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VersaFlex Liner Hangers Proven Versatility

VersaFlex - Gives You Versatility with Your Liner

Drilling Liners Production Liners Extended Reach Liners Large Monobore Liners Open Hole Completions Permanent Packers Wash and Ream Drill-In Lost Circulation

Mature Fields HTHP Deepwater In-Fill Drilling Exploration

Advantages of Expandable Liner Hangers

Simplicity Single redundant sealing area
Robust seal, no need to squeeze

No slips no setting issues

No tortuous fluid flow paths Rotation and reciprocation No pre-set risk No place for well debris

Why VersaFlex?
Gas Tight Reliable Liner Top Seal Simplified Hardware Ability to Wash and Ream Better Cement Job Reduced Rig Time to Deploy and Get Production into the Pipeline Reliable Results

Well 1- Reciprocated

Well 2 No Recip.

Well 3 Recip.

Planning is Critical!

Pre-Job Planning Activities

Customer and Halliburton pre-planning Well Info
Liner and casing Size Mud System Cementing system Well profile Threads, length, etc Well Plan Torque and Drag DFG Surge and Swab OptiCem Cementing Far-Pac Job Parameters

Running calculations

Running the Job

Deploy the Liner Circulate and Condition the Well Mix and Pump Cement Wash up at the Head Release Dart and Engage SSR Wiper Plug Land Plug Set Hanger Clean up the Well

Case History Highlights

Installations to Date 220+ Liner Lengths
Longest Liner 6,600 ft 310,200 lbs Shortest Liner - 160 ft 2,000 lbs

Temperature Range
Top of Liner 100 F to 320 F BHST 100 F to 386 F

Mud weight range

Maximum Mud Weight 17.5 ppg OBM (hematite weighting agent) Minimum Mud Weight 4.2 Foam

Maximum Total Depth 20,540 ft Maximum Deviation

At Liner Top 90 degrees At Shoe 100 degrees

Moffitt #1 Ream it to Bottom

Anadarko Moffitt #1 Well information 9-5/8 53.5# casing to 10,946 ft 9.7 ppg water based mud TOL Temperature 257F Bottom Hole Static Temperature 305 F TOL 10,689 ft 7-5/8 39# Liner Shoe at 13,563 ft Buoyed weight of 96,531 lbs 10 degree / 100 ft build to 50 hole angle Top of Cement at 12,050 ft

Moffitt #1 Ream it to Bottom

Installation Issues RIH at 1 min/stand Stuck liner 160 ft off bottom Over pull of 260,000 lbs required to un-stick Stuck multiple times Hole packed off max pressure = 4,500 psi Washed and reamed
26 hours 8 bpm 10.5 bpm pump rates 8,500 14,500 ft-lbs torque 35 to 80 RPM rotation

Blocks fell uncontrolled for 12 ft Washed at least one elastomer element off tool Gas flaring throughout installation

Moffitt #1 Ream it to Bottom

Installation Results Pumped 16.2 ppg cement circulation throughout job Plug shearing pressure of 2100 psi observed Landed plug with 3.5 bbls over-displacement Hanger set as designed Pulled 300,000 lbs over to test hanger set Setting tool released as designed Observed 3 elastomers when releasing from Hanger Successfully tested to 4,200 psi differential No problems encountered entering liner top with bit

Brutus A-5 Drill In Application

Well Information
Environment Deep Water Depth >17000 ft Liner Top > 14,000 ft Deviated S well configuration Liner 5-1/2 x 7-5/8

Ream past tight spot ~16,000 ft
20-40 RPM 5K # WOB >400 ft in 3 hrs

Drilled 6-1/8 hole

65-80 RPM 5K-19K# WOB 3 bpm @ 1750 2750 psi 7-9k ft-lbs 97 ft in 8.5 hrs

Brutus A-5 Drill In Application

Full returns during all reaming and drilling operations Cuttings to surface No issues with cementing Circulate ball to seat Set Tool and tested to 19.7 ppg EMW, delta of 4.7 ppg Retrieved setting tool

Gryphon-10 Large Monobore Liner

Well Information


Environment North Sea Shallow Liner Top Require Gas Tight seal Depth > 9,200ft High angle Liner Top > 2,600 ft 100 at Shoe Deviated Horizontal 22 at the TOL Liner 9-5/8 x 13-3/8 Pumping Issues
Bridging Loses during circulation Loses during cementing

High Rate Gas Well

Gryphon-10 Large Monobore Liner

Lost Returns during circulating and cementing
Regained returns through reciprocating the liner
Both during conditioning and cementing

Successfully deployed Successfully tested to 4,000 psi and 90K overpull Successfully deployed 2 more liners under similar conditions. Negotiated 3 year contract

2006 ELH Service Locations

Service Locations: New Iberia, LA Alvarado, TX Q106 Reforma, Mexico Caracus, Venezuela Coco, Ecuador Stavanger, Norway Aberdeen, Scotland Port Harcourt, Nigeria Al Khobar, SA Dubai, UAE Q106 HMC, Vietnam KL, Malaysia Q206 Perth, Australia

Hanger Sizes

5-1/2 x 7 23-35 ppf 5-1/2 x 7-5/8 29.7 39 ppf 7-5/8 x 9-5/8 36-53.5 ppf 7-5/8 x 9-7/8 62.4 ppf 11-3/4 x 13-3/8 61-72 ppf 11-3/4 x 13-5/8 88.2 ppf

Development Efforts
Full Range of CRA Hangers
13cr equivalent Severe sour service Full ISO 14310 testing

Additional Sizes
3-1/2 x 5-1/2 8-5/8 x 10-3/4 9-5/8 x 11-3/4

Setting Tool Enhancements High Temperature Sealing Elements

400 and 550F liner top seals

Sand Control Hybrid Project Complete AMS / BDMI Packaging Substantial FEA Modeling

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