Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri

The ultimate knowledge

2 Why Kundalini Jagarana?
(In Sri Rama Sharma Acharya’s own words)

Let no one hurriedly gear up for kundalini sadhana. Never try to start the
sadhana after reading some books available in the market or after learning a little bit from a
teacher. It is my responsibility to provide the right dosage for this great experiment. I will decide
who is to receive how much and why. Though my physical body may cease to exist, I shall
discharge my responsibility for the coming 200 years.
I did 24 Gayatri Mahapurascharanas, 3 years of intense tapas under the guidance of
Divine powers. They not only enlightened me with the procedure for performing the awakening
the kundalini of the country and the world, but also stood by my side and arranged all the
paraphernalia needed for the entire process. In the same way, deserving people who wish to take
refuge in the science of kundalini and gather atmabal for specialised purposes, all the required
material will be arranged for them.
The relationship between a Guru and a disciple is not physical in nature. It is related to
the soul. The jeevatma of the sadhaka is linked to the atma of the Guru. Hence, even if the Guru
has ceased to exist in physical body, the disciple gets inspiration continuously.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge

2.1 Pujya Gurudev vedamurti, taponishta, yuga
drashta pandit Sri Rama sharma Acharya’s message: A
story of the future
There exist catastrophic and destructive conditions today that can endanger the
entire humanity and the creation. We need efficient tools to counteract these threatening
conditions. We cannot kill an elephant with a small weapon. Arrows are not enough to bring a
fort down. We need vajrayudha to kill the demon Virta. Chandi had to emerge for killing
Mahisha. We need the courage of Hanuman to uproot a mountain. Looking at present situations,
one can understand that ordinary literary ability is not sufficient. My entire life is filled with
Gayatri. It would have been better if the rest of my life was also spent in the same way. If I had
found a person like chandragupta or shivaji or vivekananda, it would not have required me to
come out of my pre-determined path and look at handling the present day situations. However
hard I tried, I could not get such people. To achieve physical goals, people with physical bodies
are required. A lot of time has gone in searching for these people. In the form of prajna parivar, I
could get hold of rishisattas in whom the energy was present in seed form.
The members of prajna parivar are utilising upaasana and sadhana for enhancing
personal abilities and solving problems. If they had not been given this focus, they would have
led an ordinary life like everyone else. Their ability was getting limited to satisfying personal and
family needs. At that instant, my Gurudev (Dada Gurudev) showed that the only way out of this
is to attain great energy and distribute it. I changed my path accordingly.
This change was implemented in 1984. I took the support of ekanta sadhana and
Savitri sadhana. It is not very easy to do sadhana in isolation after having led a life with
everybody. Savitri sadhana – panchakosha jagarana sadhana, kundalini jagarana sadhna. This is
also called sookshmeekarana sadhana and pancheekarana sadhana. The same person who put
me on the path of Gayatri sadhana, detailed me about Savitri Sadhana. Through this process he
made me acquire energy that is required for awakening the latent energy of the devamanavas so
that they realise their true form and work towards collective good by achieving spiritual
progress. Looking at the fearsome nature of situations prevailing, I had to take a step ahead from
Savitri sadhana and do kundalini jagarana.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
In addition to this, I had to shoulder the responsibility of disseminating this
knowledge to all those worthy people who will harness this energy in future.
There are many experiments being conducted in the science of kundalini. In this
context, many new and old books on this subject talk of a lots of strange things. Authors and
publishers have collected bits and pieces from different books and have come up with some
editions. These kinds of efforts have resulted in chaos on the subject. The topic is very attractive.
And since it deals with esoteric knowledge many people have their eyes on this. But none have
done any experiments to achieve personal experience on the subject. Whatever they have written
in books are just fundamental practices of hatha yoga and their reactions. These are not even one
percent of this mahavidya. There is not a single book that gives a detailed explanation of the
fundamental principles and guides the sadhaka in kundalini vijnan.
I myself had to rise above the tempestuous illusions and make an attempt to
deliver scientific kundalini sadhanas. My guide and pioneer in the subtle planes, Dada Gurudev,
who has been alive since centuries, has complete mastery in the fields of Gayatri, Savitri and
kundalini. He found me capable and worthy and utilised me for the 3-year long Savitri sadhana
and for awakening kundalini of devatma India. Because of this, a process that was going into
dregs of oblivion attained new life through me.

