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Instructions: Circle the answer you think is the most appropriate.

A "" means that the sentence is already correct and doesn't need any more words. 1. Some people _____ afraid of dogs. Am is are

2. The news _____ on TV at 6 o'clock. Am is are

3. We don't have _____ bread. Much many few little

4. Nancy has _____ unusual last name. A an one

5. Michiko studies _____ than her brother. Less little few fewer B: They're Fred's. where

6. A: _____ CD's are those? Whose whos who

7. There _____ milk in the carton. It's empty. 's some no s not isnt any

8. Charles can speak Spanish, but he _____ write it very well. No not can cant

9. How many brothers and sisters _____? do you have have you do have you have

10. That's my pen. Give _____ her to me them to me him to me it to me

11. There are many beautiful wildflowers _____ the desert. On at into in

12. There are no trees _____ that island. At to on into

13. A: What time is it? B: It's _____. nine and a half half past nine half alter nine nine half

14. Where is my _____? History's book 15. Who _____? did John go to the movies with John went to the movies with John did go to the movies with with John went to the movies book of History History book books History

16. What time _____ the party last night? did you left you did leave did you leave you left

17. What _____ ?

mean "polite"

means "polite"

does mean "polite"

does "polite" mean

18. Mr. Nolan _____ to Europe several years ago. Goes went has gone had gone

19. Nancy _____. has 18 years has 18 years old Is 18 years Is 18 years old

20. Do you like pizza? Yes, I do. Yes, I am. Yes, I like. Yes, I am like.

21. _____ the lesson now. I'm understand I'm understanding I understand I understood

22. Mr. Richmond _____ after dinner. will to come will come will be come will came

23. What _____ this weekend? are you going to do you are going to do you going to do are you going do

24. Rocky I was _____ Rocky II. more better more better than better better than

25. Carla is _____ student in the class. the more oldest the most oldest oldest the oldest

26. Is Mr. Dickenson _____? a friend of you a friend of your a friend of yours friend of yours

27. Bill _____ for that company since 1998. is work has worked worked has been work

28. I will tell him as soon as he _____. Arrives arrived will be arrive will arrive

29. I _____ to Canada. never was never been have never been am never been

30. Charles ate _____. almost the pie almost of the pie most the pie most of the pie

31. I was sleeping when my friend _____. Arrived arrives is arriving was arriving

32. The teacher wants _____ a book report. us to write we to write us write that we write

33. I didn't like the movie. I thought it was very _____. Bore bores bored boring

34. A: I didn't go to class yesterday. B: _____. I was too tired.

Neither was I

Neither did I

So was I

So did I

35. Do you know _____? does Bill speak Spanish does speak Spanish Bill if Bill speaks Spanish if speaks Spanish Bill

36. Henry was born _____ November 18, 1985. At in on to

37. Henry was born _____ November. At in on to

38. Henry was born _____ November 18. At in on to

39. Henry was born _____ 1985. At in on to

40. Henry lives _____ 435 Oak Street At in on to

41. Henry lives _____ Oak Street At in on to

42. Henry lives _____ the end of the street. At in on to

43. Henry lives _____ San Francisco, California At in on to

44. She is the woman _____ bought our SUV. Which whom she who

45. Our house, _____ was built 50 years ago, is being remodeled. Which what that whom

46. _____ what to do? Are you be shown 47. I saw him _____. to leave leave leaves left Are you been shown Have you been shown Have you being shown

48. I won't go to the party _____ you go with me. Despite unlike unless yet

49. I went on a picnic _____ the cold weather. Despite unlike unless yet

50. John is a very good student, _____ his brother. Although unlike unless yet

51. John is a very good student, _____ his brother isn't.





52. There will be a dance after the game, _____? will it won't it will there won't there

53. You seldom get a chance like that, _____? do you don't you does it doesn't it

54. He takes a vacation _____. barely rarely only rarely hardly rarely scarcely rarely

55. The children ate the ice cream _____ I told them to wait. Even even if even though in spite of

56. The car _____ Frank bought cost $42,000. Whose whom what

57. Carl avoided _____ the question. to answer answer answered answering

58. The teacher let Norma _____ the question. to answer answer answered answering

59. Wife: Did you remember _____ milk, dear? Husband: Oh, no! I forgot! to buy buy bought buying

60. That's strange. The door isn't locked, and I distinctly remember _____ it. to lock to lock locked locking

61. A: Hurry up or we'll be late. B: I _____ in a minute. will be fins will be finished finish am finished

62. The students got the teacher _____ them an open-book exam. to give give gave giving

63. Last night I set my alarm clock for six o'clock so that I _____ be late for the meeting today. won't wouldn't can't couldn't

64. _____ old age may slow people down, it shouldn't keep them from being active. Because Even While As though

65. He acted _____ nothing had happened. as much even though although as though

66. I was _____ nervous I forgot to write my name on the test! very such so such a

67. I had never seen _____ anger in a person before. very such so such a

68. Mrs. Carlson is _____ nice teacher that her classes are always full.




such a

69. That was _____ good tea that I had a second cup. very such so such a

70. The sun isn't shining now, but I wish it _____. did does is were

71. Look at those black clouds! It looks _____ rain. like as if as though might B: _____. He is so B: Don't worry. I _____ setting the table by the time they get here. finish

72. A: John is an outstanding student. So is he So he is He is too

73. A: Hurry up! Our guests will be here soon. will fins will be finish will have finished

74. Seldom _____ without his asking for a raise. a month passes passes a month a month does pass does a month pass

75. Dinner _____ by the time we arrived. had already served had already been served has already served has already been served

76. When John arrived, Mary _____ in the garden. Works was working worked has been working

77. When Mary saw John, she _____ toward him. Runs was running ran had run

78. Ask him where _____. does he work he does work he is work he works

79. You got a perfect score on the test. You _____ a lot. must have studied should have studied would have studied can't have studied

80. _____ you study more, you won't pass the test. If Unless When Provided that

81. Mr. Adams bought _____ ties in Italy. beautiful several silk silk several beautiful several beautiful silk several silk beautiful

82. Please tell us ____ you think about the proposed budget cuts. What which that what do B: The fuse needs _____. to replace replacing

83. A: Your car radio doesn't work. be replaced being replaced

84. I am going to Hawaii on my vacation _____ I have enough money. in order that unless in spite of the fact that provided that

85. Students need ___ to participate in class discussions.

to encourage

to be encouraged


be encouraged

86. Tom and Roland dislike _____. Each each one each other every other

87. John really likes _____. car races car's races cars race cars races B: _____.

88. A: Are you going to play soccer with us this Friday? I think yes I think so Yes, I think

I think so I am going to play

89. His doctor suggested that he _____ his diet. Change changes changed will change

90. Prospective students are required _____ their applications at least two months in advance. Submit to submit submitting to be submitted

91. There was a storm _____ outside. rage to rage raging was raging

92. It is becoming increasingly difficult for many students to attend college with costs at historic highs. _____, real family income has been declining steadily. Nevertheless Therefore Thus Moreover

93. Two-parent families now account _____ only 25% of American households. With of to for

94. According to a recent study, 75% of Japanese people surveyed did not approve _____ a family member becoming an entrepreneur. With of to for

95. I love the winter when the trees are covered _____ snow. With of to on

96. Everyone is counting _____ you to help us with the project. In on for with

97. Look! Here _____! comes Mary 98. There _____! goes she she goes is she going she is going Mary comes is Mary coming Mary is coming

99. He tried _____ her home, but they told him she wasn't there. to call call calling called

100. _____ about your illness, I would have written before. If I knew If I would have known If I might know Had I known