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________________________________________________________________________________ Researching the history of your Oak Cliff home by Michael Amonett
Here in Oak Cliff, we live in all types and ages of homes, some dating back over 100 years. The older the home, the more interesting it is. The older a building is, the more occupants it has had and the richer a story it has to tell. If you believe history like this is a thing of value then certainly we here in Oak Cliff have some of the most valuable historic resources in the city. Researching the history of older properties is an arduous task sometimes but it can be extremely rewarding The first place you can go is the Dallas County Appraisal District. Their website can either be accessed through DCAD or the interactive map at the City of Dallas website On DCAD, you can search your property through the search engine or you can pinpoint properties through the interactive map on the city's website and click "More Info" there and it will take you to DCAD. There you can find the year your home was built. For more detailed information a trip to 320 E. Jefferson might be in order. In the basement of that building are the city's archives. City staff is on hand to help you research any address you want. There you can find almost any permit that has been pulled on any property in the City of Dallas. Typically, permits from the 1920's through the 1940's are found on microfilm and permits pulled from the 1940's through the 1980's are on microfiche. When searching permits you want to notice things like property owners and work done and take notes. Copies can be made for 10 cents apiece and you can also take screen pictures with your phone.
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We Want your Bricks!
By Roy Appleton, DMN reporter
Know the audience you are writing to. What are they hoping to hear from you? What would they find useful or informative? Find out what is important to them and address their needs in your newsletter each month. Include a photo or photos to make your newsletter even more appealing. Add a "Find out more..." link to additional information on your website. Old, new, a single brick or a pallet. Just bring them. The Bishop Arts District Merchants Association is widening the sidewalk in the 300 block of North Bishop, building a new walkway to some new businesses, Emporium Pies and We Are 1976.The group has already collected bricks from Fort Worth Avenue and a century-old chimney. And they'd take any spares you've got around the house, shop, etc. This from the association's Facebook page: "With 2,200 bricks yet to collect, we welcome donations of a single brick or a whole pallet. If they'll fit in your truck, you can add your bricks to the growing stack-obricks at Bishop & 8th St. (next to Cozy Cottage Children's Boutique). If you have a larger pile, call or text David to retrieve them at 469-2335088.

For Sale

Surplus Properties by City of Dallas


The city of Dallas is planning on selling more than two dozen surplus properties, including Fire station #26 on Jefferson. Anyone interested should be able to get more information by contacting the city.

JUNE 2012

The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League | P.O. Box 4027 | Dallas | TX | 75208

JUNE 2012

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Go Oak Cliff presents its third annual Bastille on Bishop Street Festival. Head out on Saturday evening to enjoy a mussels competition, a petanque court in the street, mimes, cirque performances, scooter rallies, French maid relays, bicycles, baguettes, crepe stands, accordions, and more! Join us for an amazing night!

I La Tour de BastilleBastille Day in Bishop
This will be the 1st Annual Tandemonium Bike Race which will take place on the 14th during Bastille on Bishop, 7pm 11pm in the Bishop Arts District! Pre-registration will be required, no fee to enter. Look for more details to be posted on bikefriendlyoc.org soon!

City Board backs North Oak Cliff Development
Earlier today, a proposed five-story, mixed-use development in north Oak Cliff received financial support at City Hall. The board of the Davis Garden Tax Increment Finance District unanimously endorsed up to $4 million in future reimbursements to the Davis Street Market project. The matter goes to the City Council for a final decision. The money would go toward environmental remediation of the site in the 700 block of West Davis Street, creation of affordable housing and infrastructure improvements. In return, Rick Garza, the project developer and architect will have to obtain a building permit by July 31, 2013, receive a certificate of occupancy by Dec. 31, 2014, provide at least 68,000 square feet of office and/or retail space, and construct between 110 and 160 apartments totaling at least 150,000 square feet of space, among other requirements.

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