2.2 Gayatri, the Brahmavidya – Savitri, the
atmavidya related to physical life
The situations that we are facing today cannot be resolved by mild sadhanas. Since it
proved inadequate to do sadhanas with right hand alone, I had to resort to my left hand also. I
had to take one step ahead of Savitri sadhana.
Gayatri is called brahmavidya, atmiki etc. Even though it is the inner core of
atmavijnan, it can also be used for physical benefits and for protecting humanity from fatal
calamities. In this way, it can be a sadhana for the welfare of the self and family.
Kundalini energy is pervading everywhere. It is required to receive that energy
in parts and assemble it. If we can get the terrifying form of chandi to flow, then we can use it
destroy ill practices. That is why it is called asuranikandini. When this power is employed, it
results in the destruction of asuric forces. Hence there is a need to take charge of this energy and
use it in the right direction. This is the energy that pronounced the end of bhasmasura,
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
mahishasura, sunda-upasunda in the form of mahakali. This also brought the downfall of asuras
like shumbha-nishumbha, madhu-kaitabha etc. It is this power that led to the destruction of
Ravana by Rama with Sita as the medium and brought the end of Putana, Kamsa, Jarasanda etc
by Sri Krishna with Balarama as the medium. All this is just one facet of this energy- the
subjugation of evil forces.
The same energy will get transformed into srushti sanchalini shakti when
engaged in constructive activities. The great process of transformation initiated by Mahakala will
be achieved through this energy. As the potter moulds the clay on his wheel into various objects,
the kundalini energy moulds the atma shakti into various forms. In reality, kundalini does shakti
sanchalana as samishti during creation and as vyashti in the context of life. Kundalini shakti is a
form of cosmic electricity. It awakens the yogagni in a person and transforms him into a capable,
lively person and into a drashta. This pranagni has been talked about in Kathopanishad during
the conversation between Yama and Nachiketa. This energy enables a person to cross the barriers
of disease and old age and takes him on the path of jivanmukti. The energy that gets generated
sexually in the nervous system is a momentary reflection of the yogagni. Kundalini is a
chetanatmaka shakti. It enhances the power and strength of a person. It transforms his character.
The process of awakening the kundalini happens at a cosmic level in the planes
of samishti. We should understand that the awakening should be used for preventing of arishtas
and to create a glorious future. But we need the right and capable people for this risky activity.
Before firing a rifle, if it is not held tightly on the shoulder, the recoil that it generates can break
the collarbone. Similarly, when one tries to use kundalini, he should have the strength and
courage to withstand the recoil that it generates. If this strength and courage is not there, and it is
used for selfish gains, the experiment can prove to be disastrous.
Esoteric subjects should not be dragged to discussion forums. That is why this
knowledge was considered esoteric and was kept secret. When egoistic people get into
arguments on any subject, they create confusion. They create unwanted questions in the mind of
a real sadhaka also. In such a situation, one cannot attain results inspite of rigorous sadhana.
Doubt is such a dangerous thing. Perhaps keeping all these factors in mind, Shastrakaras banned
the discussion of high level sadhanas and sadhanas related to tantra. In the context of such
advanced sadhanas it is imperative that a suitable teacher imparts the knowledge to a worthy
sadhaka. In the field of sadhana, worthiness alone is not sufficient. One should recognise the
situation and needs of the sadhaka also.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
Savitri-Kundalini sadhanas are considered to be as dangerous as asidhara vrata.
Hence, nobody ventures towards them. In the absence of an experienced teacher, an engineer or
an artist cannot be created. Similarly, in the absence of experts in kundalini sadhana, where can
one create eligible students? Kundalini is the process of activating the pranagni in the body. This
has been used for selfish reasons till now. To unify the kama shakti present in the sexual centres
with the brahma shakti in the brahma randhra through the spine, one has to shatchakra bhedana.
With the union of Shiva and Shakti, various siddhis are attained. However, this entire process
should be done carefully because it is as dangerous as playing with a snake.
Snakes are coiled around the throats of Shiva and Shakti. This is the metaphoric
description of kundalini. Kundalini is also a hatha yogic, tantric experiment. With the energy
obtained through shatchakra bhedana, hurdles can be removed and through high-level sadhanas
in conjunction with savitri sadhana, we can create a new atmosphere. If we can combine
panchakosha jagarana along with shatchakra bhedana we can use the resultant energy for
creative purposes. To build a house we need bricks, mortar, iron, wood and workers. To cook
food, we need fire, utensils, necessary ingredients and an efficient cook. All of us are aware that
body is made of five tatwas. Chetana has been created out of pancha pranas. This flow of energy
is also called Jeevani shakti. If we combine pranagni uttejana, kundalini jagarana with savitri
sadhana, then its reach will be extensive.
We cannot imagine the number of pressing problems prevalent in the universe. If
we look around today, we see that countries are hoarding atomic weapons, trying to take war
into space. Instead of living together in harmony, we are investing more and more into weapons
that bring only destruction. We also see that environmental pollution, imbalance in nature,
mental illness, and crime are problems all over the world. In such a situation, we see a need to
conduct this experiment (kundalini sadhana, savitri sadhana) in a much bigger scale all over the
world so that the situation improves. The fruits of this experiment are immeasurably great. It will
open a new chapter in the history of this world.
Even if some secrets are revealed when this divinely ordained shakti jagarana
is conducted on a grand scale, it will be only for the benefit of one and all. The rituals are not
difficult. It is enough if the sadhakas know why this is being done and what are the benefits
that such a process brings about. An explanation is needed here. Through this sadhana, the
sadhaka not only benefits himself, but also his family, country and the entire world. They will
also be shouldering a part of the work that is going on to completely cleanse the environment.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
This experiment is being conducted due to the kundalini jagarana of this devatma land –

