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May 2012

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May 2012

Overview FOSSFA - Special Online Elections - HotThreads - Membership information - Small groups - ICT@innovation News - News from Africa (Uganda, Cameroun, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa, ) - Special Thanks to some members - Contacts

Elections are going on slowly but surely. We have been discussing mainly about who can vote and who can nominate. Then we end up with the need of having an updated membership list. So till the deadline of the 30th of May many members have renewed and/or filled the online membership form. This has help identify some areas/countries without Liaisons. Next Council Nominates should get ready to send a one page presentation. Some of the tasks for the next council memebers are : • To choose and Administrator • To get more funding opportunities • To allow members to check online their membership status and also if possible pay online their fees • To decide the welcome package details of members (FOSSFA email account, contribution

allowed to web site content, joining communities, etc.)

Threads :

Folks unsubscribing from the mailing

list - FOSS Learning Management System - FOSSFA vs FSOSFA

Membership information


- Liaisons Contacts (Check the Contacts Page 9) - Payments Fees and Options
1- While filling the registration form you are given 3 payment options. Payment Option 1: Bank Transfer Account Name (Beneficiary): FOSSFA Address: FOSSFA Secretariat, The Advanced Information Technology Institute of the Ghana -India Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE) 2nd Avenue, Opposite Council of State, Accra, Ghana Private Mail Bag, State House Account number: 0091 0944 2013 1502 Bank: ECOBANK Ghana

Bank address: South Industrial Area, Old KBL Depot. PMB GPO Accra Swift code: ECOGHAC Payment Option 2: Payment using MoneyGram or Western Union: Address: Mr. Frederick Yeboah, The FOSSFA Secretariat, Advanced Information Technology Institute, Ghana -India Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE) Private Mail Bag, State House Accra, Ghana Tel: +233 249 301186 Payment Option 3: Payment through FOSSFA National Focal point or any other designated person.

Training in Senegal Appel à Participation: Formateurs Futures pour «Les Modèles d'Affaires des Logiciels Libres pour l'Afrique" en Afrique de l'Ouest ! Date limite d'inscription : 30/06/2012 Le programme tic@innovation, un partenariat entre FOSSFA et GIZ, est à la recherche d'experts ouest-africains et les institutions qui souhaitent devenir formateurs qualifiés sur le thème de la construction d’Affaires basés sur les Logiciels Libres. Les formateurs ont la possibilité d'intégrer la formation d'affaires basées sur les Logiciels Libres dans le programme de formation de leurs institutions et / ou de développer la formation d'affaires basés sur les Logiciels Libres comme une nouvelle source de revenus. Pour plus d’informations visitez le lien :

Small groups
Some members are joining small groups to help achieve some of the current goals. - Marketing Materials - Website Update Feel free to contact the CEM ( if you wan to join one of them or think one more is needed.
- Facebook

page we have reached 100 in May and now we are 112 members from all over Africa (NO NEED TO PAY TO GET ONBOARD IT IS FREE ! :-) ) -To Follow FOSSFA or tweet about FOSSFA don’t forget the hash tag #FOSSFA

Overview of all trainings given for the ict-innovation project How many people has ict@innovation trained so far in which countries? Please find attached a chart showing the answer. Quite impressive! A big thank you to all those who participated in the trainings and thereby brought ict@innovation to life!

News from AFRICA
- Mirror in Uganda A good friend of mine, Alex Kisakye, has just ensured another contribution to the Ugandan Open Source Community by making public the University Mirror at Uganda Christian University. Significant steps there for us - Find the mirror at: Di scussions on the LUG mailing list are now towards making this (or such a) mirror available at the UIXP. Brian Ssennoga - Cote d'Ivoire 1. GoogleDays. g|cotedivoire held for the first time ever. A very successful one indeed. It rallied all actors of Cote d'Ivoire web and ICT. Though it followed the traditional developers and entrepreneurs' days, the vibrant Open Source and web community added more life by tweeting on the #gCotedivoire tag on Twitter. The ICT and Posts Minister was there on Day 1 and the Minister of Youth and Civic Service was present on Day 2. The National Assembly President invited a handful of web actors from the event to give him a personal briefing. FOSSFA members were active as this was an "open source feast" 2. JNTIC: Les Journées Nationales NTIC sont devenues une tradition en Côte d'Ivoire. Ces journées, sous la houlette de l'Union Internationale des %5D/overview-people-trainedictinnovation-program
The Final Evaluation of the ICT@INNOVATION project will start very soon ! More details will be given in the next newsletter.

