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The war in Iraq and possibly soon in Iran. - The unprecedented Federal Deficits. - The
exporting of good American jobs to foreign countries. - Illegal Immigration. - Global
Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions from our cars and factories causing Global
Catastrophic Weather Changes. - Spying by our government on its own citizens. -
Torturing enemy combatants in foreign countries to get around our laws. - Rising
Unemployment - Rampant mass murder by criminals who should never possess guns. -
The censorship of the News. - The recent firings U.S. Attorneys who are not politically
correct. - The Re-starting of the Cold War. - The overly complex Income Tax Code. -
Rising rates of Homelessness. - The callous treatment of Iraq War Veterans. - The
rising cost of health care. - The housing shortage. - Rising interest rates, gasoline costs
and credit card debt. - The banning of Stem Cell research because a few Religious
zealots have the President’s ear.

THESE and many other problems facing us today can and should be solved by the
banding together of the American People to create another Check and Balance in our
Government, National Initiatives and Referenda, or National Ballot Measures. This right
to vote directly on issues is guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution. It can
easily be managed on the Internet by making a few small changes in the laws of this land
and in the way that we vote. The government knows about this potential for real
democracy in America, but they are suppressing any news about it. In 2000, the Defense
Department gave the green light to a Pilot Project called, Voting Over the Internet. They
created a secure software and gave it to several thousand Americans living overseas and
put the BALLOT on the INTERNET for the voters to make their choices electronically
and completely without any printed copies of their voting.

How do we get the AMERICAN PEOPLE to LEARN that they have the TOOLS and the




AND PARTICIPATE NOW. READ the rest of the book LATER.
In a report that is available on the Internet, the government concluded that the project was
“An overwhelming Success.” And a “Historic event where citizens voted in complete
privacy and in a secure environment for the candidates for President in 2000”. The
government then, realizing what they had done, scrapped any further development of the
project and ordered that there be no press allowed, no comments by any government
officials and it went largely ignored. But, they proved that Voting On The Internet is a
viable concept. They proved that a system that is designed properly is hacker proof.
They proved that people want to extend the right to vote onto the greatest technological
boon ever invented, the Internet. They don’t want you to have this great advance because
they know it will lead to a Real Democracy where people could start proposing some of
the laws of the land and then vote on them, getting around the delays, the waste, fraud
and abuse, the corruption, the tyranny of doing nothing that Congress forces upon us.

This nation is now almost 50 Trillion Dollars in debt. You and I will owe this money to
each other. We can’t pay it of course, but don’t worry, the government will extend our
credit and pass our debt along to our children and our children’s children indefinitely.
This money will have to come from future generations of Americans or we will be forced
into bankruptcy as a nation. This dark specter looms on the horizon and it will lead to the
USA becoming just another debtor nation, a third world nation, a nation that will be
asking China, France, Italy, Japan for aid and assistance. The homeless will be on every
street corner begging for food. Children will be wandering the streets in droves and
dying in droves. We have squandered the great American Dream by allowing our elected
officials to screw this country, our prosperity, our legacy right into the ground. Worse
yet, we have allowed them to scrap the Constitution and begin to whittle away at our
God-Given rights. The world’s last and best hope will die.

OR, there is a slight chance, a small ray of hope that possibly the citizens of this great
nation living now, will make a big change, perhaps the biggest change in our history.
They could and should begin the process of creating another branch of government, a
branch that is the basis of all other branches, the branch of government that we shall call,
the DDA. The Direct Democracy in America, composed of National Ballot Measures or
National Initiatives and Referenda, whatever you want to call it, but call it loud and clear,
the only way to take the reigns of power and give it back to the people, the ordinary
citizens, the consumers, the backbone of the greatest economy in the world, the
foundation, the reason for government to exist, the origins, the soul of a real democracy,
the only people who matter.

These and many other problems are being addressed by an administration with the
consent of Congress in directions that the VAST MAJORITY of Americans do NOT
approve and would not approve if the Congresses ideas, stalling, compromises, etc were
actually put on the ballot. If these issues were PLACED ON THE BALLOT and given
the common sense approach that only ordinary citizens can conceive, then they might
approve some of these solutions in National Ballot Measures, something we don’t do
right now, but this book is proposing to begin.
In America, we supposedly live in a democratic nation. The President and Congressmen
and women constantly use the term, “DEMOCRACY” in relation to America’s foreign
policies every chance they get. And, yet, they refuse to give us a any real democracy
because they like the power to control us concentrated in the hands of a few, them and
their lobbyist friends. Thus, we suffer in this country only a second-rate, substitute
democracy, an imitation democracy, a sham democracy. And, unless you the readers of
this book take some positive actions we will tell you later on, they will never give real
democracy to the American people. Oh sure, it’s OK for our soldiers to fight and die for
a democracy in Iraq. In fact, our leaders want to spend our hard-earned money
everywhere in the world where they say they are going to have a democracy but when it
comes to advancing and upgrading our fledgling democracy to a Real Democracy, as
Direct Democracy, a government wherein the people are allowed to decide their fate, they
refuse to even talk about it in public, afraid that we may demand it more.

With a little input from the American people we could reverse global warming starting
tomorrow. We could lower our national debt. We could stop this war and prevent many
others. We could control our consumer prices. We could put a cap on the prices we pay
at the pump. We could do something about health care and homelessness. We could
solve the social security problem. We could stop the funding of illegal and
unconstitutional operations by our own spy agencies. We could raise or lower our taxes
to suit our needs. We could subsidize the solar and alternative fuel industry so that there
will be more competition with gasoline faster. We could put huge taxes on gas guzzlers
which are the main cause of global warming. We could require American corporations to
stop the exporting of jobs.

What this book is all about is the introduction to the American people of a few simple
minor adjustments in the way we do our political business so that we can have a Direct
Democracy similar to the one enjoyed in other more advanced nations such as
Switzerland. In Switzerland, for over one hundred years, the citizens there are allowed to
vote on practical solutions to their problems proposed out of popular debate and their
decisions are legally binding and can over-ride any laws that their legislature makes for
them. In Switzerland, they have control over their taxes, their defense spending and other
government spending. They control the waste, fraud and abuse by their government
leaders. As a result of Voting for National Ballot Measures, they have never been at war
and there is no unemployment in their country and there is no social chaos. They have
complete control over their crime rate. They never experience their children being
massacred in their schools. The trains run on time. There are no traffic jams. They have
no inflation or federal deficits. Their currency, the Swiss Franc, is the most stable and
respected in the world. In short, everything runs like a Swiss Watch. The Swiss people
are respected all over the world and no one hates them.

We could have a nation even better than this. We could do all these things and much,
much more. Some of the ideas for National Initiatives that you read here in these pages
are from the mind of one person. Imagine the creative energy unleashed by millions of
taxpayers in a true democracy, a democracy that actually fostered and promoted ideas of
the average citizens and allowed the best of the best ideas to wind up on a National Ballot
for everyone to approve or disapprove, thumbs up, or thumbs down, the people
themselves can decide the policies and laws of their own government if given the chance.

When are we going to be asked for our majority opinion on any of these issues? The
answer is NEVER, unless we start to use the Internet to let our opinions be known and to
VOTE On the Internet. And we must start NOW. Only then, will we have a method to
control these incompetent and arrogant politicians who think the people don't participate
in the equation. I say we matter. I say the majority opinion on any given issue is the one
that we MUST PUT FORTH and turn that majority will power into law. It can happen
someday and that someday can be soon.

President Bush has publicly declared himself as "The Decider". The only reason he didn't
use the word, "Dictator" is because he is not as stupid as he appears.

Chapter One – The Continuing American Revolution
An experiment in democracy.

"Each generation has a right to choose for itself the form of
government it believes most promotive of its happiness."

Thomas Jefferson, 1812

In 1776 when this great nation was formed, only rich white men could vote and Slavery
was not only tolerated, it was LEGAL! And only white men with Land were allowed to
vote. Even if you were white, but owned no land, you were not allowed to vote. It was
not until 1888 that all men were allowed to vote in this country, but this meant mainly
White Men. Women were not allowed for over a century in this great nation of ours and
of course black people were not allowed to vote until recently.

The Civil War was fought over the Abolition of Slavery, but Black men did not earn the
right to vote until the 14th Amendment, technically giving the right to vote to Blacks but
only to BLACK MEN, of course, not women of either color. However, in many states
blacks were prevented to vote by unfair voter registration procedures in many states and
did not truly get to vote in any significant numbers until the 1960's and only until Rosa
Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man, which kicked off the Civil
Rights movement that made Martin Luther King an American hero.

After thousands of Suffragettes went to prison and were tortured, Women were finally
ALLOWED to VOTE in 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the United States
Constitution was ratified. This movement also required much personal sacrifice, pain,
suffering, the loss of dignity for hundreds of protesting women and we owe much to
women like Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Burns, Alice Paul and Elizabeth Cady Stanton After
thousands of Suffragettes went to prison and were tortured, Women were finally allowed
to vote.

TODAY, men or women, Black or White, we can all vote but ONLY FOR RICH WHITE
much to be desired about our democracy. In Presidential Elections, We the People, don't
actually vote for President, but for an ELECTOR who then goes to a smoke filled room
to place his vote for you for President. This leaves much to be desired and it is a sham of
democracy. Most of these ridiculous procedures were put forth at a time when there was
no other way to vote but on paper and for rich white men who could afford to run for

After more than two hundred years of the American experiment in democracy, we still
have an antiquated, rudimentary, stone-age view of what a true democracy should be like.
We allow two gangs of politicians to run the system and they make the rules about who
else can be allowed in to their little game. And, these two parties allow themselves to be
paid off by powerful and wealthy special interests, lobbyists who represent the big
corporations and the wealthiest individuals in our society. Votes are purchased by money
and when it comes time for any of our major problems to be considered, they are always
considered first in the priority of what will the big contributors think in order that they
can get more money to be reelected again. Today, hundreds of millions of dollars are
spent for the election of an office that pays only a few thousand dollars per year.

Finally today, due to the dividends of the end of the Cold War, we can easily use the
amazing and still un-corruptible technology of The Internet to place our votes for or
against the issues, thus allowing for REAL DEMOCRACY, TRUE DEMOCRACY in
America for the first time. We no longer require the services of “paid mercenaries” who
throw us a bone every once in a while, to do the business of governing for us. We can
and we must begin to govern ourselves in the true manner of freedom and equality and
justice that the founding fathers envisioned when they began this great process of
FREEDOM over two hundred years ago, and which we celebrate every Fourth of July.

One would assume offhand that the political leaders of this nation would applaud this
concept because they are charged with so many life and death decisions, they would do
much better if they knew what the GENERAL CONSENSUS was on their side on each
and every one of the major issues effecting us as American citizens today. The fact that
they cover it up, deny it is possible, discourage us as calling it ‘Mob Rule’ and so forth
teaches us that Thomas Jefferson was right when he said that “Power corrupts and
absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This is exactly what we have now in this country,
Absolute Arrogance of Power. They can stand up at the podium and dictate how it’s
going to be.

They tell us that we will have to go into historic and unprecedented debt to get rid of a
dictator in Iraq and that’s the decision we must live with for eight years, until this
decision maker can be removed from office. They tell us that they are going to scrap the
best Retirement protection plan ever devised in the history of Mankind and play with a
private plan where the ups and downs of the stock market will determine how much we
get when we retire, something we already have in any case with IRA’s and Keogh Plans
for those who can afford them. And, we will have to live with this decision until and
unless we can rid ourselves of this decision maker. They stand up and tell us that we
cannot afford a National Health Care system and we must continue to allow foreign
workers into this country because “Americans don’t want these jobs.”

