someone to respect me, I must give the same respect. Since respect is universal, {in the same aspect as love is}, it has to be given to be received as all else in this universe works likewise. Respect is Sincerely: In thought, word and deed: 1. Respecting oneself 2. Being honest as possible 3. Being sincere and not playing head games 4. Seeing clearly another's boundaries and

not crossing them, unless requested to do so. 5. Being honorable, dignified, open minded, caring and polite towards oneself and others

6. Keeping one's word to themselves and others 7. Being able to look into others eyes when conversing or communicating in any way 8. Being open to the fact that, respect is earned and goes both ways no matter what you position within society is. "Prayer For Peace!" Angel Femia O God I pray In times such as these For the will to survive And reach out for peace O God I pray When the death strikes near We can let hatred go And care for what's here O God I pray For the strength to forgive And heal all of those Who have been lucky to live O God I pray We can open our eyes To see the truth Above all the lies O God I pray As this war game goes on That we all see clearly How much we've been wrong Oh God I pray For forgiveness for all For if this games continues Our would could just fall.

Toronto Street News
Times Of Doubt
Angel Femia In times of doubt I say a prayer To believe in our love And hold it dear Please hear me, my love When I call out to you I do feel you presents And pray you fell mine, too I sit by the candle I light every night And dream of a time We'll both find the light Then gone will be doubt My prayers all answered I'll live out our love In harmony for shore

Feb. 16-28, Volume 10, #16/2009
Any unkind gesture To you from me Is it me that is fearful Or yourself in the night Do you really see yourself Within the mirrors of my eyes Is it just cause I'm caring And you can't stand the thought Of somebody caring Cause that might just hurt Is it the high that you feel When I touch your hand I noticed your jumped back The jolt made me stand Or the depth of my soul When you look in my eyes Much deeper then most As I love to love Or The fact that I love Far deeper then rain This sets your heart pounding The you Shut down again


PoetFry i By A gel
o eCry
So it will not grow cold

The Gift
Angel Femia Please take this love I give you From the truest part of my soul Nag give it to the world to see

I feel so worm and cared for No fear is in my way Thank You for the message Of how you hold me dear And through my thoughts, I send to you A message just as clear I Love You!

Angel Femia I looked into your eyes Saw your love for me Scared, I ran away from you I left you standing there I felt your love around me Please forgive my fears I shut down so quickly Please forgive my tears I hurt you so, I felt it Please forgive I know not how to react What now shall I say or do I want to run right to your arms But it terrifies me so And I don't wish to hurt you I know that's what I'll do As I continue to turn I want to turn around Please help me understand Pleases forgive me.

So many souls lost and hurt Could use some kindness there Along the road you travel Love's needed every where So please accept this gift I give Strong, safe and worm To share with all the souls you reach Then they will pass it on.

Angel Femia I hold a thought Then let it go In seconds time It's back Never leaving Never gone My image of you I wonder why it's here Or if you even know I'm thinking of you Welcome to this love To think of you this way Once again, I'm insecure I stop Then from no where I turn my mind And send you a thought But no sooner then My love, it's here again The thought is you and I.

Angel Femia My beloved So far and so near Your soul reaches out And embraces me here When thoughts of you, Come to my mind My entire being wishes To be right by your side My energies reach To embrace through the air With tender love To hold and caress you With the deepest desires Of our love I feel your response So worm, So passionate, So clear As my body responds My heart is in flames We dance for this time And the yearnings do grow Till we truly touch in love And we unite.

I…………………………... Blessings and Love Angel http://spiritual-majic.com http://lovecryheals.com http://angels-wings.net http://lovecry-2008.tripod.com/ http://lovecry.org http://angelll8.tripod.com/ thejoymissionofgod/ http://lovecry2007.tripod.com/ http://angel-light.tripod.com/ http://angel-love8.tripod.com/ http://majic-angel.com Blessings and Love Angel

Are You Scared???
By Angel Femia I need to ask you As it bothers my heart To watch your reaction To my presents in your life Why when you see me I see fear in your eyes Have I done something to you Have shown you I'm unkind I look in myself But I do not see

Thank You
Angel Femia Thank you for the love You've given me today

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12 It is not 'never again' for Jews only, but 'never again' is never again for whomever needs my protection. Never again for whomever is the victim today. The Holocaust is not mine only to say,:

