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A Summer Internship Project



Bachelor of Business Administration

Ankit kumar jain
ROLL NO.-AUR0803004

UNDER GUIDANCE OF Ms Hemlata Manglani




I, ANKIT KUMAR JAIN, student of BBA session 2010-2011, Declares that the present work titled CAR SALE PROCESS AT TRIUMPH MOTORS is an original work.

I anywhere else for the aware of any degree/diploma/certificate or for any prize submitted this project report.

All the data given in the Report is the best of my knowledge and all reference whether of my person or organization can be crosschecked.


"The completion of any project depends upon the co-operation, coordination and combined efforts of several resources of knowledge, inspiration and energy." I am grateful to the management of TRIUMPH MOTORS (Jaipur) and special thanks to Mr. Praveen Jain.

I would like to thank Mr. MUDDU VINAY for allowing me to undertake summer training at such esteemed organization. I would like to thank my faculty Mr. SANJAY GARG and Ms. HEMLATA MANGLANI for their valuable support, guidance and expertise.

In relation to the topic which gives me immense help at the project. I would like to give heartiest thanks to my family and friends who has helped me in completing my task to my satisfaction level.










GM: General Motors MD: Managing Director VP: Vice President GM: General Manager ACCT: Accounts MANG: Manager HDFC: Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited LIC: Life Insurance Corporation Yrs: Years Co: Company Ltd: Limited SWOT: Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats

I had the opportunity to take up the internship project at TRIUMPH MOTORS JAIPUR Bani Park showroom. The internship was from June 01, 2010 to July 15, 2010. During the project I had the privilege of being guided by Mr. PRAVEEN JAIN. The objective of my work was to interact with different people and try to convince them to purchase a car. The objective has been amply fulfilled at the end of my tenure. As part of my internship, I was also guided by MR. BHUPENDRA TYAGI, he has been immensely contributive with his ideas and has guided me on all aspects. I have worked in sales department, first of all I have studied the features of cars for 15-20 days and then I have started interacting with people in showroom for sale purposes. I also visited HDFC bank for marketing. I was supposed to motivate and convince people to purchase a car in order to increase sales. It was an honest attempt in understanding the market complexities and the problem faced by the company for selling their products.

1.1 Car sale process:
The meet and greet Introductions Information gathering (qualification) The test drive (test drives sell cars!) Funding solutions (our friend, the Business Manager) Third-party involvement Negotiation The close These eight actions are all part of a deliberate plan and can be broken down as follows:

1.1.1 The meet and greet

The salesman is trained to greet the customer with a big friendly smile and a warm handshake. This is vitally important as another mantra is people buy people and first impressions are important to both the customer and the salesman. Training also teaches the salesman to pick up on any sign of timidity or lack of confidence and use it to their advantage.

1.1.2 Introductions
The salesman will announce his name and perhaps offer a business card. He will always offer the customer a seat while maintaining eye contact. By asking the customer to sit down he is attempting to gain control of the situation at an early stage as he tries to qualify the customers needs.

1.1.3 Information gathering/qualification

The first and most important thing the salesman will do is record the customers details as they are now officially a prospect. Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email address are all vital for todays marketing databases. The salesman will then begin to qualify the customer by establishing the wants and needs. Do you want a petrol or diesel engine? How many km. do you cover a year? Is this a first or second car? Would you like a manual or automatic gearbox? What is your budget? Whose bank will you be using to fund your purchase ours or yours? When are you looking to make your purchase? What model\colours do you like? All these questions are designed to try to match the customer with the correct car but, as we know, this is not always the correct car for the customer. It will on many occasions turn out to be the correct car for the salesman (the one which earns him the most commission).

1.1.4 Test drive

Based on the information given, the salesman will always offer a test drive (he needs to create desire). Usually the customer will be taken on a prearranged route for 10-20 minutes and during this time the salesman will ask various questions relating to the car: How does it feel? Is it comfortable? Is the engine responsive? Hows the visibility? How smooth does it feel?