2.3 The courageous sadhana for a new creation.
The puranas tell us the story of Sage Vishwamitra. In order to correct the
prevailing circumstances present then, he wanted to create a new parallel world. To attain the
powers equalling that of the creator, he did terrifying Tapas to appease the Sun God. He
succeeded in his Tapas and gained the powers. He started creating a new world. The terrified
devatas requested his protection. On seeing that they will also now work to transform the
prevailing circumstances, the sage stopped his parallel creation.
Creating a new parallel world is not a new idea. This idea has existed since ages.
The powers are invisible and are beyond experience. The reason why the sages have not tried to
gain this power and use it is because any such experiment might change the existing
circumstances and create utter chaos.
Physics now accepts that an atom has an anti-atom, matter has anti-matter, and
universe has an anti-universe. These two go hand in hand like an object and its shadow. The two
energies balance each other like the plates of a balance, the wheels of a bicycle. The entire visible
world is running in the same way. From an atom to the stars, everything revolves round its
energy centre and move in an orderly manner. We see whirlpools in water, tornadoes in air, black
holes in the universe. All these wondrous situations are created out of an opposing force that
obstructs the smooth flow.
Recent advances in physics have revealed that the gravitational, magnetic force
of earth is not due to an inherent quality of the planet, but due to its rotation. It has also been
revealed that there is another rotating globe equivalent to the earth and the interaction between
these two globes protects the earth from radiations and meteors streaming through space. This
anti-force exists like the shadow of the force. If the anti-universe comes forth, then present
universe takes the back seat. Then everything is transformed. New matter, new life, new men will
be born. The behaviour and nature of these new men will be completely different. This is not
impossible as is commonly believed. God created man. It is also a truth that man created God. No
other animal has experienced God. Man is the crown prince of creation. As Maharshi Vyasa said,
there is no better object in this creation than man. The recent tsunamis changed the orbit of the
earth slightly. If man applies a tremendous force at the right point, then he can change the orbit
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
of the earth. Then we will not see a 24-hour day and a 365-day year. The temperatures change.
The entire environment will undergo a transformation.
If the physical strength of man can do so much, then his consciousness is many
times powerful than this. If it exerts its concerted energies and stages an attack, it is tough to
describe in words the transformation it brings about and the impact it creates.
It is not easy to change the fatal situations prevalent on planet earth today. The
situations ought to change, but how? If one analyses the situation deeply, one is sure to realize
that mind is the root cause of all situations. Mind is influenced by ambitions. Ambitions motivate
us to work. Actions accumulate to give rise to situations. Hence, mind is the creator and
controller of circumstances.
If circumstances have to be changed, humanity has to change its pattern of
thinking. Physical methods of training don’t prove to be useful in this regard. People who preach
about dharma, morals, patriotism, culture and responsibilities lead a life in utter contradiction to
what they preach.
To bring about transformation in thoughts we have to get to the nucleus. This
nucleus or centre is called anthahkarana. This is also called as antaratma. There is no greatness
embedded in the physical bodies or in sadhanas performed by mahatmas. Their magnanimity
lies in their anthahkarana. It exists at a very high level. Era can be transformed by perfecting the
If we just have to change a couple of people, we can resort to tempt them, force
them, cajole them or bring them to the right path by one way or other. But when the intent is to
transform billions of people with different cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages,
caught in various different circumstances and following different traditions, we have to instil
higher samskaras and beliefs in them and develop programs to mould their ideals for a higher
cause. This is not an easy task, but it has to be achieved.
Human energies are alone insufficient to realize such a mammoth task. Divine
energies are required. It is an extraordinary task to bring about the transformation in the
anthahkarana. This in reality is the foundation stone for yugaparivarthana. We cannot bring
situations under our control by external means and methods. The complexity and the difficulty of
the process of transforming situations by churning the antaratma is beyond imagination, but
nothing is impossible if God wills. He can transform Kaliyuga into Satyayuga. He established
dharma in Tretayuga. He made ravana and vruthasura bite the dust. Kuchela, vibheeshana and
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
sugreeva rose from adversity to prosperity. If God wills, it is not impossible to bring a
tremendous change in the antahkarana so as to give new life to human varchas and lead it
towards right way of thinking. One is sure to be spell bound if one sits back and realizes the
power that is creating and controlling the stars and galaxies. For one so powerful, changing the
mindset of humanity is child’s play.
It is of no concern to those who are not bothered about the existing problems of
humanity. They work all day and sleep all night. They revel in favourable circumstances and
grieve in adversity. They live their life of monotony solving the mundane problems of existence
from birth to death. It is of no great consequence if one performs some ritualistic worship to
alleviate from the existing problems. How can we prevent environmental pollution? How can we
stop the nuclear war? How to counter the effect of ever-increasing radiations? How to control the
population explosion? How to make men and women realise that population explosion will lead
to the destruction of the world? How do we make them understand that this will result in lack of
basic resources of food and livelihood? Where are the mineral resources in proportion to the
population? Where do we search for resources? How do we feed humanity? Where are the
teachers who can teach the art of living? How do we develop awareness and responsibility
towards society? How to gain health and longevity through the natural way of life and not
through medicines? Where are the centres that are working towards these principles of health
restoration? Who will develop a society on these lines of thought? When will a day come when
all will live in harmony?
Human power is not sufficient to set right the existing entangled situations. We
need Divine power. How can we awaken and accumulate this power? How to distribute this
power to humanity? This is a very complicated issue. The toughest problem is to change the
mode of thinking of efficient intelligentsia. Be it wealthy people or politicians, everyone is on the
wrong track. We come across people who speak of national welfare but there are none who are
working towards realising it. There is no one who can overcome his or her selfish motives and
work towards higher cause. If these people can focus their energies towards human welfare and
work towards creating a new world instead of satisfying selfish interests, prosperity is sure to
reign and yug parivartana will be a reality.
Spiritual science talks of only one way of achieving this. Brahma created the
universe with intense tapas and the power of tapas. Bhagiratha could bring down Ganges from
the heavens. Dadhichi could give his spine for the construction of vajrayudha that helped in
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
killing the demon Vritra and establishing peace. It is with tapas that Parasurama could vanquish
the prevailing immoral ways of living 21 times. Dayananda Maharshi could expose the false
dramas of his contemporaries through ‘pakhanda khandini dwaja’.
Transformation is possible only with tapascharya. It is very natural to attract
favourable conditions with the power of strong personality, sankalpa shakti, kriya shakti and the
synthesis of these three. Kundalini shakti is many times more powerful than the manava shakti. It
resides in the base of reproductive organs at mooladhara and is responsible for growing one’s
family. It is a mind blowing fact that the union of this stupendous kama shakti and a small
miniscule of kriya shakti results in the creation of a new human and nourishes it. Kama shakti is
being utilized only for this purpose today. It is mostly being misused.
The day when this energy will be made universal through sadhana, it will result
in unimaginable change in the mental state of people. It will transform the yuga. It will lead to a
new creation like vishwamitra. Past history proves that kundalini can transform life electricity,
human genes and their characteristics. The sons of the great pulasthya brahma became daityas by
being part of Ravana’s family. Vaalakhilya maharshi though born to a rakshasa couple,
relinquished his maternal atmosphere and grew up to develop the characteristics of rishi by
drinking ‘marri paalu’. In treta yuga, the vaanaras living near mount Rishyamooka left their
animal nature and evolved to a stage of thinking and behaving like great people. Seeing these
incidents which stand as testimony to the special capabilities of pranashakti we tend to develop
the faith that this energy is capable of transforming the era. Ishwara created all beings. In his heir
apparent, the man, he established a special powerhouse of energies in the form of kundalini
shakti. This kundalini shakti can bring amazing transformation not only on the individual nature
but also in the collective consciousness.
Though it was a single person who shouldered the responsibility of awakening kundalini
in the divine land of India, all of us have a partnership in it. The transformation of the era is only
possible by awakening the shakti.

