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WaVe HyBriD sHe DiVes

Form and function

Special cut dedicated to the female body Seamless shoulder straps for unprecedented comfort MRS+ weight integration and BPI Trim Weights

VoLo poWer
Lightweight, easy and efficient


esseNCe LiQuiDskiN
unique design for a unique technology


stylish and comfortable


ergo Dry


pro FLex

Designed by women for women


enjoy pure ease

Tri-material construction Huge superchannel for unparalleled thrust ABS Plus buckles

Fashionable design with a dedicated female cut Internal plush lining with padded neoprene neck collar Dual adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate various torso lengths

First stage INT version

First stage DIN version

First stage INT version

First stage DIN version

OPB system for greater efficiency Channel Thrust technology ABS Plus buckles

417346 What do you get when you combine a special cut dedicated to the female body, seamless shoulder straps detachable from the aircell, soft yet durable materials and overall light weight? The ideal buoyancy compensator for female divers! Add exclusive styling, Trim Weight pouches integrated in the back pack and the MRS+ weight integration system and you are one step away from becoming a mermaid!

417306 Kaila means Style in Hawaiian. The elegant female diver who wants function and comfort allied with style and distinction wants Kaila. The sleek Dragon bladder design positions some air towards the back providing ample lift. Slender front shape gives comfortable surface floatation, without the balloon sensation.

410017 Another new entry in open heel fins, the Wave uses Tri-material construction to apply specific properties where needed. The upper part of the foot pocket is specially molded in soft rubber to guarantee maximum comfort. The blade has a big soft rubber insert perfect to get the ideal Superchannel water flow. The remainder has the rigidity and strength needed for superior propulsion. Unmistakably Mares.

410008 High performance with minimal exertion, comfort and lightweight design. The anatomic foot pocket features interior ribs that improve fit, eliminate foot suction and prevent foot pocket flexing thus transmitting more power to the blade. Ideal for women, kids and all divers who want the easiest kicking fin in the market.

Great comfort and ample field of vision Quick-adjusting buckles on the skirt Light, foldable, easy to store

Tri-comfort Skirt 2-button buckles on the skirt New Bi-silicone X shaped strap

Anatomical design Exhaust valve Corrugated hose and mouthpiece made with high quality silicone

protoN 42 metaL sHe DiVes

the first regulator dedicated to women
Foldable backpack Product folded

prestige 12s sHe DiVes

the new mares regulator dedicated to women


411031 The Essence mask is the maximum expression of LiquidSkin technology. Silicone and glass come together and blend to create a mask that is truly one of a kind. Light and foldable, thanks to the buckles on the skirt, it offers a broad field of vision. All the features are orchestrated by the exclusive design, a synthesis of technology and aesthetics.

411036 The front portion of the X-vu skirt has a series of horizontal bumpers made to absorb any relative movement between the mask and the face. This diminishes the sensation of squeezing on the face and the forehead, which can be especially appreciated during long dives. The new X-shaped strap improves the overall fit of the mask. The two-button buckles allow for a quick and effortless strap adjustment.

411481 code us: 481053 The new ERGO snorkel family was designed for maximum performance both for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. From one end to the other, the ergonomic shape fits perfectly to the side of the head. All three versions have a corrugated flex hose made using high quality silicone and features a snorkel keeper which can be adjusted in many positions. All three have an exhaust valve in the mouthpiece for prompt purging. The mouthpiece is moulded in soft rubber for greater shock and wear resistance, also to properly host the exhaust valve. Exclusive engineering of the dry top (patented) and an ergonomically correct mouthpiece make this the ideal snorkel for scuba or for prolonged snorkeling sessions. The combination of the 100% dry top and an exhaust valve in the mouthpiece ensures a completely dry breathing environment.

411460 The use of two materials with different textures eliminates any nuisance on the nape of the neck area besides ensuring flexibility during its use, without creating airflow interruptions. The ergonomic design is highly hydrodynamic, reducing vibrations and noises during movements. Thanks to the cooperation with a highly recognized Italian orthodontic lab, Mares has developed the most suitable snorkel for extended use.

Cruise BaCkpaCk pro sHe DiVes

ideal for travelers, well-groomed in every detail


Telescopic handle Great maneuverability Backpack shoulder straps

415571 The flagship of the Mares Cruise collection. Large and durable wheels, telescopic handle, external fin pocket, padded shoulder strap, stainless steel rivets, additional beauty case with mirror inside. Additional nylon cover for added protection.

HyDrex superDry F

The first regulator specially designed for femaledivers Maximum performance in minimum volume Jax mouthpiece standard

Performance and lightness dedicated to women who dive Four pre-oriented LP ports New yoke, 15% lighter and more compact

exCeL +
in the great mares tradition, theevolution continues
New foot pocket. More comfort, same great performance Elastic OPB. Maximum efficiency, minimum effort Tri-material technology and ABS Plus buckles
code: 410018 Heir to the Quattro Excel, the Excel + rediscovers the roots of its noble ancestor, the Avanti Quattro. Thus, a new fin is born, and thanks to its fully redesigned foot pocket, it offers both propulsive force and unbeatable comfort. The back of the foot pocket is made of soft rubber, further increasing comfort and performance.