A little trick widely used in the trade is where the customer is directed to park on return from the test drive. Believe it or not they will always try to park as close as possible to the customers current car so a direct comparison can be made. They want the customer to get out of the shiny new car and see their old car sitting next to it. They want the customer to think Ive got to get back in the old car after driving this lovely new car. Again they are creating desire.

1.1.5 Funding solutions

On arrival back at the showroom the salesman will usually introduce the customer to the Business Manager. The Business Manager will attempt to interest the customer in various finance packages (which are usually the ones which earn the company the most profit) and explain about other add-on products and accessories. The customer will always be offered add-on products such as paintwork protection and tyre protection. These are all valuable products but the dealer usually makes a massive margin on them so, as with everything, it pays to shop around.

1.1.6 Third-party involvement

The salesman will have informed his Controller/Manager of every action that has been taken so far and will have been coached on what to say to the customer based on their responses. This is all designed to ensure that the sales process is adhered to. The customer may not even have had any dealings with a manager at this stage.

1.1.7 Negotiation
The customer will no doubt be aware what the retail price of the car they potentially want is. They will have an idea of the cost of the monthly repayments if they are getting finance on the vehicle. The negotiation begins when the gap between the figures the dealer has presented and the customers ideal world has to be bridged.

1.1.8 The close

When the customer is content with everything that has happened and is prepared to proceed with the purchase, a deposit (minimum rs. 11000) will be taken and they will be asked to sign the purchase order, if the order is cancelled then rs. 2000 would be deducted. At this stage a mutual collection point will be arranged and the customer will have been closed. The important documents which are required are voter id/passport/lic bond and driving license/rashan card /electricity bill/telephone bill and pan card and 3 photos.

The history of the automobile begins as early as 1769, with the creation of steam engine automobiles capable of human transport. In 1806, the first cars powered by an internal combustion engine running on fuel gas appeared, which led to the introduction in 1885 of the ubiquitous modern gasoline- or petrol-fueled internal combustion engine. Cars powered by electric power briefly appeared at the turn of the 20th century, but largely disappeared from use until the turn of the 21st century. The need to reduce the amount of air pollution generated by transportation has raised new interest in electric and hybrid vehicles. The early history of the automobile can be divided into a number of eras, based on the prevalent method of automotive propulsion during that time. Since the first car rolled out on the streets of Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1898, the Automobile Industry of India has come a long way. During its early stages the auto industry was overlooked by the then Government and the policies were also not favorable. The liberalization policy and various tax reliefs by the Govt. of India in recent years have made remarkable impacts on Indian Automobile Industry. Indian auto industry, which is currently growing at the pace of around 18 % per annum, has become a hot destination for global auto players like Volvo, General Motors and Ford. A well developed transportation system plays a key role in the development of an economy, and India is no exception to it. With the growth of transportation system the Automotive Industry of India is also growing at rapid speed, occupying an important place on the 'canvas' of Indian economy. Today Indian automotive industry is fully capable of producing various kinds of vehicles and can be divided into 03 broad categories: Cars, two-wheelers and heavy vehicles.

The company was incorporated on 7th May, 1991. The company has taken this dealership of General Motors into its brand name of Triumph Motors. The company is in this business since more than ten years. The company has taken various dealerships in the past as under: Took Dealership of Daewoo Motors in Noida (U.P.) in 1998 in NOIDA. Became dealer of Hindustan Motors in Noida in 2003 as Daewoo Motors closed down its business in Noida. The Noida showroom was closed down in 2004. Became dealer of General Motors in October 2003 in Jaipur. Opened showroom at Delhi under dealership of General Motors in 2005.