2.4 The process of awakening the Kundalini of
Ordinarily, we perceive the tremendous solar energy in its physical forms as
light and heat. The extraordinary subtle form of solar energy exists as the force that creates life.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
This all-pervading solar energy is hidden in the human body in a seed form. Even though the
subtle kundalini energy of the sun pervades everywhere, it presents itself only in places where it
is invited and an anushthana done. This Maha shakti is represented as the seven chakras, seven
elements, seven worlds, seven horses of the sun, seven streams of energy and the seven colours in
sunlight. With the help of these, the process of generation, development and transformation of
the entire creation is sustained.
Kundalini is awakened in a person through sadhana. He can achieve this on the
basis of his mental strength and prana bala. Through sadhana, various hidden seeds in his body
bloom and an extraordinary energy is awakened in him. Such persons in whom this energy is
awakened are called Siddha purushas, super humans, tejo punjas. They can curse or bestow boons.
They can both create and destroy. Their actions appear to be wonderful, surprising and out of the
world. This is success of an individual sadhana. Typically, man is full of selfishness. He only
thinks about his glory, enjoyment, bravery, fame and status. The desire for heaven or liberation is
also part of selfishness. Bestowing a boon or cursing another gives a satisfaction to such people.
Thus, kundalini jagarana will be used for personal benefits.
Samishti jagarana is a very high level experiment that is connected to the atma.
In this, the sadhaka moves beyond the boundaries of ‘I’. It can be seen that whatever he thinks or
does is for harmonising and developing the organisation of the entire universe (viswa
vyavastha). He is driven by the principles of ‘atmavat sarvabhuteshu’ and ‘vasudhaika kutumbakam’.
All his desires, programs are for the good of the universe. There is nothing for himself. He
dissolves dwaita in advaita. He unites lowly with the glorious. He transforms desire into
emotion. He surrenders his thoughts and duties to the Virat Purusha. His efforts are focussed on
nourishing the flowers and fruits in the universal garden.
Whenever Devarshi Narada goes to Vaikunta , he always carries one question–
‘How to streamline the chaotic circumstances prevalent in the world? ‘. The rishis always want
one thing – kaamaye dukhataptanaam praninaam arthi naashanam. How to remove the agony of those
who are burning in the fire of sorrow? The yoga and tapas of these benevolent-minded rishis is
for this purpose only. Today, men go to siddha kshetras (holy places) to fulfil their personal,
selfish desires. They do not go to these places to do the purnahuti of collective spiritual sadhanas.
They completely forget that each siddha kshetra is for those people who want to do the
purnahuti of a specific, special sadhana related to that place. We do not even hear the word
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
‘sadhana’ in these places. Not everyone is like this. The principles of paramartha, viswa kalyana
are still alive in the minds of few and they assert these ancient principles even to this day.
If we observe the circumstances at Shanti Kunj (saptasarovar, Haridwar) over the
three years, 1985-1987, it can be seen that a special sadhana called the kundalini Jagarana of India
and the world was performed. As we move away from fire, the heat felt by us reduces. Similarly,
the Rishi Urja of the Himalayas is felt lesser and lesser by those who are away from it. Saptadhara
kshetra of Haridwar has taken up the responsibility of rekindling this fire and disseminating it to
the entire humanity.
The influence of heat of kundalini jagarana is felt predominantly in India. Distant
countries feel this influence slowly and at a lower energy level. The rays of the rising sun first
touch the seas, then the mountains, and then the branches of the trees. Later the light increases
gradually filling the entire sky. It jumps down the mountain peaks and spreads all over the earth.
Similarly, over these three years, the Gayatri-Savitri Maha Prajna has flowed on the Earth as a
result of the sadhana at Shanti Kunj. The transformations in various fields due to this descent will
be seen in various ways.
This is not a possibility. This is the truth that is happening and will happen in future.
In the ancient days, sage Viswamitra performed the kundalini jagarana of the
country and the world. That is why he was called viswamitra- the friend of the world. Even then
the Earth was rejuvenated. The same rejuvenation is happening now. The government has
undertaken a project to cleanse the river Ganga at enormous expenditure. The manasa ganga of
people is also being cleansed and is being filled with fresh water. This is also the time for
cleansing the polluted thought processes in the world. The benefits of kundalini jagarana
happening now are not for individual gain. It is laying the foundation for an ideal growth of the
universe. Corruption, superstitions and unwanted thoughts will be purged.
The process of transformation first attacks and removes the severe sluggishness
prevailing in the world. As a result, the circumstances become chaotic initially. Some difficulties
are inevitable. A mother has to go through the pains of labour to give birth to a baby. After the
delivery, the smell of blood lingers in the air. It has to be cleansed with fragrance. To remove a
tumour, an operation is necessary. Then the pus flows out. This has to be cleansed again. When
homeopathic medicines are used, hidden diseases come forth initially. Only then does the actual
cure take place. To build a house, a pit has to be dug. To dye a cloth, it has to be washed first.
Similar situations are encountered during the awakening of the kundalini of the world.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
Distortions, hatred, cheating, anacharas, negative thinking, vidrohas increase. Unless and until
we throw these out of the door completely, the process of improvement cannot begin. We cannot
lay the foundation for a new creation. This process is similar to how a potter cures clay. He first
wets the clay, mixes it, pounds it with his legs and then the clay is ready. After the pots are made
from clay, they are burnt in a furnace. These same steps can be seen during the nava yuga nirman
by the controller of the universe. We need not be afraid of the chaos in the world today.
A doctor powders and grinds various herbs, mixes other liquids, heats it on fire
to make medicine out of them. The seed also suffers pangs of labour before a tree is born. The
seed sprouts, grows into a tree, flowers and bears fruits. The current chaotic world has to be
poured into a totally new mould and transformed. If we observe the process of kaya kalpa
happening now, the culture of the universe becomes crystal clear.
During rainy season, it is swampy everywhere. Huts and rooftops fly away
during windy rains. However, in a matter of few days, we can see all the lakes and streams
brimming with water. We can see life sprouting in barren lands and greenery everywhere.
Creation and development happens at a fast pace in 21
century. Just like the peace that prevails
after a storm, we can see peace and prosperity at the end of this chaos.

