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Kevin Durant: NBA is a large and needs no introduction.

This association has the tournament, and popular for their games around the world, here I am going to discuss the salaries of the players. NBA pays a well to his players and teams. The salary data listed is for the year 2009-2010. Details of some of the players better paid mentioned below: 1. Tracy McGrady: He is the highest paid player in the NBA this year. His salary per year as a current database is $ 23,239,561. He plays for the Houston team. 2. Kobe Bryant: He's next on the list of players to pay. He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and his salary is $ 23,034,375. 3. Jermaine O'Neal: Then come the names of the list is Jermaine. He is in Miami and his team salary is $ 22,995,000 per year. 4. Tim Duncan: It is played in San Antonio and is in 4th position in the list. He gets $ 22,183,218 in wages per year. 5. Shaquille O'Neal: Shaquille is getting $ 20,000,000 in wages, and he plays for Cleveland. 6. Dirk Nowitzki of Dallas and the team Paun Pierce of Boston, a team: two are at number six and they both get paid $ 19,795,714 a year. 7. Ray Allen: Ray plays for the Boston team and is next on the list of highest paid NBA player. It gets $ 19,766,860 a year. 8. Rashard Lewis: Rashard is this, and he plays for Orlando. His salary is $ 18,876,000 per year. 9. Michael Redd: Redd is next on the list. He plays for Milwaukee. It gets $ 17,040,000 a year. 10. Pau Gasol, the Lakers team and the team of Andrei Kirilenko of Utah: both are in the next number and get the salary of $ 16,451,250 per year. 11. Kevin Garnett: Garnett is on the list of highest paid NBA, and he plays for the Boston team, and his annual salary is $ 16,400,000. 12. Amare Stoudemire and Yao Ming: Yao plays for the Houston team and Amare Stoudemire played for Team Phoneix. Both get the same salary as $ 16,378,325. Both are 12 positions in the NBA list of high paying. 13. Vince Carter: Vince Orlando team is receiving $ 16,300,000 per year. 14. Gilbert Arenas: Gilbert is next and he plays for Washington and his salary is $ 16,192,080.

15. Zach Randolph: He is next and he plays for Memphis. His salary is $ 16,000,000. 16. Carmelo Anthony plays for the Denver team, LeBron James played in Cleveland, Chris Bosh plays for the Toronto and Miami's Dwyane Wade plays. These four are in the next position and they all put the same salary as $ 15,779,912 per year. Frimannsson has been writing articles for nearly 2 years. Come visit their new website menosFuente Article: Kevin Durant

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