Now we are Chevrolet brand products. The Jaipur dealer ship was adjudged Best Of Best retailer in the Asia Pacific Region for the years 2004 and 2005 by General Motors India. We are also awarded the title of Grand Master for excellence in the performance. Based on our performance in Jaipur, General Motors have given us Delhi dealership. Triumph Motors Jaipur has been awarded Grand Master award for the last five years a row and this year also we have got the Grand masters award best of best for Kota also.

3.1 Business Locations:

The company has done very well in the past and has expanded its business in Delhi and Rajasthan. It has got six showrooms and five workshops and a display arrangement at Sikar. The detail of locations of showrooms and service stations is as under:


Showroom/ Service Centre




& Bani Park, Jaipur, 302001

Service Station Jaipur Showroom & G-109A, Sitapura Industrial Area, Tonk Road, Jaipur Kota Showroom & E-137C, Inderprasth Industrial Area, Jhalawar Road, Kota (Raj) Alwar Showroom & Mungaska Delhi Road, Alwar (Raj) Near Circuit House, Jaipur Road, Sikar, Raj Delhi Showroom E-13/29, Harsha Bhawan, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001 Delhi Showroom B-72/4,Wazirpur Industrial Area, New Delhi Delhi Service Station C-13, S M A Industrial Society Ltd, GT Karnal Raod Delhi T1 The dealership for Connaught Place in the year 2005 was given by General Motors based on the performance in Jaipur and earlier the dealers were The British Motor Car Company. The show room at Wazirpur commenced operations from 15th March 2006. The company has plans to open new show rooms and service stations in Rajasthan. In fact Alwar Showroom and Service Station became operative in the year 2008. Some new showroom and service station became operative in 2010 were Tonk, Jhalawar, sawai madhopur and chomu.

Service Station

Service Station

Service Station Sikar Display Unit

3.2 Directors & Shareholders:

At present the company has two directors i.e. Mr. Rajan Mehra and Mrs. Ruby Mehra. Both the directors have wide experience in the line.

Mr. Rajan Mehra, the Managing Director of the company, is aged around 55 years, a graduate by qualification, has over 20 years of experience in this line of activity. He initially started with dealership of Daewoo Motors in Jaipur and afterwards started this work in this company M/s Shriya Overseas Private Limited under brand name of Triumph Motors. Mr Mehra has got outstanding management qualities and has got a huge experience in marketing also. He is a dynamic business man who believes that work can be done with proper management and delegation of authority and powers and with this approach he has been able to open showrooms at different places and has taken the companys business to the new heights.

Mrs. Ruby Mehra, Director, wife of Mr. Rajan Mehra, aged around 52 years also a graduate, looks after Finance and general Administration of the company. She was also actively involved in running the Daewoo and Ambassador Dealerships of the company at Noida.

The company has paid up capital of Rs.160.44 Lacs divided as under:


Number Shares

of Amount (Rs. In Lacs) 33.71 36.73 65.00

% of total capital

Mr Rajan Mehra Mrs Ruby Mehra

3,37,100 3,67,300

21.01 22.89 40.51

Triumph Motors Pvt 6,50,000 Ltd Other family friends 2,50,010 T2



M/s Triumph Motors Private Limited, another company wholly owned by Mr. Rajan Mehra and Mrs Ruby Mehra. The company has also got share application money of Rs.44.50 Lacs from Mr. Rajan Mehra and Mrs. Ruby Mehra and shares are proposed to be issued for that also.

3.3 General Motors:

General Motors (GM) is an international acclaimed automobile maker known as a manufacturer of high standard cars. It has been the best selling automaker in US. It has various other brands there in the name of Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac and Chevrolet. It has introduced Chevrolet in India. General Motors and Ford tied up for the leadership poison in US in 2008. Its model ranked in the top three of their respective segments. General Motors dealers are among the best in the industry in respect of quality and experience and above the industry average. The global automotive giant General Motors made its presence felt in the Indian Market with the introduction of the German engineered Opel Astra Car which was adjudged best car of the year 1997 by Business Standard Motoring. In January 2000 GM launched Opel Corsa, which was specifically made for India. In July 2001 GM India launched the Opel Swing. It has always been at the forefront of

technological changes aimed at continuously improving the product based on customer feedback.

