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Also known as BC (Easier to remember than IA and it rhymes!) Volume 1, Issue 17 (Thats a good number!

) Copyright 2012 by Jeffrey H. Kahn All rights reserved

Idiots Anonymous
June 2012

At What Cost Is Auto Ins.?

By Chawnaw Hershel Kahn It was that time of year when my auto insurance policy had to be renewed, when I noticed on my new policy, the cost had been raised about $170.00! I am not going to mention the company who handles my insurance, although it starts with an A and ends with an A and has another A in it. It was necessary to get a quote from at least two other insurance companies. Only Liberty Mutual was the first. Be careful when they quote you as some will give you a six month price, so it sounds less expensive. After a nice chat with the sales rep, who assured me that he had nothing to Clo do with the prices as the computer automatically processed it, my quote was for $1,599 for the year. 21st Century quoted me a little over $1,500 for the year. Gieco who always boasts how they save people money on their insurance, was never asked, as years ago on another used car they quoted me over $2,000!!! These quotes dont sound so bad so far do they? But what you dont know is that, pardon my loud English, I JUST WANTED BASIC INSURANCE, ALMOST BOTTOM OF THE BARREL, ON A TEN YEAR OLD CAR AND I AM ALMOST A SENIOR CITIZEN WITH A GREAT DRIVING RECORD!!! I dont drive with a cell phone as this causes more accidents than anything else! I may be an idiot, but Im not stupid! Not being married is a decisive plus as when I drive, I wont get aggravated! So why cant we have no fault insurance that is really no fault. I mean really, really no fault! I mean really, really, really no fault insurance?!!! I just reminded myself of a true story. Years ago while driving on Route 3 near Giants Stadium and going about 65 miles an hour in a Caravan, a car pulls up alongside, and a Spanish man, who frightened me at first, pointing to my fender screamed, I CAN FIX THAT!


Ok, so I am sure that one time in his life Governor Christie must have been caught by his mother or someone doing something wrong. Maybe taking a chocolate chip cookie when he wasnt supposed to. The truth of the matter is that after Idiots Anonymous Newsletter # 12 was posted, heading Gov. Christie needs money!, it received possibly more hits than any other of the newsletters. So I figured, why not do some slick marketing, mention the Governors name prominently and the reader will be sucked into looking at my material! I do plan to email the Governors office as well and after they have also been sucked in present the Governors staff with a question. The following is the question, just in case the staff member who reads this is on my level of understanding! NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION GOVERNOR, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THE EXORBITANT AUTO INSURANCE PRICES IN THIS STATE?!!! WHY DID YOU MAKE IT MANDATORY THAT INSURANCE COMPANIES MUST CHARGE AN ADDITIONAL FIVE PERCENT?!!! If I may ask the Governor another question; if he doesnt mind? Do you need anyone to do public relations for you? I am good with people, children, and animals, not so good with spiders and other icky insects, although if you read the last newsletter I did say I love aphids! Ladybugs are cute too! I was in sales and know how to sell an idea. As a matter of fact I had a great idea on how to change around the entire public school system. Call it something else and forget it exists! Actually I really did have a great idea on how to improve students grades, attitudes, and dress code with very little money. I emailed it to one of his aides, but never got a response. Just for fun the following is the link where you can see my idea and if you like it, contact Governor Christie at: If crime doesnt pay, they should raise the minimum wage!

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