3 Maps

Fishing Champ features a variety of maps, each having unique fish that can only be found in that area. Some fish only come out at certain times of the day as well, lots of

experimentation is needed to catch them all!

Image -Name: Pirami Zone


-Description: The beginner map that new Fishing Champ players should start off in. -Unique Fish: Shamuri

-Name: Paradise -Description: A small lake, and popular spot for anglers. -Unique Fish: Shuttles Hoppfish, Bass, Pond Smelt, Albino Swamp Eel

-Name: Pangaia -Description: A map in the shape of - Unique Fish: Grass Puffer, River Puffer

-Name: Blue Dragon -Description: A quiet river in the shape of a dragon. -Unique Fish: Slender Catfish, Spotted Sleeper, Arctic Lamprey

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Edited by Foxit -Name: Piscus Austranius PDF Editor Copyright (c) by Foxit Software Company, 2004 -Description: Forsmall group of islands located near Cory’s A Evaluation Only.
hometown. -Unique Fish: Tench, Kumgang Minnow, Mountain Trout, Axolotl

-Name: Aqua Farm -Description: A new-age fish farm featuring some very rare fish.


-Name: Paradise II -Description: An unusual body of water in the shape of a snail. -Unique Fish: Snakehead, Carp, Grass carp, Gytera, Makara, Lates Niloticus

-Description: A map in the shape of a giant fish.

fish can be found here, and is a favorite of experienced anglers. -Unique Fish: Skygager, Goby Minnow, Trout, Leneth, Snorkel Fish, Alligatori

-Description: A place rumored to hold the spirit of an ancient dragon. well. -Unique Fish : Catfish, Kinath, Takahan, Arohana Many giant fish can be found here as

-Name: Bamboo Forest -Description: A secret forest only known to a few people in the world. The forest holds some ancient and

legendary fish, and you must be level 100 to even enter. -Unique Fish: Giant Catfish, Monstrous Eel, Ancient Carp, Cora, Acer, Freezener, Piranha Copyright 2005-2007 OnNet USA Inc. All right reserved.


-Name: Blue Dragon


-Name: Pangaia

셔 레프

-Unique Fish: Arkinyo, Skiph, Laria, Shabeliar,

, Veag,

Many giant

4 Fish Types
All maps use the following system. Read it carefully!

Common Type: These fish can be found on all maps. Unique Type: Fish in this category can only be found in specific areas. Migrating Type: These fish only appear at certain times, and move around from map to map. Different fish will bite depending on the bait, time of day, weather, and location.

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Name Chub

Type Common, Unique

Description These carnivores like to live near their cousins, the Pale Chub. These herbivores are usually found at


Common, Night

night, but appear during the day when laying their eggs.

Dark Sleeper

Unique Migrating, Unique Migrating, Common Common, Day

This carnivore can only be found in a very specific area. These carnivores tend to favor swift moving waters. A common fish that can be found in many areas. Found in clear, quiet waters.


Asiatic Ricefish

Pale Chub

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5 Tournaments

Anyone can create a tournament, it only takes seconds! Not only can you compete against other anglers, but you can win Ping and earn special titles as well.

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Type The Largest Fish Caught wins. Most Fish Caught Total Length of Fish Caught once. Tournament options 5, 10, and 20. Basic Rules

How to win person who catches the


largest fish during the tournament

Most fish caught

The person who catches the most fish during the tournament wins. The person who has largest total length of fish caught during the tournament wins.

Total length of fish caught

Largest fish caught

Tournaments can be started with just 2 players, but up to 20 participants can play at

Participants: Choose the maximum # of participants that can join. The options are 2, 3, 4,

Duration: Choose from 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes. Tournament fee: Choose from 10, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 Ping.

•Prize distribution: Tournaments pay up to 3 place depending on the number of participants. The percentages are based on the total amount of tournament fees


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collected. More than 3: 1st – 50%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd – 20% 2 participants: 1st – 70%, 2nd – 30% If all participants of a tournament leave before it is over, the last one

remaining gets 100% of the tournament fees.

Aquarium At the aquarium, you can place your favorite fish that you don’t have the heart to fry up or sell. The Aquarium features numerous camera angles, so you can always keep an You initially start off with a basic tank that can They can be upgraded easily however, and

eye out on what your fish are doing.

only accommodate the smallest of fish.

you can purchase decoration such as seaweed and corral to help your fish feel more at home. Aquariums can be seen by other Fishing Champ players, and the game keeps

track of things like ‘Most Valuable’ and ‘Most Recommended’, so you can easily see how your aquarium compares to others.

Maintenance -Feed your fish, change their water, and upgrade your aquarium here.