It all started in an experimental workshop in a Detroit garage and it continues today in garages all over the world. William Durant, a successful buggy manufacturer from Flint, Michigan, asked Louis Chevrolet, a well known car racer, to help him design a car for the general public. Chevrolet got named after its designer because Durant liked the sound of the name and because Chevrolet was a prominent name in motor sports. The company was established in 1911, and the bowtie logo first appeared in 1914. Legend maintains that the bowtie shape was inspired by a pattern of wallpaper in a Paris

hotel room. William Durant reportedly detached a small piece and kept it in his wallet, waiting for the day hed put it to use. The bowtie has, since then, become an advertising icon, and is still the marquee of today's Chevrolet. Chevrolet came to India in 1928. An office was set up in Bombay with an assembly plant constructed in Sewree. General Motors (GM), Chevrolets parent company, was the first automobile company to open an assembly plant in India. Production started in 1928 with the National Series AB Touring. The AB series came with Chevrolets well proven and reliable 171 cubic inches, 24.7hp four-cylinder engine. It featured Chevrolets first four-wheel mechanical brakes and wooden wheels. In the first year of production, 13,903 GM cars and trucks were built at Sewree, including products from other GM brands.

3.4 Products and Marketing

Chevrolet brand of cars is a popular name in automobiles sector and have got a good presence in all segments in India also. Its different models in different segments include Spark, Beat, Uva, Aveo, Optra, Cruze, Captiva, and Tavera. Vehicles are available in all class/price segments and these vehicles are very popular and have a very good demand in the market. Spark, beat and Uva are low priced cars, Aveo and Optra are middle range cars, Cruze and Captiva are high range car. Further Tavera is competing with innova of Toyota. GM competes with the local units of Ford Motor Co., Hyundai Motor Co, Toyota Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co and the top car manufacturers Maruti Udyog Ltd and Tata Motors Limited. GM does advertisement and sales promotion of the vehicles at the national level and at regional levels the company makes advertisement and through special campaigns. The company had recently organized a 10 days camp at HDFC bank in Jaipur.The Company is selling around 200 to 300 cars a month. It has plans to open more show rooms in Rajasthan. The company has got its own reputation and will be able to sell more vehicles in the coming year.

1. Spark

1.0, 1.0PS, 1.0PS LPG, 1.0LS, 1.0LS LPG, 1.0LT

2. Beat

1.2PS, 1.2LS, 1.2LT, 1.2LT (O)

3. Aveo u-va

1.2, 1.2LS, 1.2LT

4. Aveo

1.4LS, 1.4LT, 1.4ABS

5. Tavera

NEO2-B1, B2, LS B3 NEO-LTL, SS01

6. Optra Magnum

1.6MAX, 1.6LS, 1.6LT

7. Cruze


8. Captiva



3.5 Awards

GM has been accredited with the following key awards in 2009 National Level Quality Circle Awards for both participating QCs - Halol National Level QC Excellence Award by GSC Team Halol Gujarat Safety Award Energy Conservation Award from Bureau of Energy Efficiency Govt. of India TNS Automotive Award National Safety Award by Directorate General, Factory Advice Service & Labour Institute (DGFASLI)

General Motors India - Halol, has been declared winner of the prestigious National Safety Award in automobile industry by Directorate General, Factory Advice Service & Labour Institute (DGFASLI), India's Premier Institution for Safety under the Aegis of Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India. GM India bags the Prestigious National Energy Conservation Award 2008

GENERAL Motors India has won the second prize in the Automobile Manufacturing Sector at the National Energy Conservation Awards 2008 for energy conservation at its Halol facility in Gujarat. The Award was conferred by the Union Minister for Power, Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde at a function in New Delhi. Overdrive Car Maker of the Year 2007 General Motors India OVERDRIVE is Indias leading business to consumer publication in the field of automobile journalism, renowned for its objective and entertaining content, and has published 100 glorious issues as of December 2006. Instituted in the year 2000, the OVERDRIVE Awards aim to recognize and reward the advancements and achievements in the automobile industry in India. Telecast live on the networks of Aaj Tak and Headlines Today, the OVERDRIVE Awards are recognized and supported by leading industrial bodies Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and Automotive Components Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA).

