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Compit pump station

Complete pump station for sewage and pressurized sewage systems, and for groundwater

Pump station for single-family and two-family houses

Compit is a prefabricated pump station for sewage and pressurized sewage systems, and for groundwater Compit is complete on delivery and is ready for immediate connection. Compit can handle pressurized sewage from private houses more economically and in a more environment-friendly manner. The pump station has three-skin walls of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) which is recyclable and is suitable for long production runs. The station is 1100 mm diameter and 1860 mm high, including cover. The weight without pump and cover is around 85 kg. Compit with two pumps For applications in which very high reliability is required, such as for restaurants, public buildings and the like, the Compit station can be equipped with two pumps within the same overall dimensions. 40 kg concrete cover (not portable) with concrete ring and a single lifting handle. Complete internal delivery pipe of stainless steel, and all ttings made of surface-treated cast iron. The pump is installed simply by lowering it into the pump station, and the sliding bracket then connects automatically to the discharge connection. Stainless steel lifting chain DN63 or DN50 plastic pipe outlet connection Ball shut-off valvel Ball check valve DN160 inlet Self-cleaning sump bottom. The internal walls are smooth to prevent deposits. Maintenance-free operation, even in the longer term. Extra accessories If a deeper pump station is needed, the Compit can be equipped with an extension spacer with a maximum height of 500 mm.

Choose the right Flygt pump for the Compit

Grinder pump with cutting impeller for sewage Grinder pump 3068 is designed for pumping in pressurized sewage systems. The pump capacity is ample and includes a margin to meet wide ow variations. Solid impurities and objects that the pump may have to handle are shredded by the impeller, so that nothing will be deposited in the piping. The pump impeller is designed to induce both vertical and horizontal ow at the same time. This, together with the shape of the pump sump, maximizes the cleaning effect and minimizes sedimentation. Pump 3068 in the Grinder family can pump at a rate of up to 4.5 litres per second. The pump is totally enclosed and offers all of the benets of a submersible pump. The pump can be run intermittently, with up to 15 starts per hour. It can handle liquids at temperatures of up to 40C. Pumps for grey wastewater and groundwater Flygt 3045 and 3057 sewage pumps are suitable for grey wastewater (i.e. water from baths, showers and washing machines). Both of these are wear resistant and corrosion resistant, and have cast iron casings. The pumps are of compact design and have very short shafts, which ensures low loads on bearings and seals. All of this together ensures many years of trouble-free pumping. Flygt DX pumps are very well suited for pumping groundwater. This range of high-efciency, compact submersible pumps features stainless steel pump and motor casings. All pumps in the 3045, 3057 and DX ranges can be supplied with channel impeller or vortex impeller. The latter is suitable for applications in which the water contains large impurities.

The Grinder 3085 and 3102 are also suitable for the Compit.

Pressurized sewage systems Small diameter pipes, such as 50 mm, are laid at a shallow depth and can be run for several kilometres to the municipal sewer network. Specialists from ITT Flygt would be pleased to assist both in system calculations and in the installation work itself.

Your Selection Guide to Compit


Pump station container including:

Grinder MF
H (m) 30

polyeten high density container cover discharge connection bracket SS lifting chain check valve shut-off valve (with extension handle) outlet taper joint 63/50 mm 1-Pump 2-Pump

25 20 15 10

1 2 4 3


Pump 400V, DOL-start

Please mark appropriate box

0 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 Q (l/s)

Grinder (sewage)
MF MF MF MF 3068 210 2.4 kW 3 ph 3068 212 1.7 kW 3 ph 3068 214 1.7 kW 3 ph 3085 259 1.8 kW 3 ph 1 2 3 4

Single channel CF
H [m]

Single channel (drainage)

CF 3045 250 1.3 kW 3 ph 1 CF 3045 252 0.9 kW 3 ph 2 CF 3057 250 2.4 kW 3 ph 3
25 20 15 10

Vortex (drainage)
DF 3045 230 1.2 kW 3 ph 1 DF 3057 230 2.4 kW 3 ph 2 DF 3057 232 1.7 kW 3 ph 3

5 0
0 2 4 6

8 10


14 Q [l/s]


Compit extension
Height extension0.5 m (standard 1860 mm)


Vortex DF
H [m]

Control panel
Outdoor installation Indoor installation

20 16 12 8

Level regulator
2 pcs ENM 10 (start + stop), 6 m cable 2 pcs ENM 10 (start+stop), 13 m cable

4 0
0 2 4 6

1 3
8 10

12 Q [l/s]

Complete pump control systems for the Compit

FGC for reliable pump control FGC is intended for controlling both single-pump and two-pump systems, and is equipped with a display. This includes many accurate functions, including measurement of level and current, and also alarms and statistics. The alarms are stored in a separate log. Several benets Additional functions include automatic, manual and blocked settings, alternating operation, start/stop delay, operating time limitations and service operation. In addition, a module for LAN communication is also included. The number of starts, operating time and other particulars are recorded and are easily accessible for evaluation.


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