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ck The Inside Track The Inside Tra

Foodmate Shines at IPE 2012

This year Foodmate utilized a demonstration area that showcased
its newest and most innovative product offering yet: the OPTI Thigh
Deboner. Not only did this demo room bring in new faces to the
Foodmate booth but it allowed Foodmate to show just how much of a
player they have become in the poultry processing industry since they
frst began in 2006.
The OPTI Thigh Deboner demonstrations not only generated a high
volume of foot traffc, but also led to multiple orders both during and
after the show. Once this machine is visualized, there is no denying its
effectiveness and effciency. Foodmates Food Service Cut-Up System
and OPTI Flex Cut-Up System were also on display at IPE and orders
were generated on the spot for these newly developed solutions!
Another key feature of Foodmates booth was the new logo and
branding that was announced on January 1, 2012. The branding was
carried over into the new booth and signage displayed at IPE 2012 and
it aided in showcasing Foodmates core concepts of new innovations
and progression in the poultry processing industry.
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Dark Meat
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Foodmate bi-annual newsletter Volume 4 June 2012
The Inside Track The Inside Track ck
Foodmate Introduces New Branding
These are exciting times at Foodmate! In January 2012 we launched our new
logo and branding. The new logo is a refection of the refresh taking place
inside Foodmate, and our renewed sense of purpose showing our core
business as a manufacturer of poultry processing equipment.
The new design is indicative of more improvements to come as we grow and
develop into an industry leader.

The graphic in the Foodmate logo shows progression and forward

movement. The new logo applies two colors, namely green and blue,
symbolizing the chicken and the cut up parts.

We thank our clients, colleagues and staff for sharing in our journey to get to
this point. We look forward to your continued support as we work to further
improve and continue to make a positive impact in the industry and in the
communities we serve.
Old Logo New Logo
Flexibility and Yield
The Foodmate OPTI Leg Processor is designed to
anatomically remove the back from the saddle to
create a back out whole leg. The unique design of
the OPTI Leg Processor lets the saddles run straight
through the machine and never change direction.
The legs are pulled away from the back and there is
no need to twist the back away from the hip sockets.
This results in a smoother process, putting less strain
on the backs and hocks, and improving yield. The
machine can run a wide size range while maintaining
an optimal anatomical cut with minimal to no adjust-
ments. Since the introduction in 2011, numerous
customers have installed and benefted from the
OPTI Leg Processor. All have reported very positive
results with signifcant yield improvements while
reducing rework caused by bone content. The
OPTI Leg Processor can be installed in either a new
Foodmate Cut-Up System or it can easily be
integrated into your existing frame or fex
cut-up system.
Dark meat solutions Dark meat solut utions
lncreases operations fexibility by acconnooating
a wide size range with minimal adjustments
Reouces strain on the back with the elinination
of the turn
Reouces bone content
Improves oyster retention
lnproves yielo
lncreases the fnal orun ano thigh presentation
since the legs do not twist in the machine
lncreases biro size acconnooations via
height adjustment by the actuator
OPTI Leg Processor
Unique Features and Benefts of the OPTI Leg Processor:
Dark meat solutions Dark meat solut utions
High Yield and Hand-Cut Appearance
The Foodmate OPTI Thigh Deboner was developed to
solve problems commonly found in both manual and
automated thigh deboning operations. The unique
concept and design of this machine will provide high
meat quality and optimal yield, and only requires a few
trimmers and inspectors.
The innovative scraper design and tendon cutting
system gives the meat a hand-cut appearance and does
not shatter or crush the bones. Unlike other automated
thigh deboners, the OPTI Thigh Deboner does not require
a rubber disc to clean the bone, which signifcantly
reduces operating cost.
There are many benefts with the OPTI Thigh Deboner over
hand deboning systems. Adding this feature will provide
more consistent results, requires less operator training and
more importantly, doesnt create ergonomic issues with
your employees due to repetitive motion.
OPTI Thigh Deboner
Meat pull down unit Oyster tendon cutting unit
Unique Features and Benefts of the OPTI Thigh Deboner:
lnproves proouction speeo with easy loaoing to
handle 80 100 thighs per minute
lnproves the ability to acconnooate various sizes
with the self-adjusting thigh holder
lncreases yielo with nininal nanual trinning neeoeo
Elininates bone shattering or fragmenting
Provioes a hano-cut neat appearance
Reouces labor costs
Acconnooates skin on or oII thighs
Foodmate recently introduced a new double bladed, front
halving machine to address problems commonly found
with single bladed front halving machines.
Using two blades instead of one large blade gives
a straighter cut across the hips and gives more
control over the number of ribs that stay attached
to the front half.