Toronto Street News
them. Now Hamas is there; we say, “Where is the moderate PLO we missed so many years ago?” Now, a day will come, I don’t know when, al-Qaeda will be there in Gaza. It will be the global Islam front, and some of the Palestinians will be disconnected from their national political reality and become part of something else. Then I’ll say, “Where is Hamas?” And I say, as difficult as it is, it is there. What will happen? You build a higher wall? You go for more unilateral, arrogant, but still escapism policy? It’s not right. You’re here, Amy. I want to talk to you. GONZALEZ: The question of the role of the Jewish community in the United States—there are those who say that it’s even less nuanced in its approach and more emphatic in its opposition to the Palestinians than in Israel. Could you talk about the dynamic there? BURG: American Jewry is an unbelievable Jewry. In the last 150-some years, the Jewish people actually created two political entities: the sovereign state of Israel and the semiautonomous American Jewry. It is less of sovereignty, but very influential. Never did we have such an influential diaspora in our entire history. And I love it, because I, as an Israeli, express the national dimension of myself, and world Jewry, especially American Jewry, expressing the universalist interface between us and the rest of the world, inside-out and outside-in. But when I see so many of my colleagues and friends making and trying to portray and to lead American Jewry into a single-issue Jewry—Israel and that’s it, no domestic coalitions, no minorities, no responsibility for other social and universalistic affairs—I’m concerned about it, very much so. And when I look at some of the AIPAC’s, OK, activities, I have a feeling that sometimes we’re having three political entities: the United States of America, the sovereign state of Israel, and the independent state of AIPAC, which has its own policy, whatever it is, not working for the best interests of Israel, according to the way I understand it and Yitzhak Rabin understood it, and not according to the best interests of the U.S.. This is a kind of a filter which filters only darkness through it, rather than light through it. And I would like to see the alternative American Jewry, which is expressed through the liberalism and humanism and civil rights and a total commitment toward peace, as the one which expresses me. GOODMAN: As you speak right now, Avraham Burg, just down the road outside the World Zionist Organization here in New York and the Jewish Agency, the organizations you used to head, there is a 24-hour protest that is being led by Jews against these organizations. BURG: This is the answer; what is the question? OK? What do you think about it, right? It should go into a much deeper conversation between us and us. We look at the outcome of the last elections in Israel. Everybody is horrored by Avi Lieberman, who bases the foundation of his movement on 2 very infamous American Jews who made it all possible, Rabbi Kahane and Baruch Goldstein. So there is something wrong with some quarters and some neighborhoods of the Jewish philosophies and Jewish thinking that we have to address internally and not just politically. GOODMAN: He beat Ehud Barak, right? BURG: Yeah, yeah. GOODMAN: Came in third. BURG: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. GOODMAN: And will make the coalition. What does he represent? What about the asking Israeli Arabs to sign loyalty oaths? BURG: Lieberman—Lieberman expresses for me—actually, he’s iconizing for me two kind of phenomena. The first is what happens all around the world, which is very xenophobic. I heard it in the elections here just a couple of months ago. I hear it in Europe with Haider and Blocher and Jean-Marie Le Pen and other. And this is one thing which troubles me a lot, because it is about racism, it’s about xenophobia, it’s about hatred – this time, Jewish hatred and Jewish xenophobia. And I have to fight it. I have to face it personally and collectively. GOODMAN: What about the US government and what’s happening now? The US House and Senate passed resolutions in support of the Israeli attack on Gaza.

