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Step 4: Why dont you guys just walk to dance class today? Lizzies mom said.

Ugh, but Terry! I whined. No, its fine. We can walk, dont be lazy. Lizzie interrupted. Yea, Liv. Itll be fine. But dont forget anything! My mom said. We ran inside and got our dance stuff together. I was still wearing my flip flops, T- shirt and jeans. Without time to fiddle-faddle and no time to change we vigorously stuffed our leotards and ballet shoes into Lizzies backpack. Im the queen of leaving things behind, I forget my belongings everywhere. Ive been known for this all of my life. Apprehensive of leaving so quickly, I pause in the door step trying to remember something I know Id forgotten. Interrupting my train of thought, my mom yells, Liv, take my cell phone in case anything happens!(I was 10; 10 year olds didnt have cell phones back then.) She runs to me and hands me her cell phone, kisses me on the cheek and says I love you. Cmon! Lizzie yells, in her snooty 13 yr old girl sort of way. I tuck the cell phone in my back pocket and lock the door behind me. Skip over to Liz as a joke, and we were on our way. Voosh! a large city bus flew passed us. It was so loud it felt like it hit us. Holy crap Liz said out of breath from the scare. How crazy would that be if it hit us? Could you imagine being hit by a bus?! We joked on about how terrible and funny that would be. Itd be just like Mean Girls we would say. Waiting at the stop light on S 1st and Turtle Creek, Liz had the lovely idea of putting her ballet shoes on now, so she doesnt waste time when we got to class. Me already knowing this is incredibly damaging towards the poor ole shoe, I, regrettably, wanted to do exactly what she was doing, because she was older and smarter and prettier. She dug in her bag for hers, May I have mine? She picked hers out, and kept digging and digging. Liv, youre so stupid their not in here. Fudge I said out loud, while thinking the real F bomb in my head. Maybe Miss Burbank will have some extra for you. Cant go back now. We continued walking, Liz, as always, with an astute attitude, while I slumped in agony. I knew I was going to be screwed. Lets cross here, its a waste of time to go to the stop light. Crossing S 1st just before rush-hour is no easy task. Okay, but run to the I yelled. Liz ran, not listening to me. I followed. I stopped at the yellow line, as I was going to finish telling her. But she kept going. Time had slowed down from this moment on. What is she doing? I thought to myself. Liz! No! A car was sharply turning and Lizzie was moving so slow. The car was accelerating faster and faster. Lizzie was moving even slower. I ran. I pushed her out of the way. (That part is really lame, if you could help me make it more climactic thatd be awesome!) Im gliding. Almost flying. Everything is silent, my head is empty. My hidden foot is stuck underneath the moving tire of an old green van. I look up at the young Hispanic woman driving, her face is petrified. She shouts to me with an accent What do I do!? I tell her calmly to stop, as if I were an angel whispering it in her ear.

The next thing I remember I was sitting in the middle of a road, still calm as an angel, starring at my bones; theyre not in my leg anymore. An artery from what was left of my foot was spurting into an already massive puddle of blood. My hearing was lost. My sight limited. My brain had left, as if there was nothing inside my head. I grabbed the cell phone from my back pocket. I dial my home number slowly. 4 4 8 3 2 8 1 click before I even attempt to put the phone to my ear, a police officer asked me if I wanted him to speak. I handed him the phone as if he were now the angel.

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