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Aidan & Ava

Todd & Christa Bush

Araujo died on Friday, May 18, 2012. His Sparks family was there. They went to his funeral, grieved and cried, and consoled others. They continue to support his mom and siblings. That is what family does.

Taking Christ to the poor.

June 2012

Impacting young people to serve Christ.

A family for all to belong...

This year Araujo turned 16 years old. He studied hard while in school, had a girlfriend, and was on his way to fulPilling his dream of going to university and studying to be an engineer. He was a funny guy with a great laugh. It was so contagious it even caused others to burst out laughing.

Todd just returned home from welcoming the first group of interns to Dondo, Mozambique. They are settled and serving in the Ray of Light project and with the Sparks ministry. Todd will be meeting our interns in Kolkata, India in July and then debriefing with our national leaders in Ranchi and Rajahmundry. Visit the Interns In Action blog @ internsinaction/ and follow the interns in India and Mozambique. Ava and Aidan turned 6 years old on June 12. Christa is now serving full-time at the CRI internship office.

Araujo loved life. He played on the Sparks I am thankful to be a part of this Ministry handball team. He enjoyed family. Over the past 5 years I the early morning practices and have invested in, challenged, Sparks worked to become a better player and helped develop Ercylio as Ministry is a and person. He attended Bible a leader. His passion and family for all to studies and was part of an vision for his people and belong... accountability group through community is changing Sparks. Ercylio, the leader of this lives. Young people now have a group of teens, has created not only a place to belong, study, pursue their ministry to assist youth as they grow-up, but dreams, and hear the Gospel. has established a family for all to belong. Araujo was an original member of The Sparks family was there for Araujo when Sparks. He accepted Christ as his his dad died of AIDS. Then this past May, Savior as part of this ministry. He they were there for him again when he was loved and cared for during his became sick. They would visit Araujo in the time with Sparks. His mom and hospital, pray, and share words of siblings are thankful for this family encouragement. They were there as his and are now attending church. health failed more and more. Your continued support allows us to develop leaders like Ercylio leaders who reach out to bring others into Gods loving family. Thank you for your faithfulness to our ministry. As we serve together lives are being changed around the world. Blessings to you,

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