The Double Bladed Halving Machine increases consis-
tency and allows for a straight cut, eliminates the need for
a pre-cutter, allows for easy adjustments due to the simple
construction, and integrates easily into existing frame or fex
cut-up systems.
Double Bladed Halving Machine
Thigh & Drumstick Cutter
The Foodmate Thigh & Drumstick Cutter is a multi-
purpose machine that can be used for both retail
and food service applications. It has a simple
construction design that contains no rebuild points,
thus reducing the cost of ownership. It provides
an anatomic cut and depending on the type
of cut, various confgurations are possible. The
electrical sync allows for more accurate cutting
and the absence of a 90 degree gear box lowers
maintenance costs.
Foodmates dark meat revolution
includes integrated solutions that
provide the desired end result by
focusing on optimizing every step.
Cut up solutions Cut-up solutions ns
Fooonates Frane Line Rebuilos oIIer an
improved Cut-Up Line design with a new
type of shackle. This shackle will not turn
in the wrong position and damage cutting
modules and it fxes current turning points
because the shackle cannot turn in a wrong
position at the cutting modules. These
shackles can also be released from the
cut-up line at all positions. The Foodmate
Frane Line Rebuilos provioe fexibility,
durability, and are signifcantly easier to
Frame Line Rebuilds
A full conversion kit includes the
following parts:
New Chain
New Shackles with Locking Block
New Side Plates (including Turning &
Correction Points)
New drive/idler wheels with rotating
shackle guide
The new Foodmate shackle can be used
in two different applications:
New Foodmate Cut-up Systems
Existing Systemate / Dapec / Meyn
Frame Lines
The Foodmate Food Service Cut-Up System is
designed to meet all 8-piece, 9-piece and dark
meat cut-up requirements.
A typical 8- and 9-piece machine consists of a tail
cutter, food service wing cutter, inline fat puller,
pre-cut and/or keel cutter. For a 9-piece cut, it
includes the lengthwise halving machine, thigh
popper, food service halving machine, food service
thigh/drum cutter and static un-loader. All pieces
can be collected in a synchronized conveyor
with pockets.
The Foodmate Food Service Cut-Up System
is supplied with auto-correcting magnetic
cut-up shackles which signifcantly reduces the
opportunity for the shackles to be turned
in the wrong direction when entering the
cutting modules.
The unique turn point and side plate confguration
makes the machine easy to clean and fexible for
future line modifcations.
The standalone machine requires minimum
installation time because all of the single point
connections are integrated into the machine.
Food Service Cut-Up System
Magnetic Shackle Block Replacements
An innovative improvement for your fex cut up shackles.
The Magnetic Shackle Block was designed to eliminate
common problems found with triggers and springs,
integrate with existing Dapec/Meyn fex cut up systems,
and improve line effciency. This system was also
designed to reduce maintenance time and cost while
minimizing misfeed into cut up modules.
Hygienic improvements include: No cut outs, no cubby
holes at top of block, and no nooks for dirt to collect.
This new and improved design features: Fewer parts to
purchase and maintain, turn block located at the exact
same as current fex block, and no more springs and
Splitter Blade
How to Reduce Rework on Whole Bird Splits
Many suppliers to the food service industry often struggle
to meet production goals and quality standards due to
off-center cuts caused by the whole bird splitter. As a result
of this feedback, Foodmate has developed a cost-effective
and simple solution to this problem.
The new Foodmate whole bird Splitter Blade has proven
to increase effciencies and reduce the amount of rework in
many food service processing facilities.
Our customers have reported a signifcant decrease in
rework which improves fock utilization throughout the
processing facility.
The Foodmate blades are designed to maximize yield,
reduce rework and improve cutting effciencies by
providing a quality and cost-effective blade solution.
Sharp Ideas dea Sharp Id as
Foodmate Launches Powerful New Tool to Increase
Customer Satisfaction
Foodmate US has launched its SAP business management software to govern all
aspects of the business process through a single system.
The SAP systems allows Foodmate US to manage its fnance, sales, warehouse and
production, customer relations, and purchasing more effciently. The system offers
multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, too.
Launching our SAP system permits our staff to work more effciently in serving
Foodmate US customers, Foodmate US owner Scott Hazenbroek said. With our
rapid growth, the SAP software offers functionality as we grow. It is an effective tool
for our staff in servicing our customers.
With the new software, Foodmate US will be able to manage its growing customer
base, increase sales-force productivity, and cut order lead times. It will gain a real-
time view of operations, and allow Foodmate US to respond to changing market
trends and customer needs.
Coming Soon:
Foodmate US, Inc. website - June 1, 2012
Foodmate expands Foodmate expa pands
Foodmate US Names Operations and Engineering
Foodmate US has named veteran engineer David Hughes as Operations and
Engineering Manager.
In his new role, Hughes will implement and manage the Foodmate US business
system, developing standard procedures for enterprise resource planning,
customer relationship management, accounting, engineering, and warehouse