VoLo raCe
all the advantages of the Volo power in a full foot design


xVisioN LiQuiDskiN
simply unique. incomparable

the most popular mask in the world


411430 100% Superdry top (patented) corrugated silicone hose and lower Purge Valve for instant purging. Designed to provide completely dry breathing for both divers and snorkelers. North American snorkels feature transparent top.

Beauty case with mirror

416104 The elegance of the She Dives line in a light regulator with unbeatable performance, even in cold water.

416156 The new compact and elegant 12S is now even lighter, and completes the line of regulators dedicated to women.

kaiLa at
the benefits of the at system dedicated to women


Anatomical foot pocket High performance with minimum exertion The easiest kicking fin on the market

45% softer: unparalleled comfort 270% more elastic: highly adaptable Wide range of colors mid

State of the art design New colors available Optical lens option

ergo spLasH
411480 code us: 481054 Anti-Splash, semidry top with exhaust valve. An ergonomically oriented silicone mouthpiece for an intuitive and user friendly experience.

Cruise xstrap sHe DiVes

Designed to carry your equipment for a full day of diving
Easily foldable Ideal for storing long blade fins Lightweight

BPS Plus. Dual-position lumbar backpack Self-draining pockets with zip and 5 metallic D-Rings Internal Trim Weight pockets and MRS Plus

417308 A BC designed by women for women. A unique fit, designed to make diving incredibly comfortable for women. All the features of the Ergo Inflator version are now also available in the Airtrim version. The Mares patented system of pneumatic valves makes it possible to inflate or deflate the BC regardless of your position in the water.

Cruise sHeLL sHe DiVes

store and protect your professional equipment

415579 Dedicated to female divers, this elegant regulator bag coordinates with the She Dives style. It is suitable for protecting and transporting your regulator, computer, and most valuable instruments, as well as your personal items.

410313 The combination of OPB and Channel Thrust technology make the Volo Race the perfect fin for divers who want to increase their efficiency with minimum effort. OPB is featured for controlling and optimizing the thrust angle. Channel Thrust technology for perfect routing of the water flow, and rubber covered stabilizers provide improved performance. Divers and snorkelers alike will enjoy this easy kicking fin.


411027 regular / 411029 mid The ultimate in revolutionary design, LiquidSkin meets the most popular mask in the world. The result is an incredible mask with the combination of two different types of silicone that provide superior comfort. The marks that are typically left on your face after a dive are mostly eliminated. Equalization is now much easier thanks to the super soft nose pocket.

411024 mid The success of this product derives from meticulous computer design and numerous optical tests. The central position of the eyes and the optimally angled windows provides the widest possible viewing angle in every direction. Quick-adjusting ergonomic buckles are positioned directly on the skirt.

BreeZer purge ergo FLex

411482 481055 A peculiar feature of the Flex version is the corrugated hose, which is made of transparent silicone. Ideal for those who prefer a simple, yet functional snorkel.
code us: code: code:


411444 The special technique of overmolding is used to create five soft-touch areas on the snorkel. This combination of materials makes it easy to position, even when wearing thick gloves, and is available in a wide range of colors at a surprisingly low price.

415575 The perfect dimension for a short trip or a full day of diving. The Mares x-strap system allows traditional handles to be extended and attached to a metal hook creating shoulder straps to convert the bag into a backpack.


Product specifications and characteristics listed in this catalogue may be subjected to changes by Mares without notice.

It is an age old question:


What do women really want?

At Mares, we feel that women want products inspired by women designed by women and dedicated to women. We are the leader in womens diving products and will continue to engineer and innovate to ensure that our gear is the best in the underwater world. Our womens team comes from all over the world. Its members represent a compliment of cultures, careers, styles and goals. Together they give a full representation to the world of womens diving. Mares philosophy embodies the fact that every woman is different and merits a product line that reflects her passion and her confidence, allowing her to perform better and have more fun under the sea. The Mares womens diving team develops equipment with the features and design that women want. The products combine innovation, creativity and performance enhancing features. She Dives line: the ideal choice for diving with performance and style.

2ND skiN
Warm and cozy


2ndskin shorty she Dives


History jumps into the future


enjoy easy donning and doffing


Cool, stretchy and ideal for temperate water


tHermo guarD
Body core protection for all water sports

code: code:

419503-EN -11IT

92460 04658 1

Made of stretch neoprene for easy donning Comfort and protection for your back with the Spine pad Fast-drying interior liner

: 412519 - 1.5mm

410313 - 6mm The new 2ndSkin She Dives is custom-designed and pre-shaped for a superior fit to the female body. The inside of the elbows and knees is pre-shaped to better accommodate your arms and legs. The outside, subjected to continuous wear and tear, is made of strong Supratex. When combined with the metalite 2ndSkin shorty, you have a true water barrier, an actual second skin.

The 2ndSkin Shorty is 1.5mm thickness, the ideal complement to the 2ndSkin steamer. Made entirely of metalite, which is a low thermal conductivity liner applied to the neoprene, the result is, reduced heat dispersion to the outside. Integrated 0.5mm hood.

