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Educational Technologist

May 24, 2012

1. In communication, personal interaction, and decision making, demonstrates a commitment to our Jesuit identity and mission.

Item Always Often Sometimes Seldom

Count 20 29 19 1

Percent % 28.99% 42.03% 27.54% 1.45%

2. Responds to questions or concerns in a timely manner.

Item Always Often Sometimes

Count 33 29 8

Percent % 47.14% 41.43% 11.43%

3. Displays administrative competency, organization, and efficiency.

Item Always Often Sometimes Seldom

Count 32 24 11 2

Percent % 46.38% 34.78% 15.94% 2.90%

4. Provides effective instruction resulting in professional growth.

Item Always Often Sometimes Seldom

Count 22 30 14 4

Percent % 31.43% 42.86% 20.00% 5.71%

5. Is available to faculty/staff and students during the school day.

Item Always Often Sometimes Seldom

Count 24 26 18 1

Percent % 34.78% 37.68% 26.09% 1.45%

6. Is supportive of teachers concerning their professional development in the area of technology use in and outside of the classroom.

Item Always Often Sometimes

Count 25 29 16

Percent % 35.71% 41.43% 22.86%

7. Demonstrates care for the individual and commitment to the mission and values of the school.

Item Always Often Sometimes Seldom

Count 18 28 21 2

Percent % 26.09% 40.58% 30.43% 2.90%

8. Provides resources that enable faculty and staff to learn about and implement best practices with regards to the way that technology can improve student learning.

Item Always Often Sometimes Seldom

Count 22 30 15 2

Percent % 31.88% 43.48% 21.74% 2.90%

9. Provides faculty with information and tools that allow them to be innovative and creative in the classroom.

Item Always Often Sometimes Seldom

Count 22 36 10 2

Percent % 31.43% 51.43% 14.29% 2.86%

Appendix 2: Strengths, Considerations for Future Growth, Additional Comments

Open Text Responses: I have no idea who the educational technologist is... Great CatTech blog. Wish there was more instruction about how we could use technology in the classroom. Too strongly bound by technological ideology. It would be nice to receive Cat Tech emails with articles that are less biased in favor of technology. It would be nice to have training sessions in preparation for next year during the months of June and July for those who work summer session. Placing them in August requires that we return after just getting off for vacation. Perhaps, if Eric is not available during these months another person proficient in the area of training can be. Afternoon sessions would be great as summer school ends for many between 2 and 3. Thanks for your consideration. Eric is under-appreciated in his important role. Eric is doing an awesome job Extremely generous with all who seek help. Extremely patient with those who need help. Way too kind with those who fail to ask for help. The best I do not know whose work I am asked to comment on here. But, I can say that I do not always have the IT resources I need to do my job efficiently. Just wondering how this position was created and filled without any communication with the faculty at large. I really enjoy the weekly updates, and find something really interesting or valuable in them almost every week. When I have attended training sessions, I have not often left with a sense that I know how to do what I was just trained on doing. That may be more about my own tech limitations. Chad Evans More structured lessons with self-guided options would be great His supercilious and condescending attitude interferes with his instruction. That coupled with his preconceptions about the use of technology profoundly limits his effectiveness in his job. I find myself not wanting to go to any session that he runs because of this. Whenever I attend, I feel insulted and I only get a very superficial introduction - in many ways it seems like he does

not want to share what he knows. He is not knowledgeable enough about a variety of disciplines to be able to help with subject specific technological issues. Eric has always been helpful to me in the area of technology. He's always willing to answer questions and find out the answers when he's not sure. We are lucky to have you. You provide ample opportunities for the faculty to learn more about implementing tech. Thank you! Appreciate your patience to help a variety fo learners in terms of tech expertise Appreciate that you are always willing to stop what you are doing to help with a tech issue Regular communication comes from Eric. Excellent resources to consider. Eric is incredible. I don't think anyone else could do as much as he does, from blogs to workshops to one-on-one help to working on our tech plan. I would like to see a relationship articulated between Ed tech and the IT department; there is a missing link that would improve communication and planning in the area of technology. Isn't it time to hire a director?