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Daniela Mattos March 14, 2012 Environmental Technology

Market and Regulation Section What types of government regulations are required to get approval for your product? The government has the mandate to ensure safety for its citizens is guaranteed irrespective of the cost that might be incurred (Sign, 2002) . The main idea behind this is to significantly reduce the level of environmental pollutions by shunning all activities that either directly or indirectly induce pollution. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has the mandate to draft laws and interpret them to the citizens to ensure that they are clearly understood for them to be followed to the latter. In this case, the product in question is a mobile phone application that will calculate individual carbon footprints in any set up across the United States. This, apart from being economically significant, the gadget will also be a pace setter in fighting environmental pollution. The EPA may willingly lift some of the strict measures as stipulated in the rules and regulations such that the devices intentions are not questionable. Some of the regulations include: In developing the mobile application through android and Apple, and the reforestation process. Since our product is a mobile application, Carbon Tree would exempt from having to comply with manufacturing regulations in the USA, meaning they would not have to answer to regulators such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in regards to the manufacturing and production of the product. However, they would have to follow Apple's and Anroid regulations for mobile application. The security and privacy are two main concerns, not only for regulations but for the entire application process. This is because the Carbon Tree application will require customer's personal information such as credit cards, therefore security is of the utmost concern. We will implement a security encryption, which will reduce application vulnerabilities (Ho, 2012). In order to bring the application to the market, Carbon Tree must follow several procedures in order to comply with the standards of other mobile applications. To ensure the development of the mobile application for mac, Carbon Tree has to enroll to the Apple developer Program. We have to join as an individual company, and also we have submit the company information in this case Carbon Tree legal information. The first thing we have to do is purchase the program from the Apples online form in this case the iOS developer program application for mobile phone which has a cost of $99. The second step is to test the application this means we have to perform the application in real world environment by installing and testing it directly through the mobile device. The last process consists of distributing the application through the mobile phone, and has to wait for approval (iOS, 2012).

Based on our initial timeline we have designated a particular area in Massachusetts to focus our initial efforts in reforestation. We looked at the regulation process of the Department of Conservation and Recreation of the Massachussets area. We found that the process of recreation and process of reforestation to be fairly simple. The department requires the completion of a registration form and

litigation process is non-existence. We found the designated areas in which reforestation has been on going in these area includes: Worstcester, Shrewsbury, Boylstone, and Holden (DCR, 2012).

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