Horizontal TIZIP dry backzip Internal neoprene O-rings High resistant knee pads

GlideSkin wrist and ankle seals Farmer john with Comfort Plush inside Strategically placed elastic inserts

412064 - 6.5mm code us: 482078 code it: 412067 The Isotherm is well known worldwide as a pioneer of the semidry philosophy. We want to celebrate one of the icons of these past 60 years with the Isotherm Next Generation. The design takes its roots in the 80s version. But double cone construction, preshaped cuts, wrist and ankle internal smooth skin O-rings, the modified position of back TIZIP, together with a great selection of neoprene make this semidry an icon again.

412321 - 5mm Traditional combination of a farmer john plus a separate jacket on top provide two major main benefits. Easy donning and doffing, plus the thickest area of neoprene concentrated where thermal protection is needed the most, in the chest and back areas. This leaves the arms and legs with a nice feeling of freedom and mobility.

New custom closure and back zip puller. New preshaped cut Chest mesh skin

UV protection action 0.5mm super elastic neoprene Smooth on your skin

ADV Mares 1200/10.2010 - COD. 419503 EN - Printed by BCD

412516 - 3mm code us: 482081 Reef is the ideal 3mm suit for warm water dives. Wrist, ankle and neck seals are enriched with the aquastops finish. These applications reduce the continuous water flow. The chest area comes with a soft and stretchy rubber panel making this suit ideal for multiple surface water sports.

412983/code us: 482059 - long sleeve - pk/bgr 412982/code us: 482057 - short sleeve - pk/bgr code: 412518 - shorts - bgr This year the line is completed with the introduction of the short pants and the shorty for both the mens line and the She Dives line. The Thermo Guard Shorty is also available in Junior sizes. The shorty is excellent for swimming pool use, snorkelling, or under the wetsuit for that little extra warmth. Also, the internal lining in metalite helps retain more body warmth. The Thermo Guard is also excellent as protection from powerful UV rays preventing over exposure to the sun.

Flexa Core she Dives


a wetsuit with unbeatable comfort


Made entirely of ultrastretch neoprene Pre-shaped and custom cut to fit the female body BPS, an additional layer of neoprene on the back for maximum protection

412135 - 5mm This stretchy shorty is the ideal complement to the Flexa steamer. GlideSkin applied to the arm and leg openings minimizes water passage for enhanced thermal protection. In warm waters it can be used by itself.

100% ultrastretch


the inseparable buddy


a comfortable second skin forthetropic dives


rasH guarD
ideal as undersuit or by itself for superior uV protection

code: code: code:

GlideSkin wrist and ankle seals Thermo Plush inside fabric Rubber knee protection

Soft rubber shoulder protection Longer frontal zip Elliptical stitching on wrists and ankles

Mares S.p.A. Salita Bonsen 4 P.O. Box 142 16035 Rapallo (Genova) Italy tel. +39.0185.2011 fax +39.0185.201.470

8.6.5 412065 5.4.3 412066 3.2.2 412515 code us: 8.6.5 482079 5.4.3 482080 The Flexa suits are the result of an effort meant to obtain the widest variety of combination of steamer, shorty, and vest with only 5 items. The steamers are available in three thickness families: for cold water the 8.6.5, for temperate water the 5.4.3, for warm water the 3.2.2. No detail has been overlooked: front silver zipper with customized closure, zipper pull with integrated whistle, and the exclusive Back Protection System, an additional layer of neoprene on the inside of the rear panel of the suit. Two advantages result from this: a higher thermal insulation (total thickness in the area is 10mm) and a cushioning effect in the area where the tank rests against the divers back for more comfort and support.

412133 - 7.5.3mm The concept of this suits is the natural evolution of one of the North Seas best sellers. The complete ultrastretch steamer with frontal zip provides unparalleled comfort in donning and doffing. The wrist and ankle seals together with the internal neoprene O-ring guarantee great thermal isolation in the hardest condition. New preshaped cut.

412322 - 5mm Pioneer is an off road diving suit. Knee and shoulder areas are protected with a special high resistant soft rubber. Extra long frontal zip makes donning and doffing easier than ever. Wrists and ankles are finished with a GlideSkin surface for better sealing. Includes GlideSkin sealed hood.

Rubber knee pads Metalite fabric inside Easy donning and doffing

UV protection 50+ Cool lightweight material Flat seam construction forcomfort

412524 - 0.5mm 482084 Even though the thickness is only 0.5mm, Coral is a very warm suit. The internal fabric called metalite has a heat retaining effect. This means that the body heat is reflected thus less heat is lost. Also ideal as a back-up suit or it can be worn under other suits. Stirrups secure placement.
code us:

412984/code us: 482061 - long sleeve - pk/bgr 412985/code us: 482063 - short sleeve - pk/bgr 412986 - sleeveless - pk/bgr code: 412967/code us: 482055 - shorts - bgr Characterized by the Mares Trilastic look, the Rash Guard is built with a material that provides UV protection of 50+. The seams, sewn with flatlock stitching, wont leave marks on your skin. Perfect to wear underneath your suit and ideal for all kinds of watersports.

Flexa vest

Colored temperature differentiation