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Juan Gabriel Padilla 3005 West Terrace Dr., Austin, Texas 78757 (512) 378-3345, gabriel@texasgsa.

org EMPLOYMENT AND INTERNSHIPS Programs Director (Part-time position, 12 hours/week), Texas Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Network, 909 E. 49 Street, Austin. November 8, 2010 - 2012. ( Responsible for statewide programming for the Texas GSA, a youth-led organization funded by at $100,000 grant from the Liberty Hill Foundation that supports queer, transgender and ally youth in schools and their communities by providing resources to GSA student clubs and community campaigns and conducting peer training and youth leadership development. Accomplishments: conducted site visits to schools in the Austin community helped organize two 3-day summer Queer Youth Activism camps, the 2011 Corpus Christi Safe Schools Workshop & Forum, the 2011 Houston Voices of LGBTQ Summit: Taking Back Our Schools, the Public Forum to Focus on Recent Suicides by LGBT Youth in Austin, and the Equality Texas & Texas GSA Network Lobby Day 2011 lead the Youth Council Student Organizing group at Out Youth co-wrote a successful grant application to the Ben and Jerrys Foundation for $15,000 currently coordinating a partnership between the Texas GSA and the American Civil Liberties Union to conduct a state-wide school climate survey and with Equality Texas to conduct youth advocacy training in four communities in Texas. Youth Intern (Unpaid), Texas Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Network, 909 E. 49 Street, Austin. July 2009 - November 2010. ( Responsible for helping with peer support, leadership development and training in the formation of gay straight alliances in private and public schools in the Austin school district and other school districts in Texas, including the Rio Grande Valley. Other work included community education presentations at local, state, and national conferences and other events. Accomplishments: helped co-lead the Texas Gay Straight Alliance state camp held July 2010 at Texas State University; collaborated in the development of a successful grant application for a $100,000 five-year grant from the Liberty Hill Foundation; organized a community fundraiser for the Texas GSAs 2010 activist camp, which raised $450. LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES: COMMUNITY and SOCIAL ACTION Community and School Leadership Member, Citizens Advisory Task Force, Imagine Austin: City of Austin Comprehensive Plan, Austin City Council, October, 2009-May 2010. ( Student Representative, Superintendents Task Force, AISD Strategic Plan 2010-2013, Austin Independent School District, September-December, 2009.

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( Advocacy Experience and Conference Presentations Organizer and co-facilitator, Texas GSA Public Forum, Our Schools, The Gathering Place Worship Center, Austin, December 8, 2010. Musical performance with Grupo Son Armado Jarocho Ensemble, Rhythmic Mestizaje: Son Jarocho as a Movimiento for Social Justice, International Conference on the Life and Works of Gloria E. Anzalda, Cultural Night, presented by the Society for the Study of Gloria Anzalda and the Womens Studies Institute, University of Texas at San Antonio, November 5, 2010. Youth Panelist, LGBTQ Youth Share Their Stories, Texas Network of Youth Services 27th Annual Conference on Services to Youth & Families, The Strength of Youth: The Power of Community, Austin, August 17-20, 2010. (Lead presenter: Lisa Rogers, Out Youth). Co-leader/organizer and presenter, Texas Youth Activism Camp, Texas Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Network, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, July 15-19, 2010. Co-presenter (with Tim Eubanks), Session 1: Creating New Leaders, Session 2: Queer People of Color History, Statewide Queer People of Color Summit, Austin, July 9-11, 2010. Speaker, Intersections of Race and Sexuality and Their Effects on the Immigrant Population, Latino Heritage Symposium, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, April 10, 2010. Co-organizer, High Security Schools Hip Hop and Media Organizing Against Criminalization of Youth. Community Workshop sponsored by PODER and Out Youth and facilitated by Invincible, Reel Diaz, and Jenny Lee of Allied Media Projects, Monkey Wrench, Austin, March 20, 1010. Co-presenter, Beyond Safety: Becoming an Ally for LGBTQ Students, Annual Texas School Social Workers Conference, Austin, February 24-26, 2009. Plenary Address (youth panelist), Young Leaders Speak: Out Loud and Proud Moderated by Kai Wright, The National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Dallas Texas, February 3-7, 2009. Facilitator, Open Forum on How to Bring a High School Diversity Program to the Schools of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas Gay Straight Alliance Network, University of Texas-Pan American University, Edinburgh, Texas, November 14, 2009. Panelist, Teach-In: The Prison Machine, School-to-Prison Pipeline, UT Students Prison Caucus, University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work, October 30, 2009. Panelist, Rejecting Violence, Imagining Alternatives: A Series of Community Conversations, Texas Against Violence Project, Austin, October 7, 2009. Youth Panelist, LGBT Youth: Lets Patch Up the Life Boats, Texas Network of Youth Services 26th Annual Conference on Services to Youth & Families, The Strength of Youth: The Power of Community, Austin, August 19-21, 2009. (Lead presenter: Lisa Rogers, Out Youth).