was the leader of the National Religious Party. And he was, for many, many years, a member of each and every cabinet of Israel, from ’48 to ’88—that’s the year I was elected to the Knesset and he retired. And actually, I knew something about Israeli politics, but my position was different than my father’s. It was always more humanistic and less introverted. It was always more universalistic and less nationalistic, etc., etc. I was the founder—one of the founders of the protest movement against the war on Lebanon in ’82, and then I walked into public arena and became whatever I became, a young promising promise. says former Knesset speaker GOODMAN: What happened to you in that protest movement? Avraham Burg. BURG: First, I protested. And then, during [The following is a transcript of an inter- this protest, among other things that happened view with former Avraham Burg by Amy to me, I was wounded in a hand grenade Goodman and Juan Gonzalez from Democ- thrown on our rally in Jerusalem, racy Now!] which killed Emil A former Israeli politician has emerged as one of his government’s biggest critics. Avraham Burg is a former speaker of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. He’s former chair of the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization. His new book, though, is called The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Rise from its Ashes. AMY GOODMAN: You’re headed back to Israel today, but we’d like to talk about another journey: how you went from where you were, as head of the Israeli parliament in the Labor Party, to where you are today. Talk about your trajectory. Grunzweig at the time. AVRAHAM BURG: It’s not easy, but at GOODMAN: Explain what happened. the time, I felt that political walls are closing on me. I had a feeling that Israel became a BURG: There was a demonstration against very, very efficient kingdom, but no proph- the war on Lebanon and for calling for the ecy. Deeds are being done. Decisions are be- impeachment of the foreign minister, Ariel ing executed. But the ocean liner got no cap- Sharon. And there was a hand grenade thrown tain, no vision, no direction. Where is it go- from the political right side of the map into our rally, killed one of my colleagues, Emil ing? So I started digging into it and looking into Grunzweig, at the time. I was wounded then. it. And the way I know—the way I think for And then, slowly, I walked into the political myself is by writing. So I wrote the first book, arena, became an active member of the Labor which was God Is Back. It’s about the reli- Party and rose up the political ladder. gious dimension of world conflicts and the Then I said, “Why isn’t it working? So Israeli conflictual reality. And then when I many efforts, and it’s not working, doesn’t finished the book, I read it, and I realized that bear fruits.” And the reason for me is the—a I didn’t write about the other items which sup- primary reason, before the ’67 reason, and this ports our identity, and this is the only pres- is the grip of the Holocaust over our life. And ence of the trauma in our life, which is the if we will not get a little bit more relaxed Holocaust, which prevents us to trust any- about it and understanding, as difficult and as body—to trust ourselves, to trust our painful as it is, it cannot be the only sole neighbors, to trust the world—and therefore prism through which we see the world. creates this kind of a reality. And the minute I And then I came to the inner realization that realized that this is my inner truth, just pub- never again for me, it’s not never again for Jews only and therefore we should have the lished it. JUAN GONZALEZ: And you talk in the thickest walls around us and the deepest shelbook about how the Holocaust continues to ter on top of us, but never again is never again hold so much power and influence over the for whomever needs my protection. Never thinking of Israelis. Could you talk about that again—whomever is the victim today needs the help of the yesterday’s victim to prevent some more? Burg: Holocaust was such a trauma that it his or her own victimization, be it a battered takes, for individuals, years, if not more than woman, be it somebody in the inner city of years, to overcome. And not everybody who Detroit, be it whoever it is. And the Holocaust was abused as an individual at a young age is not mine only to say, “I have a monopoly can overcome and come out of this inner over suffering, and that’s it.” Oh, no. limbo. And for a while, I was not at all sure GOODMAN: Do you think that the Israeli that Israel, Israel and the Jewish people, can government should speak with Hamas? BURG: No doubt. I have no doubt about it. go out of it. I mean, it happens. My father escaped from Berlin in September GOODMAN: Have you spoken with them? ’39, which is the very, very last moment. And BURG: I’m speaking with everybody who’s my mother, who’s a seventh—was a seventh available, both in the region—both in the regeneration Israeli, was born in Hebron and is gion and around the world. I cannot go to a survivor of the—by an Arab family, by the Gaza, because it’s impossible now, but I see way—of the massacre there. So we were born them in the West Bank, I see them in Israel, I into a kind of a traumatic reality, but we were see them in London. And I have one thing—I have two things in a trauma-free family. And the more I think about it, the more I mind. The first is, I don’t remember even one thought about it, I understand that it is not funeral who came out of a dialogue. I rememabout “yesterday we remembered, and tomor- ber many funerals coming out of no dialogue, row we are different people.” Oh, no. It’s a and shootings. The second is, look at Middle process. And the process, the importance of it East history. Every time we rejected someis that the generation of my children will be body, we were missing him or her a couple of the first generation without any living witness. eras later. Today’s extremist is tomorrow’s That will be the generation in which the per- moderate. sonal experience becomes a memory. What GOODMAN: Explain that. will be the shape of the memory? A cloning of BURG: When will be the time in which we’ll the trauma or a beginning of the road from look back and say, “Ah! We missed the optrauma to trust? I offer the beginning of the portunity to talk to Hamas?” Here is ’67. We conquered and we occupied beginning in my book. Goodman: But I’d like you to go back fur- the West Bank. The first thing we did, we ther. I mean, you were the speaker of the Is- kicked out of the Occupation Territories all raeli Knesset. You were the head of the World the king’s—King Hussein—Jordanian supZionist Organization. Explain that, how you porters. Then the PLO walked in, and we said, rose to power within the Labor Party and as “Where are the supporters of the king when head of the World Zionist Organization— we need them?” But they were not there, because we were the ones expelled them. Then what it is. BURG: I was for many years a kind of a we said, “We shall never talk to the PLO, strange bird, OK? I was born to a father who never talk to them.” So we didn’t talk to them and didn’t talk to them and didn’t talk to

