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chasing fate chapter 1 I know that I shouldn't be treated like this but what am I supposed to do, I cant escape

from this and they are the only family I've ever known. My name is Amelia blade and I am living with a family that hate me and use me as their slave I don't complain because if I leave them then I wont ever get a chance to know who I am . My family are my mother who is an evil witch, her evil husband who is a vampir e that wants to kill all humans, I have to call him my father, and their son who is being taught how evil he can be and the worst thing is that he practices on me, I really don't like him because he does that to me and still seems to think th at I have a crush on him. I live in a dungeon and get tied to chains when I am l eft alone in my room. Whenever I do anything wrong I get punished by a whip and they live me in my room to whimper and shiver from the traumas that have just h appened. I have black hair and white skin that is covered in scars, wounds and b ruises, I have big green eyes and red lips. I am now 17 but in 3 days it will be my 18th birthday and I will be a young woman which means I will be free to do a s I like and break free from this nightmare. In a way I'm dreading that day becaus e it would mean losing the only people I have and I wont know who I am, I will b e on my own not knowing what to do. I cant bear that.

I wake up by the little light coming through into my room. I get up and rattle m y chains to let the evil witch know that I am ready to do my chores. I'm coming you don't need to do that for ages. sorry ma'm , I didn't know what I was talking about. just do your work and don't bug me in the process. Yes ma'm. As she unlocked my chains I felt a very big pain in my wrists, they must have f astened my chains extra tight I thought. Then I got on with my work. Later on while I was getting chained up, I heard a loud bang coming from upstair s. I wonder what that is I thought. Before I could think again, the evil witch was walking down the stairs but not a lone. There she was carrying a male body behind her. help me you idiot. she yelled to her son who was chaining me up. He went over and grabbed his legs and helped carry the body till he got next to me, then he stopped, dumped the body and chained him up. what is going on? I asked. you have a roommate. the evil witch smiled. I looked at the body, I was glad he was alive but I still didn't know what was goi ng on. Why is he here? Who is he? This confused me and I decided not to ask, they wont tell me anyway. They left me in the room alone with this unconscious body. Suddenly he woke up with a jolt of energy. His eyes wide and he looked like he w as ready to attack. I looked at him with wide eyes, he looks like he was rolling around in the dirt, his eyes are a dark brown and his hair is a light brown col our and is wavy and sort of looked irresistible. his lips are plumb and I just w anted to kiss them over and over. where am I? he demanded. I don't exactly know I replied. He sighed and fell back against the wall. He looked at me and then put his hand out in front of me I took it. I'm daven he said while taking his hand back and I realised I didn't let go. I think he found that a bit weird. im Amelia I replied trying to recover to what happened.

Then I noticed them. His scars across his arm. Oh no, he isn't no, he cant be. I s creamed in my thoughts. This just cant be.