CnB AAA Awards 2007 - Marketing Team of the Year- General Motors India CnB AAA Awards 2007 PR & Communications Team of the Year General Motors India (jointly with Honda Siel Cars India)

CNB-AAA Awards is an attempt to felicitate the best among the best, showcased in the NDTV Profits highly acclaimed Car and Bike and All About Ads shows.

The event was presented across 30 different categories at a special awards ceremony at Mumbai. CNB-AAA Awards are the automobile industrys one of the most credible awards being presented every year by NDTV, in association with Car India and Bike India magazine team.

NDTV Profit Car India Awards 2007 Carmaker of the Year General Motors India

3.6 Management

Rajan mehra (Md)

Sai giridhar (VP)






3.7 Companys promise

Models Total Maintenance cost for 3 yrs (or 45,000 kms - whichever is earlier from date of vehicle delivery) Beat Aveo U-VA Rs. 16,499 Rs. 16,999

Aveo Optra Magnum(Petrol) Optra Magnum(Diesel) Cruze

Rs. 20,499 Rs. 21,499 Rs. 32,499 Rs. 41,999


3.8 Major collaboration

Reliance insurance Standard chartered bank Barclays bank

3.9 Swot Analysis Strength:

Goodwill After sale services Technology

Fuel inefficient cars

Development in industrial sector. Development in infrastructure sector.

Heavy competition. Change in customer need and preference.

The beginning of a journey called life It was started from the 1st day of my training i.e. June 1, 2010. This was my first experience and I find it very interesting. I got a chance to meet many people on site. It teaches me how networking is helpful in carrying on a business at a large scale. A person should have a good communication and decision making capability as they have to take decision in every situation. I am very grateful to manager that they have given me chance to work under him. I have learnt a very big thing that time doesnt wait for anyone. Earlier I used to be very lazy but now I have become punctual after inspired from my managers. We are used to learn theory from the beginning of our studies but doing practical was a very challenging and interesting job. In a long run it helps us very much.

5. Comparative study:
5.1 Market share F2

automobile industry

maruti hyundai others ford chevrolet

5.2 Warranty across car line

Make Chevrolet Maruti Hyundai Tata Honda Ford Toyota Time 3 years 2 years 2 years 1.5 years 2 years 1 years 3 years Kms 1,00,000 kms 40,000 kms Unlimited Unlimited 40,000 kms Unlimited 1,00,000 kms


5.3 Growth rate:

Maruti Suzuki Chevrolet Ford Toyota Honda Tata Hyundai

Growth in percent (may09-may10)

29.70 61.00 300.00 77.00 -.15 41.00 7.00


According to me, company should concentrate on fuel efficient cars. The opportunities are very vast so company should concentrate more on marketing of goods so that they can earn more and more out of this vast car market. A company should use a brand association strategy to increase their sales. For the convenience of customers, more and more service centers must be opened and spares should be available easily and at low prices.


The company has to go long way because it has only 4.93% market share, It is very less as compared to the market leader Maruti Suzuki. The company is very good at after sale services and its sales are growing at very good rate, which is a very good sign for the company in coming future.

The internship training in TRIUMPH MOTORS JAIPUR has given me the opportunity to learn the activities which are performed by salesperson for selling a car, starting from meet and greet to the final sale of a car. Basically my work was to explain the features of car to customer and try to convince and motivate them to purchase a car.

Finally, I conclude that it was a very interesting job because it gives us opportunity to meet and interact with different people daily.