'I have a monopoly over suffering, and that’s it',

The st ocau Hol ver Is O

Feb. 16-28, Volume 10, #16/2008 BURG: A mistake. GOODMAN: What is your thought on that? BURG: A mistake. GOODMAN: Why? BURG: Because this is still the energy of the ocean liner of George W. Bush, that “Never mind what Israel is doing. Never mind what my beloved child is doing. I’ll never say no.” Now, it is wrong for the world, it is wrong for American interests, and it’s wrong for Israel, that Israel will do 200 meters from our window what America permits itself—wrongly so, but permits itself to do in Tora Bora, because by the end of the process, America will withdraw from these places, but I have to live with the impacts of all of these unrestrained and unconstricted aggressions. And therefore, what I’m expecting from the White House, what I’m expecting from the new president, what I’m expecting from the new Senate and the Congress is to reintroduce dialogism rather than violence, to reintroduce conversation rather than continue with the cowboy policy. GONZALEZ: In the past few weeks on Democracy Now!, we’ve had both former President Carter and also one of his top aides at the Carter Center talking about the potential for a road for peace between Israel and Palestinians. I’m sure you’re probably familiar with President Carter’s proposal. What do you think of it as a realistic possibility? BURG: Politics and realistic possibilities are kind of oxymorons, OK, even here and especially over there. But it must be peace. Will it be peace out of hope, or will it be peace out of despair—it’s just a departure point. But eventually, it will be there. Now, since the archenemy of the region is the Shiite revolution regime in Iran— revolutionary regime in Iran, and all the others are ready to have a different kind of conversation, so all of the sudden the Saudi king— Prince Fahd formula, which is the Arab League policy, saying let’s talk about a comprehensive coalition between Israel and Egypt and Jordan and Syria and Lebanon and the PLO and the Occupied Territories, and all of us together, more rationalistic, more Western, rather than the Shiite devil—that’s the way they see it—that’s an opportunity. There is an opening there. GONZALEZ: And the proposal of President Carter, specifically to trade land connecting Gaza and the West Bank for some of the land on which current settlements are on? BURG: These are details. These are details, because by the end of the day, everybody knows what will be the bottom line. The bottom line will be ’67 lines, and whatever cannot be resolved according to the exact geographic line will be land swap. GOODMAN: Should Israel pull out entirely from the West Bank and Gaza? AVRAHAM BURG: Tomorrow morning. No, actually, yesterday, yesterday evening. No doubt about it. GOODMAN: Pull out all the settlements. BURG: Yeah, it pollutes our morality, and it contaminates our policy. And we became hostages of the messianic and eschatological policy of the settlers, which actually leads Israel into a de facto one-state solution, which discriminates one people over the other people. At the same time, the Palestinian society was kidnapped and held hostage by the hands of the eschatological fundamental—Hamas fundamentalists. And both societies must get rid of their prisoners, get rid of these kidnappers and get over this Stockholm syndrome that I’m in love with my kidnapper. And only then we will be able to talk to each other. GOODMAN: And finally, do you support the divestment movement here? BURG: The what? I’m sorry. GOODMAN: The divestment movement. You just heard in our headlines that Hampshire College in Massachusetts has become the first college to divest from companies that are doing business with the Israeli military. BURG: It stands against my values system to boycott. OK? If I said earlier in this program and earlier in my life, I’m totally committed to conversation, even with my worst enemy. So boycott is not a tool for me. Boycott is an expression of violence. GOODMAN: Avraham Burg, I want to thank you very much for being with us. t p

Toronto Street News
paramilitary groups. The Arab states bordering Israel also did little to help the lower classes among the Palestinians. They were understandably indignant at the idea of the Israelis and their western sponsors, that it was their responsibility to resettle the refugees. Both sides saw the victims as a threat to their stability. The Palestinian's Nakba, or catastrophe, has now continued for sixty years. About one quarter of the people displaced or killed by the Israeli army in the 1948 war were Orthodox or Maronite Christians. Because the Israeli's ancestors frequently had to pack up and move, and found it easy to resettle elsewhere, they could not understand that it did not work that way for agricultural people, especially in the middle east. There was nowhere for such a large number of people to be resettled, even if the Arab governments wanted to. So Israel got a ring of refugee camps all around itself, full of people unhappy with their lives and with Israel. Ordinary Arabs were sympathetic to the Palestinians, but their ruling classes saw them as a threat. Throughout the 1950's there was a wave of revolutions in Arab the Palestinian exile The survivors gathered in refugee camps, states. The new regimes got support from holding the deeds and the door keys to their the Soviet Union, which had originally suphomes, and waited for the international ported Israel.




e1 , 1


Toronto’s Own:

