The Sixth Form ‘Career’ of Liam J Alford Start with closed questions, and then open them up.

So, you’re a pupil of Culverhay School aren’t you? Why did you attend Culverhay Sixth Form? Was this your first choice or were you hoping to enter another sixth form/college? Do you think it was the right choice? What are you studying? What inspired you to study those subjects?/Any inspirations? What are the lessons like? Do you have a favourite subject? What’s the one thing you like the most about that subject? Who is your favourite teacher? What do you hope to achieve? Have you found life in sixth form easy or hard? What have you learnt since starting sixth form? If you could change anything about sixth form, what would it be?

Body Language: Open body language (relaxed but formal) Tone of voice: Clear, controlled speech with raised pitch Eye Contact: Enough to appear engaged, but not too much so as to offend Proximity: A comfortable distance. Not so far that you’re on the other side of the room, and not so close you’re knees are touching Barriers: Table beside us Levels: On the same level Open V Closed: A mix Unstructured V Structured: Mostly structured Location: PE classroom

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