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Co-presenter, Youth Organizing in the Social Justice Movement, 2009 Primary Prevention Institute, From Plan to Action. Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Austin, August 3-4, 2009. (Erika Gonzalez and Juan Gabriel Padilla, PODER). Testimony, Alternatives to AISDs Zero Tolerance Policy, Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees, June 21, 2009. Testimony, Magnet and Comprehensive Programs at Kealing Middle School, Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees, February 25, 2007. Speaker/Performer, STAND UP Rally on School Dropout, Austin Voices for Education and Youth, September 9, 2006. Social Action and Leadership Training Programs LGBTQ Youth of Color Organizing Summit (Competitive selection), FIERCE (An LGBTQ youth of color grassroots organization based in NYC), Dallas, Texas, February 3, 2010. ( East Austin Leadership Development Program, Southwest Key Community Empowerment Initiative. Summer-Fall 2009. ( Youth Scholars for Justice, Summer youth program (4-week). PODER (People Organized in the Defense of Earth and her Resources: A grassroots effort redefining environmental, economic and social justice issues), Austin, June 5-July 2, 2009. ( 2009 Young Leaders Retreat, Austin Voices for Education and Youth, Austin, August 14-16, 2009. ( National Gathering 2009, National Association of GSA Networks (a conference to bring students and staff together from all member states to share best practices in networking high school and middle school GSAs from each region or state), Austin, August 6-9, 2009. Texas Youth Activism Camp, Texas Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Network (a summer camp for students involved in school-based gay-straight alliance organizations), Austin, July 9-12, 2009. Social Justice Class, Austin Voices for Education and Youth, Garza High School. Summer 2008. Selected Conference Participation Allied Media Conference 2011 (Conference on media-based organizing). Detroit, Michigan, June 23-26, 2011. ( Federal LGBT Youth Summit, US Department of Education, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, Washington, DC, June 6-7, 2011. US Social Forum (A movement building process a space to come up with the peoples solutions to the economic and ecological crisis. The USSF is the next most important step in our struggle to build a powerful multi-racial, multi-sectoral, inter-generational, diverse,

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inclusive, internationalist movement that transforms this country and changes history.), Detroit, Michigan, June 22-26, 2010. ( Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change. Workshop by Organizer Lisa Fithian. Texas State Employees Union Hall, Austin, September 5, 2009. Hip-Hop Media Organizing Against Community Displacement. Workshop by Detroit Hip-Hop Artist, Invincible. PODER, Austin, September 3, 2009. Free Minds, Free People Education for Liberation Conference. Houston, Texas, June 25-28, 2009. ( FILM and MUSIC EDUCATION AND ACTIVITIES Director/Writer/Editor High-Security Schools (Hip Hop and Media Organizing Against the Criminalization of Youth). Documentary produced by PODER. April 2010. Director/Writer/Editor Gentrification: An East Side Story. Documentary produced by PODER. Screened at (a) Displaced Art: Art from the Occupation of the Eastside of Austin, Austin, November 22, 2009, and (b) Freedom Films: The Struggle for Dignity from East Austin to Brooklyn, II Annual Freedom Weekend, Austin, April 29-May 2, 2010. Co-Director/Writer/Editor La Vida Bella. Short film produced by the Queer Youth Media Project. Screened at the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (AGLIFF), Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Austin, September 12, 2009. Queer Youth Media Project, Filmmaking Workshop (8-week). Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival and Out Youth, June 16-August 6, 2009. ( Grupo Son Armado Jarocho Ensemble (Instrument: Jarana). Various Community trainings, workshops, and performances across Austin and Texas. Ex. Dia de Los Muertos Festival, Zandunga Restaurant, Esquina Tango, Jovitas. ACHIEVEMENTS and HONORS 2011 MonkeyWrencher of the Year Award (For work in local community activism). MonkeyWrench Books, A Collectively-Run Radical Bookstore, Austin. April 17, 2011. Winner, Faces of the Grassroots: Environmental Justice Video Contest (Student Category, $500), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Fighting Environmental Racism in East Austin (PSA). May 2010. Cesar E. Chavez Si Se Puede" Youth Empowerment Award (Presented by PODER to individuals who Demonstrate leadership that is changing lives and transforming communities). Austin, March 31, 2010. Latino Academic Achievement Award (Outstanding Achievement in Advance Placement Program). Austin Independent School District. May 2, 2010

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EDUCATION Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York August 2012-Present Gonzalo Garza Independence High School, Austin, Spring 2010-2012 McCallum High School, Austin, 2008-Fall 2009 Magnet Program in Math, Science and Liberal Arts, Kealing Middle School, Austin, 2005-2008 REFERENCES Erika Gonzlez, Former Co-Director, PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources), 2604 E. Cesar Chavez Streeter, Austin, Texas, 78702, 512- 472-9921, Tim Eubanks, Community Organizer, Austin Voices for Education and Youth, 3710 Cedar Street, Austin, Texas 78705, 512- 450-1880, Candice Towe, Former Executive Director, Out Youth, 909 E. 49 Street, Austin, Texas 78751, 512-419-1233, Updated June 1, 2012