It’s never too late to start a new career and Mechelle feel calm and relaxed with what

I’m doing. When I have a Roskiewicz can testify to that. bad day in the design office, the best cure for my blues is to Mechelle lives in a small Adirondack village in upstate paint.” New York with her husband James. She studied Fine Art InEncouraged by friends and family who had seen Mechterior Design at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY and grad- elle’s portraits of her own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, uated with an AAS Cum Laud. Her entry in the Structural Lilly, Mechelle couldn’t contain her passion any longer. Design section was chosen for their perIn January 2012, she started a website manent collection. She then began She made the ing for a company in Colorado Springs bold step to change course from the plan called Concept West in 1984. Her job was she had previously set in motion. Mechto select color specs for fabrics, carpets, elle decided to begin her new career as a wood flooring, and paint used for new portrait artist. condos. She ended up moving back to Change can arouse fear in anyone. BeNew York, where she worked for a furniginning a new career at this stage in her ture store and then a design business. In life, had to evoke a certain amount of anx1991 she started her own company called iety in Mechelle. However, she obviously MJR Interior Design. made the right choice. Just two weeks afTo the average person, it would seem ter her website was up and running she Mechelle had her life on course. Her careceived her first commission. reer was well underway, her design comReceiving a commission so early in this pany doing well. However, Mechelle still new endeavor seems exciting. However, had something nagging at this was just the tip of the iceher...her passion. You see, berg for Mechelle. Just four Mechelle was born with a short weeks after the website love of art and painting anibegan, Mechelle was asked to mal portraits is her passion. At do her second commission. just six years old she entered However, this portrait was a drawing of a horse at the not cited for the walls of a pet Ohio State Fair and won first owner’s living room. This porplace for her age group. After trait would be traveling across this, she took every art class the ocean to be enshrined in available in high school, and one of the world’s oldest and outside of school she took life most respected canine organidrawing classes at the Hyde zations, the United Kingdom’s The above paintings, “Let’s Play” and “Winter’s Walk” Museum in Glen Falls, New Kennel Club. are available in Giclee prints with a portion of the York. The Kennel Club launched proceeds going to Cavalier Rescue. Mechelle says that paintthe Bark and Read Foundaing has always been a wontion. It was created to help derful escape for her. “So many things can go wrong in the support and promote the work of charities that take theradesign world that I have no control over. When painting, I py dogs into schools to help children overcome their read06 • ROYAL SPANIELS • Summer 2012

ing problems. focus on becomDanny is a very ing a professionspecial Grey- al dog portrait hound, who artist. represents the The porBark and Read traits of her program. He Cavalier, Lilly, is known as helped to push a “listening Mechelle to dog.” By hav- where she ing a non-judge- is today, but it mental audience like Danny to read to, chil- seems Lilly has done more than that. “Lilly dren gain confidence and improve their reading skills. is my inspiration. She is my puppy muse. I think of other Danny has gained a lot of fame for his therapy work in Cavaliers that were abandoned and have only the rescue as this new program, including having received an award for their home. I thought about Loved Dogs Art mission stateAmazing Dog 2011 from the International Fund for Animal ment as an create dog portraits that will bring joy Welfare at England’s House of Lords. and happiness to people who love dogs, and I extend this With Danny’s success, owner, Tony love by helping dogs and organizations Nevett, began scouring the internet to that rescue them.” find just the right artist to capture DanTo help rescue dogs, Mechelle is offerny on canvas. He came across a newly ing limited edition signed and numbered created website where he saw a portrait Giclee prints of her paintings “Winter’s of a Cavalier. “Somehow, it just made Walk” and “Let’s Play” for sale, with a me fall in love with it,” Nevett said. This portion of the proceeds going to Cavapainting was none other than Mechelle lier Rescue, USA and Lucky Star Cavalier Roskiewicz’s painting of her own dog, Rescue. Lilly. Mechelle summarized her thoughts Mechelle agreed to do the portrait by saying, “I just love painting dogs. to commemorate Danny, and on March Spending time in the studio painting 27, 2012, the painting, having made its with two little Cavaliers playing or sleepway to England, was presented during a ing in their beds brings joy to me. It is special ceremony to the head librarian, wonderful to be following my passion of Ciari Farrell, and now hangs in the falife.” mous Kennel Club Library amidst paintMechelle has proven to all of us ings of other exceptional dogs. doubters that it is never too late to purAbove - Mechelle’s portrait of It has been a whirlwind for Mechsue your passion. Danny at the Kennel Club Library elle since embarking on her new career To learn more about Mechelle or to with Librarian Ciari Farrell, Listenearlier this year. She still is involved with order a painting or print of your very ing Dog-Danny and owner Tony interior design but credits her husband, own, visit her website at: Nevett James, for helping her change gears to

ROYAL SPANIELS • Summer 2012 • 07

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