Tim Rourke the intensifying war for Palestine
The Origins of the long running Palestine war is in Zionism. This is the idea developed in nineteenth century Europe that the solution for the conflicts between Jews and Christians was for the Jews to move to Palestine. That the area was already densely inhabited was scarcely considered in those imperial times. The predictable result of this mistake was conflict between the Jewish interlopers and the Palestinians, descendants of the same base population who had been there from prehistoric times. So the western powers made their second disastrous mistake; they tried partitioning the territory of Palestine between the Jews and Palestinians. The United Nations agreed to one other partition of territory as a solution to ethnic conflict at about the same time; carving Pakistan off from India. This resulted in the world's second long standing ethnic conflict which could end someday in a nuclear war. It was especially incompetent to give the Jews, with five percent of the land, forty percent of the partitioned territory. Since then, the consensus has been that separating two warring peoples into two states is the worst way to try to end such a war.

the state of Israel

the Nakba
Israel almost lost its war of Independence. What saved them was the feudal elites of the surrounding Arab states, who were much more afraid of their own people than of the Zionists. In the end Israel was able to grab most of Palestine. The Israeli forces committed horrific massacres against the unarmed Palestinian population, causing most of them to flee. Israeli army 'Special units' did things like rip fetuses out of pregnant women before shooting them. At least 100 000 Palestinians died in this war, mostly driven into the desert to die of thirst. The Arab armies never retaliated in kind. They repeatedly allowed Jewish troops and civilians to escape, when they could have massacred them. They refused to arm the Palestinian population and did all they could to prevent reprisals by Palestinian

community to come to its senses and give them simple justice. They have mostly died of old age waiting. Their children were there when the Israelis conquered the West bank and Gaza in 1967. The Israelis expected that the Palestinians would gradually migrate away from old Palestine and resettle in other Arab speaking lands. This was complete ignorance of Arab culture and society. Most Arabs are not nomads, they are farmers. They are very attached to their ancestral lands and their families and clans.

In those early days the Americans were suspicious of Israel. It got support from Europe, where the elites which first promoted Zionism still had influence. Israel has always had a lot of trouble maintaining a viable economy and has depended on foreign subsidies. The problem is that it refuses to develop any economic relationship with its neighboring Arab states, who would otherwise be its natural market. It remains a constant threat to them. Israel has little to sell to developed countries. Its biggest export has become equipment to surveil, torture, and kill people. The third calamitous mistake the world community made, after letting the Jews migrate into Palestine in the first place, and letting them set up a religious state, was to let that state get nuclear weapons. The rationale for this was that if their survival were assured in this way, they might become less paranoid in their dealing with neighboring countries. Instead, it has made them even more belligerent.

have blown back at them and made land they wanted uninhabitable; that is probably the only reason they have never used it. They do have nuclear strategies to use in a last resort if they find themselves facing military or economic collapse. These include nuclear strikes on allies of nuclear powers who do not have such weapons themselves. Israel has five nuclear missile launching submarines, and up to 500 warheads. It is small wonder why all these countries still want to prop up Israel's economy and war machine. For three generations Israel has tried to defeat the Palestinians. It has attacked, bullied and destabilized, and seized more territory from the states surrounding it. It has carpet bombed residential areas, and destroyed hospitals and civilian infrastructure to try to turn settled populations against the Palestinians, and the Palestinians against each other. It has tried to render areas uninhabitable. It has tried to establish buffer states around itself, run by murderous militias armed and trained by it. In territories it wants to incorporate into itself, it has subjected people to an occupation government far worse than apartheid South Africa. It has tried to impose leaders on the Palestinians who would cede their people's rights, assassinating those who would not follow its orders, and refusing to recognize elected leaders. Jewish settlers have, with impunity, burned Palestinian crops, destroyed orchards, and poisoned livestock in order to force out Palestinian owners.

The power of Palestinian resistance organizations has grown over decades. They have learned how to deal with corrupt and opportunistic leaders and to convince most Palestinians that there is no option but to fight, and that it is possible to fight. They cannot win yet, but they have demonstrated in Lebanon and now in Gaza that they can deny Israel victory. With the rise of the American religious right from the nineteen seventies on, Israel has found a new partner in destabilizing the states around it. The pro Soviet secular states of the nineteen fifties were replaced by pro-American puppet states. But now these are being overthrown by religious based states. These have learned how to mobilize their populations, rather than to fear and suppress them. A ring is slowly closing around the Zionist state.

the Israeli warfare state
Nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons were no use to Israel against the Palestinian raiders on its borders. They would

Will Obama remember Harper’s attempt to smear his campaign?