► ► ►

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6 Levels and Ranks
Levels In order to increase your level, you must fill your Experience Gauge. experience points, all you have to do is catch fish. the more experience points you earn. To earn

The larger the fish you catch,

Ranks Participate in tournaments to earn Rank experience. experience, your Rank will continue to rise. with the ultimate being Fishing Champ. As you earn Rank

There are various titles you can earn,

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3 Start Guide
Map selection Before you start, you must first select the map that you’d like to play in.

Paradise 2, Pangaia 2, and Bamboo Forest have level requirements, but the other maps are open to players of all levels.

Character Creation If this is your first time playing, start off by creating a new character. the character Click on of your

choice, and click the Create Character from their button. Aside


each character has unique starting stats and unique items that only they can wear. Select your channel Once you have selected your map and character, you will have to select the channel you wish to play in. The

bars next to the channel number represent how many players are currently playing in that channel. If the bars

are all filled, the channel is full and can not

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accommodate more players.

4 User Interface
1 1 1 1
No. 1 2 3 4 5 Name Rank Menu Quest Stand up Ping Shop Description Displays what rank different symbols represent. Allows access to the in-game menus and options. Displays your current quests, along with rewards for completing them. Click to stand up from your chair and stop fishing. Goes to the shop that uses the in-game currency, Ping. 7 Inventory Opens your inventory where you can manage your clothes, equipment, and consumables. 8 8 9 Net Help Mini-map Allows you to keep track of fish currently in your possession. How to fish and various tips. Shows your current location, as well as important NPC’s. Copyright 2005-2007 OnNet USA Inc. All right reserved. 16/22-

9 9 9 9 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2

01 01 01 01

5 Controls


Description Reel left


Description Consumables screen


Tournament window

Reel right

Character info

Release line Tug;While fishing:


Earn combos Use Combo






Toggle walk/run -Stand up



Use consumable

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6 How to fish
6.1 Starting Off Make sure you have enough bait and other equipment before you start fishing. Once you sit down,

left click on the area where you’d like to toss your line.

If you are fishing at night, you’ll have to equip a light to be able to see your float.


First Bite The initial moment when the fish takes your bait is referred to as the first bite.

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Tugging Once a fish takes your bait, you must time your initial tug to make sure the hook is secure. If you don’t time it right, the fish will be unhooked and get away. Description When the cork moves up and down, you must time the initial tug when the float is at it’s highest point by pressing the [Space Bar] or pulling the mouse back quickly. If you are a beginner, follow the on-screen directions to time your tug correctly. Image Description There is a 2nd scenario where you will see the cork start to move under the water. When


this happens, you must time your initial tug when the float is at it’s lowest point by pressing the [Space Bar] or pulling the mouse back quickly.

Recasting If you would like to recast your line, click anywhere on the screen while your bait is in the water.

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Rotating left When the fish bubble is rotating to the right, move your pole to the left by pressing the ⇓ key, [A] key, or left mouse button. You must keep the mouse rotating during this process.

Rotating right When the fish bubble is rotating to the left, move your pole to the right by pressing the ◊ key, [D] key, or right mouse button.

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Tip While the fish bubble is on the blue side of the circle, you gain HP. When it is on the red side however, you will slowly lose HP. When the HP of the fish reaches 0, the fish will be added to your net. If your HP reaches 0, the fish will get away.

Pulling Holding the [S] key will pull your line in. This will cause more damage to the fish, There is a chance

but make it more difficult to keep the fish where you want it. your line will snap if you pull on your line for too long.

Normal position Holding the [S] key and releasing it will return the line to it’s normal position.

Releasing line If you hold the [W] key, you will release some extra line. like the fish bubble to rotate faster. Do this when you would


Combos Building Combos Around the fish bubble, you will see a larger circle converging around it. When the larger circle and fish bubble meet, hit the [Space Bar]. If you time it correctly, you will see your Combo Gauge fill..

Unleashing your Combo Once your Combo Gauge has filled to a certain point, press [1] to unleash your combo for bonus damage. There are 3 levels of the Combo Gauge, the damage your combo causes is dependant on how much of the bar was filled when you unleashed your Combo.

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7 Aquarium Maintenance
Stress factors for your fish

Status Hungry Satisfied Full Overfed Fish become extremely stressed when hungry. Fish are content and maintain their level of stress. Having a full stomach relieves stress. If you feed your fish too often, they will become overweight and stressed.

Fish types

Carnivores Herbivores

Carnivores are happy when there are plenty of herbivores around for them to eat. Herbivores become stressed when there are carnivores around.

Tank Size

Fish become stressed when the tank is too small to move around.
Number of fish

Fish become stressed when the tank is crowded with too many fish.
Water purity

If the aquarium starts to become too dirty, fish will become stressed.

Changing water

Changing your aquarium water too often will cause stress.

If a fish catches an illness, their level of stress will raise dramatically. THE END.
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