There is no debate. There is no National Town Hall Meeting on these issues. There is no
discussion, other than a little breast pounding and self-serving speeches by the so-called
opposition party who basically says and does the same thing. They only wait to be the
ones in power who can dictate these things in the next eight-year cycle of tyranny.

And, they use the word ‘Democracy” hundreds of times in every speech. They applaud
the American people for their faith in their “Democracy”. They tell us we are sacrificing
lives and trillions of our dollars to help other nations gain more “Democracy” and yet,
there is no real democracy anywhere in the world other than this sham that we have now
where they dictate to us how it’s gonna be and how they’re gonna do things and oh yes, if
you don’t like it, you can always write a letter to your Congressman to complain in the
spirit of this great democracy of ours.

And so we write our letters and some of us even make phone calls. If you write such a
letter to your elected representative in Washington, you are guaranteed to receive a nicely
worded thank you for your input and praise for using the democratic principles of this
nation to make your voice heard. And then, your letter goes into the trash immediately
and is soon forgotten. If millions of us write the same exact letter to Congress, do you
honestly think they would change anything for the millions who wrote in?

We have history to guide us on this question and sadly, the answer is NOT EVER.
NEVER. When the Viet Nam War was raging, millions of us were writing to Congress to
pull our boys out of that Hell hole. It took over 50,000 deaths of our greatest treasure
before the finally ended the War, but it was only due to the eventual defeat by the Viet
Cong and not due to anything that was done in Congress.

When the Arabs took over the oil fields in 1973, millions of us, forced to wait in line for
hours and even days to get a gallon of gas, wrote to our Congress men and women and
demanded something be done. Did they pay any attention at all to the millions of angry
citizens who were out of work, out of money, out of anything to do because of the oil
strike by the Arab nations? Yes, they did, they gave away all of our oil wells and forced
American and British oil companies give their assets to the Arabs. Then, the Arabs
immediately formed a CARTEL, OPEC, the Organization of Producing and Exporting
Countries, who kept us paying higher and higher prices for oil to the point where they
have a complete stranglehold on our economy. They also determine our foreign policies,
which as we have seen is again weighted towards war and gunboat diplomacy.
If there was ever a time to go to War, it was at that precise moment in 1973 when the
Arabs demanded that we turn over all oil facilities to them. Today, they are using the
money we pay them to buy up all of the greatest American Assets. Our corporations are
all partially owned by Arabs. We recently learned that they are even running our ports.
The President has given us numerous and lengthy dissertations about the need for our
National Security, but when it comes time to guarding our ports and our borders, the
words are empty and hollow. It is the greatest fraud in history when our Congress and
our administration gave in to this extortionist demand that ruined our economy and made
us all slaves to Arab interests because Arab oil money was more important to our leaders
than their own citizens best interests.

What will be the next big sellout of the American people? We can only guess, but the
more we go into debt, the easier it will be for us to work for our next masters whoever
they may be. It could be the Chinese who are currently financing our National Debt.
They sell us so much goods, we have a huge balance of payments deficit which gives the
Chinese billions of surplus dollars which they use to buy our Treasury bills. They are
now our biggest mortgage holders. We now owe the Chinese people trillions of dollars.
The debt is getting bigger and bigger every day. Our political leaders have given away
the store in that they do not require the Chinese to buy anything from us, nor do they
protect any American jobs, and therefore, this problem worsens every day.

If the American people had a method of voting on this subject, how would they vote?
Would they allow the Chinese government, still a Communist regime to control our
economy like this? Will we wait until they come here and start telling us how to behave?
Will they continue to allow us free speech and free press and freedom of Religion as we
have known for over two hundred years? Or will they tyrannize us as they do their own
people? Why should the American people be treated any differently than the Chinese
people when they hold all the cards?

You can bet that the Chinese Communist Party is discussing right now, probably in
cooperation with our own leaders, their strategies for taking over America when the debt
we owe them reaches an intolerable point of no return where all the American people will
have to work hard to pay them back. And, what process will we have for complaining
about the Chinese takeover of our way of life? Letters to our Congressmen? I’m sure
that will have a resounding impact, yeah right!

When we see more and more homeless people begging on our streets for some of your
pocket change to help feed their children, don’t we make any connection in our brain to
the policies of our elected leaders and the events we see around us? We must start to
think more critically of the things they do in our names? If we truly live in a democracy,
why are things going against the welfare of the vast majority of Americans and enriching
the very few at the top of the heap? How is it that they get all the goodies and we get so
much less when one person is equal to every other person in a real democracy? If you
count the vote, the total influence of a rich person, it should be counted exactly the same,
given the same weight as a poor person. If we have a system of government that favors
the rich, why don’t they just admit it? Surely, in their arrogance and total control over us,
they must believe mistakenly that there is nothing we could do about it.

But, just maybe they’re right. Perhaps they do know that there is something we can do
about it and they are suppressing this information. In my long career as a writer, I have
tried to persuade the political leaders to discuss openly the idea about allowing the
American people to vote on the Internet for or against their own proposals and what I get
back is stone cold silence. They will not debate me on this issue and they will NEVER
mention this concept in any of their speeches. Oh sure, they will mention the word
‘Democracy’ millions of times per year, but the real definition of democracy is somehow

Are they frightened of this concept? You bet your bippy they are! They are frightened
because with more democracy, in a true democracy, the services of those who want to
enrich themselves at our expense will no longer be required. Well, with a track record
like they have in Washington, maybe their fear is justified. Why do we need them?

Let’s summarize the great and wise policies of the present administration “The
Decider”over the last seven years.

1. Homelessness has increased ONE THOUSAND TIMES. Despair is even greater.

2. Millions of this country’s best jobs have been exported overseas and given to workers
who will work for a fraction of what an American worker expects to earn.

3. Immigration has increased Ten Fold putting even more pressure on the American

4. Wages in the jobs that are left have gone down as measured against inflation while
compensation of corporate executives now reaches HALF A BILLION DOLLARS, and
for what achievement are they given so much money? For getting rid of millions of
decent-paying American jobs.

5. The salaries of government employees have gone up faster than any other sector of
labor. In fact, the only jobs that have been created have been government jobs, jobs that
only waste the taxpayers’ money more and more.

6. The Airline Industry, the automobile manufacturing industry and related automobile
supplier industries are in bankruptcy.

7. Small farms are being bought up by massive corporate farms.

8. The dollar is nearly worthless everywhere in the world.
9. The price of Gold has doubled.

10, The price of Oil has tripled.

11. The cost of gasoline has doubled.

12. Over 3,500 of our best soldiers have been killed in Iraq and many thousands more
missing arms and legs as our response to 9/11 where 3,000 civilians were killed by
Osama Bin Laden. According to our administration, this is how you even the score.

13. Social Security was ALMOST scrapped. Thankfully, the President became too
occupied with serious problems in his administration and leaks about them to press hard
enough to ruin our only Financial Safety Net. AND, they still have plans to SCRAP IT,
putting millions of Senior Citizens OUT ON THE STREETS.

14. The price of Prescription Drugs nearly doubled.

15. Taking a government surplus and turning it into the biggest deficit in history has to
stand out as one of the greatest failures of any administration in our history. Clinton had
turned around the financial disaster of the Previous Bush administration and gotten this
country on firm financial footing once again, and then the son of Bush comes along to
even out perform his father in ruining our financial system even worse, which verges on
the criminal.

The National Debt has soared to nearly Two Trillion Dollars and is growing at the rate of
50 million dollars a minute. We may never be a solvent nation again thanks to the
corruption, waste, fraud and abuse of government employees.

16. Due to the negligent environmental policies of the past fifty years, Natural Disasters
have destroyed more homes than ever before in history. This was not caused solely by
the present administration, but the present administration has chosen to do nothing about
it, guaranteeing us even worsening weather patterns and more Natural Disaster
throughout the next administration no matter who it may be. Even as we speak, fires rage
across thousands of acres in the West, floods are at an all time high and the military are
too busy putting out fires in Iraq to help save our own country from disasters that could
have been avoided with a more patriotic concern for our safety.

17. The government spies on its own citizens, thus tearing up and spitting on the United
States Constitution, the most sacred document ever penned by Man and the only hope for
true democracy to survive. The President has admitted on national television that he
ordered the spying to be done, which is a felony, thus he has admitted to high crimes and
misdemeanors, something that demands his impeachment.

18. The government has allowed torture and imprisonment of prisoners of War,
something that is the antithesis of what America stands for.
19. The most promising line of research into the prevention of the major diseases that
afflict Mankind has been scrapped by order of the President prohibiting stem cell
research. People with Diabetes and many forms of cancer have to wait until this policy is
reversed by a future President. Many millions will die unnecessarily as the cures will be
too late for them. This policy thought up by a man who got a “C” average in college is
just another one of this man’s greatest mistakes. Stem cells are not human beings. They
are the precursors to human beings, tiny invisible molecule-sized cells that have no
consciousness, no personality, no thoughts, no feelings of any kind. They bear the same
resemblance to a human being as the larvae of a fruit fly and yet, the genetic material
provides scientists with the basis for testing their theories about cures of the world’s most
horrific diseases. Some religious fanatic somewhere, who probably never studied
science, never had anyone in his family with a serious disease, tells the President that he
should do this and so he obeys slavishly. If Jesus were alive today, the man who raised
the dead, cured the blind and the deaf, fed millions, walked on water, wouldn’t he tell the
President it’s OK to research cures for diseases like these and create our own miracles?
One can only wonder.

20. The invasion of another sovereign nation based on information that the President
either knew was false, or should have known to be false. The fact that documents have
come to light that tells of meetings before the war when President Bush stated that we
would have to “make the intelligence to fit the policy” is damning evidence that the
President knew that his administration was making up the stories about Saddam’s
possession of WMD. At the very least, it proves that he wanted to invade Iraq and he
would look far and wide for the evidence that supported his wishes while ignoring the
evidence that counter indicated his wishes such as the IAEA, the International Atomic
Energy Association screaming again and again that Saddam did NOT have WMD.

21. More than half of all Americans according to recent polls are disgusted with the Two
Parties and are looking for something new in the American Political Scene. THIS IS that
something new.

A little course in History

These are not minor problems that were caused by accident. These are all problems that
were either made worse or directly caused by our present administration. The President
is the boss of that administration. “The buck stops here,” famously uttered by President
Harry Truman means that whatever happens during a President’s term, the ultimate
responsibility is with the White House and the resident therein, the Commander-In-Chief,
the C.E.O., the big cheese.

When President Bush was elected to office this country was just making progress in
repairing the economic damage caused during the first President Bush term. President
George Herbert Walker bush known for his famous statement about economics being like
voodoo, did nothing to create jobs, did nothing for the standard of living and did nothing
during his term of any significance except invade Iraq the first time as a response to the
Iraq invasion of Kuwait. The C.I.A., and the State Department under President Bush
made it clear to Saddam Hussein who was an ally at the time that we would do nothing if
he invaded Kuwait. The Bush administration, in other words, set him up. Saddam,
believing what he was told by President Bush went ahead and attempted to control the
Kingdom of Kuwait, which would have been tantamount to the United States taking over
Florida from the Spanish.

Kuwait is a region that borders Iraq on the South and is separate by three hundred miles
of sand and nothing else. In more ancient times, Kuwait was part of Iraq. Ruled by a
crowd of Arabs who decided to call themselves Royalty, they benefit today from the
billions of barrels of oil that happen to be underneath their soil. They have no other
industry. They live like sheiks with many wives and thousands of palaces all around the
world. They travel in private jets. They enjoy the best health care in the world. They
live a standard of living that most Americans can’t even dream about, all because of oil
that the Western countries discovered for them deep underground. They never would
have had anything if it weren’t for the West and yet they hate us.

