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Session #1: You Sank My Battleship!

Presenter: Jeff Lariscy (BOE) Location: Time: Audience: Math teachers or anyone interested in spreadsheets (i.e. Excel) Description: This session begins with a simple game of Battleship to teach spreadsheets to students; Extend to charts/graphs, multiplication and addition tables, linear and quadratic equations, etc. Session #2: Assistive Technology: from high-tech to low-tech Presenter: Pam Anderegg (EMS) Location: Time: Audience: Anyone who teaches special needs students Description: Technology solutions for students with special needs will be presented. Some of the newest technology, such as the Apple Ipad2 and the Livescribe pen, as well as proven low-tech solutions will be reviewed. A hands-on session will be available at the end of the presentation. Session #3: Utility Efficiency from the school to the House! Presenter: Eric Harris (BOE) Location: Time: Audience: All Description: This informative session will showcase discoveries that our local Energy "guy" has made in creating a more efficient school system. Eric Harris will discuss technologies and techniques that can be used to limit your utility bills at home and at work. He will spend time discussing concerns and positive outcomes that will be realized with the addition of SMART meters on our homes and offices. If you look at your utility bills and think "what does all this mean?" Then this is the session for you! Session #4: Websites Worth a Look Presenters: Rebecca Allen, Patricia Dickey, Brandi Morgan, Kamala Neurath (SES, RES, MES, EES) Time: Audience: All Description: Are you struggling to make your classroom more exciting? Are you looking for new ways to teach old concepts? Do you want to incorporate technology into your classroom? Want to use your interactive pad or board more? All of this can be accomplished with these Websites. These Websites are all excellent for teachers wanting to use more technology in the classroom.

Session #5: How To Use Wikis Presenter: Christie Durden (EMS) Location: Time: Audience: All Description: This presentation will answer the following questions: How can teachers use wikis in the classroom? How can students use a wiki to work collaboratively? How can teachers use a wiki to work collaboratively? Session #6: Creating Presentations Using Screencast-o-matic? Presenter: Marti Smith (ECMS) Location: Time: Audience: All Description: Participants will learn how to create a screencast-o-matic presentation. The presentation can be used on websites for additional help at home, or can be used while a substitute is covering your class. Session #7: What's Up "DOK"?: Integrating Depth of Knowledge Levels with the Georgia Student Media Festival Presenter: Peggy Helmly (SEES) Location: Time: Audience: All Description: This session will examine how the process of creating a media festival project integrates all levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge with technology skills. Examples of past GSMF projects will be compared to the DOK wheel. Participants will gain ideas on how the individual steps in creating a multimedia project enables them to assess their students level of knowledge. Session #8: Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety from the counselor's perspective Presenter: Karen Thomas, Kate Keith, Cheryl Toby (EMS SEHS EMS) Location: Time: Audience: All Description: Internet Safety, Cyber bullying, sexting, etc is a hot topic and has become a real problem adolescents and educators alike. We would like to address these issues with you from the counselor's perspective.

Session #9: Factiviating your students brains with Presenter: Thresa Holland (GES) Location: Time: Audience: Math Teachers Description: I will be introducing a wonderful website titled to show you how to get your students EXCITED about learning how to multiply! It uses tricks, rules, chants, and connections to teach the facts. Come and be introduced to Factuary Al and his wonderful world of Factivation! You will love it like I do! Session #10: Teacher Presenter: Lisa Watson (EMS) Location: Time: Audience: All Description: A demonstration of some of the assignments/activities that I have created with my career classes. Participants will see survey monkey, VOKI and others demonstrated. Session #11: Q & A with Ed Barnes eInstruction representative Presenter: Ed Barnes Location: Time: Audience: All Description: Ed will start the session with a few cool ideas on how you can use your Mobi pad and/or CPS clickers that you might not have thought of. He will then open the floor for a Q & A time. This is a BYOQ session! Bring Your Own Questions. Session #12: Using Social Media in the Classroom (Edmodo) Presenter: Kim Larson Location: Time: Audience: All Description: It seems like everyone is on social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. Now, when I say it seems like everyone that means our students and other teachers are included in that statement. If we know that people like to interact using such 2.0 microblogging websites such as those mentioned above, then why dont we use those powers for good. Not only as teachers, we can meet our students there but also we can collaborate with other teachers here in the Effingham County, the state of Georgia, the United States, and even the World. That all being said we know that those types of social media site may not be the best option for K-12 public schooling. So what is the answer? I would like to introduce you to a FREE private social media site only used for schools, Learn the basic of using Edmodo to collaborating with other teachers and classes from down the hall to around the world.

Session #13: Google is not just a search engine... Presenter: Kim Larson Location: Time: Audience: All Description: Google is not just a search engine anymore. The Google corporation has really put forth a lot of effect to create Education Friendly apps for all. Not only can you as a teacher, administrator, or staff member be more productive but so can your students. When I say more productive I don't just mean at work but in life. We will explore such Google apps as Calendar, Gmail, Labs, Docs, Advanced search, Alerts, just to name a few. Session #14: Evernote: Remember everything. Capture anything. Access anywhere. Find things fast. FREE Presenter: Kim Larson Location: Time: Audience: All Description: New York Times Top 10 Must-Have App, Winner: TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and the Webbys. Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. Evernote turns your device into an extension of your brain. Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders--and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go. Session #15: Media Clubs: Easy Ideas for the Busy School Presenter: Peggy Helmly Location: Time: Audience: Teachers, Media Specialists, Paras, Technology Teachers Description: This session will give ideas on how to conduct a volunteer after-school media club. It will cover what media production types to teach, what grade levels should be included, advertising, recruiting volunteers, and scheduling. Session #16: Examview + OAS + CPS = SUCCESS Presenter: Jason Pridgen Location: Time: Audience: All Description: Come see a demonstration of various methods to create tests using Examview and OAS. Also included will be ways to use the CPS system.

Session #17: Make your lessons pop with BrainPop and BrainPopjr.! Presenter: Amy Gilmer Location: Time: Audience: All Description: BrainPop is a website based learning resource. It has videos, quizzes, activities, and much more. Learn how to integrate BrainPop into your lesson plans and how it aligns to the standards. Students love BrainPop's characters and connect with the content as it it presented in a fun and simple way. Session #18: Share and Share Alike: App Management & Other New Website Editing Features Presenter: Amy Burgin Location: Time: Audience: All Description: In this class participants will learn more about the apps offered in our upgraded website system. Options such as sharing, community editing, commenting and RSS feeds will be discussed. We'll look at the advantages of sharing apps as well as the things you can do with a page layout. Be prepared to share your experiences as we will discuss some best practices to share with other attendees.