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Assignment “Organization


12 Angry men – Find & Study the behavior of the

‘Leader’ among 12 main Characters of Movie.

Submitted by:
Kanhaiya Gupta

Rashmi Bokolial
Date 18, Dec, 2008

About the Movie

There are total 12 main characters in the movie who are gathered
to take a decision collectively. The issue was whether ‘the boy’,
who was suspected for his father murder, was guilty or not?

Characters were not Professional to examine such cases of Law &

Enforcement, they all were common men selected as judiciary
and were heavily influenced from their own Likes, dislikes,
prejudices, perceptions, emotions, priorities & stereotyping.

Movie revolves around one decision that weather that boy was
guilty or not? All of them except one (the seventh chair person),
were in favor of the boy as ‘the guilty’ of murder. But one strong
and logical opposition based on cause & effect, logical reasons
and patience (not on emotions) converts all of them in favor of
the boy as ‘not guilty’.

About Leader and Leadership

Assignment of Organizational Behavior II on “Movie 12 Angry men’. Page 2

What drives the performance is behavior, not personality, says
Robin Stuart-Kotze in ‘Performance: The secret of
successful behavior1’.

Personality is what you are; behavior is what you do, and it’s
‘what’ you do makes a difference. Yet it is the personality that
gets the headlines because people would like to find ‘a secret key
to success that does not require work & effort’.

You don’t have to be at the top to be a leader. Leadership takes

place everywhere, at every level. Once you understand that
leadership is about performance improvement-getting things
done well, done better, done faster, done on time, done reliably-
you realize that everyone in an organization has a leadership role
to play.

Leader of the Judiciary Team- as per my view

The seventh chair-person can be considered as the Leader of the
Team, because of the following reason:

• His behavior was quite calm and relatively uniform

throughout the whole session and as Winston Churchill
had said that “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big
difference”, similarly the attitude was something which
made a big difference in his personality from others.

• He had the ability to influence others very much, and hence

at last he had converted the rigid decisions of all others in to
his favor.

Visit for more detail –

Assignment of Organizational Behavior II on “Movie 12 Angry men’. Page 3

• As a leader he was one who wants to discuss the whole
matter in detail very rationally before taking any decision, he
was idea seeker and wants to be more rational, honest and

• He was very sharp with his mind and hence used his
intelligence as power to influence, manipulate, negotiate and
dominate others.

• He can be considered as ‘the initiator’ of the whole

discussion otherwise others have already (in very starting of
the discussion)decided that the boy was guilty which was
highly influenced from their own personal prejudices,
stereotyping and emotions without any conscious and logical

• He had taken the issue very seriously; because it was the

matter of the life and death of someone, but others had
taken the case very casually. For a leader either issue is
small or big it must be taken very seriously.

• He was very independent of his thought and felt free to raise

and seek new alternative/ idea. For this purpose he had
raised various valid and logical points which compelled
others to think and response for same which again given
some other clue and so on.

• As Rudyard Kipling believed an important virtue for

becoming a mature adult is to keep you head when all

Assignment of Organizational Behavior II on “Movie 12 Angry men’. Page 4

around you are loosing theirs. He was matured and had
courage to face the opposition of all other members when all
others’ are loosing their heads.

• He was one who listen and supports (if required) others’

views, and try to find each single clue/alternative out of ones
given idea to reach the goal.

• He created the interest with his questions and clues of cause

and effect among all (most of them are not really interested
and serious to the issue) to discuss the issue rationally.

• Throughout the whole discussion he was very calm, patient

and logical and not influenced from his or other’s emotions
(such as anger). People behaved very harsh with him, in
spite of all these obstacles he was very focused towards his
goal. It shows his balanced personality traits with right
behavior and attitude.

And at last he found that the boy was really not guilty, and to
arrive at this decision he used every idea and clue from himself
as well as from others, so we can call this a group effort in
spite of no/less willingness of other members, no expertise
among them for such cases and a lot trauma and drama of
anger in between the discussion.

So, now we can consider him as the Leader of the judiciary


Assignment of Organizational Behavior II on “Movie 12 Angry men’. Page 5

Thank You

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