DepEd Form 18–E–2

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VILLANUEVA___________ al Recommending Approval: TACADAO_____________ Approved: VI_____

________ ERNELITA L. Princip _______ _ LEVY District Supervisor ______ISAGANI S. DELA CRUZ, CESO Schools Division Superintendent T.

------ooo000ooo-----Curriculum ___ BASIC

following. Each subject or combination of subjects will have a weight of one. In these grades minimum average of 75 percent is required for promotion. 14. When the blanks under “Summary of Pupils Enrolled” are filled in, the following points should be remembered: the March monthly enrollment given on the first line should agree with the March monthly enrollment as it appears on DepEd Form 2. The data for the second line should include all pupils promoted to next higher grade during, not at the close of, the school year. The data for the third line are found by adding numbers given on the first and second lines. 15. The sum of ages of all pupils concerned should appear where “Total Age of Pupils” is called for. 16. In Indicating the subject under the column “Final Rating In,” arrange the subjects alphabetically.


CURRICULUM___________________ Grade _ School Division __CITY _SIX_______________________________________ _MARBEL-1 SCHOOLS CENTRAL OF Section ___JACINTO________________________________ ELEMENTARY________________________ KORONADAL_________________________________ Date of Close of School Year ______MARCH 30____________, _____2012________ Certificates ______APRIL_2, 2012______________________________________ (Date Issued)


March monthly enrollment Pupils promoted from grade during year Correct enrollment Total age of pupils Average age of pupils SUMMARY OF PROMOTED PUPILS Number of promoted Total age of DURING YEAR Boy Girl s 0 0 0 0 0 0 s IN

23 0 23 304.7 5 13.25

26 0 26 333 12.81

49 0 49 637.7 5 13.01

MARCH Boys 22
290.5 0

TOTAL Boys 22
290.5 0

Girls 25
318.7 5

Girls 25
318.7 5

Total 47
609.2 5

pupils Average age of pupils Date:

13.2 0

12.7 5

13.2 0

12.7 5

12.9 6




1. This form, accomplished in triplicate, should serve as a permanent record of all promotions during, or at the end of the School year in Grades IV-VI, inclusive. 2. The copies of this form for Grade VI should be fully accomplished a week before the end of the school year. The original copy should be retained in the office of the principal, the duplicate should be forwarded to the division office as soon as accomplished and approved, and the triplicate should be kept on the file in the office of the district supervisor. 3. A separate report for each section of each grade of each curriculum is required. 4. Names of boys should be written first, followed by names of girls listed separately. Pupil’s names should be written in the same order on all copies. The total number of pupils listed should agree with the yearly enrolment reported on DepEd Form 2 for March plus the number of promoted from the grade to a higher grade during the school year. These should be listed separately at the bottom of the form. 5. Under “Year in School,” write 4, 4 ½, 5, 5 ½, 6, 6 ½, etc., to indicate the exact length of time the pupil has been in school from the first time he entered any school to date of accomplishing this forms. 6. The age of the pupils as recorded on this form should be his age as of the end of the school year as recorded in DepEd Form 1 (School Register). 7. Opposite the name of each pupil for drop outs during the year should be entered such brief explanation of the cause as “111”, “Decreased”. “Dropped January 12,” etc. 8. Under “Total Number of Days in Grade,” indicate total number of days the pupil has attended the grade in current and preceding school years. 9. All final ratings on this form are to be indicated in percent. 10. The data for “Average” at the bottom of the sheet will be found by adding the entries in the column and dividing the total thus obtained by the number of pupils for whom final ratings are entered. 11. The term “Final Rating” signifies either the average of the periodic rating in a subject according to the averaging system of grading or the last cumulative rating according to the cumulative system of grading. Indicate the system used accordingly, i.e., cross out the system not used. 12. In indicating action taken on this form use only the word “promoted” and abbreviate them to Prom. And Ret., respectively. 13. In Grade IV and in the intermediate grades, the general average of each pupil shall be obtained by dividing the sum of the subject final rating by the number of the subjects or combination of the subjects entered under item 16

REFERENCES Circulars: Nos. 24 abd 34, s. 1928; 45, s. 1930; 13 and 35, s. 1932; 23, s. 1933; 15 and 48, s. 1934; 18, 2. 1937; 12 and 44, s. 1938. Memorandum: Nos. 29, s. 1927; 18, s. 1930; and 36, s. 1940 Department Memorandums: Nos. 3, 6, and 16, s. 1945. General Instructions: no. 13, 1995 Service Manual: Secs. 99, 102, 111-112, and 115-116

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