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HarfordCountyEconomicOutlook June8,2012

BRACwhathasbeentheimpact BRAC what has been the impact ArewethereYet? HarfordCounty y EconomicLandscapeToday NearTermbusinessoutlookfor HarfordCounty,Maryland Harford County Maryland

BRAC Impact
1,818,247 SF of New Commercial Activity since 2006 in Harford (source: BMC May 2012) 526,000 SF of new office construction at the GATE Enhanced Use Lease % p 40% of all commercial development in the country was in the Baltimore/Washington Region during the height of BRAC according to g g g g CoStar

Retail Growth & Expansion

New Corporate Office Parks

Fieldside Commons


New Corporate Office Parks

NorthGate BusinessPark


New Corporate Office Parks

HickoryRidge TechnologyCampus Technology Campus


Getting Results

HowardCounty MontgomeryCounty BaltimoreCounty Baltimore County PrinceGeorge's AnneArundelCounty FrederickCounty BaltimoreCity 2.1% 1.8% 1.1% 1.1% 3.3% 3 3% 3.3% 4.9%


HarfordCountyhadthefastestovertheyearwagegrowthamongMDs8 largecountiesandthe3rd fastestnationwidefromQ210toQ211 an8.8% Source:USBLS increase

Getting Results
138,000 136,000 134,000 134 000 132,000 130,000 128,000 126,000 2010 2011 2012

Anincreaseof6,410jobswereaddedtotheLaborForce fromFebruary2011toFebruary2012


New Homes Planned

Total New SubdivisionsPlanned Number f U i Pl N b ofUnitsPlanned d

39 6,032 4,569 4 569 1,463


NumberofUnitsRemaining Number of Units Remaining TotalPermits Issued

Housing Market
2550 2500 2450 2400 2350 2300 2250 2200 2008 2009 2010 2011

Housing Market
1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2009 2010 2011

Housing Market
$ $270,000 , $260,000 $250,000 $240 000 $240,000 $230,000 $220,000 $210,000 $210 000 $200,000 Ja an11 Ju un11 Ma ar11 Ap pr11 Ja an12 Ma ar12 Fe eb11 Se ep11 ug11 Au Ma ay11 No ov11 De ec11 Fe eb12 Ap pr12 Jul11 Oc ct11


New APG 87 NEW Defense Contractors

Moved to Harford County
AASKI ACE Electronics ACET Alion Science ARINC Avenge Inc. Avon Protection Blue Canopy Boeing Co. Bowhead Technical BRTRC CACI CGI Federal Chesapeake Testing Data Intelligence Data Matrix Solutions, Inc. Data Tactics Defense Contract Mgmt Agency DRC Dynamics Research Corporation DRS DSA DSCI Elbit Engineering Solutions Products, ESP Environics USA Inc. USA, Inc Envision EOIR Technologies EPS Future Skies Galaxy Global GDIT General Dynamics C4 Sys Harris Corporation Hotfoot Mgmt Systems Inmarsat Janus Research Group, Inc. JRAD, Inc. Kalman Lear Siegler/URS LinQuest Lockhead Martin Global Lockwood Group MacB Enterprise ManTech Melvin May Associates MITRE Corporation Modus Operandi Motile Robotics MSA Man Machine Sys Assesmt MSA Manufacturers Svcs Assoc. MTEQ Netcentric NextGen Federal Systems Noblis Northrop Grumman OPTEC Inc. ORISE OSI Guidance Systems Potomac Fusion QED Systems QinetQ Quantum Research R4 Technologies Rockwell Collins RSC2 Sabre Systems, Inc. Shonborn-Becker Systems SmartFix Corporation SOTERA Defense Solutions SRC SRI International Strategic Alliance STG SURVICE Metrology Symbolic Syracuse Research Center Systek Systems Technology TAPE Telcordia Technologies, Inc. Telford Aviation Telos TRAX Triburon U.S. Falcon VetTCorp WYLE

Defense Workforce
Over6,000holdpositionswithHarfordCounty DefenseContractors APGPopulation21,606
2 698 Military 2,698Military 12,884Civilian 6,024Contractors ,

OutlookFederalBudget,ContractAwardsare slow,PresidentialElection l P id ti l El ti

Manufacturing & Distribution

Harfords Economic Landscape

HouseofCards WatersEdgeConferenceCenter Cedar Lane/Ripken Sports and Sports CedarLane/RipkenSportsandSports Marketing Hi h t h HightechmanufacturingBBJArticleToday f t i BBJ A ti l T d InternationalTradeandOutreach FederalContractOversight

Federal Contract Activity

Defense ContractorAwards MarchthroughMay2012 March through May 2012
HarfordCountyRelatedAwards HarfordCountyCompanyAwards PlaceofPerformance HarfordCounty Place of Performance Harford County APG ContractCommandAwards

$864,731,034.00 $130,639,564.00 $488,379,508.00 $488 379 508 00 $668,083,879.00


Federal Contract Activity

Workperformedin H f d C W k f d i HarfordCountyby b OutsideCompanies WorkperformedandCompany based Work performed and Company based outsideHarfordCounty Work performedbytaskorderand Companybasedoutside

$363,786,559.00 $167,842,345.00 $ 6 8 2 3 00 $179,544,000.00 $179 544 000 00


Federal Contract Activity

Harford CountyCompaniesAwardedContracts
SHAWEnvironmental Ed SHAW E i l Edgewood d (workbeingdoneinAlaska) RaytheonofAPG Raytheon of APG SmithsDetectionofEdgewood City of Aberdeen ofAberdeen

$17,997,685.00 $75,000,000.00 $75 000 000 00 $27,488,727.00 $10,153,152.00 $10 153 152 00


Dedication of C4ISR Building to Col William R. Blair Father of US Radar R Col. Father Radar


Entrepreneurial Support
Partnerwithlocal,state&federalorganizationsto p provideaccesstoinformation,resourcesand , networks Workshops available at the HBIC from MD PTAP and WorkshopsavailableattheHBICfromMDPTAPand SBDC
Export101Workshop p p ComplyingwithUSExportControls GSAProposalDevelopmentforITSchedule70 RoadtoRevenue/DevelopanAggressiveMarketing/SalesPlan d / l i k i / l l SmallBusinessLiaisonOfficerTraining

Near Term Goals

UniversityofResearchPark Transportation STEM PublicPrivatePartnershipstoachievegrowth P bli P i P hi hi h StateandCountyBudgets HarfordCountyStrengthsSmartWorkforce, , , Location,Location,LocationandResearch

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