Télécommunications - UIT, sont célébrées un peu partout dans le monde. Pour cette année, le thème a été "Les Femmes et les filles dans les TIC". La Côte d'Ivoire a mis au premier rang, les femmes leaders dans le domaine TIC. Parmi elles, 2 grandes dames de FOSSFA. Madame Christelle Assirou et Madame Nwakanma Nnenna. Elles ont tenue plusieures communications sur le thème central. Notons que lors du diner gala de clôture, le Président des JNTIC a sollicité Mme Nnenna Nwakanma pour l'ouverture du bal. Au cours de même soirée, Mme Assirou a romporté le gros lot de Tombola. Un billet Abidjan-ParisAbidjan offert par France.

- Benin eLearning Attendees : Evans Ikua, Brian Ssennoga, Seun Ojedeji, CEM: Mawusee FOLI, Kemi Minutes of the meeting Agenda 1- Membership & Elections 2- Documents repository ( 3- Website update 4- Emails for members (quota) ------------------1) Membership & Elections - Allow everybody to vote - It will be good to know who needs to pay up (status). But if it is not possible we should work with what we have - Decide on the 'voting date' and plan accordingly so that it doesn't take too much time - Contestants should attend 2 Idlelos - Council should decide during the next meeting who can vote - Members should be given 2 weeks to pay up 2) We need to have a small team and deadlines in order to have concrete results 3) Website update - We can create an account for every member of the team responsible - Send out a mail for people who want to help - We need to define timelines - Establish the features list from previous threads

Photo: Il y a Mme Fatou Coundoul Thiam, Conseillere aux Ministère TIC au Sénégal, Mme Christelle Assirou, avec son billet. Nnenna. Le Monsieur, c'est Mohamed Sounkéré, un Chef à VeONE. Entreprise FOSS en Cote d'Ivoire.

Nnenna Nwankanma

4) Emails for members A quota of 20Mb can be given every member. Then they should all be shown how to setup email forward and/or how to use a mail client in order to avoid keeping their mails on the server.

Mouhamadou Moustapha CAMARA : 2 élèves

Nos écoles partenaires : Centre socio-éducatif Keur-Gui (CSKG) (Guédiawaye) Lycée thierno saidou nourou tall (dakar) Nos accompagnateurs : Elwan Ndiaye Mamadou Diagne Sans oublier les volontaires du dakarlug qui on filer un coup demain Un total de 60 élèves formaient qu'on à répartie en deux classes se qui n'ont jamais jouer avec un ordinateur et les plus expérimentés Merci aux parrains qui on crue à au

– Senegal Caravane Ubuntu

Nos parrains : Magib Diong : 5 élèves Elwan Ndiaye : 20 élèves babacar lô : 25 élèves nabou diongue : 2 élèves Joeri Poesen : 50 élèves Sylviane Diop : 25 élèves Papa Ousmane Ngom : 12 élèves

projet et l'on rendu possible, merci aux présentateurs et formateurs qui se sont données du mal pour expliquer leur univers des logiciel libre à leurs frères et soeurs merci aux accompagnateur et partenaire. Genova

FOSSFA members in Tanzania and FOSS enthusiastic, we are organizing a grand event to celebrate this year Software Freedom Day, in Tanzania. Currently we have one sponsor, and we are looking for more sponsors to join the efforts in supporting the event. Among the activities we are planning to have as part of the celebration is to visit schools and colleges in four cities, Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, Dodoma and Zanzbar to advocacy FOSS. We will organize a team on each city to do the task on second week of September. Also we are planning to have almost a free LPIC-1 / Linux Essential booty camp in the same cities with a condition that participants have to pay the LPIC-1 / Linux Essential exam fee to participate in the Booty Camp. We are also looking at engage participants to contribute a token fee which has not yet decided. The booty camp should be held in the first week of September, 2012 (one week). Which should run concurrently in the four cities. 80 participants with 20 from each city would have to meet in Dar Es Salaam for an Exam at a later date. ICT@INNOVATION has done good work in Tanzania, and i really appreciate that. We are looking at having you as our partner, sponsor, facilitator to help us go extra mile in FOSS advocacy during this year SFD celebration.