2.5 The coming changes – Bhavishyat Kathan
Man living in this world does karma. The result and response are seen later.
The method followed by Devatas is different from this. They first create the necessary
atmosphere for the change. This new atmosphere helps to bring about the change by affecting
the lives of people. The cycle of weather is similar to this. Winter, summer and rainy seasons
modify the atmosphere in their way. This affects the lives of people. In autumn, trees shed their
leaves while they in spring they bloom afresh.
The ‘transformation of an era’ is similarly the agenda of Gods – not of man.
The hidden subtle atmosphere plays a major role in this transformation.
When the kundalini of the country and universe is awakened all things inanimate,
animate, men and circumstances are deeply influenced. The fertility of land increases. Ores will
be mined out at a greater pace. They will be found in abundance. Dhatus will be available in
more quantity than needed. There will be no dearth of fuel. Chemicals will be especially in good
supply. Man need not strive much for the maintenance of trees and vanaspatis. They will grow
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
well with nature’s help. There will be no dearth of water in the world. Herbal medicines will gain
prominence as in ancient times. Treatment will not be expensive. Useful trees will grow in
number and live a long life. The life of harmful creatures will be curtailed. They will rarely be
present. The nourishing power in water and air will increase manifold. Pollution will be under
control. Cleanliness will reign in the place of pollution. Natural calamities will be very rare.
Because of favourable Nature, floods, famines, untimely rains, epidemics and volcano eruptions
will not occur anywhere.
The physical form of man will be as it is now. However, in the coming century,
his personality will undergo an extraordinary change. Vices will not be entertained by anyone.
Robberies, strife and cheating will not be seen anywhere. Infact, there will be no need to resort to
such things. Noble character will be prominent in the guna, karma and swabhava. The
confidence levels in the general population will see a rising trend and the majority of them will
be self-reliant and noble. Poverty and adversity will be totally non-existent. People will be hard
working, intelligent and have a mental disposition to think about the pros and cons of a work
that is to be undertaken. Due to the abundance of resources, there will not be dearth of anything
anywhere. People will be more tolerant and sensitive to the grievances of others. Even traces of
anger and vengeance will not be seen.
Today, selfishness has grown from individualistic to group selfishness.
Imperialism, robbery, religious intolerance, rapes and murders have grown. Because of this, the
number of wars has increased resulting in vast destruction of life and property. Due to wars, both
parties incur huge losses and end up becoming weak. If situations continue like this, the existence
of humanity might itself be in jeopardy. Thirst for wars and suicidal tendencies are rampant
everywhere. If people deal with their differences with cool equanimity and solve them then and
there, wars can be avoided and peace established.
If noble qualities in man like industriousness, intelligence were to be indulged in
creative activities, many a facilities and infrastructure can be developed. Man can definitely attain
the divine qualities like prasannata, good samskaras, beatific disposition and beautiful body. If
this earth is full of people treading the path of righteousness, then it is sure to get transformed
into heaven. Prosperity and abundance will reign everywhere. These circumstances will be seen
in coming days. The foundation has been laid down for this through my Ekanta Sadhana. In the
past 3 years (1984-1987), through intense penance I could awaken the Viswa kundalini. The
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
transformed world will be prosperous like that of Rama Rajya. Is it not appropriate to name this
era as “The coming Satya Yuga”!

2.6 The secret of kundalini sadhana – necessary

Matter has an outer visible form and an inner invisible form. Gold is an
expensive metal. This is found in the form of an ore in the depths of earth. If it is refined and sold
in the market, it can be used for getting exquisite jewellery made. If this is put into furnace and
treated with chemicals, it transforms into swarna bhasmam (Gold dust). It possesses many
wondrous qualities. When this is partaken by weak people, it bestows strength and dhatu pushti.
They enjoy long life too. Other metals also have their own special characteristics. Their rasa and
bhasma are of immense ayurvedic value. Atomic energy is generated from the subtle energy of
the atom. Various types of radiations are emitted out of that. Atomic energy can be employed for
preparing a variety of weapons. This can also be utilised for generating electricity and for other
useful purposes.
It is known to one and all that subtle matter is more powerful than physical
matter. Steam is more powerful than water. The sookshmeekarana of human energy is achieved
through yoga and tapas. A tapasvi awakens the divine capabilities latent in his body. Train runs
on steam. Friction between dry branches generates forest fire. The sadhanatmaka vidhi vyavastha
of tapas also yields similar results. Scattered sunrays concentrate at the centre by a magnifying
glass and fire erupts. The result of tapascharya will also be like this. Atma shakti is present in
everyone. When it blossoms, it gives birth to Maha purushas, Rishis, Devatmas and Avatars.
Through yoga sadhana, our lowliness unites with greatness and results in the
synthesis of great tendencies. All the wires energised by electricity do their work using this
energy. Water flows in all the pipes that are connected to the reservoir. All taps give water. If the
pipes are not blocked anywhere, water can be supplied to a network of places spread over long
distances. If human amsa is combined with the divine consciousness of Parabrahma, Nara will
evolve into the Narayana, Purusha will evolve into Purushottama, and a lowly person will get
transformed into a mahatma.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
A bigger body embeds more capabilities. When compared to a lion, an elephant is not
only bigger in size but also mightier in strength. A youngster is bigger and more capable as
compared to an infant. The siddhi of a sadhaka is like this. The sadhana fructifies on the basis of
self-control, noble character, generous nature, and synthesis of seva sadhanas. Fertilizer, water
and a caretaker are essential for a seed to grow into a plant.
Kundalini awakening means the sprouting of the latent powers and their terrific
growth. The awakening bestows various siddhis in three bodies of man. These siddhis have been
compared to the 14 gems that were born during the churning of Ksheera Samudra (milky ocean).
The siddhis have been classified as follows

2.6.1 The awakening of kundalini in the physical body.
This awakening is based on the 6 chakras in the body. A Devayaana Marga exists
on the spine from the Muladhara to the Sahasrara or Brahma randhra. The chakras are the stages
on this path. These have been defined as powerful energy vortices. By achieving mastery over
these centres, man becomes powerful, strong, prosperous and very courageous. The sadhaka will
be seen to be more powerful than an ordinary person. In addition to external activities, our
indriyas are involved in many internal activities. The subtle eyes when awakened can see those
that the physical eye cannot see. This is applicable to all the sense organs. A sadhaka in whom
these internal organs are awakened is capable of seeing and hearing far in space and time,
develops telepathy, becomes telekinetic, develops prana pravaha, shaktipat and develops powers
of the subtle world like clairvoyance.

