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Blair defends opening the door to mass migration and says it had a very positive impact on Britain
Former PM said it was 'right’ that the country was made up of different cultures and faiths mixing together
UPDATED: 19:39 EST, 28 October 2011

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Tony Blair has defended Labour’s controversial mass immigration policy by claiming that Britain cannot succeed unless it opens its borders to more people from different backgrounds. The former prime minister said it was 'right’ that the country was made up of different cultures and faiths mixing together. Mr Blair added that migrants had made Britain 'stronger’ and said those calling for greater curbs on foreigners entering the country were wrong. His comments come just days after official figures revealed that the population is expected to soar by the equivalent of a city the size of Leeds every year for the next decade. A defiant Mr Blair insisted his party’s policy on immigration was the right one. He said: 'It’s been a very positive thing and there is no 'It's been a very positive thing': Tony way for a country like Britain to Blair has defended Labour's mass succeed in the future unless it is open to people of different colours, immigration policy, saying it made the country stronger faiths and cultures.’ Under Labour, up to 5.5million people born outside the UK arrived as long-term migrants. Between 1997 and 2010, around 2.3million left the country, meaning the UK population increased by around 3.2million as a direct result of foreign migrants.
More... MAIL COMMENT: We need a Britannia for the modern age Criminals released, children incarcerated. Britain's immigrant removal system is broken

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In an interview with Eastern Eye newspaper, Mr Blair said: 'The vision of a

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country of different cultures and different faiths mixing together is the right one. 'That is not to say you don’t have problems at certain points, but those problems are to be overcome without losing the essence of what has actually allowed this country’s people to get on and do well.’
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Defiant: Mr Blair's comments about mass migration were branded shameless by critics

His comments were branded ‘shameless’ by critics and are set to fuel claims that the huge increase in migrants under Labour were due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to change the country. Two years ago, Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, said that Labour’ s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to ‘open the UK to mass migration’. Mutual Fund He added that Labour wanted to rub the ‘Right’s nose in diversity and Invest In Money render their arguments out of date’. Market Mutual Mr Blair added that the antiFunds. See Exclusive Online immigration debate was one of the Offers Today. ‘past’. ‘I think the majority of people in Britain today are not prejudiced and can understand the benefits of migration. Investment ‘I think what people worry about is Banking where they feel there is no control Looking For over who comes in and there are Investment Trust? no rules governing who comes in or Find It Nearby not, and that is a different issue With! altogether. ‘It would be very unfortunate if by putting those rules into place, we view that immigration was a somehow bad thing for the country, because it is not.’ Deliberate: Two years ago, Andrew Tory MP Priti Patel, said: ‘As the Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, daughter of immigrants, there is no said that Labour' s relaxation of question that those who work hard controls wanted to 'open the UK to and make a positive contribution do mass migration' enrich the fabric of our society. ‘But what Tony Blair has failed to recognise is that while he was in power, he opened the floodgates of mass and uncontrolled immigration which has left a damaging legacy in our towns and cities.’ Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: ‘This is completely shameless from the Prime Minister who brought more than three million immigrants into Britain in the teeth of public opposition.’ Fellow Tory MP Dominic Raab added: ‘These comments are naïve if not reckless. Tony Blair has left Britain with a legacy of uncontrolled immigration that has put huge pressure on public services and undermined community cohesion’.

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Comments (647)
Here's what other readers have said. Why not debate this issue live on our message boards. The comments below have been moderated in advance. Newest Just shut up Tony.
- Stephen, Windsor, 30/10/2011 19:11 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 163


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This sums it up: If he were on fire and I had a glass of water - I'd drink it!
- Jan, Devon, 30/10/2011 13:22 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 181

There is no defence it was an absolute disaster.
- gh, uk, 30/10/2011 09:02 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 169

Can you imagine a world were people should only live were they are born In my opinion it’s just inconceivable it would be like going back to the stone age. After all if you are advocating freedom in the world you should allow freedom to others too Or perhaps you advocate a world allowing so many in and so many out or may be we should have a referenda on this one too may be we should have referenda on every issues. On the nuclear ? On the way we pay ourselves? On the size of our armies? On Europe? On the voting system? On the schools? On what we teach in classes ? Go on get real there are already elected bodies to do just that . Britain is a democratic country and it work very well thank you.
- George, Petersfield, 30/10/2011 06:36 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 210

Why can't Britain be like Japan?
- George, London,UK, 30/10/2011 06:29 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 132

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The stupid ruling classes ,thick as Rhino hide,. Window lickers,
- smiler, ,,manchester, 30/10/2011 01:47 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 137

labour had problems with Communist infiltration,it now has an even bigger problem with Tory infiltration. I wonder if the press will make equally as much fuss. Migration into UK is to keep pay low ,very Tory and obeying big business.Exporting jobs so CO2 emmissions can be met by not addressing problems an easy out for Big Business.So it saves on research to cut CO2 and places jobs abroad. Of course many of those jobs were lowly paid and easy to export .Labour unfortunately has many MP's that like the Tories have not a clue what a days work means. Makes one wonder where their bolt holes are for when the population wise up.
- John Grist, Clevedon England, 29/10/2011 23:51 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 7

What planet is he on?!
- truered, Northants, 29/10/2011 23:03 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 36

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It will not affect Tony Blair cos he lives in his Ivory Tower,joe
- joe, hull, 29/10/2011 22:57 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 36

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Apositive impact? For whom?
- Dee, Nottingham, 29/10/2011 22:33 Report abuse Click to rate Rating 40

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