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Detailed Lesson Plan in Health Education

I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, 100% of the students with 85% level of proficiency will be able to: 1. Compare the similarities between Nursing process and Education process 2. Differentiate the Nursing process and Education process 3. Understand the role of the nurse as educator II. Subject Matter A. Topic Comparison of the Nursing Process and the Education Process Similarities Differences Between Nursing Process and Education Process B. Materials Manila paper and colored papers as visual aid Comic strips for the motivation C. References 1. Estrada-Castro, Cecilia: Health Education for Nursing and Other Allied Professions (With Teaching Strategies and Principles of Teaching and Learning). Text Workbook First Edition 2011. pp. 47-48. 2. Public Health Stories. Dad and Baby Form a Strong Attachment. April 24, 2012. 3. Bastable, Susan. Nurse as Educator. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc. 2008. pp. 11-13 D. Skills Comparing, differentiating III. Strategy A. Preparatory Activities: Greeting of the class B. Review of the Past Lesson Do you still remember the last topic that is discussed a while ago? What is the topic all about? Okay, very good, you still remember. C. Motivational Activities: Strip Dialogues Anyways, I need 6 volunteers, 3 students for each group. So what youll do is to provide the dialogues for the blank call-outs. The group which has the loud applause from the audience will receive a special gift. Ill give you a minute to prepare since this is just an easy activity. (The 2 sets of students will provide the dialogues, then Ill ask the students which set is better by asking for their applauses.)

D. Lesson Proper: So class, I guess you noticed that the motivation tells us that still our lesson is about Health Education. Anyways, I have 2 phrases posted in the board, will you please read it altogether? (NURSING PROCESS and EDUCATION PROCESS) Very good, so I believe youre really familiar with these two. So what is the acronym which is commonly used as the steps in nursing process? (ADOPIE) What does each letter stands for? (Assessment, Planning, Outcome Identification, and Evaluation) So with these steps, will you define the Nursing Process in your own words? Nursing process is a systematic, organized method of planning, and providing quality and individualized nursing care. It is a G O S H approach (goal-oriented, organized, systematic and humanistic care) for efficient and effective provision of nursing care. And for a brief history, The term NURSING PROCESS was first used by Lydia Hall, a nursing theorist, in 1955 wherein she introduced 3 STEPs: observation, administration of care and validation. Since then, nursing process continue to evolve: it used to be a 3-step process, then a 4-step process (APIE), then a 5-step (ADPIE), now a 6-step process (ADOPIE). I guess you can still recall about those things I mentioned earlier. Just a refresher for our past lessons on our earlier years. For the education process, it is defined as a systematic, sequential, logical, scientifically based, planned course of action consisting of two major independent operations, teaching and learning. This process forms a continuous cycle that also involves two interdependent players, the teacher and the learner. No teacher and learner, no education process. For Carpenter and Bell, it is a framework for a participatory, shared approach to teaching and learning. Take note participatory, meaning each player, teacher and learner, participates and there should be a feedback when one is asked. With the definitions I mentioned, our lesson is about the comparison of the similarities and differences of nursing process and the education process. I made a Venn diagram to have a clearer view about the topic. There are two circles in the diagram, and there is an intersection between the two. The space formed in the intersection has the similarities of nursing process and education process. The two phases of the circles represent the differences of the two. E. Application:

(The teacher will post a question in the board telling Is health education really a great help for motivating a person to improve his life and create a harmonious relationship towards the people surrounding him? How?) Class, I have here a question posted in the board and I need you to answer it after I read the story about Dad and Baby form a Strong Attachment. F. Generalization: (Let the students represent a number by counting method.) Class, with the number you represent, Ill pick here and once I call your number, kindly stand up and pick a question from these 2 sheets of paper. G. Valuing Read the quotation from Wagner and Ash. From the book that I read Nurses as Educator of Susan Bastable, we should always expect that one of our roles is to health educate, regardless of our preparatory background or our level in this field (novice to expert). But our purpose or goal is not just to teach but to impart our clients the knowledge and wisdom that we have so that there will be a change of behavior, leading to a healthy lifestyle, and prevention of illness. With this, we could say that we are efficient and effective health care provider. Do you have anything to add?

H. Evaluation: Get sheet of paper and answer the following questions. 1. What is one of the two interactive players in education process? Teacher and ____________. a. Learner b. Educator 2. __________ is the framework for a participatory, shared approach to teaching and learning. a. Education process b. Nursing process 3. The basis of outcome in the nursing process is ________. a. Physical and psychosocial needs are met b. Change in knowledge, skills and behavior

(Check papers, ask the scores of the class by raising hands.) Class, do you have any clarifications, comments and violent reactions? If none, lets end our class here. Thank you for your cooperation!