Deep inside all Arab states hate the Western countries mainly because of the different
ways that we treat women. In the West, we love women. We idolize them. We worship
their beauty. Entire industries are devoted to making our women look good, smell good
and feel good. We love women and over time, we have given them equal status under the
law. Not all men treat women as equals and we do regard them as sexual objects much
of the time, usually during our worst attacks of testosterone flow. Most of the time, we
treat our mothers and our daughters with the greatest respect. Women in the West don’t
complain about men about as equally as men complain about women, so in that regard
the sexes are equal.

In the West, boys go to school with girls. Young boys grow up with girls in their
immediate vicinity. By high school, our major concerns are for girls and dating them,
inviting them to our parties, is our single greatest social event. We eventually marry them
and strive to do our best in society, to be as successful as we can mainly to impress and
keep our women happy. In return our women give us children whom we cherish above
all things and the cycle is continued in what we must regard as the most natural and
loving form of living in peace and harmony that we can devise as humble creatures of

But, in the Arab world, women are still regarded with the same status as sheep or goats or
camels. Women are possessions. The young boys are separated from girls from their
first steps. There are separate schools for boys and girls and most girls are discouraged
from even going to school. Later, when boys turn into men, there are no dates and parties
and social events with women. Men attend parties with men only and women are in
another room if they’re invited at all. Eventually, a marriage is arranged by the
consenting and scheming parents of a boy and a girl and the boy’s parents pays a fee to
buy a sexual partner for their son. The marriage is not performed in a church. It is not
blessed in any way. Divorce is common when the man becomes tired of his wife. And
somewhere in their separate lives, when children are born, they begin another cycle of
separation where the young boys are taught that girls are to be avoided until you need one
and then they are purchased for you.

All of these methods and systems of society in the Mid East are backed up by the
teachings of their religion. The founder of Islam, Mohammed actually believed that
women should be treated like cows and he says this in his teachings. The people of this
region have bought into this belief as if it were handed down from God as one of their
Ten Commandments. It is something that is inbred into the fabric of their beliefs and
their basic social, political and economic structure. They are not likely to change their
ways for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands.

Because of our demand for their oil, we are now forced to consort with these people and
our leaders pretend that it’s OK to treat women like cattle because it’s easier than having
to teach them the right way to behave. We don’t want to insult them because we get
things like 9/11 if we do. And there is certainly no democracy in the Arab world. There
are a few countries like Egypt where they pretend to have a democracy with a Parliament
and a President, but this democracy is a sham setup to satisfy politicians in Washington
who can then justify the billions of dollars in foreign aid we give to Egypt each year
because “They are a democracy.” In reality, the President is really in the same role as
Saddam Hussein. He rules with an iron hand and laws are created only on his say so.
There is no voting except for people who the President has picked for their loyalty to
him. And so the sham continues.

The methods that Arab countries pursue in order to govern themselves would not be of
any importance or significance to us here in the United States and we could let them stew
in their own juices out in the dessert for all time, not bothering us at all except that the
current world struggle going on at this moment is not Capitalism vs. Communism. That
war was won by Capitalism on the day that the Soviet Union collapsed. The great
struggle of ideology today is the war between the Western form of democracy and the
Christian view of women and the Muslim form of oppression of women. Anyone who
believes otherwise is termed an ‘Infidel’. All infidels, the Koran states, should be killed.
This is not a religion of tolerance and forgiveness and acceptance as we know within our
Christian world. And again, it would be of no significance to us in the West except that
they have begun a real fighting war, a war of guns and bombs and bullets and someday
perhaps even atomic weapons to bring their belief system up to a level of ours, in other
words, real world domination and influence.

In their demented and delusional state of religious fanaticism, half of them, the male half
of Islam, actually believe that this way of life is better than ours and should become the
dominant way of life on the Earth. The other half of them, the female half, have no
opinion, because to express an opinion about this or any other important subject could get
them killed.

Now, the world is waiting for an answer to this conflict. Who will win the hearts and
minds of future generations of people? The winner would obviously be the West if it
weren’t for the fact that the West has in position of leadership bungling incompetent
boobs who are not only incompetent in fighting this kind of war of ideologies, but they
are also stockholders in the one item that the other side possesses and that we in the West
need like a drug addict needs their Heroin. If the war of ideologies was fought face to
face, man to man, there is no doubt of the outcome because we in the West are simply
stronger, better, more capable, more educated and more accepting of the truth. It is this
wisdom and love of truth that is the basis of our democratic society.

However, recent events show us that there may not be enough of the average man, the
common sense wisdom that is the main ammunition that we must use in this war of ideas.
We cannot use guns and bombs and jets and missiles. These kinds of weapons only serve
to inflame the passions of both sides and we see each other less and less as human beings
and more like targets on a gunnery range. This is wrong. Wars cannot be fought this way
any more because the stakes are now too high for both sides. In the next world war, as
everyone knows, many millions of innocent people will be killed by the power and might
of the bombs that technology has created.

The next war, must be a war of ideas. The best ideas must win the hearts and minds of
the “enemy”. In the long term we must learn to live with one another and not by the
annihilation of one or the other because the outcome could go either way. And real
fighting wars have a nasty habit of turning rabid and insane until, it can continue until
every living thing on the planet is annihilated. Does any sane person really want that
type of an outcome or even to risk it? One has to wonder when we see how our leaders
are conducting this war. They are currently sending our young boys to suffer and die in a
country that had absolutely nothing to do with the attack of 9/11. When they were sent to
Afghanistan to go after the Taliban who were supporting Osama Bin Laden and his
terrorist organization, that was to be lauded. It was the right response of attempting to
either kill or apprehend a great criminal and a murderer. And the cost of our operation in
Afghanistan and the chase into Pakistan to find Bin Laden was minimal. We used local
tribal leaders to do the heavy fighting and we had very few casualties in that pursuit.

We were within a few miles of finding the son of Satan who murdered over three
thousand of our innocent American citizens when the decision was made to turn the other
way and go after a patsy who had been an ally, and an avowed enemy of Bin Laden by
name of Saddam Hussein. The turning away from the real enemy of our democracy was
the turning point in our democracy because it showed to everyone here and all over the
world that we here in American, the bastion of Freedom and democracy and justice were
being influenced by forces that were hidden far below the surface of things. Turning
away from the kill or capture of Osama Bin Laden was a direct slap in the face of the
American people, a betrayal like no other betrayal in history. The faith between the
governed and those who govern us was broken. The frail social contract that binds us all
together in what we call civilization was torn to shreds. We were betrayed by our leaders
who had motives totally contradictory to the one true motive that should have driven this
administration. They were driven by the force of money, the evil force of money that is
better known as greed.
The Bin Laden family, a prominent family of Saudi Arabia, a family close to the Royal
Family of Saudi Arabia must have convinced our leaders that they should let Osama go.
Perhaps they used the argument that if Osama was killed or captured he would become a
martyr. Perhaps they simply agreed to pay a ransom to have his life spared and the
money may be sitting in a Swiss bank account earmarked for three or four of the top
leaders in our government. Perhaps we will never know what arguments twisted the arms
of our leaders and made them betray us, but betray us they most certainly did.

The evidence is right before us, but the media is not giving us the facts. When the First
President Bush, tricked Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait, it was with great relief for
the Saudi Royal family, the Saddam was not using his Million Man army, the largest
army in the region to invade Saudi Arabia and cutting off their heads. So, the truth may
be that the Saudi Family convinced George H.W. Bush to trick Saddam into invading
Kuwait so that the United States could come to the rescue and save not only Kuwait but
also Saudi Arabia, thus removing the threat of an invasion by Saddam. After all, the two
countries of Saudi Arabia and Iraq are separated by only a few hundred miles of desert.

Now, if I were President of the United States and the Saudi’s came to me asking for my
help in overthrowing their crazy neighbor, I might have been so inclined because it would
be in our national interest to have a free flow of oil and there is no guarantee that Saddam
would have kept the oil flowing, while the Saudis have always been, at least, reliable.
BUT and this is a BIG BUT, if I were President of the United States and the Saudis came
asking for help in removing a threat, a giant favor that is bound to cost American lives
and blood, I would demand in return that they give us stable oil prices for decades to
repay us for that blood and all of the money we would have to spend.

But, instead, the Saudis made no such bargain with us. We know that because the present
price of oil, after having removed Saddam has QUADRUPLED and no one in this
administration seems to care a twig about it. In fact, they are doing everything to help
them increase the price even more. It’s as if the present administration is dedicated to
helping the Arab people more than their own. Have the Arabs completely taken over our
government? No, not overtly, but every indication is that they have taken over control in
the background and with not a drop of blood of their blood spent and not a drop of oil

More evidence of this fact is the recent attempt of the Arab company to control our ports.
No one in this administration gave anyone any notice of this takeover. And in fact, they
tried to keep it secret. When word leaked out about it, the President denied all knowledge
of it as he does whenever anything embarrassing is brought up by the media. There is no
way that an American President could not possibly know about the takeover of American
ports at a time when he personally has sponsored all protocols for HOMELAND
SECURITY and even set up a new bureaucracy of the same name. If he did not know, it
proves even more how incompetent he is. He didn’t know that the Arabs were going to
attack the World Trade Center. He didn’t know that there were no weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq. He didn’t know that our own troops were torturing enemy
combatants. He didn’t know where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. And, he didn’t know
that the Arabs were almost in control of our ports. As the head of Homeland Security and
the Commerce Department, the bureaucracy that OK’d the takeover of our ports with a
cabinet minister who meets with him every day, why didn’t he know? How is it possible
that he would not know? And most importantly, how stupid does he think the American
people are to believe all of these ridiculous lies?

He doesn’t seem to know so many important things, I question whether he was or is
qualified to be the leader of the free world. I think everyone is questioning that now. If
we were talking about a parlor game where the stakes are a few tooth picks or a few
poker chips, it wouldn’t be so important to us all to know these things. But, what is at
stake is the freedom and the quality of life of billions of people now living and soon to be
born. How can we give so much power over human life to one incompetent slob, one
incompetent gang of thieves as these?

After the deaths of some three thousand innocent men, women and children, some of our
nation’s finest people, Osama Bin Laden has been allowed to escape, allowed to go free
after he committed this, the most horrific of all serial murders in history, second only to
the crimes of Adolph Hitler. We were then given a series of lies to make us believe that it
was wise to fight this war on a different battlefield. Conveniently, Saddam Hussein was
led to make incredible blunders that would inflame world opinion, just enough so that
these lies were palatable. It is true that Saddam killed and tortured thousands of his own
people, but he never laid a hand on any Americans, not one, never, not ever. Yet, this
man was successfully set up as the scapegoat for our desire to make someone pay for the
attack of 9/11. And he paid with his life, but in that process, another three thousand
innocent young American men and women have died and thousand more have lost their
arms, legs, or hands, or eyesight.