2.6.2 The awakening of kundalini in the subtle body.
This awakening is based on the 5 koshas of the body. The Annamaya, Pranamaya,
Manomaya, Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya koshas are the five layers of the spirit. The five
tatwas and five pranas are contained in these. These have been described as the 5 worlds and the
5 dimensions. By developing these bodies, the sadhaka establishes contact with the subtle hidden
worlds. An ordinary man’s knowledge is limited to the visible world. The sadhaka links up with
the subtle world when he awakens and strengthens these bodies. He establishes contact and
communicates with the Pitrus and Devatas who reside there. Transactions between them begin.
One learns the secrets of nature. He learns about the future. Knowing the future, he can chart out
his agenda on the same lines and profits from beneficial circumstances. He can remove the
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
hurdles by knowing about them beforehand. At the right times, he can trigger helpful emotions
and thoughts in people and improve the pace of evolution.

2.6.3 The awakening of kundalini in the causal body
There are three activities in this awakening. These are called Granthi Bhedana. At
the centre of the head lies the Brahma Granthi. This is also called as the peak of Mount Kailasa
and Ksheera Sagara. This has to be recognised as the centre for exchange of universal energies.
The second is the Vishnu Granthi that lies in the centre of the heart. This is the
centre of spirit and the core of emotions. One gets peace, satisfaction and content here. The
energy to advance one’s thoughts and to mould and transform others’ thoughts is obtained here.
The third is the Rudra Granthi. This lies in the centre of the navel. One obtains
physical strength, intellect, sharp mind, courage, creativity, capability, development and many
more energies here. Muladhara lies in the cave of this granthi. This is the place where kundalini is
coiled up and is in deep slumber. This kundalini has to be awakened, life poured into and routed
to the Brahma Loka.
The 6 chakras of the physical body, the 5 koshas of the subtle body and the 3
granthis of the causal body add up to 14 in number. These are the 14 worlds. Of these 7 are
ascendant worlds and 7 are descendant worlds. 7 are for growth and 7 are for demolishing the
demons and removing distress. Human strength is like an ocean. It should be churned through
the three-fold kundalini sadhana. Actually, the body can be compared to the demons and mind
can be compared to Gods. If both join hands and take the support of various branches of tapas
and yoga, one can get hold of the 14 gems. The Samudra Manthan described in the puranas is a
metaphorical description of this process. The body made of 5 tatwas and the 5 koshas can be
thought of as a deep and huge ocean. One need not depend on external help for fulfilment of
desires. Everything is available in this mighty inner ocean. One need not run around like Kasturi
Mriga, which runs around searching for the fragrance present in its stomach. The science of
kundalini has been explained in brief till now. The 14 worlds mentioned there were never
explained before as this knowledge is like atomic energy. Without fully knowing how a person
will use this energy in various circumstances, the secrets of the sadhana should not be explained.
A person who misuses this energy not only harms others but will also destroy himself. For
ordinary people, for those who are new to the path, and to the careless, simple lifestyles like
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga are sufficient. It is commendable that such people
follow these paths.

2.7 It is a cheap bargain even if one attains a Guru
at the cost of one’s life.
Shastras sing the glory of Sadguru mahima. It is an accepted fact by one and all
that a Guru’s guidance is inevitable for spiritual progress. Without a Guru, doors for Atma
kalyana do not open. Sadhana does not yield results.
What the shastras have described as the glory of sadguru is in reality, the
antahkarana of the sadhaka. It is only through this that the continuous discipline and ascent of
light is made possible. The power of antahkarana has diminished because we have stopped
listening to its call, message and guidance. If one lives as per its commands, he will never waver
from the path. This capability of antahkarana is sadguru. Offering respects, worshipping it is the
true form of Guru bhakti.
It is of utmost importance to choose a Guru in the physical plane for obtaining
specific inspiration. However, the duty of the physical Guru is to introduce the sadhaka to
sadguru in the antahkarana and transform him as an upasaka and devotee to that sadguru.
However industrious a student might be, his studies are not complete without a
teacher’s guidance. Similarly without the shaktipata of an able Guru, the deeksha of the sadhaka
does not yield results.
Parents shoulder the responsibility of their children’s nourishment and
upbringing. This is the same process and progress that takes place in the spiritual path too. The
Guru gives a part of His accumulated tapah shakti and moulds the disciple into a capable person.
In return, the disciple does not hide this power with himself and takes it on himself to further
distribute to his disciples.
We need intense sadhana of many lives to become one like Sri Ramakrishna
Paramahamsa. However, it is very easy to become a Vivekananda. We have to strive hard to
become Samartha Guru Ramdas. It is like Asidhara vrata. However, it is very easy for an
ordinary boy to evolve into Chatrapati Shivaji. It is very difficult to transform into Parasuvedi.
However, it is an easy and natural process for iron to become gold when it is touched by
parasuvedi. Rarely does one see fiery characters like Chanakya. Nevertheless, it is very natural
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
for the son of a servant maid to become the emperor under the guidance of Chanakya. Great and
meritorious personalities like Buddha take birth by the desire of Iswara, but under the shade of
The Buddha, many people like Ashoka, Ananda, Amrapali, Angulimal conquered their lowliness
and became great. Mahatmas like Gandhi are born rarely. Many a presidents, prime ministers,
leaders who were his followers are being acclaimed as great people in history. Similar incidents
of Shaktipata can be observed in the lives of Vivekananda and Paramahamsa yogananda. We can
see such descriptions in the works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo also.
There is no reason to suspect the reality of shaktipata in Guru-Shishya
parampara. History is full of incidents where ordinary people evolved into mahatmas by the
grace of the Guru. Guru plays an extraordinary role in removing the hurdles in the path of the
The shaktipata by the Guru is in reality the reaction to the inherent shraddha in
the disciple. More the nishtha of the disciple towards the ideals more does the grace of Guru
shower upon him. Shraddha is the initial investment of the disciple. The grace of the master is the
profit obtained on this capital. Because of this, the capability of the disciple increases and his
personality blooms forth. This is a process that can fructify with proper investment of time and
sadhana. Disciple obtains the shaktipata of the Guru by his dedicated sadhana. It is not a
coincidental miracle, but the result of a long-term sadhana.
It has been said in the Upanishads that the disciple should approach the Guru
with samith in his hand. Why samith? Samith, when brought in contact of fire, transforms into
fire itself. Guru is the living idol of the fire of knowledge. The disciple receives the fruits based on
his merit. A wet samith gives out only smoke. A dry samith transforms into fire. One should
learn from the life histories of Eknath, the disciple of Janardhana, Nivrutinath, the disciple of
Gahaninath, Jnaneswar, the disciple of Nivrutinath, Yogi Anivarya, the disciple of Swami
Nigamananda, Shankaracharya, the disciple of Govindapada, Vidyaranya, the disciple of
Shankaracharya, Keenaram, the disciple of Kaaluram, Trailinga Swami, the disciple of Bhagiratha
Swami, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the disciple of Eswarapuri, Virajananda, the disciple of
Poornananda, Dayananda, the disciple of Virajananda, Vivekananda, the disciple of Sri
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Nivedita, the disciple of Vivekananda, Chatrasala, the disciple of
Prananath Mahaprabhu, Sivaji, the disciple of Samartha Guru Ramadas, Chandragupta, the
disciple of Chanakya, Raidas, the disciple of Kabir, Rajjat, the disciple of Dadoo, Gopinath
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
Kaviraj, the disciple of Vishuddhananda, Pushyamitra, the disciple of Patanjali, Kumarajiva, the
disciple of Bandhudatta etc.

