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Network Security Coursework

University of Wales BSc in Business (Information Technology) Centre: City of London College Date: May 21, 2012 Contribution: 50% of Course Module Title: Network Security Deadline: July 02, 2012

Plagiarism is presenting somebody elses work as your own. It includes: copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another students coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work. Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the procedures set down by the University. Please see your student handbook or the Little Book of Plagiarism for further details of what is / isnt plagiarism.

An electronic copy of your work for this coursework must be uploaded on to VLE by the midnight on the Deadline Date. It must be in a Word document, and there are limits on the file size (currently 8 MB). The last version you upload before the deadline will be the one that is marked. Make sure that the file you upload is virus-free and not protected by a password otherwise it will be treated as a null submission. Your work will be submitted for electronic plagiarism checking. Your work will not be printed in colour. Please ensure that any pages with colour are acceptable when printed in Black and White. There is no need to submit a paper copy of this coursework.

Coursework Regulations

Coursework submitted after the published deadline without an extenuating

circumstances claim will receive a ZERO grade. If you have extenuating circumstances you may submit your coursework up to two weeks after the published deadline without penalty but this is subject to acceptance of your claim by the School Extenuating Circumstances Panel. If your claim is rejected then you will receive a zero grade for your work. Coursework submitted more than two weeks late will be given feedback but a grade of non submission will be awarded regardless of any extenuating circumstances. However, if your Extenuating Circumstances claim is accepted then the Extenuating Circumstances Panel will recommend to the Progression and Award Board that you be permitted to retake a different item of assessment at a future assessment point. 2. Do not ask the lecturers for extensions to published deadlines - they are not authorised to award an extension. 3. All coursework must be submitted as above. Under no circumstances can they be accepted by School academic staff.

Coursework Specification

This coursework must be completed individually. You are a newly appointed Network Security Consultant of XYZ Cloud Services, a IaaS based cloud service provider serves a number of large corporation. Recently one of the largest Hotel Reservation support group (The Preferred Hotel Group) is planning to migrate their servers on cloud and in a competitive emerging market your company wants to secure a long term service vendor arrangement with them and you are given a task to provide network security consultancy for their convenience.

The Preferred Hotel Group is the technology, sales and marketing backbone for more than 700 of the prestigious independent hotels and resorts in 65 countries - specific services include group, corporate and leisure sales, integrated marketing, global connectivity and reservations, electronic distribution services, and tech-based guest services.

The clientele who frequent these hotels expect impeccably smooth services. So when the Preferred Hotels IT team considering a complete migration of its entire pool of servers from a collocated data centre in London, where the company is headquartered, to XYZ Enterprise Cloud before the Christmas holidays in 2012, everything had to go off without a hitch. Therefore security in Cloud infrastructure is one of the leading concerns of the clients top management as they have modest understanding about the new technology and you have been given a set of task to overcome their concern.

You are to write a report (2500 words) on possible Cloud security threats, preventive measures and counter-measures. Your report should also include an analysis on the benefits of Cloud migration on terms of data security and efficiency.

Task 01: Identify possible security threats on Cloud IaaS service infrastructure. (1000 words)

Task 02: Outline the list of security solutions Cloud providers will offer to its clients. (1000 words)

Task 03: Evaluate the benefits of Cloud IaaS in term of data security and efficiency. (500 words)

Borrowed material You are expected to use journals, research materials, images, books etc. in writing your report. All borrowed material must be clearly identified and copyright must be acknowledged where appropriate. Failure to correctly reference your sources may be considered as plagiarism! Assessment You are required to demonstrate your work and provide a short written report. Your work will not be assessed and you will fail if you do not both demonstrate and submit a report. Demonstrations will require that you explain (some of) your code to your tutor. Your code must run from the designated web servers and database servers when you demonstrate. If you

develop your work using different servers, such as your home machine, you should allow plenty of time for porting the code. Deliverables A written report submitted electronically consisting of the following sections IN THE ORDER given below:

Task 01, 02 and 03 with a list of references which will support your writing and ensure your submission which will be checked for plagiarism.

Grading Criteria The specification is given as ten levels. Each level is worth a maximum of 10%. Note that the level you achieve as defined in the specification sets the maximum possible mark. The other factors that will be taken into account when awarding a grade are described below in the assessment criteria. Remember you may get a mark lower than the maximum possible for the standard of you research depending on how your assignment meets the assessment criteria.

Assessment Criteria Marks are awarded for: >70% - Excellent written report with evidence of in depth research, a detailed and plausible understanding of the topic. >60% - Good written report with evidence of research all tasks completed adequate research documents. >50% - Average Some evidence of research but some sections incomplete reasonable research document. >40% - Satisfactory Very little research some essential elements missing Scrappy report. <40% - Poor - Poorly written report essential elements missing little or no research or understanding of the target environment.