On top of this horrible cost in human blood, we have paid with hundreds of billions of
our dollars and the price tag is not yet complete. The war in Iraq will end up costing
more than World War One and World War Two and the Viet Nam war combined in terms
of money. To pay such a ghastly and inordinate price to rid Iraq of this one man, turn
their country upside down, cause a civil war and pit one class of Muslims against another
is not what I have in mind when I send in my tax dollars to Washington D.C. How about

And in return for this kind of a deal, if such a deal was made, I would have liked to have
had the Arabs pay us back with lower oil prices so that I can get to work to support my
family and to pay more taxes to these people. But, when the screw me into the ground
like this, I’m not really very happy as their main partner in crime. I want something in
return and I want to believe that they have my interests at heart over any other nation or
government. I don’t get that feeling at the moment. In fact, I get the feeling that the
world is being run by a gang of thieves who understand other gangs of thieves in other
countries. Are we really better off than the Chinese who have to live under their
Communist Dictators?
I would like to believe that I live in a democracy, where my opinion counts for
something. I would like to believe that I’m getting something for my money. I would
like to believe that my tax dollars are going to support people here at home who are in
need, people hurt in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. I like to believe that some of my
tax dollars are going to support Social Security. I like to believe that my tax dollars are
going to pay for our Congress, to pay for roads and hospitals and schools to better
organize and run this great country. I like to believe that my tax dollars are going to
support the warriors who stand ready to defend this country from all foes. But, I do not
like to feel that my tax dollars are going to waste in the desserts of Iraq and now possibly
Iran and then Egypt and then Syria, and then Jordan and then Kuwait and then
Afghanistan again, and so on and so forth all around the world chasing down people who
have nothing to do with the real battle. I would like to believe that “We The People” are
the real power in America and who serves as a shining example for the rest of the world
to emulate.

I would like to see my tax dollars going into an educational program where we set up
schools for girls in all the Muslim nations, where we build hospitals for them, teach them
new ways of farming and even making things like cars and boats and planes. Why should
they be dependent on oil alone. Why not get them busy building the next generation of
cars that run on Hydrogen or BioDiesel? Why not make them part of the world economy,
a better, cleaner, safer economy. Instead of threatening to annihilate them unless they act
more like us, why not teach them more and more of the wonders and the comforts and the
excitement of living like us. No culture, no society has ever been won over at the end of a
gun barrel. Why don’t our leaders know this basic fact of history? Is it because they
were only “C” average students?

How are we going to accomplish all of these things? Certainly not with the single-
minded, misguided, ignorant, uncreative, destructive, pessimistic, nihilistic, arrogant and
almost treasonous attitudes expressed so powerfully and universally by our political
leaders today. The old ways of allowing so few to screw up the world for so many is not
acceptable any longer! We need a system where as Spock loved to say in many Star Trek
episodes, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” This is, after all, the
basis of democracy, is it not?

Our only hope is to rely more and more on the common sense reactions of real people,
the average citizen, the every day working people, the salt of the Earth, to solve world
events. We are the true owners of the planet. There is no ownership other than the
ownership we all share equally. The stocks and bonds that the wealthiest amongst us
possess are only means of possessing things that are created by the planet for the rest of
us. These stocks and bonds do not give them the right to rule the world for the world
belongs to all living creatures equally. God designed it that way even though some of us
do our best to wrestle the world away from God’s glorious intent.

Ordinary people, you who are now reading these words and people like me who love to
write them, together we all possess the knowledge and the wisdom to do the right thing in
the world in the vast majority of cases. In the rare instance where we make a mistake, we
will have the wisdom to correct that mistake far faster, easier, cheaper than any other
method known to man. But in order to make the world a safe place for democracy, we
must act accordingly. We must use the tools of democracy to rule the world and the best
tool for democracy today is placing National Ballot Measure, National Initiatives and
Referenda on the Internet. We must vote on the Internet today where our votes cannot be
bought or confiscated in any way and put forth the highest and best use of our minds and
our muscle to solve problems that better serve the majority of ordinary citizens, the
worker bees, those who government is supposed to serve.

In the world today, our government leaders believe that it is us who are meant to serve
them. This is why they continually raise their salaries and hire more help. They think
that our job in this nation is to support them no matter what they do to us. They recently
passed a law that puts a National test that teachers must take to measure how they
perform on the job and yet there is no way for us to measure the way they perform on the
job except to vote them in or out of office. Knowing that game, they make it more and
more difficult each year for us to vote an incumbent out of office. Their attitude now is
that once they achieve this office, you cannot remove them, no matter how incompetent
they are. They continually pass voting restrictions into law so that people other than the
Democrats and Republicans can get elected.

Is this democracy? Is this freedom? Is this justice for the American people? When they
limit the participation of other parties, when the squelch someone who might bring fresh
ideas into government, when they suppress the very nature of democracy is this the right
thing to do? The greatest moral ethic of all time is the one taught by Jesus Christ. “Do
unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is what made this man so great.
This life was dedicated to the idea that we should love one another and treat one another
with the same respect as we would want others to treat us. This includes our own elected
officials, those we charge with our safety, our security, our welfare even our survival.

Are we being treated the same way that the Muslim world treats their women? Is this the
great plan they have for us? Do they expect us to accept this kind of second- class status?
Are they planning a New World Order where there will be no distinction between the
Muslim way of life and our own cherished American way of life? Do they think we will
live as servants to serve their every whim for the rest of history? Do they expect you and
I to put up with this kind of un-Christian, undemocratic way of life that they force on us?
Do they really think we are that stupid and that apathetic? Do they really think they can
fool us for all of eternity? Do they really think there will be no day of reckoning? Do
they really believe in God and God’s teachings? Or do they just pay lip service to it to
make us believe they are righteous? Do they even go so far as to attend our churches so
that they can fake their ‘Born Again’ status, portray their religious zeal to us? Are they
wolves in sheep’s clothing?

In the America I read about in history books, a nation born out of a burning desire for
Freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of Press, freedom of speech, freedom of
assembly, freedom against false witness, the freedom to bear arms, freedom to petition
the government for a redress of grievances, I would expect the American people speak
up, to rise up against this tyranny of the few and the powerful many decades ago.
Instead, we seem to re-elect the same kinds of people over and over, giving them every
indication that their strategy to destroy America is working, giving them every indication
that we are too stupid, too apathetic to care about this country and it’s long and sacred

I am not going to stand idly by any longer. After reading this book, the government will
undoubtedly listen in on every phone conversation, if they are not doing so already. They
may start to follow every web site I visit on the Internet. They may go to the library and
bookstores to find out everything that I am reading. They may even post a few F.B.I.
agents in my neighborhood to watch and record who comes to visit. They may even try
to suppress the publication of this work by limiting my Internet bandwidth or sending me
viruses until they overwhelm this little publishing company that I have here on my desk,
the single voice of reason and logic that is left to us. They may even try to have me
killed. I don’t know how far they are willing to go.

I can only trust in God and only increase my faith for his plan for my life. I know that I
was born with a purpose as are all of you. I know that the words that I write are coming
from a source deep within the creator’s mind. I know that for my readers to have gotten
this far, these words are reverberating within your own hearts and minds. And, most of
all, I know that God created all men and women to be equal under the law. This is why
he sends his messengers from time to time to tell us all about His plan for us. God and
democracy are one and the same as far as all of our human relations are concerned
because God expresses himself equally to all of us. If we all have God within us, then the
best way to know God is to unleash this human potential energy in its fullest expression,
the sum and substance of all our minds, all of our inspirations from Heaven combined
into one general consensus for living.

Thomas Jefferson said it best in the Declaration of Independence ratified on July 4th, 1776

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. —
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the
consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it
is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on
such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
Safety and Happiness.”

The CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. To the founding fathers of this great experiment, this is the basis
for all governments in that they derive their powers from the people who give them the power to govern so
that all men have a system of law that they can agree upon. There is no better basis for government found
anywhere else in history. Kings and Queens had no basis to govern other than the fact that they claimed
their divine right to rule over the common folk. This total lack of a consent by the governed had been
lacking all throughout the millennia. For the first time, on July 4th, 1776, all of that changed and the
founding fathers laid down the sound foundation for governing, the only one that we know today is the
right one. It is also the one that our present leaders refuse to obey. They somehow have reverted to the
Divine Right of Kings because they refuse to allow us to have the final goal in the American experiment in
Democracy, the full promise of our founding fathers, voting directly on the issues as is our basic right.
How else can they know how the government may give their consent on any given issue unless they allow
us to express it on a regular basis. And furthermore, they believed that this right was God-Given.

Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, George Washington, Ben Franklin and James Madison, the most well-
known of the founding fathers of this great country all had a religious zeal about democracy. They believed
in God, but not in a dogmatic God that is forced down their throats from a pulpit. None of these great men
ever attended church. They were spiritual, but the opposite of religious fanatics. They had experience the
evil of too much religion in England and so they formed our basic social contract on the idea that any
religion was fine, any ideas were allowed and were not to be censored by any government. They believed
in religious freedom and tolerance.

Tom Jefferson even authored his own version of the Bible and in that Bible, there is no mention of Jesus as
a savior. He respected Jesus for his teachings, but thought of him as a great philosopher only. Jefferson
was enough of a scientist, with a clear logical mind to know that all the fairy tales of the miracles in the old
Bible were fictionalized accounts, exaggerated at best to implore people to believe in God, but in Tom
Jefferson’s mind there was plenty of evidence in the Natural world that God existed and he didn’t need any
help from overzealous fanatics who had to force the concept of God down your throat. God and
democracy, however were one and the same to the founding fathers because they knew that only through
democracy, the will of the majority of free thinking people could you ever attain true justice.

These are the basic underpinnings of democracy. The basic understanding that we all
share about life, how to love one another, how to support one another, how to regulate all
our actions to represent a just and equitable and safe society. These are the basic thoughts
about life that separates us from the lower animals and that can only be due to God’s plan
for all intelligent life. We must use this basic common sense, our collective
consciousness to rule our world. We can and we must use the greatest tool ever invented
for mining this great untapped resource of ideas and problem solving processes of debate
and constant work toward understanding.

The Internet is such a tool. With it, all ideas can be expressed, no matter how humble.
All the best ideas can rise to the top with constant comparisons and observations. When
the best ideas have risen to the top of this marketplace of ideas, we choose them for a
final selection. We will then separate out the bad ideas from the good, finally landing on
the one or two of the best solutions we can devise in our common pool of solutions.
When one is chosen, we can be assured that it is the best idea, the safest idea, the most
practical idea that the human mind can create. When we process our thoughts out in the
open marketplace of ideas using the Internet, where they cannot be bastardized and
compromised and censored, then, we will know that we have made the best of all
possible choices because we have tapped the creative powers of all humans on the planet
who choose to participate in this great act of finding the truth.

Under our present system of laws, we are only presented with ideas that are the narrow
band of energy produced by lawyers and politicians whose lives are separate from the
every day lives of the working man and woman. They produce solutions that separate us
and divide us even further. These ideas are fraught with even more problems than the
ones they intended to solve. By Voting on the Internet, we can only reach solutions that
that unite us and bring us together and that actually solve problems fairly and efficiently
and at much reduced cost to the environment and to our pocketbooks. Even if they had
the intelligence to find a simple, cost-effective solution, their bosses, either the
Democratic or Republican Party bosses, would alter it, make it fit one or two or more of
their favorite sponsors. Yes, just like your favorite TV shows have sponsors who pay for
your entertainment, the best legislation process in the world still has sponsors and they
don’t allow anything to come to our attention if it goes against THEIR BEST

THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY. To put it plain and simple, these people simply don’t
represent the majority will of the American people. If you need proof just ask yourself
why are taxes so high? Why is gasoline so expensive? Why are credit card payments so
high? Why does it take you so long to commute to work? Why is it you have to work
two jobs to support your family? Why do you buy bottled water? Why do you get
diseases so frequently? And, when you go to the Doctor or the Hospital why is it so
expensive? If they truly represented US, the vast majority of people who pay these bills,
wouldn’t life be much easier in this country? And, shouldn’t things be getting better and
better instead of worse and worse?

The founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they knew how the modern
political system has been altered so much as to completely erase all their hard work. We
have in fact gone back to the Divine Right of Kings, except instead of one family of
despots who is headed by a King George, we have today a much wider extended family
of despots ruled by our present King George. It’s this extended family of despots who
rule this country and the rest of the world. At the top of the Kingdom is the President of
the United States, the Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military force in
history, the Fearless Leader of the Free World. His policies are dictated to him mainly by
a few dozen religious fanatics, and a few dozen top corporate leaders and their friends in
the Republican and Democratic Party. This is a closed society or “Family” that rules this
country. They make all the major decisions, not the people themselves.

How they stole this power is easy to understand when you understand the power of the
Almighty dollar. As the cost of campaigning got more and more expensive due to
television and radio and print advertising, the politicians needed more and more sponsors
to step forward. As the sponsors dollars began to flow into the hundreds of millions and
even billions of dollars as it does today, the real reason for them to aspire to public
service became lost in the rush to the banks to deposit these huge sums of money. The
next series of Presidential candidates from BOTH PARTIES each command bank
accounts over one hundred million dollars and this is for an office that pays only four
hundred thousand per year. The perks are pretty good and this must be why they desire
this office so much. They get to literally rule the world and with an iron fist.

They rule at the pleasure of the people, or actually at the default of the people to do their
duty and take their responsibility seriously. If we all demanded better governance, we
would get it. We don’t demand it in numbers large enough to make them shake and
quiver, but every once in a while, we see how it can work. When the Mexicans marched
in the streets recently to the tune of about one million marchers the politicians scrapped
all of their proposed legislation and went back to the drawing board. It is assured now
that there will be no real effective legislation that will solve the problem of illegal
migration into this country because one million marching people with signs and flags
scared them to death. They are now going to represent a few million people, most of
whom have never paid taxes and don’t vote. People with illegal status can’t file a tax
return because they no authentic social security number. They can’t pay taxes and they
can’t vote, but our government has decided to represent them against the interests of the
majority of citizens who have lived here all their lives and outnumber the invaders by a
hundred to one.

THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY EITHER. But, it goes to prove that Congress will do the
right thing ONLY when one of two things happens. 1. They get paid to vote a certain
way. 2. Enough of us march in the streets in protest. Until one of these two things
happens, we get no action, except the wrong action or inaction out of these people. If
anything the marching in the streets of illegal aliens should prove even more that we need
to do something about this problem before they become the majority which is what they
want. The main reason illegal immigration has been stepped up recently is a plot by the
Mexican government to subvert our democratic process because they now realize that a
few more million Mexicans in this country, after they gain citizenship would be more
powerful in the majority than the English speaking population. It’s almost too late to stop
this from happening. Can we expect anything from our elected representatives to do
something about this before it happens? I doubt it very much.

So, our path is clear. What we have to do is march in the streets in protest of our lack of
democracy and we must demand that they pass legislation that will allow us to vote on
the Internet. And, it must be soon. Or else all hope for this nation and for the rest of the
world who depends on us to be the model of democracy for them to follow. Our children
are depending on what we do in the next few years. We have to stand up now and make
our demands known and that we are ready for real democracy in America. We have the
tools. The Internet needs only a few minor modifications that we spell out in the last
chapter to ensure that the voting is authentic and so that no votes can ever be tampered
with by anyone. This is the easy part.

The tough part is in alerting the nation, letting everyone know that this invention is ready
to be used for the benefit of all Mankind because the major media are part of the
conspiracy to defraud you and part of the theft of your freedom. They will not spread the
word for us. We have to use the Internet itself to alert the rest of the thinking and caring
people of this nation. Then, when the nation is on full alert, then, we can begin to
demand that this technological wonder be put to our use.

Get out there now. In your next conversation with anyone, mention this web site where
you found this information. Put a link from any Internet Real Estate you know to Send email to all your email contacts about this concept.
Try to pepper every conversation that this country needs them and that there is a way to
save it for all future generations.

SIGN AND SUBMIT OUR PETITIONS Do it. Do it Now. If not now, when? If not
you, who?
* * * * * * *

This is a spiritual quest for me. I fervently believe that God wants us to have Real
Democracy in America now. I believe that he speaks to me at times and I believe that
God speaks to all Americans at some point in their lives. It’s a subtle voice that we hear
and God often speaks in riddles and tests us with very few clues. I know, however, from
passing his tests, that God is part of us all. And when we take the total sum of all the
people of this great nation, we gain a wisdom and a common consciousness, a consensus,
that is more important, more insightful, more significant than any other individual power
on Earth. Democratic thought then, is the basis of what we call common sense and it is
the engine of change and altering our course so that the ship of state can sail smoothly on
forever. It is the basis for everything we hope for and dream about.

My only hope is that everyone reading these words can understand our freedom is at
stake in this century. The fate of your children is at stake. Whether or not they will live
free and breathe clean air and even if they will have decent weather, enough food to eat.
These are the problems that will face a growing and more demanding world with louder
and louder voices and more and more powerful weapons to take these things from us.

We must all stand together and stand for what’s right. We must all stop spending so much
time watching the NASCAR cars race around a track in crazy abandonment of common
sense. Our National pastime should not be the game of baseball, it should be the game of
political survival and the expression of the will of the majority. Our National Obsession
shouldn’t be a little hockey puck slapped around on the ice. Our National Obsession
should be the education of those who don’t seem to care about their country until they do
care about their country. “We must all get active before we become radio-active.”

All we have to do is take up this mantra for the new millennium.

When we USE THE INTERNET to alter our Democracy and Improve it and Increase
Citizen Participation, we become a nation “Of the People, by the People and For the
People.” “All for one and one for all.” This is no longer the motto of the Three
Musketeers, but the motto for a modern democracy powered by our modern technology.

“Long live American experiment in democracy. Long live the Free and Open Internet!”
Chapter TWO - Why you should care.
If the country is allowed to continue on its present course, there is no doubt in my mind
and in the mind of millions of fellow Americans that we could end up in a military

What does that mean? Would that be so bad? Well, for an answer to those rather naïve
questions, we have only to look at all other military dictatorships in history, the most
obvious one being Hitler’s Germany. Yes, they called themselves, National Socialists, or
Nazi’s, but in reality, they had no real political agenda, except the gradually increasing
stranglehold on power and the elimination of anyone who didn’t like their stranglehold
on their throats, which would include the vast majority of the peace-loving citizens of the
world, so in time, the military dictatorship of Adolph Hitler’s would have annihilated
nearly everyone on the planet who didn’t serve the Hitler regime like dutiful slaves.

There are countless other examples. Mussolini’s military dictatorship of Italy, lead that
country into total chaos and eventually he joined forced with Hitler and was later hacked
to pieces by his Italian citizens as soon as they got the chance. Saddam Hussein’s
hideous rule over his own people is another example closer to our own time of a military
dictatorship. Saddam slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people simply
because he wanted the rest of his people to live in fear and in fear they did live.

Mention Spain and the revolution, Napoleon, the Pope throughout the middle ages was in
fact a military dictatorship. If you opposed any of the archaic and stupid rules he imposed
on everyone, an army of soldiers might show up at your door and put you on a fire pit to
be burned alive. The Popes during this time wanted their subjects to live in fear and in
fear they did live for centuries under this tyranny, supposedly a religious one, but the only
religion that they actually practiced was the religion of greed and avarice.

Now, in this country today, we have similar trends building toward a military
dictatorship. The pentagon now has a budget that is largely secret, but is certainly the
largest part of our government budget outside of Social Security and other entitlements,
which the government is slowly chipping away at and giving more of the budget
percentage to the pentagon.

Oh, yes, they would have us live in fear so that the modern slaves, slightly more
intelligent than slaves of the past, might continue to rubber stamp these policies. If you
look at what they currently want us to fear, Al Quaeda, you wonder if our own
government is in a conspiracy with Al Queada, since they know that this is a very clever
way to distract our attention from the real issues and continue to live in feasr which gives
the Pentagon more power.
Just look at the facts, not what they say. The facts are that they are gradually reducing
our Constitutional rights to freedoms of speech, assembly, free press, etc. While at the
same time, they are consolidating their own power while taking away the power of the
people. Appointing their favorite and most friendly judges to the Supreme Court has
nothing to do with Roe V. Wade. It has to do with the consolidating of power. When the
time comes to completely wash away all our rights, they want a Supreme Court who will
not stand in the way.

Other facts:

1. They take more and more money from corporate lobbyists who are then allowed to
write the laws in this country.

2. They are currently attempting to squelch the popular notion of using the Internet to
Vote because they know it will quite sharply and quickly dilute their power.

3. They are continually appointing people to powerful positions in the administration
who are willing to do anything to remain in power. Case in point Attorney General
Alberto Gonzalez. He has been caught red handed breaking the law for the sole purpose
of helping this administration maintain their power by intimidating people of a political
persuasion other than their own. Remember, that’s exactly what Hitler did to gain the
Ultimate Power of Fuhrer, the German nomenclature for ”Commander-in-Chief” of the
nation and attempting to be Commander-In-Chief of the world.

4. Using the power of a military dictatorship, the position of Commander-In-Chief to
make “Executive Orders”, secret Presidential rules that act as laws of the land. Our
constitution specifically forbids this activity and puts the power to make law in the hands
of the Congress and no place else. By creating thousands of “Executive Orders”, the
President has already started the march down the path of Military Dictatorship because
this power is based on the granting of the title of Commander-In-Chief which is
mentioned in the Constitution, but was intended to be used only in the rare occasions
when we are at war and only to appoint the generals and give them some civilian leash,
so that they do not in fact become powerful enough to take over their own country,
otherwise known as a military coup.

When you have your own president in league with the military to this degree and creating
laws around the Congress, you don’t need a military coup. In fact, it’s already been
accomplished by this current administration. You heard it here first, folks. The military
coup has already been done and we are now subjects of a military dictatorship.

So, why should you care? Because this current trend is tantamount to another evil
dictatorship this time arising here in this once-great nation, a nation dedicated to peace
and freedom and liberty. When these liberties are partially abolished as they have been
done, it’s only a matter of time when all our liberties will be abolished.
Chapter Three - What can we do about it?

We must SAVE DEMOCRACY before it’s too late, for ourselves and our children and
our children’s children.

All right, if you’re a patriotic person who truly loves their country and you’re wondering
what you can you do about it, this chapter will spell it out for you.

1. Start using the Internet to do democracy. Alert everyone on your email list that you
have joined the movement for more democracy in American through National Ballot
Measures placed on the Internet and that you intend to dedicate your life to it. EMAIL
your friends to go to our website and VOTE ON THE INTERNET. SIGN OUR
PETITIONS. Suggest New Ones for America to SIGN.

This means you must also stop cooperating with the Two Party system. These two parties
are complicit in allowing the trend toward military dictatorship. If they were not
complicit, they would have impeached this President long ago. Instead, they allow him
to gradually consolidate so much power that soon, there will be no more Congress and
there will be no more democracy in America.

True, we have precious little of it left, but we still have enough to put a stop to this very
evil trend Barely enough. But there is enough left. AND, until they pull the plug on the
Internet, we have the tools to get our country back.

2. Set up your own personal webspace either on Myspace which is free or creating your
own domain and make something similar to Myspace where you can invite friends to join
you in this noble quest to save Democracy. Copy the writings of our website and update
it frequently. Get your permissions from us and then go for it.

