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lauren kate

November 10th

Wow, it’s sure been a while since the last time I wrote.
I guess these past, er, three years have really flown by! (And just for the record, per my last entry, I am no longer afraid of water balloons. Only clowns wielding water balloons. Spooky.) I’m writing today because, well, there’s this new girl here at Shoreline. Actually, she’s my roommate. And we know how I feel about sharing. I’d only just finished smudging the dorm room free of all bad vibes (my satchel of sage leaves finally shipped from the Canyon


Country Store), when in walks this human embodiment of bad vibes. Lucinda Price. She’s only been here, like, a day, but already she’s totally zoning in on my space . . . and already, I’ve been a pretty horrid bitch to her. Let’s just say ol’ Shel is not adjusting so well to the change. I don’t mean to bark at her all the time. It’s just she’s so helpless and naïve and— Okay, the truth? I know the guy she’s dating. Remember Daniel Grigori? The blond slice of perfection with the gray eyes I could sometimes swear were violet? (If not, see pages twelve through twenty-two of this here book.) (I know. I know! I wrote way too much about him after the single encounter we had, which ended in a very unromantic visit to the county jail, but Daniel was so nice to me. I couldn’t help it.) (I thought we had a connection. I was stupid. It was nothing. I was wrong.) He was just one of those rare kind people who happened to also be gorgeous. He just found me at a bad time and I swear I didn’t know about his history with Lucinda Price. It’s not like I was already at Shoreline, where you can barely sneeze without stumbling into some girly girls gossiping about how romantic they are. Lucinda and Daniel. Lucinda and Daniel. Barf.


Whatever. I guess it’s total karma that the girl ends up being my roommate. Maybe she’s not that bad. It’s not like I’ve given her a chance. She just showed up here, out of the blue, and it threw me for a major loop. I’ll try to be nicer. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe if she’s nice first— Whoops, gotta jet! My new roommate just walked in! —Shel

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