- Cameroun : Une communauté naissante à encourager Il a été créé un groupe d'étudiants de réflexion sur les FOSS et le développement local. Ainsi ils se rencontrent chaque samedi 17h sur les sujet suivants: SIG, le développement des FOSS,utilisation des Logiciels Libres dans les centres de santé, la gestion des Ressources humaines, la scolarité, CMS, Hospot. Pour atteindre ces objectifs, j'ai repertorié quelques Foss existants (OrangeHRM, GNU health, Drupal, Easyhotspot, que nous installons et etudions en datails, avant de contacter les potentiels utilisateurs. actuellement on a une demande sur GNU heath, une application de gestion des projets comme MS Projet. M. Kaladzavi Guidedi - Tanzania : Event coming sponsors needed Hope this mail finds you in good healthy.

We are kindly requesting your mutual support and I will be ready to send the proposal as soon as possible upon receiving your initial interests to support the Tanzania SFD event. On behalf of the Tanzania 2012 SFD planning team, i would like to thank you in advance for your time and sympathetic considerations. Regards Edgar - South Africa: Just to let Fossfa members in Johannesburg South Africa know there are monthly LUG meeting sponsored by LPI Southern Africa at Scrouges Diner in Randburg. Free software and free beer! Mark

Special Thanks to…
I have learnt a lot while discussing and/or chat with members whether for ict@innovation’s project or for FOSSFA. I have noticed that some are more well at ease on chat than when we meet during events so if you want to reach me please do not hesitate Email : cem[at] or fofovi72 on skype (Just let me know you ar from FOSSFA so that I do not refuse your invitation :-) ). Evans IKUA (Kenya), John Matogo (Kenya), Joris Komen (Namibia) Seun Ojedeji (Nigeria) Server Administration, Liaison Role, Mark Clark (South Africa) Chat, James (Nigeria) Chat, Brian Sikute (Chat) Arnold Pieterson (Namibia) AHA_CS (Nigeria) CTM, Olivier Kouami (TOGO) CTM, Nnenna Nwankanma (Nigeria) Dorothy Gordon (Ghana) : CTM, Suleyman (Tanzania) CTM, ict@innovation Mailing List Administration, Brian Ssennoga (Uganda): Liaison Role and CTM Rising John Osazuwa (Volunteering), Coley Zephenia (Volunteering) and CTM, Edgar Telesphory (Tanzania) CTM and Liaison Role.
MLA : Mailing List Administration CTM: Contribution to the Mailing List

FOSSFA has lost one fo his member KehindeAlowolodu, @WATOT participant; May the comfort and presence of the Lord be upon the family and may his soul rest in peace.

My Apologies If I have forgotten you  A special thanks to all who have helped on the Zambia case (a user needed assistance for using X123).

A special thanks to all Community Memberswho are contributing. For all comments and suggestions please write to cem[at] Mawusee Komla FOLI-AWLI FOSSFA Community Empowerment Manager FOSSFA Secretariat (AITI-KACE) 2nd Avenue, opposite Council of State, PMB State House, Accra, Ghana Tel: +233 21 679542 - +233 21 679549 secretariat[at] FOSSFA LIAISONS Know your FOSSFA Liaison 1.Cameroon - FOM Georges 2.East Africa - Evans Ikua Kenya 3.Kenya - Bonface Witaba 4.Nigeria - Seun Samson Ojedeji 5.Southern Africa - Keutlwile Leso

6.South Africa - Arnold Pietersen 7.Tanzania - Edgar Telesphory 8.Uganda - Brian Ssennoga 9.Namibia - Joris Komen 10.Zimbabwe - Coley Zephenia 11.Togo - Laurent HOUMAVO 12.Ghana - Fred Yeboah 13.Senegal - Karim Sy

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