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Phil turned the ramshackled Maroon coloured Mercedes towards the Coast Pacific highway, a road behind "Panoramic view". The majority of couples parked at the second road to the North of the school off the coast, which Shelby hated because it was only for couples that were "officially together." Shelby did not know where she stood with Phil. They barely spoke on the trip. Better yet, they had barely spoken since they met; only saying hi when they were in the school corridors and occasionally speaking when working on school assignments. Phil had invited her on a date for the first time that night and she had said yes because... He was almost handsome. He could have been more handsome if Shelby were the kind of girl to give her boyfriend advice. She should perhaps suggest... why do you continue to use those hideous glasses? The sun had gone down hours ago. After a moment of observing the ocean illuminated by the Moon in front of them, Phil reached for Shelbys hands and pulled her towards him so that she sat on his lap. His skin was really smooth. His touch was cold, going through Shelbys entire body through his jeans, but she forced herself to remain seated and pretended that it was romantic or something. -So you have a new roommate? Phil asked Shelby with white eyes. -Yes, I do, Who wants to talk about her? -Maybe I want to. -Then invite her to go on a date! -said Shelby, trying to conceal her sudden fury-Jesus, Man, What a great way to make a girl feel special. -Sorry, Shelby - his frozen hand pulled her forcefully towards him I just wanted to know if you two getting along well. -Would you like it if you wanted a room to yourself and then suddenly... This martyr girl arrives and ruins everything? -I would like to meet her someday. -What? -Shelby was not sure if Phil was playing a joke or if she was overreacting. She had a reputation for overreacting. After being sent to completely Nephilim territory. Absent father, shattered mother, bla, bla, bla. - Yeah, if thats what you want. -Perhaps we could all go out together someday - said Phil.

-I said "sure" - as if that would ever happen. Lucinda and I were not exactly best friends. Phil smiled. Shelby had never seen him smile before. Had never noticed how pale his lips were . -Excellent - he said, accommodating his glasses just above his eyes. Shelby held her breath when she looked at the colour of the irises of Phils eyes. They were the most beautiful intoxicating blue that she had ever seen. Their colour was so incredible that it seemed almost impossible to be real. She had no choice but to kiss him.