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St Augustines Primary School Bulletin Monday 18th June

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to a wonderful celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee. A day Im sure the children will never forget and neither will I! Tuesday 19th June is our annual Governors Day. During the day there will be committee meetings as well as a Full Governing Body Meeting in the afternoon. During the morning, Governors will carry out a Health and Safety Walk with Joan as well as a learning walk focussing on: Learning Environment How can it be improved? / The challenge of a changing cohort in EYFS. Please tidy up displays / classrooms etc and be aware a Governor could visit at anytime. Governors will also be in Infant / Junior halls at lunchtime. If a child has a splinter, we are not able to remove it, and there is now a note to go home to the parent to inform them of the situation. A reminder to everyone that the school will take no responsibility if a member of staff has an accident due to the type of sandal / shoe they choose to wear to school e.g. high heels, open toed shoes, sandals etc. I would also ask staff to consider their choice of clothing, particularly in the warmer weather. Please remember that we are professionals, working with children, and meeting parents etc and should dress appropriately for this type of work. Diaries are available for collection from Infant Office Monday 18th Reports, KS1 & 2 SATs scores to be submitted UEL tutor in AM Miss Bergin carrying out paired observations with tutor and then to meet with tutor following observation PAT Testing KS1 Phonics testing all week Old staffroom out of use Sailing for Year 5 pupils, every Monday morning for next 5 weeks Mr Jan Choeanec (Guitar Teacher) in school 10.30am 11.00am AM AM PM 1.45pm 3.00pm 3.30pm 3.30 4.30pm 3.30pm 3.45 5.15pm KS1 Headteacher Assembly PC Joe Gregory to visit Reception 30 minutes with each class Stranger Danger Mrs Monk Phonics screening Miss Bergin to cover 1b Mrs Frew PPA Mrs Holden to cover Mrs Frew phonics testing Miss Bergin to cover 1a Mrs Doyle Nursery Assembly KS2 Headteacher Assembly Spanish Classes Mrs Neale Basketball Club starting for Years 4, 5 & 6 20 minutes Fronter + Maths led by Mr Roca-Mas Family Learning KS2

Tuesday 19th PAT testing Governors Day Mrs Jarvis to cover Mrs Anthony all day Mrs Holden to cover Mrs Lucey all day Mrs Nandan away Mrs Goodwin to cover for 2 weeks 8.40 10.00 9.30am 9.30am 10.00 3.30 10.30am 12.45 2.45pm 12.50 1.20pm 2.30 3.30pm 7pm Mrs Ranjan to cover Nursery Miss Bergin to cover Mr Roca-Mas (approximately 30 minutes) Social Communication Professional Group Mrs Ranjan, Mrs Fenech & Mrs Williams (am), Mrs Colville (pm) to attend Holiday Express Inn Miss Bergin to cover Nursery KS1 Hymn Practice Family Literacy Course Infant ICT Suite Dance Club Yrs 3 - 6 Extended KS2 Hymn Practice Netball Year 5 & 6 New parents to Nursery Meeting Infant Hall / Nursery Wednesday 20th Educational Psychologist in school Mrs Faulkner away Mrs Brady to cover Mrs Gallagher in Nursery all day (Student to cover in 2b am / Mrs Holden to arrange with student for pm) am Mrs Anthony to carry out Year 1 phonics screening Violin Teacher in school. Mrs Hickman to visit Year 3 pupil

9.00 3.45pm 10.30am

11am Mrs Doyle to meet with work placement student Pm Mrs McGarry to carry out Year 1 phonics screening Miss Bergin to cover 1a No Cello Teacher in Youth Hall.

1.00 3.30pm 1pm

Mrs Anthony to attend Data Analysis meeting at Highlands School

2 4pm 2.30pm 3:30 4:30 3.30 4.30 3.20pm 3.15 4.15pm 3.30pm

Mrs Daniel to attend EMA Forum Churchfields School First Holy Communion Mass Fr Selvini to celebrate No Instrumental Ensemble KS2 Hall Film Club (Year 5 & 6 pupils) in Class 6a Choir - Classroom French Club in Infant ICT Suite SMT Meeting Thursday 21st Infant Sports Day Mrs Anthony to attend Deputy Headteacher Meeting, Stanstead (all day) Mrs Wilkinson away Mrs Wade to cover Reception (Cover required for pupil) Mr Roca-Mas to attend Maths Subject Leaders Meeting at Barley Lane Primary (am) / PPA Payback (pm) - Supply cover booked all day

Am 9.30 11.30am 12.50 1.20pm pm PM PM 3.30pm 3.30pm 4.30pm

Mrs Gallagher PPA time Behaviour Management Course Mrs Ranjan to attend Dance Club Yrs 3 - 6 School council to feedback to classes Mrs Monk (covered by Miss Bergin), Mrs McGarry (covered by Mrs Holden) if needed for completion of Y1 Phonics screening Mrs Christou PPA Mrs Gallagher to cover Spanish Classes Mrs Neale Focus Groups EYFS (RB), AFL (2b) Single Status Meeting for Voluntary Aided Schools Mrs Doyle to attend Friday 22nd Mrs Wilkinson away Mrs Wade to cover Reception Cover required for pupil


Mrs Holden to cover Mr Roca-Mas, Miss Bergin to cover Mr Hatzar IPC (Indv. Subjects) Long Term Planning Makaton Beginners Workshop, Hatton School. Mrs Colville (Mrs Williams to cover) and Mrs Shah to attend 1a Assembly Reception pupils (5+) Hearing and Vision testing ICT Suite

8.30am 9.15am 9.45am

1.20pm 1.20pm 2pm 2.45pm 3.30 4.30pm

Mr Firman, Guitar teacher in school Mr Tim Eaton (Woodwind Teacher) in school Cheeky Jacks staff meeting Infant ICT Suite Class 5a Assembly Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Football Training KS2 Playground