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CMAP Project Cross Country Race Project Title: CROSS COUNTRY MEET & SAFE ROUTE Created by:

JASON HUNTER & DUSTIN WORM Class: CANYONS CMAP PROJECT Project Description Union Middle School Cross Country Team will create a safe route for a 2 mile race. The 2 mile race will involve athletes from four schools. In past events, students have encountered dangers, including dog bites, heavy traffic flow, and police and criminal activity. What is a safe route for student athletes to run a 2 mile race? What route has the least amount of traffic and minimizes accidents and dangers? The project will assist athletes, coaches, and community partners in minimizing the following dangers: Measure Traffic Flow Sidewalk Cracks Huge Bumps Sex Offenders The project members will also create a map marking Water Stations during the race, Safe Spectator Viewing, and possible dangers. Community Issue or Problem Selected -How project evolved? The Running Team at Union Middle School hosts a Cross Country Race each year. Unforeseen accidents including, falls, dog bites, and near auto and pedestrian collisions, have occurred during past races. The project evolved from our past race experiences and because we wanted to minimize the dangers in future cross country events. Running Athletes Cross Country Coach Union Middle School Administration School Community Council Sandy City Police and Fire Department Middle School Teachers Canyons School District Intramural Director Race Volunteers Minimize Dangers Create Cross Country Event Map Host a Safe Running Race for athletes and spectators Athletes will learn how to use GPS Marking and GIS Mapping.

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7.SP.5 Statistics & Probability: Understand the probability of a chance event is a number between 0 and 1 that expresses the likelihood of the event occurring. 7.RIT.1 Reading Information Text 7.W.2 Writing: Write informative texts to examine a topic and convey ideas. 7.W.6 Writing: Use technology to produce and publish writing, link to sources, and interact and collaborate with team members. 7.W.7 Writing: Conduct short research projects to answer a question. 7.W.8 Writing: Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources. 7.SL.1 Speaking & Listening: Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions with diverse partners, issues, texts. 7.SL.5 Speaking & Listening: Include multimedia components and visual displays in presentations to clarify claims and findings. 7.L.3 Language: Use knowledge of language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, or listening. 7.US.1 Utah Studies: Learning geography for life and how to use maps, other geographic tools to acquire information from a spatial perspective. Understand human and physical characteristics of a place and region. How can we host a safe cross country meet and 2 mile race at our school? How can we keep our athlete safe during the race? How can we keep our spectators safe during the event? Observations Informal Interviews with athletes, coaches, and athletes Data Sheets Map of safe running route for cross country race, Team Building Experience Pictures or our team and mapping experience GIS Skills September October Week 1: Use GPS to mark points of past dangers, and new race routes Week 2: Create Race Map on ArcGIS Online Week 3: Practice Safe Route Week 4: Organize and Plan Race Week 5: Host Cross Country Event Week 6: Reflect, Review, and Celebrate District Checkout of Garmin Venture GPS Units, Camera or iPad for Photos, Computers, Excel, Clipboards, Data Sheet, and Orange Safety Vests.

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GIS Mapping, GPS Marking Points, Safe Running Tips, Collaborative Work, Read, Write, Counting, Calculate, Excel, Following Directions, Staying Safe. Teacher(s): Team Coaches: Jason Hunter and Dustin Worm Students: Cross Country Athletes Partner(s): Union Middle School Administration, Union Middle School Teachers, Canyons School District Intramural Director, Sandy City Police and Fire Department, School Community Council

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Post Season Party with Pizza. Additionally, we will watch videos on Cross Country Running Tips and Trail Running in Utah. The Cross Country Meet will be our evaluation. We will use an informal discussion survey of team coaches, athletes, and spectators. We will have a team discussion post race. Talking and taking notes of comments from everyone will help us find the success of the race route and identify needs for improvement. Garmin BaseCamp ArcGIS Online at Cross Country Running Tips at Trail Running in Utah at In the future, we would like to produce more safe running routes for practice. We would like to create an asphalt road route, a grass terrain route, and a cross country trail route. By creating multiple routes, the cross country team will be able to practice and build running skills on varied terrain which builds balance and strength in the athlete.

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