logistics. In addition, Hughes will provide support for manufacturing, sales and
project engineering.
has worked for three large poultry equipment companies over the past 16 years as a
sales engineer, engineering manager, operations engineer and project designer.
Hughes and his wife, Jeanette, live in Canton, Ga., with their children, Brandon, 16, and
Joshua, 12.
David has provided innovative solutions in the
food processing industry for a number of years,
Foodmate US Owner Scott Hazenbroek said.
He has a great reputation in the poultry industry
for designing custom processing solutions for
customers, and that will continue to be a part of
his job. But he also will look for ways to create
more effciency in-house to help our staff address
customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction.
Hughes comes to Foodmate US with 16 years
experience in engineering and design of
poultry processing equipment. He has six years
experience in manufacturing engineering and
design and 10 years experience in precision and
general machining. The California native
Meet the Staff Sales
Scott Hazenbroek
President and Founder of
Foodmate US, Inc.
Phone: 678-819-5274
Scott Hazenbroek has 17 years experience in the processing equipment business. He
oversees the companys operation in North America. Scott graduated college in the
Netherlands and is bilingual in Dutch and English, and speaks German and French.
Matt Foster
Regional Sales Nanager
Phone: 678-995-2410
Territory: Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma,
South Dakota, Texas
As Regional Sales Nanager, Foster will assist Fooonate custoners by helping then
design and implement equipment installations and upgrades to help increase
production on meat and poultry processing lines.
Foster has more than 15 years of experience in the poultry industry having worked for
two poultry equipment and three processing companies. He has a varied background
in the industry having held positions as service technician, purchasing manager and
maintenance supervisor. Foster previously served in sales and technical support for
Foodmate US.
Tim Morgan
Area Sales Manager
Phone: 404-219-9276
Territory: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland,
Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC,
West Virginia
With nearly 20 years in the poultry equipment industry experience, Morgan has a
diverse background with 10 years in the packaging, three years in poultry processing,
and six years in services and installation.
Meet our staff Meet our staff
John Trayler
Senior Service Engineer
Phone: 678-995-2361
In his role as a Senior Service Engineer/Technician, Trayler installs Foodmate equipment
and provides maintenance for US customers. He is also be responsible for providing
customers with technical support and advice on poultry equipment.
Trayler has seven years of experience in the poultry industry serving as senior service
technician for two equipment companies before joining Foodmate. The Georgia native
is also certifed as an Electrical Journeyman Wireman.
Meet the Staff Service
Paul Breure
Technical Services Manager
Phone: 678-819-5221
As Technical Services Manager, Breure uses his technical expertise to assist the
companys sales managers and customers. He oversees sales engineering, project
management and new product implementation.
Having worked for several large poultry processing equipment companies in the U.S.
and Europe over the last 20 years, Breure has a thorough knowledge of processing
plant operations. He has served in many capacities including project manager, service
manager, and international feld technician.
Breure is an expert in poultry plant automation and has a strong background in
electrical engineering.
David Harris
Service Engineer
Phone: 770-925-5382
As a service technician, Harris will install new equipment and provide service for
Foodmate US clients throughout North America.
Harris has worked in the poultry industry since 1996 and has developed an expertise in
installing new equipment.
In his 15 years in the industry, Harris has experience as a service technician, maintenance
technician and in research and development.
Rntgenstraat l8 Cuo-Beijerlano
Postbus 1405 3260 AK Oud-Beijerland
Phone: +31-186630240 Fax: +31-186630249
300 Wilbanks Drive, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Phone: 678-819-5270 (U.S.) Fax: 678-819-5273
Foodmate is an equipment manufacturing company based
in the Netherlands. Founded in 2006, we focus primarily on
poultry processing, and we recently launched Foodmate US,
expanding our worldwide distribution into North America.
Driven by research, paired with unmatched knowledge and
decades of experience, its our mission to innovate, automate
and bring cost-effective solutions to the industry.

Our product line spans a wide assortment of processing
equipment designed for live bird handling, killing and
de-feathering, eviscerating, chilling, weighing, cut-up systems,
deboning, and more. In addition to manufacturing, we
provide an extensive variety of spare parts and service for
other processing equipment and reconditioned machines.
Further supporting the industry, Foodmate also delivers
equipment that can be used in industrial washers including
crate washers, pallet washers and container/drum washers.

Our team represents decades of industry knowledge and
experience resulting in the engineering, development and
implementation of new designs for our clients and their
ever-changing needs.

We innovate, automate and bring
cost-effective solutions to the industry.