Make it a point to email all the Congressmen and Congresswomen regularly demanding
that they get more backbone and start the impeachment hearings of this President, or
failing that, at least reverse his illegal policies by Closing the Funding for the War in Iraq
and the funding for the CIA and NSA and all other intelligence agencies, there are
nineteen of them, until such time as the people can gather all the facts of what they’ve
been doing and then restarting a new intelligence agency when the people are convinced
that there will be no further spying on Americans.

3. Commit to one hour per week working on spreading the word about this concept.
First, call everyone you know. Tell them about the website and the concept of using the
Internet to take the political process for the People of this country. Don’t stop calling
them until they find the time to do it. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t ever stop doing
something about this.

Form and join clubs and associations both online and off. There’s an online service
called MEETUP.COM where you can create groups and publicize their meeting times.
There are many other ONLINE TRIBES and GROUP efforts that you can start or join,
then convert them to this idea. There is no more pressing idea in the country today.

The INTERNET is the greatest invention of all time and has all the resources you need to
help spread the word. Use it. SEARCH for political groups and book clubs or any group
that would welcome new ideas. GET THEM to publicize this ebook or the website.

Don’t give up on anything you’re doing in relation to your activism here. Never stop,
never give up.

Ghandi once said, “First they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Then, they fight you.
Then you win.”

We are in the first stages of making Real Democracy in America a Reality. They are
IGNORING us right now. In the coming months, they will laugh at us. Then, when they
realize that there are too many of us to laugh at, they will start to fight us.

Then, we will win, because they, armed only with lies, deceit and trickery cannot win
against the TRUTH. In fighting this idea, they will have to come out of the closet, out of
hiding and their true colors will be shown for all the world to see.

When, you see some of the people who are against the will of the majority, against the
rule of Common Sense in America, you will be shocked. But, you will be invigorated
because they will now be uncovered and out in the light of day where we can deal with

website. COPY and paste our Web Site “” and/or Email
Address, into all your outgoing Email.

Chapter Four - The Nuts and Bolts
How would Internet Participation in Democracy - Voting on the Internet - work in exact
mechanical terms.

This chapter is for those many critics out there who may think that Voting on the Internet
cannot work for a plurality of reasons. We will show in this chapter how the Voting on
the Internet would be as secure or even MORE secure than our current voting systems.
AND HOW we can actually take THIS COUNTRY BACK FOR THE PEOPLE, for all
time and for all future generations of Americans.

Or this chapter is useful for anyone who just wants to familiarize themselves with all the
details of how a Real Democracy in American would work so that they themselves can
explain better whenever they are speaking or writing about the subject.

FIRST, we must circulate PETITIONS and have them signed by MILLIONS OF
VOTERS USING THE AWESOME COLLECTIVE Consciousness of the Internet. In a
few years, the American people may reach a point where THEY GET IT. They will GET
that in order to have Real Democracy in America, REAL CONTROL over their own
government, THEY MUST PARTICIPATE in that governing process.

THE FIRST PETITION, we are working on now, is a Petition to BRING ALL THE
TROOPS HOME BY CHRISTMAS, 2007. It can be done. Why should more and more
brave and patriotic American lives be wasted on people who are determined to kill each
other. Our troops have been placed by the President, ONE MAN, in harm’s way just so
that he can save face and not go down in history as one of the biggest DUFUSES in
HISTORY. This is inevitable and more and more Americans are dying and will die,
unless we bring them home to safety and protecting our own shores.

In Iraq, as in most Moslem countries there are TWO FACTIONS, those who believe
Mohammed was born on a Sunday, the SHIITES, and those who believe Mohammed was
born on a Monday, the SUNNIS. They can’t agree on this date, so the two religious cults
blow each other up because the Koran doesn’t make it clear enough that killing is the
work of the devil. FAR TOO MANY of these bozos actually believe they will go to
HEAVEN for killing the opposing team members. AND, worse than that, they believe
that HEAVEN is 75 LOVELY VIRGIN YOUNG LADIES who will service their sexual
needs for all eternity. They also believe that they will have SERVANTS in their homes in
HEAVEN, and those servants will be the INFIDELS, US, the Westerners who don’t
believe in all this nonsense.

and I think the vast majority of Americans would agree with me. LET THEM KILL

Sooner or later, they will either become extinct like the Dinosaurs. Who could say the
world is not better off without the Dinosaurs? OR, they will come to their senses one
day, grow up, choose to live in a civilized world with the rest of us and join the human
race. ONLY ONE OR THE OTHER of these two possibilities will occur. I believe that
even this level of common sense will prevail and they will NOT go extinct and that they
will choose to join the civilized world after they realize what evil spells they have fallen
While they are avidly bombing each other, they are not likely to gain any more serious
weapons of mass destruction either. While they FIGHT US, they have the methods and
the means to gain these weapons and use them on us. While they fight each other, we can
contain the evil and block any attempts to gain nuclear weapons. In other words, they
would be too weakened by their own fighting of each other to hurt us. This is simple
strategies of life that our political leadership doesn’t understand.

When President Bush invaded Iraq, he fell right into the THINKING AND PLANNING
of the TERRORISTS. Osama Bin Laden couldn’t have dreamed of a better scenario for
him. He was hoping and praying that Americans would be stupid enough to fall into this
trap and under the valiant and wise leadership of “THE DECIDER”, we fell for his trap,
hook line and sinker.

GRIEVANCES, but for all the FUTURE BLUNDERS this government will give us.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, once we’ve become accustomed to ruling our own government
and making policies we can live with, we may become enamored with the process. We
will see how we can live more fruitful and prosperous lives in a nation of peace and

More and more petitions will be circulated on a whole host of ideas. AFTER bringing the
be to reduce our INCOME TAXES, allowing for more and more Americans to KEEP
THEIR HOMES. Less homelessness is a GOOD THING, I think we can all agree and
the more money we send to Washington, the more PORK BARREL LEGISLATION,
bridges to nowhere, museums dedicated to a LOBBYIST or a big political contributor.
All of these things will have to disappear once the PEOPLE ESTABLISH THE POWER

The Next Petition might be to initiate a NATIONAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. There
are many millions of Americans who cannot afford decent Health Care for the sole reason
that the Hospital and Drug companies have bribed our CONGRESS to keep the system
the way it is, allowing these companies to CHARGE WHATEVER THEY WANT TO.
Sure, this is good for the STOCK MARKET, to keep reaping more and more profits, but
IS THIS COUNTRY – THE STOCK MARKET? We have to make that distinction
sooner or later. Capitalism is GREAT, the best economic system we know on the planet,
but it must be constrained and guided by the citizenry it is meant to serve. THE
WORKING CLASS should be considered first, the INVESTOR CLASS second, in my

Serving the INVESTOR CLASS FIRST, as is the default economic system of today,
makes for a very FEW RICH people at the top of the pyramid and many millions of very
POOR people at the bottom of the pyramid. A democratically sound economic system
should strive to make an UPSIDE DOWN PYRAMID where the vast majority of people
are on the TOP and FINANCIALLY SECURE, while the RICH PEOPLE are at the
bottom of the pyramid, rich to be sure, but not as safe and secure as the WORKING
classes. After all, we are the most productive nation on the Earth. We work harder than
any other people’s and the Wealthy Investor Class is sitting there exploiting our blood,
sweat and tears.

The NEXT PETITION might be to expand the barriers to getting into this country, and
thus protecting American Jobs and society from terrorism and economic vandalism.
Sure, we are a nation of Immigrants, but when millions of immigrants from one country,
Mexico start flooding over the border, it’s time to take prudent measures to slow this
migration down.

We must ask ourselves, why is it that the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT PRINTS
BROCHURES about HOW to SNEAK INTO this country and they distribute it widely to
their own people? Could the reason be that the Mexican Government, instead of focusing
on controlling their population growth and pollution has decided that the easiest way is to
let them escape to the better economic climate in America? Why should we allow this,
when what we really should be doing is helping the Mexican Government control their
population growth and help them strengthen their own economy so that few of their
people are FORCED to make the dangerous and arduous journey North.

If we only controlled our borders and forced the Mexican Government to become more
responsible as a social force for positive changes in their own country, this would no
longer be an issue and American jobs would be more secure.

IT SHOULD BE NOTED HERE that the major corporations in America have been able
to EXPORT the best JOBS in America to China, Russia, Ireland, the Philippines,
Thailand and even our old “Enemy” Viet Nam only because they have been able to fill
the really lowest paid jobs by Mexican illegal labor. IF this flow of illegal cheap labor
were halted, American jobs would be more secure and less and less of them would be
exported OVERSEAS. The idea for American Multi-National Corporations is for
everyone in America to HAVE NO BARGAINING POWER so that they can keep wages
low, keep every worker in fear of losing their jobs so that they can DO ALMOST
EVERYTHING OVERSEAS and avoid taxes on this part of their product and avoid the
costly servicing of their own work force.

into this country, the American worker can thrive through a better bargaining position.

I could name countless other National Petitions that would be highly productive, but for
brevity’s sake, I will only list them, instead of explaining my reasoning for them. See if
you can determine your own logic as to why each of this next set of PETITIONS would
be a GOOD THING for our country.

4. Petition to force an ANNUAL Gas Guzzler Surcharge of $10,000 on vehicles like
5. Petition for a 50% income tax credit for the cost of installation of any Hydrogen,
Solar, or Wind power at any home or business.

6. Petition for a Stiffer Federal Gun Control regulation that would require a periodic,
(every 3 to 5 years) background check for any felony by anyone possessing a handgun or
rifle. Any convicted felons would then have to forfeit their gun or go to jail and face a
hefty fine. This would be like a National Gun Registration Law that would have teeth
and help prevent ownership of guns by convicted felons. The government forces us
through similar laws to wear SEATBELTS and they can keep bad drivers from driving
this way, YET they do nothing to prevent guns getting into the hands of the bad guys.
Why? Because of the Gun Lobby, of course. GUN MANUFACTURERS are not
interested in lessening their profits and sales. This Law would over-rule this minority
stranglehold over the majority of Americans who want to feel safer in their homes and in
their schools.

7. Petition for a Salary Freeze for all Congressional people, both Senators and
Congressmen and women, for every day that the Federal Budget is not in balance.

8. Petition for the federal tax on gasoline to be raised by 5 cents per gallon and the
additional revenues given to subsidize Alternative Energy companies.

9. Petition for a Federal Agency to fight gangs in this country by requiring gang
members to stay in school, or learn a trade with a strict enforcement.

10. Petition for a Balanced Trade Act. Any country that wants to export their goods into
the United States must buy an EQUAL DOLLAR amount of goods from American

11. Petition for taking a chunk of DEFENSE SPENDING and using it to fund a National
Mass Transit system that connects all cities and uses the new technology of Magnetic
Levitation, thus allowing trains to travel at 300 MPH and up. This would drastically save
on fuel, help stop global warming and cause about half the flights of jet planes to be
obsolete, freeing up airports for international flights and more distant travels.

12. Petition for all prisoners in federal prisons to receive job training during their prison
terms to reduce the rate of recidivism and save on the cost of housing them.

13. Petition for all foods coming into this country to pass the same standards as
domestically grown foods.

14 Petition for all schools in the country to receive federal funds to hire enough teachers
and raise their salaries and thus reduce the ratio of students to teachers which improves

15. Petition for the saving of the Social Security System by passing a National Sales Tax
to guarantee current revenues to retirees and all future retirees and taxing all U.S.
Corporations for any differences that are found in the system. Since all retirees have
worked for a corporation at one time or another it is the responsibility of all U.S.
corporations to ensure the comfortable retirement of all workers who have met the
qualifications of having worked in the country nearly all of their adult years.