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Toronto Street News

Feb. 16-28, Volume 10, #16/2009

Israeli Terror-Piracy On High Seas Continues I a o r i e n
Rogue state of Israel expels Gaza aid ship crew
Israel has expelled 10 activists and journalists after kidnapping them for hours and seizing their cargo ship trying to deliver aid to Gaza refugees. Al Jazeera's Salam Khoder, who was among the group, said she and some of the others on board were beaten by Israeli forces before being taken to a police station in Ashdod and interrogated. Minutes after being escorted across the Israeli border to southern Lebanon, Khoder reported on her capture. "At about 11pm last night... the Israeli

Al-Ikhwa was seized by the Israeli navy and taken to the city of Ashdod [AFP]

ship intercepted the ship, fired at the ship and more than 30 soldiers came on to the boat and started beating the passengers," she said.
"They blinded our eyes, bounded our hands,

The ship was carrying 60 tonnes of relief supplies bound for blockaded Gaza [AFP] "During tod a y ' s The ship carried 60 tonnes of relief supplies for Gaza refugees[AFP] [ T h u r s d a y ] h i ca ie t n s o r li f s p ie or G za re u e [ P] kept us in uncomfortable conditions for one morning hours, the cargo ship changed its hour ... they also told us not to communicate bearing, and began heading towards the Gaza Strip ... disregarding all warnings made," the with each other in Arabic." She said that the whereabouts of some of the Israeli military said. 18 people who were on board the ship was The Al-Ikhwa, which originally set sail from Cyprus, left the Lebanese port city of Tripoli unknown. The Al-Ikhwa was carrying 60 tonnes of on Tuesday. medical supplies, food, books and toys to Maan Bashour, an aid co-ordinator for the Gaza, where a more than year-long Israeli group End the Blockade of Gaza, told Al blockade along with its devastating offensive Jazeera that the ship "was searched in Cyprus last month have left residents struggling to get and in Lebanon". "And we were very eager to let it be basic necessities. searched by Lebanese and Cypriot authorities Israel said it warned the ship on Wednesday in order that there be no reason for the Israelis night against entering Gaza's coastal waters.

to prevent it from going to Gaza." Israel increased naval patrols off the coast of the Gaza Strip in December when it launched a 22-day air, naval and ground assault that left more than 1,300 Palestinians dead. Foud Siniora, Lebanon's prime minister, condemned the attack on Al-Ikhwa, emphasising that it was on a humanitarian mission to Gaza. "It is no surprise for Israel to perpetrate such an action as it has been accustomed to ignoring all international resolutions and values," he said in Beirut. Yahya Mahmassani, the Arab League's envoy to the United Nations, said he had asked the staff of Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, to intervene in the matter.

"I demanded that the ship be released immediately,'' Mahmassani said. "The world community should condemn this act of piracy. We consider this an act of piracy committed by Israel."
ered 12 bodies from the rubble of a house. The ICRC considered that the Israeli delay in granting the paramedic team permission to arrive to the victims as unacceptable, they described the incident as “shocking”. The United Nations has also said that the Israeli army killed in a bombing 30 p04among 110 Palestinian civilians were rounded up in another house in Gaza City. The UN’s top human rights official, Navi Pillay, called for an independent investigation of possible war crimes and violations of international human rights laws in Gaza and Israel. Navi Pillay also said that UN human rights monitors must be deployed in Israel as well as in Gaza and the West Bank to document violations and their perpetrators. The United Nations Office for the humanitarian Activities Coordination stated alsamoni-family-massacre-1that they collected certified testimonies which indicated that the Israeli soldiers, on the fourth of January 2009, had gathered about 110 Palestinians in one house in the Al-Zeitoun neighborhood (half of them children) and ordered them to stay at house, and after 24 hours they bombed the house several times - in a deliberate and intentional way - resulting the death of thirty people. The UN office added in the statement that surviving people who were able to walk a distance of two kilometers had arrived at the Salah Al-Din Street, where they were taken to hospitals in civilian cars. The youngest child among these survivor was five months. He died after he arrived the hospital. The UN statement described the incident as one of the most serious incidents since the start of the Israeli operations in the Gaza Strip in December 27, 2008. swelled. Breaking the Silence, a project run by soldiers seeking to expose the army's behavior against Palestinians, said the booklet handed out to troops in Gaza had originated among Hebron's settlers. "The document has been around since at least 2003," said Mikhael Manekin, 29, one of the group's directors and himself religiously observant. "But what is new is that the army has been effectively subcontracted to promote the views of the extremist settlers to its soldiers." "The religious youngsters and the children of the settlements now dominate in many branches of the army." Israeli media cite more than one-third of all Israel's combat soldiers are religious, as are more than 40% of those graduating from officer courses. Manekin: "The army is still run by the secular elites in Israel and they have always been reckless with regard to the safety of civilians when they wage war. Jewish nationalism that justifies Palestinian deaths is just as dangerous as religious extremism." Jonathan Cook is a journalist based in Nazareth. His latest books are Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East and Disappearing Palestine: Israel's Experiments in Human Despair www.jkcook.net.

