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Instructions for Final Project 45-941M/E, Summer 2012  The final project involves the analysis of a “video” of your

choosing. By “video” I mean a documentary, film, a feature film, an episode in a television show, etc. The length of the video should be no less than 45-50 minutes. While there is no maximum time for a video, you do need to analyze all of whatever you choose. The format of your write-up resembles that of the mid-term exam, but with a few important differences. What is the same is that at the heart of the analysis are relatively short paragraphs focused on one or a small number of related concepts from one of the theories we’ve covered in the class. What’s different is that instead of prioritizing them by importance, you’ll use order of appearance. Another difference is that there is no particular number of paragraphs that you should have. That decision is yours. Finally, there is no page limit either. Please make sure that each paragraph in your analysis begins with a “label” formatted as follows: Time Range; Theory; Top Level Concept(s); Subordinate Concept(s). For example, the first label might read as follows: 01:31-07:42; Business Concept Innovation; Customer Interface; Information & Insight. Each paragraph can be based on only one “theory” but you can use more than one “top level” concept and more than one “subordinate” concept if necessary. Less is better but the decision is yours. A good analysis will likely include all of the first four theories, though not necessarily in equal measure. I am aware that examples of Organizational Design and Network Analysis may prove very hard to identify so don’t base your selection of a video on whether or not it contains material for the application of these theories. Please return your answers as a Word document, not PDF or RTF. The standard formatting conventions apply but in place of Team#, please provide the Andrew ID for each team member. Thus, we’ll have something like this: 45-941M_ AndrewID1_AndrewID2_AndreID3_FinalProject Or 45-941E_ AndrewID1_AndrewID2_AndreID3_FinalProject Please don’t include the title of your video in the above. If you video appears online, please include the URL and other related information in an appendix at the end of the analysis.  You may work individually or in a group and that group may be different than any you have worked on to date. For the M-section, please make sure the group does exceed four persons and for the Esection, no more than six members. Before beginning your analysis, please notify me of your intended selection. While it’s unlikely that I will veto your choice, I do want to know in advance if several people have chosen the same video. Also, if you choose something I don’t have, I need time to order it and for it to arrive before the last day of class. I’d appreciate your informing me of your choice as soon as possible and no later than June 21 st. If you have any difficulties identifying videos, there are several that I can recommend.