There will be countless other Petitions devised by citizens who have their own solutions
to problems. But as you can see, this author can easily think up a couple dozen new
Laws and Regulations that would easily completely correct a national problem or come a
long way to correcting them.

Some petitions may not address the grievance it was intended to address and there may
be the consequence of unexpected results that may need to be corrected along the way.
But, no matter how much criticism you care to heap on the system of controlling our
government by the DIRECT action of the people, they will always be far advanced in
comparison to the jibberish that is forced upon us by the elected representatives in
Washington D.C.

For those doubting Thomases, I will use the following example of how egregious,
neglectful and incompetent our elected officials, mostly lawyers have been and always
will be without the accountability to the people that Direct Democracy affords.

In 1973, the Arab Nations, mainly at the instigation of Saudi Arabia stole all of the Oil
Wells that had been drilled on their soil by American and European companies. They
formed a cartel known as OPEC. OPEC then raised the price of our gasoline steadily
over the years and in 1973 they almost ruined our economy by turning off the spigots in
order to gain higher prices. We all know that this country is basically being held hostage
by these same OIL SHEIKS, primarily the Saudi Family who before the discovery of oil
under all their sand were nothing more than camel herders. Today, they are the world’s
richest group of people on the planet.

Now, our government, led by Richard Nixon at the time, completely caved in to their
demands. Instead of dealing harshly with these uneducated and uncivilized people, our
government gave them everything they demanded and more. Under the advice of the Oil
Companies they basically allowed the American and European people to be made slaves
by this very small band of nomadic tent dwellers. Today, they control the world’s

IF there had been more Direct Democracy in America at the time, we could have
circulated a Petition demanding that our government react with far more vigor and make
bargains more in balance with the interests of the world’s consumers who number in the
billions. They could have surrounded all the oil wells with tanks and U.S. Marines and
demanded that the Oil Wells remain in the hands of their owners, the oil companies,
while giving the Arabs who lived in the area a generous royalty that would basically
allow them to live without work or toil for generations.
But, to allow them to control the world, for me, is out of the question, and yet that’s
exactly what our government did. Where in this world energy scenario did our
government represent us, the American consumer? I can find no indication of any
concern about us at all. There was plenty of concern for the profits of the Oil Companies.
They remained in control of all that oil, but the oil itself became the property of the Arab
nomads. This is an intolerable situation and should have never happened. They had
nothing before we discovered oil under the Arabian sands, and now they are
disproportionately powerful in world politics to their number and their abilities. They
should have been given a generous stipend or royalty so that they would never have to
work hard and their families would always be secure with plenty to eat and plenty of
health care for the rest of their lives, and the price of gasoline would have to go up maybe
a penny a gallon to achieve this for them. But, to make this class of people, a people who
still live in the stone ages, was ludicrous at the least and CRIMINAL at the worst.

Today, these people have no democratic institutions. They imprison the girls and women
and regard them as slaves, second class citizens. They stone them to death if they fall in
love with the “Wrong” person. They only recently have allowed women to drive. All of
their public places are segregated with separate facilities for men and women. They are
ruled by a tyrannical King of Arabia and if you break one of their archaic laws, they are
likely to chop your hand off for stealing or your head off for speaking the wrong ideas, or
other vital parts of your body for doing the wrong thing.

They are five hundred to seven hundred years behind in the area of culture and morality.
They hate Jews. Most of them would use an atomic weapon on Israel if they had one.
These are the people our government cow tows to, all in the name of money. The people
we make deals with are tolerated by our government leaders only because they now own
the oil, the oil that we gave to them. This money corrupts everything. Oil is NOT the
way of the future. We are poisoning our own atmosphere because of oil. Oil burned in
cars, airplanes, power plants, homes is so corrosive to life that there may come a time
when our own civilization is threatened by it and we may not be able to correct this
course of Evolution.

Leaders are supposed to be able to lead, to be thinking ahead of the pack, to literally
LEAD US AWAY from DANGER and DESTRUCTION and towards, peace and eternal
prosperity and hope for Mankind. Our leaders, not just in America, all over the world are
leading us like lemmings over the cliff. We the people must not take the reins of
leadership ourselves and turn the tide, turn the mad rush towards disaster and give the
world some real positive change.

It should be noted here that in Switzerland, the most peaceful and prosperous country in
the world, they have Direct Democracy. In 1848, they were just recovering from war and
destruction that threatened their culture. So, they copied the American Constitution, but
they put into it one major addition. They allowed the people to vote directly to rectify
anything that their leaders did to them. They vote every few months in NATIONAL
INITIATIVES and their country runs literally like a Swiss Watch.
Voter participation in Switzerland is 80%. Everyone pays attention to what is going on in
their world and they discuss the issues and then they themselves propose some of the
changes that they want to make. A recent initiative was placed on the ballot to disband
the Swiss Army. Since they have not been involved in any wars since 1848, some of the
Swiss people thought that keeping their army might be an expense they did NOT need.
The initiative was defeated, because the vast majority thought it more prudent to have an
Army just in case. The Swiss Watch approach to self government proves to me, beyond
any shadow of a doubt that Direct Democracy can work and that the common will of the
people, the common consciousness of the people who are the governed is a far superior
mechanism of producing positive optimistic and workable solutions to real life problems
than any other system devised by man.

So, why not in America? Why don’t we do this now? Why not a D.D.A. the Direct
Democracy of America. I will now go out on a limb here and say that in the FUTURE of
this great nation, the people will vote to change our name from the United States of
America USA to the DDA, the Direct Democracy of America. All it takes is a few of my
readers to pass on this idea. It’s an idea that has been around for centuries. The Greeks
invented it over 3,000 years ago. It worked then and it was scrapped because of the
power the human race gave to the kings and queens of Europe and the military dictators.
They dressed themselves up in fancy robes and made sure they had the largest contingent
of body guards around them at all times. They stole from the poor peasants who lived all
around them and called it their TAXATION. They spent this money on lavish palaces
and entertainment and food while their subjects starved and died by the millions at an
early age from the filth, the sweat and the toil.

The peasants had no choice but to allow this tyranny to continue. They had no power to
make any changes. Those that tried were hanged at the gallows and called traitors. IN
this modern age, we were granted the power to make big changes by the technology of
the Internet. Ironically enough, it was our own government that produced the Internet.
Ironically enough, it will be the same government that will someday live under the rule of
the PEOPLE, using this same technology, produced during the Cold War to defend us
against a Soviet Missile attack.

Today, we can use the Internet for a real power shift to the ordinary peasants, you and me,
the ordinary working people of this nation. We must use it for good, for the greatest
benefit to the largest number of people. We must resist any temptation to over-medicate
ourselves. We must not abuse this power like a drug as our leaders have done. We must
wield this power with great wisdom and compassion for our neighbors both in this
country and in the rest of the world. Someday, I have no doubt, the entire world will
want to emulate the American Dream of Peace and Prosperity once again. This will only
happen when the people of this great nation take the reigns of power to control our
leaders, give them their new heading, give them the direction that God gives every living
creature struggling to survive. God gave us the brains to see our problems clearly and to
find the best solutions. This is the only reason we have evolved to become the dominant
species on this planet.
At this moment in history, at this precise point in our evolution, we have the chance to
make the greatest choice of all time. We can choose to continue down the path of total
extinction, of not only our own species but many more plants and animals that have ever
lived OR, we can choose to live in harmony with the rest of the planet and use this great
wisdom to husband our resources so carefully and so responsibly that one day, God will
say to himself, “These creatures deserve my love.” Right now, we are not very deserving
of any respect from God or anyone else who might be looking down on this petty little

We must change our course. Join those of us who are grasping to be free from their path
of destruction. Help us take the reigns and put them in the hands of the wisest and best
power on the Earth, the combined intelligence of millions of people.


AFTER enough PETITIONS have successfully demonstrated the power and wisdom of
the people, the next step will be to vote directly on the Internet. This will be seen as the
next logical step. Why wait for Petitions to make their way through the halls of Congress
where they will undoubtedly alter them and see them through their own eyes.
PETITIONS are the necessary first step to take away all the objections and criticisms
Direct Democracy will get from the powers-at-be who will desperately defend their turf
and who will fight to the death to maintain the status quo.

So, here goes. THE NEXT STEP and maybe the most important part of the Internet
Voting Process. I want to stress right now that the most important part of VOTING ON
THE INTERNET will be the DELIBERATIVE part of the process. The part where only
the MOST HIGHLY PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS actually make it to the National Ballot.
Please keep this in mind while reading all of the details. The structure will evolve
through the discussions we will all have together that will make all of this seem like
second nature to us all and there will come a day when we will all GET IT. And we will
all say to ourselves, “Why didn’t we think of this before?” And, indeed, why hasn’t
anyone thought of this PRIOR to the Viet Nam War, Prior to the Iraq War, prior to the
terrible, horrible and unbelievable SPENDING by our leaders, the wasting of our treasury
that now puts this nation nearly 50 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT? Hoefully most of
you are asking yourselves this question by now.

There are TWO kinds of processes to go through. One is for candidates to get themselves
on the ballot. This would open up the field greatly and eventually destroy the Two Party
Oligarchy that we have now in this country. If you are not heavily indebted to either the
Democratic or the Republican parties, you are not going to get elected to any office of
real power in this country today. The two parties like things like that because they get to
share power and that means they’re in power roughly 50% of the time. They can accuse
each other party of various misdemeanor’s. It’s still allowed and then they get in office
until the other party finds enough dirt on them to get them kicked out, usually an 8 year
cycle. In their off years, they spend their time fundraising so that when the next earliest
opportunity comes along, they are ready to capitalize on it.

The Internet Voting process would mean in general that people could run for office from
any walk of life. We would eventually see truck drivers, carpenters, dentists, doctors,
teachers, even garbage collectors getting themselves plugged into the system and if they
have the right stuff even getting elected.

Eventually, party affiliation would be meaningless because a plethora of candidates with
widely diverging ideas would make it nearly impossible for party affiliation to mean
anything. In other words, if the two major parties have no real power to get you elected,
why would you join?

At first, however, I would suspect that the candidates aligned with competing parties
would favor the best because at least they have been filtered by the party apparatus of say
the Green Party or the Libertarian party and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just
when there are limited parties, a monopoly on ideas, that things go wrong. We’ve had
these things going wrong for decades, most thinking people will agree and it’s time for a

The next MAJOR BRANCH of Voting on the Internet is for BALLOT MEASURES,
proposed by ordinary citizens that they feel will solve a problem.

Let’s look at two examples of ballot measures so that you can follow the logic of how it
can work.

When Voting on the Internet is initiated, there will be KOOKY IDEAS and there will be
VALID IDEAS, IDEAS that have merit.

Therefore, the first part of the process is to separate out the KOOKY ideas from the ones
that have merit.

One example of a KOOKY idea is that someone, a nudist, will feel that if everyone in the
country is forced to go completely naked, forsaking all clothing when in public places,
with a fine of $100 for anyone caught wearing clothes, let’s say every First Tuesday of
Every Month.