Israeli War Crimes in Gaza
Israeli agents now threaten Canadian Journalism
We provide the website of this story as Mossad-front agents in Canada attempt intimidating follow-ups. Apparent Mossadagents at National Post and elsewhere have attempted to intimidate Toronto Street News in the past 12 months. This naked aggression against honest Canadian journalists reveals reporter hypocrisy and fear in Canada as they do not report their need to self-censor their “news” reports. Family members, fearful of loss of promotion, credit approvals, etc. now hide their association with Street News agents across Canada. Zionists celebrate this Canadian weakness as Canadians knuckle under to surveillance provided by their agents. Reporters fear this for the sake of their salaries and their families. which lasted p13about 23 days. The IOF executed Palestinians who were arrested from their houses in cold blood, either by shooting them directly by launching missiles and rockets at them. The Center reports that the testimonies of survivors of the assault on Gaza confirmed the status of the executions of these “prisoners of war”, and that the occupation forces violated the international warcrimetreaties and conventions which clarify the rights of prisoners of armed conflicts. The testimonies confirm that the prisoners were executed a few kilometers away from their houses, and that there were among them children in some cases aged only months, women, and old men. According to Maisa’a Fawzi Al-Samouni, aged 19, a Palestinian from the MIDEAST ISRAEL P A LES TIN IAN SAl-Zeitoun neighborhood, the soldiers took her together with her daughter, aged nine months, and about thirty other persons of the Al-Samouni family, to the house of one of her relatives, Wael Al-Samouni, aged 40. The house of Wael is made of concrete, it has about two hundred square meters. According to Maisa’a, “first we were 30 persons, and then we became about 70 persons in Wael’s house. We were forced to stay in this house until the following day without water or food”. Maisa’a continues: “In the morning of the next day, at about sixth o’clock, the alsamoni-familymassa-5Israeli soldiers fired at people who tried to leave the house to bring their relatives some food, and after a while the Israeli tanks fired shells at the house where everybody was”. She added: “when the shell landed in the house, I threw myself on the ground over my daughter to protect her. Smoke and dust spread everywhere. I heard screams and crying, and when the smoke dissipated, I looked around me I saw that twenty to thirty people were dead, “martyrs” and about twenty wounded”. Maisa’a was lightly injured, her daughter lost three of her fingers. Maisa’a lost her husband, his parents and seven members of her close family. The International Committee of the Red Cross accused the Israeli army of p06denying their paramedics access to the Al-Zeitoun neighborhood. The ICRC stated that the Israeli army did not allow ambulances to reach many homes in the Al-Zeitoun neighborhood where Palestinian civilians were executed by the IOF. The ICRC further reported that their Paramedic teams rescued 18 injured persons in the Al- Zeitoun neighborhood and recov-


Survivor Testimony of Israeli Holocaust in Gaza
Feb 5th, 2009 by kawther.salam The Palestinian Center for the Defense of Prisoners confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces committed war crimes in a deliberate and planned way during its aggression “Operation Cast Lead” against the Gaza Strip,

Israeli Army “subconracted” by terrorist settlers
By Jonathan Cook An Israeli soldier inspects a wall of a mosque desecrated by suspected Jewish settlers, reading "Muhammad is a pig," West Bank city of Qalqiliya (not shown) Extremist rabbis and their followers, bent on waging holy war against the Palestinians, are taking over the Israeli army by stealth, according to critics. Their influence in shaping the army's goals and methods is starting to be felt, say observers, as more and more graduates from officer courses are also drawn from Israel's religious extremist population. "We have reached the point where a critical mass of religious soldiers is trying to negotiate with the army about how and for what purpose military force is employed on the battlefield," said Yigal Levy, a political sociologist at the Open University who has written several books on the Israeli army. The new atmosphere was evident in the "excessive force" used in the recent Gaza operation, Dr Levy said. More than 1,300 Palestinians were killed, a majority of them civilians, and thousands were injured as whole neighborhoods of Gaza were leveled. "When soldiers, including secular ones, are imbued with theological ideas, it makes them less sensitive to human rights or the suffering of the other side." The greater role of extremist religious groups in the army came to light last week when it emerged that the army rabbinate had handed out a booklet to soldiers preparing for the recent 22-day Gaza offensive. Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights group, said the material contained messages "bordering on racist incitement against the Palestinian people" and might have encouraged soldiers to ignore international law (commit war crimes). The booklet quotes far-right rabbi Shlomo Aviner heading a religious seminary in East Jerusalem comparing Palestinians to the Philistines, the Biblical enemy of the Jews. He advises: "When you show mercy to a cruel enemy, you are being cruel to pure and honest soldiers ... This is a war on murderers." He also cites a Biblical ban on "surrendering a single millimeter" of Greater Israel. The booklet was approved by the army's chief rabbi, Brig Gen Avichai Ronsky, reportedly determined to improve the army's "combat values" after its failure to crush Hizballah in Lebanon in 2006. Gen Ronsky was appointed three years ago in a move designed, according to the Israeli media, to placate hardline religious elements within the army and the settler community. Gen Ronsky, himself a settler in the West Bank community of Itimar, near Nablus, is close to far-right groups. According to reports, he pays regular visits to jailed members of Jewish terror groups; he has offered his home to a settler who is under house arrest for wounding Palestinians; and he has introduced senior officers to a small group of extremist settlers who live among more than 150,000 Palestinians in Hebron. He has also radically overhauled the rabbinate, which was originally founded to offer religious services and ensure religious soldiers were able to observe the sabbath and eat kosher meals in army canteens. Over the past year the rabbinate has effectively taken over the role of the army's education corps through its Jewish Awareness Department, which co-ordinates its activities with Elad, a settler organization that is active in East Jerusalem. In October, the Haaretz newspaper quoted an unnamed senior officer who accused the rabbinate of carrying out the religious and political "brainwashing" of troops. Levy said the army rabbinate's power was growing as the ranks of religious soldiers

