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THE MAN JOSIAH 2 Chronicles 34:1-33 2 Kings 22:1-20

( 639-609 BC ) 6th Century BC

35:27 (60 verses) 23:30 (50 verses)

Quote: In the days of wicked men, he made godliness to prevail J. Sirach Study Questions: 1. (a) Who was he? (b) When and where did he reign? 2. What about the Book of Chronicles? 3. What lessons? (a) Template of his name (b) Template of his life (c) The people of his time 4. What uniqueness? 1. Jehovah supports Whom Jehovah heals Yahweh supports him Father: King Amon of Judah (Evil) 642-640 BC Grandfather: King Manasseh of Judah (Evil) 696-642 BC Mothers name: Jedidah daughter of Adaiah of Boscath ( 2Kings 22:1) Age on ascension of throne : Eight (8) years Duration of Kingship : Thirty one (31) years th 16 King/ruler of Judah (Godly) Josiah: Ancestor of Christ ( Matt.1:10-11,17) Josiah: Great grandchild of David ( Matt. 1: 6,7,17) Contemporary major prophet: Jeremiah; his calling was 626 BC, thirteenth year of Josiahs reign. His Times: The last days of Judah ( Fall of Samaria Israel; 722 BC, Destruction of Jerusalem- Judah; 586 BC ). From the death of Josiah to the destruction of Jerusalem is but a short span, and the events pass at an ever-quickening pace. In twenty two (22) years, there were four (4) kings, and three (3) invasions of Jerusalem. JOSIAH (639-609 BC ):

2. The Book 2 chronicles: General: This book describes the reign of Solomon, the division of the kingdom, and the subsequent history of the southern kingdom of Judah. Authorship: Jewish tradition says Ezra wrote this book, along with the narrative of 1 Chronicles. Contents: The book describes the history of some kings in more detail than the Book of Kings. Key phrase: Prepareth his heart to seek God or seek the Lord ( 7:14, 11:16, 14:4,7, 15:2,4,12,13,15 17:4, 19:3, 20:3,4, 22:9, 26:5, 30:19, 31:21 34:3) (At least eighteen (18) times) 1

Message: A prayerful study of these scriptures leads to the message of the book; that seeking, believing, obeying, serving and loving the Lord are absolutely requisite to the possession of vital religion and a spiritual and victorious Life. And nothing less than this will satisfy the Lord or the deepest cravings of the soul. Revivals/Reforms: 1st Revival: 2nd Revival: 3rd Revival: 4th Revival: Asa, continued by Jeoshaphat. Joash, though went astray toward the end. Hezekiah Josiah 2 Chron.15:17-20 2 Chron.23-24:16 2 Chron.29-30 2 Chron.34

3. What Lessons? (a) Template of his name; Juvenile: A youthful person; 2Chron.34:1,3, Psa8:1 Obedient: According to all the law; 2Kings23:25b Serving: with all his might (Strength and energy); 2Kings23:25b Intransigent (refusing to compromise): 2Chron.34:2,4-5 Active : He began ; 2Chron.34:1,3, 35:7 Heart: all his heart (love for God, fire and passion); 2Kings23:25b, like David 1sam.13:14: A man of; 1. Prayer: Psa.5:1 2. Meditation Psa.5:2-3 3. Love for God: Psa.18:1, Psa.116:1 (b) Template of his Life; Birth: Reign: Death: Prophetic/Promising: 1Kings13:2 Propitious/Passionate: 2Chron.35:18, 2Knigs23:22-25 Presumptuous/pathetic : 2 Chron.35:20-25, 2Kings23:29-30, Psa 19:13 J OSI AH-

(c) The People of Josiahs time: Superficial ; Jer. 3:6-11, 4:1-5, 5:1-2 4. What Uniqueness in Josiah? i. The Book of the law was found during his rerign. 2Chron.34:14-15,18 ii. No passsover feast like Josiahs. 2Chron.35:18 iii. He turned to the LORD with all heart. 2Kings23:25 Bibliography
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