2.8 The role of the Guru

A fertile land yields a good crop when it is treated with good seeds, water and fertilisers.
Similarly, the field of the disciple’s mind develops only when the Guru pours seed, water and
nourishment into it. The role of a Guru is similar to that of a gardener. As the gardener nourishes
his garden and makes it bloom, so does the Guru nourish his disciples and removes the weeds.
Today, the Guru-Shishya parampara is merely symbolic. Due to the lack of worthiness, the
relation between the Guru and shishya appears to be useless. The grace that a disciple receives in
the presence of a vital (pranavantudaina) Guru with atma shakti cannot be attained by being in a
different place even if he does many sadhanas and studies a lot.
The relationship between the Guru and a disciple is not physical. It is related to
the soul. The jeevatma of the disciple is under the influence of the Guru’s atma. That is why, even
when the Guru leaves his body, the disciple continues to receive guidance and inspiration
without any interruption.
If a sadhaka wants to progress on the spiritual path and not just look for physical
benefits, even then an experienced guide is essential. If an unqualified person takes the place of
Guru, then he will not only harm himself but also bring the downfall of the disciple. Therefore, a
traveller on the path of self-realization should possess immense awareness in addition to being
sincere. Otherwise, in this kaliyuga one can even lose all that he has.
I (Sri Rama Sharma Acharya) obtained the grace of an extremely efficient
siddhapurusha (Dada Gurudev) at the age of 15. My relationship with my Guru has been
continuing uninterruptedly for the past many lives. This will continue to be so in future also.
Fickle minded people tend to change their paths at every step. They resort to a Guru at an instant
and then look for another later. People with firm belief choose a particular path after a lot of
thinking. They do not swerve from this path till the very end. My Gurudev focussed his complete
efforts to recognize and improve the qualities of intense shraddha and unswerving determination
that were present in me in seed form. The grace of a capable guide is very valuable. At the same
time, a person who has been continuously improving his worthiness life after life is also deserves
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
Those who desire for atmakalyana without expecting physical benefits and personal
welfare are those who truly deserve.
Those who keep their antahkarana spotless, have no desires and hold high
aspirations are truly meritorious. Those who turn their back to fame, wealth, and children and
dedicate themselves to the welfare of the vishvamanava are the most eligible people. Even
divine powers offer themselves to such meritorious people.
Man’s ignorance is at the same level in all fields. This ignorance comes in the
way of recognizing a person’s stature. Saints, mahatmas, intellectuals, philosophers who are
gifted with atmabala have existed during all times. Since their contemporaries could not
recognize their level, the contemporaries could not attain high-level benefits.
If people of those times could recognize the greatness of Rama and Krishna,
they would not have behaved with them like that. The washer man who wrongly accused Sita
would not have done so had he realized that she was Mahashakti incarnate. It was because of
Shishupala’s ignorance about the true nature of Krishna that made him speak many a wrong
words. No one would have surrendered Jesus Christ succumbing to their greed for some
wealth. Had Valmiki recognized Narada, he would not have behaved like that. Had
Himavant’s wife known that her daughter was not an ordinary girl, she would not have
objected to her penance. Why would she have grieved to see Shiva at her doorstep? Rakshasas
arrested Hanuman thinking that he was an ordinary ape. Had Dhanananda recognized the
immense power of Chanakya, would he have insulted him and brought about the downfall of
his dynasty and kingdom? How to recognize a sadguru in present-day circumstances?
This issue has only one solution. It calls for development of discriminative
intellect and scientific attitude. Just as one can unravel the secrets of nature using the above
qualities, one can recognize the Guru and obtain his grace too.
Kabir sang the glory of Gurumahima as follows
-t·t ·t·-tt +t·t+ +« -t «t-tt -t·t ·t-t ·t-t)
-tt-t -t-t + +t -t|-t +« ·t « ·t -t |-t«tt -t -tt·t))
One cannot explain the greatness of the Guru even if earth was made into paper, trees
were used as pen and the seven seas became the ink.
·t · + -rt·. |tt··t+ -t r . ·t|e ·t|e «ttz -tt -t)
×-t· r·t -tr· +. ·ttr· ·ttr -tt·))
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
Just as a potter gives beautiful shape to the pots, similarly the Guru offers his help from
one side while correcting the disciple with external blows.
A mahatma said thus.
·tr -t-t |·t·t +t +t -·t. ·t · ×-t -t +t «tt-t)
-tt-t |+·t -tt ·t · |-t-t -tt -tt -t--tt -tt-t))
Body is a poisonous creeper. Guru is a cauldron of nectar. Even if you obtain the Guru by
offering your head, it is a cheap bargain.
·t ··tt |·t-+ +t ·t «tz . +t+ -tt·t -tt·t)
·t|-trt·t ·t · ×t-t-t ·tt |·t-+ |+·tt ·t-tt·t))
We have recognized Govinda through the Guru. Hence, we have to offer our obeisance at
the feet of the Guru before Govinda.
It has been described thus in Gurugeetha
·t ·:t < ·t ·|·t·ºt ·t ·+ ·tt -tr -t··)
·t ·--tt·tt-t -t·:t< -t--t ·tt·t ··t -t-t·))
Guru is brahma. He is Vishnu. He himself is Maheshwara. He is parabramha himself. I
offer my pranams to such a Guru.
Gurudeeksha means prana pratyavarthan. To obtain the grace of the Guru, the
disciple needs to discharge his responsibilities in accordance to the ideals set. The generosity with
which the Gurudeeksha is given, the same generosity should be exhibited while giving
Gurudhakshina. Gurudhakshina is the disciple’s reaction to the grace of the Guru. If
Gurudeeksha is like planting a seed, Gurudhakshina nourishes that seed with water and
Guru and disciple offer mutual help and cooperation. Guru’s capability –
disciples worthiness; Guru’s siddhi – disciple’s sadhana; Guru’s inspiration – disciple’s
execution; Guru’s love – disciple’s dedication; Guru’s discipline - disciple’s anusarana.

