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Topic A Comparative study on personal banking services of SBI and ICICI Project Report on AMERICAN EXPRESS Analysis and interpretation of mutual fund in IL&FS INVESTSMART Branding and It's Impact on Commodity Products Business valuation, leasing Vs buying decision and project financing in BHEL Capital Structure & Cost of Capital Decisions Comparative study of commercial banks and Co-operative Banks Defining consumers perception towards mutual funds Derivatives and portfolio hedging using some interest rate derivatives Derivatives Management Disinvestment in India A detailed report on E- Banking Report on equity valuation report on export finance FDI in Rajasthan FII Investments With Respect to DTAA Financial Analysis bhel project Financial Analysis of Maruti Udyog Ltd A study on financial performance analysis at vijay textile limited Study on financial services Foreign Exchange & Risk Management in Vizag Steel Plant Study on Insurance Sector In India Investment in IPO an Analysis Project report on Listing of securities Mutual funds and other investment tools comparative analysis and investment strategies Portfolio management and investment decision A detailed report on Portfolio Management Services Project Finance & Project Evaluation - Indian Oil Project on Financial Performance analysis at Vijay textiles project on mutual fund investments on the basis of life stages project report on mutual fund Study on Retail Banking A Study of Cellular Services Provided by HUTCH A report on SECURITISATION Synergy of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs) with their Distribution Channel A descriptive report on Rural Banking A report on Asset Based Finance a study of how derivative is progressing in India banking sector reforms Banking services in India Report on Bombay stock Exchange Commodity Based Financing

Comparative analysis of organizations offering PMS via-a-vis Most credit appraisal - Union Bank of India export finance External commercial borrowings Project report on ICICI Direct A report on mergers and acquisitions Project on Bank of Baroda project on comparative analysis of mutual funds and ulips Project on Export Finance project on external debt management project on letter of credit, working capital Project on Stock market trend of India Project on VAT in Maharashtra report on central banking Report on central-banking report on Retail Banking in India Rural Finance in an Indian Economy SENSEX calculation method A report on Working Capital Management Discounted cash flow model project report
Corporate Control and Value Destruction Managerial myopia, CEO compensation structure and earnigns management by R&D cuts Ethics and auditing profession Project: Real exchange rate in China Earnings management, audit opinion and auditor location Value Vs Growth: A study of portfolio returns on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Studies on the venture capital process The Entry of FDI in Chinas Water Industry Optimal capital structure Value Creation in Buyouts: Value-enhancement practices of private equity firms with a hands-on approach Investments and Corporate Strategy: Aligning investment decisions with overall strategy Forecasting the Equity Premium and Optimal Portfolios Internationalization of banks: The consumer perspective The Importance of Customers in Mergers and Acquisitions What gets measured gets done?: a study within the newspaper industry Remuneration Programs: A Principal Agent Theory perspective of CEO Remuneration Programs Merger & Acquisition : Avoiding the path of decay How do you Value Non-Traded Firms? How industry change has affected European airlines: Development of profitability and capital structure year 2000-2008 Mathematical Analysis of Financial Markets International Monetary Fund. Programs and Capital Market Access Statutory Audit: Benefits of Maintaining Audits after the Abolishment

Insider trading on the Stockholm Stock Exchange: Non reported insider trading prior to profit warnings Target Costing: In the light of an ideological comparison between Japan and Sweden Risk Management for Residential Property.: Hedging alternatives for small investors Statutory audit - beyond the yes or no debate PROJECT PERFORMANCE BASED OPTIMAL CAPITAL STRUCTURE FOR PRIVATELY FINANCED INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS Persistency & trends: Stock price impact of interim reports Reliance Life Insurance Project Volatility in Indian Stock Market Leverage Buyouts: - A boom or bust in the Nordic Region? Project Report on National stock exchange (NSE) of India Hedging against Inflation: A study of Russian real estate funds Valuation of Family Businesses: A case study Exchange Rate Risk: From a Portfolio Investors Point of View Kotak Life Insurance Project Report Gold During Recessions, Subprime mortgage crisis Absolute Return Hunters Mobile Customer Relationship Management: A study of barriers and facilitators to mCRM adoption Corporate Spinoffs- A Risk and Return Perspective Strategic Fit in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Case Study of Volvo Cars Investors Rationality: Behavioral Finance Import from China: The straight way to success? Currency risk management: A case study of Superfos The Driving Force of Swap Spreads Mergers and Acquisitions: Abnormal returns in the pharmaceutical industry Venture Capital: In need of new valuation tools? Essays in International Finance Practical Application of Modern Portfolio Theory Essays in Public Finance Portfolio Risk: In the eyes of institutional portfolio managers Why are IPOs still attractive: A comparison between going public or staying private Barriers to change Value Creation in Buyouts Micro Credit to Micro Finance institutions Valuing Companies in Emerging Markets - The Case of Nigeria INVESTIGATING SHAREHOLDERS ECONOMIC VALUE Innovative ways to finance telecommunication in developing countries How the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) can be improved? Investment Banking Project Report The Determinants of Capital Structure in Energy Sector PAYBACK METHOD IN CAPITAL BUDGETING DECISION The Value of Security Audits, Asymmetric Information and Market Impact of Security Breaches

THE USEFULNESS OF EARNINGS, THE MAGNITUDE OF PRICE CHANGE, AND THE RETURNEARNINGS COVARIANCE: BEYOND THE ERC AND R TO TELL OR NOT TO TELL: MARKET VALUE OF VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURES OF INFORMATION SECURITY ACTIVITIES Multiple Audiences and Corporate Disclosure MANDATING DISCLOSURE OF R&D BENEFITS AND COSTS TO EXTRACT MANAGERS PRIVATE INFORMATION: OBSTACLES AND PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS Internal Control, Enterprise Risk Management, and Firm Performance Herd behavior in voluntary disclosure decisions: An examination of capital expenditure forecasts Analysts Superiority in Processing Public Information: Evidence from Recommendation Revisions An Alternative Measure to Detect Intentional Earnings Management through Discretionary Accruals Empirical Analyses on Federal Thrift Savings Plan Portfolio Optimization Venture Capitalists Investment and Reinvestment Decisions Three Essays on Volatility Issues in Financial Markets Securities Fraud: An Economic Analysis Rationalizing Momentum Interactions INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: A STUDY OF COMPLEMENTARITIES AND CONVERGENCE Foreign Portfolio Investment and the Financial Constraints of Small Firms An Exact Bayes Test of Asset Pricing Models with Application to International Markets Essays on Law, Finance, and Venture Capitalists Asset Allocation Decisions Essays on Asset Purchases and Sales: Theory and Empirical Evidence Essays in Financial Economics Empirical Essays in Corporate Finance Optimizing growth and profitability: case studies of six Swedish family businesses Corporate tax pattern in India Forecasting Volatility Evidence from Indian Stock and Forex Markets Stock trend prediction using news articles : a text mining approach