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CECI : Branding and Communications Officer

Branding and Communications Officer Position # 1144-026

TYPE OF ASSIGNMENT Volunteer Cooperant (VC/OS) Position without gender preference COUNTRY AND PLACE OF ASSIGNMENT GHANA , Accra DESCRIPTION The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) is a network of civil society organizations, professional associations, educational research institutions and other practitioners interested in promoting quality basic education for all. Formed in 1999, the coalition has steadily grown over the years with a current membership of over 200 organizations and individuals. GNECC's vision is to provide quality, relevant and engaging basic education for all Ghanaians, irrespective of age, income levels, gender, physical or other disabilities, geographical location, ethnic, religious and socio-economic background. The GNECC works in seven regions across Ghana and with its counterpart, the Northern Network for Education, in the three northern regions. The Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition works in Advocacy and Research and acts on issues of gender based violence in and around school environments. RESPONSIBILITIES Assist in designing branding and publicity materials for WUSC/Uniterra partners and GNECC members Collaboratively develop communication plans for WUSC/Uniterra partners and the GNECC Train members on communication plan and strategies Promote the equal participation of women and men in all programme activities QUALIFICATIONS Degree in communications, marketing, social sciences or related background Experience in communications Experience in developing publicity materials Strong training skills Ability to work in multicultural teams demonstrating flexibility, creativity and innovation ASSIGNMENT DURATION AND EXPECTED DEPARTURE DATE[5/9/2012 9:30:06 AM]

CECI : Branding and Communications Officer

10 months, July 30, 2012 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: May 24, 2012 PARTNER Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition TO APPLY This position is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. You must ensure that you have a SYGESCA session open and that your profile contains a curriculum vitae before applying for the position. Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted

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