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It revealed evidence of fluctuating levels of brain activation when she was presented with pictures of her parents. From that point, she started her long journey back into the world. This is a story about brain-impaired patients who come gradually out of coma into “minimal awareness” after being misdiagnosed as being in PVS: breathing, appearing to be wakeful, yet deemed to be dead to themselves and the world. It is also about the disastrous consequences of such misdiagnoses, estimated in the UK and other countries to be running at two in five cases. And, crucially, it is about a neuroscientific research programme that is set to transform the prospects of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of braininjured people the world over. Only an estimated 20% of patients return, like the Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond after his car crash in September, to fully functioning normality after serious brain injury. The range of disability following brain damage is hugely varied in type and severity. It is not known how many PVS and minimally conscious patients there are in this

country, since no central registry exists. It is likely, according to a canvass of many neurology professionals, to be in the tens of thousands. More certain is the grim reality of hospital wards and long-term care homes where the persistently vegetative and the minimally conscious languish, sometimes for decades. To write this article I have had the sobering experience of witnessing the plight of patients with severely impaired consciousness – the intubations, the double incontinence, the stricken semicircle of wheelchairs parked before the unwatched day-room TV. And I have met the anguished families of those who are denied final grieving and closure for a loved one condemned to what appears a living death. All too often I have spoken to a wife or husband, or mother or father, who will travel anything up to two hours each way by taxi, every day, to spend time with an unresponsive child or spouse. But here’s at least one mordantly amusing and true story told to me by a psychologist at Putney’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. “Young man with motorbike head injury in a coma. His mum, a keen evangelical, comes every day with friends to sing Onward, Christian Soldiers by his bedside. She’s hoping to

stimulate his brain into action. It works: he comes round, but he can’t speak. So they fit him up with one of those Stephen Hawkingtype laptops, and the first words he speaks are: “For God’s sake, Mum, shut it!” That’s about as funny as it gets on a brain-injury ward, but there’s a serious take-home message. Even minimally aware patients can retain emotions, personality, a capacity to suffer – and, as the young biker showed, attitude. The biggest, most tragic clinical myth about brain injury today is that PVS can be reliably diagnosed by bedside observation alone. It has in fact been known for at least a decade, ever since a key survey of brain-injured patients, that misdiagnosis of the condition runs at more than 40%, a statistic originally calculated by Professor Keith Andrews, former head of the Putney hospital, and confirmed by recent surveys in Europe and North America. This means that valuable rehabilitation strategies are routinely neglected, and misdiagnosed patients end up on unsuitable wards or in care homes where their needs are neither understood nor met. Up to 12,000 people under 40 in this country suffer traumatic brain injury every year, and there are serious deficiencies in their re-

habilitation, according to Professor John Pickard, head of neurosurgery at Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge: “The tendency for patients to be left to languish on general medical, surgical and orthopaedic wards continues to their detriment.” The shocking term being used by campaigning neurologists and neurosurgeons is that unknown numbers of patients are being just “warehoused”. Christine Simpson, a mother of two in her mid-fifties, and her husband, Colin, encountered the PVS misdiagnosis phenomenon two years ago. After suffering a brainstem stroke, Christine was first admitted to the intensivecare unit at the Princess Alexandra hospital, Harlow, then transferred to a general respiratory ward, where she remained for about a month. “I was told that she would probably get a chest infection and not survive more than a few weeks,” says Colin. “Even on the respiratory ward I was told she was still in coma, though she was communicating with me at times through her eye movements. Only because myself and our two grown-up sons were constantly at her bedside did she get proper attention.

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