2.9 The gradual process of shaktipat
Shaktipat of the level of sarvamedha yagna wherein the Guru transfers all his energy to
the disciple in one moment - is very rare. Though today we have Gurus who are capable of such
a transfer, there are no disciples who are capable of withstanding, bearing and utilizing such a
transfer of energy. Such providential and wonderful blessing is rare.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
To receive the energy in a gradual way and to hold on to it with effort is easier. If there
exists a cordial relationship between the Guru and the disciple, if the disciple is dedicated and the
disciple is involved in a continuous sadhana, then the energy of the Guru awakens the prana in
the disciple at a fixed rate.
For this awakening, it is not necessary that the Guru and disciple be in physical
proximity. Even if they are at different places or even if the Guru no longer retains a physical
body, He transfers the praanic energy to the disciple based on the disciple’ merit. A tortoise lays
its egg in sand and buries it. It goes out into the sea and still ensures that the egg hatches by its
will power. If the tortoise dies, the egg also rots away. Similarly, the Guru maintains the energy
transfer to the disciple even if they are far apart. However, as the Guru has transcended death,
the transfer continues uninterrupted even after the Guru leaves his physical body.
Prana sanchara and shaktipat (understand the special meaning behind these words)
begins not when the disciple desires it but when the Guru says that he will take over the
responsibility of the transfer.
Shiridi Sai is a sadguru who does pranasanchara.
Sri Rama Sharma Acharya is the sadguru who said that he would be responsible for the
process of kundalini jagarana.
When the Guru awakens kundalini by a shaktipat from Him, disciples like
Vivekananda, Shivaji and Chandragupta take part in the great plan of the masters. Though every
Guru can grace the disciple based on his merit, we have given on pages 18,19 the plans of various
masters of the Guru satta have been given. Remember one thing. Once you decide on a particular
Guru after lot of thought, do not leave the feet of that master. Shaktipat can happen through any
Guru that you like. This is because the principle of Guru is the same. You can receive the grace in
any form you like.
Pranasanchara in a disciple happens through the changes in the hormones. As
the fish in matsyavatara grew, similarly pranasanchara develops the hormones. This
development of hormones can be recognized by an increase in shraddha – saboori in the disciple.
It is evident from the growing number of Shirdi Sai temples that the hormones that are
responsible for shraddha – saboori are developing. More the weekly sai charitra paarayana a
person does, more is the development of the process of pranasanchara. In the same way,
parayana of any Guru charitra or Bhagavata enhances the pranashakti in a sadhaka.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
The increase in shraddha – saboori is a part of pranasanchara process. The most
important aspect of this increase is that the sadhaka never loses focus of his Guru. Shirdi Sai said
that the sadhana that he did was to continuously look at his Guru for 12 years while living off
neem leaves. One should not get misled from the above sentence that one should keep looking at
his Guru or eat only neem leaves. One should understand the meaning behind this sentence.
Sadhana means one should feel that the sensory perceptions are bitter and receive the hormones
of shraddha – saboori that flows continuously from ajna chakra. This is also known as the process
of pranotthana. The rituals, kriya yogas that are being taught these days as the process of
kundalini jaagarna are in fact the process of pranotthana. Pancheekarana is the process of
attaining a balance between the five pranas in various parts of the body. This is the process of
After pranotthana, the process of kundalini jagarana happens in a sadhaka. This
should be identified as kurmavatara in him. This kurmavatara exists in a deep depression of the
brain known as pituitary fossa. The pituitary body is situated in this. This is the physical aspect of
ajna chakra. Its image is the tortoise that is situated at Muladhara. On the basis of this tortoise,
the coiled energy of kundalini is released through the churning of samudra (sa = also; mudra =
the samskaras in the chitta).
Pranasanchara happens through appropriate pranayamas and kundalini
jagarana happens through chakra bhedana. The kundalini that rises upto vishudhi chakra
awakens the varaha avatara in the sadhaka. This varaha avatara is physically manifested as the
brain stem.
Similarly, the awakening of the various parts of the brain happens as
The fact that this book is in your hands is proof that the grace of the masters is
upon you. When you read the book with this in mind, you will hear Guru padadhwani in various

Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge

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