This is his idea of a good Ballot Measure. But of course the vast majority of us would
most likely prefer not to be forced to go naked in public at any time. Therefore, the
process needs to screen out the KOOKY ideas so that they are not wasteful of resources,
time, money. More importantly, we must filter out the KOOKY ideas so that the process
is not subverted by continually requiring the voters to spend their time considering such
nonsense. If we are continually forced to spend time on truly ridiculous ideas with no
chance of passing the majority of voters, then eventually, the process of democracy
would be overwhelming to most of us and gradually fail, being replaced by something
too terrible to imagine.
So, each idea needs to be submitted to a National Elections Commission. This
commission is appointed by lottery, like the draft, or Jury Duty wherein a body of thirty
members of society are called to meet for a few hours per month to handle the
administration of the National Initiatives Database. The term of duty would last six
months and none of the Jury members would ever meet at a central location and would
instead hold all their meetings via Teleconferencing. This way, no group of lobbyists
could ever build a network of contacts that would serve to bribe this body since they
would be completely disbanded every six months with a new group of thirty appointed at
random by computer, and they would always be scattered randomly all over the country.

None of the Ballot Measure Commission member names are to be made public. And,
they would be held to a covering order of silence. If any one of them broke their code of
silence, they would be instantly fired from their position and the next available alternate
would take their place.

Whenever an idea for a National Initiative arrives at these offices, as long as they are
worded in plain English and the majority of Commission members can understand it, it is
placed into the Database. At this point, the elections committee members must look at
them, read them and pass judgment within 30 days of receipt of the POTENTIAL
BALLOT MEASURE whether or not it merits a National Petition Status.

So far, we have a system in place to eliminate the Kooky Ideas from the ones with actual
merit. If a majority of Ballot Measure Commission BMC members hold by voting that
any given Potential Measure is not a Kooky idea, and they will have to be the sole
arbiters of what is “Kooky”, just as the Supreme Court is the sole arbiter of Justice, then
and only then, does a Potential Ballot Measure make it to the next step, PETITION

As an example, let’s say that an idea was sent in by a citizen to raise the National Speed
Limit to 75 Miles Per Hour, and the majority of BMC members voted to bring it to
Petition Status. This idea obviously has merit and should be put to the people for a vote,
but ONLY if enough citizens care enough about the idea to sign their names to it. IF ten
percent of the voters who voted in the last election signs this Petition, then it has
automatically acquired National Ballot Measure Status and will be placed on the next
upcoming Federal Election.

The Petition is place on the BMC website where it can be copied and downloaded to any
other website so that it is distributed far and wide across the Internet, but this would
happen only if enough people were interested in it. A concept like this is a good example
because it may not be that enough people care enough about this issue to want to see it
voted on by the citizenry. Many of us probably feel that the speed limit is fine where it
is, while many others, those with fast cars, the younger set perhaps want to be allowed to
go faster on the highways without having to look in the rear view mirror for police cars.

There would be a minimum time limit of say, six months on the Internet to allow for
sufficient debate on the Petition Measure. Some people would argue that the raising of
the speed limit would cost more lives on the highways. Others would argue that it would
save lives because more of us would get to our destinations faster and therefore the
highways would be less crowded and less populated by frustrated travelers who do stupid

If worded as is, a Petition to simply raise the Speed Limit to 75 might fail to gather
enough popular support. A few years later, reworded to add stiffer penalties for Drunk
Driving and it may indeed gather enough signatures. OR, wording that only cars with
seat belts and airbags installed, and who could certify a safety inspection once a year, and
specifically excluding trucks from the raised speed limit may finally do the trick.

Eventually through continual trial and error such as the example above, or with enough
debate on the topic, a Petition with merit like this one would eventually be granted status
of a National Ballot Measure and others would simply be ignored and fade from memory.

The granting of “National Petition Status” by the BMC would allow members of the
public to sign the Petition if they agree that it has the merit to actually be placed on the
ballot. If placed on the ballot, on the next election, a majority of voters voting “YES”
would turn the Ballot Measure into law.

This is democracy in action. There are no committees, other than the BMC to tell us
which laws can come up on the floor of Congress. There are no lobbyists who can bribe
our BMC members since they don’t even know who or where they are. Any lobbying
activity would have most likely been prohibited in one of the earliest Ballot Measures, so
even if they could find the BMC members, they would be risking jail time and huge fines
if they did in fact try to influence the flow of ideas onto the National Ballot.

Gradually over time, some Ballot Measures could be introduced that would improve on
the system itself and after a few years, I imagine of a troubled start, an efficient and
nearly perfect system of polling the people for ideas and then voting on them as a
national community in order to create laws that easily solve a National problem, would
be in hand.

With this machinery, we could constantly improve our health care delivery systems to the
public. We could improve upon our Education and Transportation systems and even our
criminal justice system.

For example: I would like to see a National Ballot Measure that allowed any prisoner to
apply for parole at any time that he could prove that he had the ability and the willingness
to compensate his or her victims.

In this country, we currently have about one percent of our population in prisons and
jails. This is untenable for any democratic society. Most of the huge population in
prisons are from the lower classes and ethnic minorities. Our prisons are expensive to
operate and maintain and it is a far, far better thing for society to get our offenders to
admit their mistakes, compensate their victims and then go down a path where they will
be good productive citizens, and not a burden to those who are.

I personally don’t have the wording in mind on how to solve the prison overcrowding in
this country, but I’m very certain there are people who have worked in the prison system
and have excellent ideas about how to do this.

I would have very few ideas about how to create a National Health Plan that could work
and that would not raise taxes substantially. But, I’m confident there are many thousands
of people out there working in the Health Care Industry right at this moment, who would
have excellent ideas that could lead to National Ballot Measures that we could all

I have very few practical ideas about how to reform our tax system. But, I know one
thing. It’s wrong to make the people have to work many hours to prepare their returns
every April and sweat about whether or not they did things right. I know there are many
people who would prefer a much simpler system and I am very certain that there are
people who would know how to reform our tax code so that no one would have to work
so hard every year just to pay taxes and harder still preparing their tax returns.

Again, being just one person with one brain, I personally have very few ideas about how
to change the Judicial System to make it work more efficiently. However, I can place my
faith in the larger mind of millions of people putting their heads together and coming up
with the best solution to this or any problem. I also believe deep in my heart and soul
that it’s unacceptable at least to me, that a legal matter, a business dispute or a criminal
trial is assumed to take several years to complete and several hundred thousand dollars in
cost to both sides. I also believe that justice is denied in a vast number of cases and this
is a problem for any society, especially ours.

Recently, we witnessed the outrage of Paris Hilton being released from jail after only a
few days, when we all know that if she were not rich and famous, and especially if she
were in a racial minority, she might be rotting in jail to this day. This cannot be allowed
in a purely democratic society. This and probably all of our institutions need an
expansive re-design so that these kinds of things cannot happen ever again. Every day
we read about poor unrepresented people who have spent ten, even twenty years or more
in prison for crimes they did not commit. Some have even gone to their death as innocent
people. It’s only the invention of DNA that has been the difference and proven some of
these innocent people were convicted and put away to rot in jail by an extremely callous
and careless system. No one in my opinion should be convicted on the basis of
circumstantial evidence alone. There must be a way to change the judicial system to that
end. There must be a way to require that actual physical evidence be part of any
conviction. Too many people have gone to their death, or suffered life sentences merely
on the basis of an eye-witness who was later proven to be unreliable or on the basis of
something that is circumstantial. Just because someone was in the area of a crime, does
not and should not ever be enough to convict someone when there are thousands of others
who were also in the area. This is not a justifiable reason to punish someone, when a
circumstantial bit of evidence can be explained in a more exculpatory way.

I am very confident that there are many people working now in the field or worked in the
past in the judicial system who would know where the bottlenecks are, where the
inefficiencies are, and how to unplug them so that justice is never delayed beyond a
reasonable period of time. For example: I could see a National Ballot Measure putting a
time limit of six months to a final verdict on any criminal or civil matter. Penalty for not
completing in time? The lawyers are not allowed to charge any money for any time spent
beyond that time limit.

Now, I thought that one up, just now when I was writing about it. I’m sure there are
people who could do much better than that. Eventually one of them might actually make
improvements to our judicial system so that no one is denied justice every again. That’s a
tall order, but it can be done.

Ideas like this show you just the tip of the iceberg as to the usefulness of the Internet for
creating a Real Democracy in America.

There will be people who are able to solve the Energy Problem in the world if they only
were able to get enough people to support a new and different infrastructure. There will
be people who have right now in their minds a way to end the horrible traffic congestion
in this country. It could be as simple as changing the way that we make traffic stop at
RED LIGHTS that are not timed property to allow for the most optimum flow of traffic.
It seems to me that many companies in Silicon Valley have the talent and the engineering
to figure this out and solve this problem and many others for our society. But, they may
be stymied by the horribly lazy and antiquated way that we solve problems by having a
small group of men in suits go off to Washington D.C. hold themselves up on their high
horses pontificating about everything under the sun and never getting anything solved.

I was horrified, and I think we all were as a nation, when Congress, the President and the
Governor of Florida and the State of Florida Legislature and several judges became
embroiled in the tragic coma of a woman who wanted to be taken off of life support at
her hospital. Somehow, mainly the Republican Party decided to divert all their attention
away from the War in Iraq, the bottomless pit of budget deficits, the catastrophe of
Hurricane Katrina, the lack of a decent Health Care System in this country just so that
they could appear holier than thou and they came together and actually created legislation
in ONE DAY that spoke to this single person’s situation. The President took time out of
his word days. His brother, the Governor or Florida took many days away from his work,
and the entire United State Congress became involved in this tragedy even though a
Judge had decided the situation in favor of her living heir, her husband.

The Republican Congress, not liking this decision spent many hundreds of man hours and
several billion tax payer dollars trying to resolve this issue and in the end, the decision of
the judge won the day. They completely wasted our resources on one tiny insignificant,
to the rest of the nation, issue when there were so many hundreds of more important
issues left untouched and still remain unresolved to this day.

Most of these same “Holier than thou” Congressmen have since been forced to resign
from office because of questionable business dealings and some have even gone to jail
for their actions. So this “Holier than thou” stance on this issue was a total fraud
conceived solely to dupe the American people.

Let’s not deceive ourselves about the kind of people we are forced to elect every four

Now, what other way does the Ballot Measure Committee make the choices between
good law and bad? They must live within certain guidelines for separating the Kooky
ideas from the meritorious ones.

They must first and foremost consider if the Proposed Legislation would serve the vast
majority of Americans cutting across any state lines and stopping at our own national
borders. In other words, we must never allow the majority of citizens to have any powers
of war or other international policies.

They must also ensure that when considering the service to the vast majority of
Americans that no minority interests are harmed in any way.

For example. If we still had slavery in this country today, it would be an excellent use of
Voting on the Internet to put forth a law that prohibited slavery.

BUT, on the other hand, it would not be a good use of a Real Democracy to put forth a
law that would put slavery back in effect, even though it might serve the interests of the
majority. This country was founded on the principles of serving the majority while
preserving the rights and the equity of every minority in this country too.

That’s a tall order. But, that principle is the only principle that can serve as the
foundation for any real democracy otherwise you would have a slippery slope to Fascism
if+++ we behaved in any way detrimental to that creed.

So, the difference between KOOKY ideas and IDEAS that have MERIT are subtle but
obvious when examined under this light.

By looking at all proposals and then sorting the quickly using these filters of:

1. Ignoring the measures that serve only a tiny minority as in the example of the nudists
who would like to see a law passed making nudity more acceptable to the rest of us. This
is probably not serving the interests of the majority at all, at least not in this day and age.
There could come a time, say thousands of years from now, however, where the vast
majority of us are more comfortable with our bodies and public nudity may be just the
kind of issue that would pass this test, at that time, but certainly not now. So, the test is
one that lives eternally, but each and every concept may have only a temporary benefit or
none at all.

2. By looking at the service that a Ballot Measure may provide if passed into law for the
majority of citizens and making a determination by voting on that very idea, we have put
forward a very excellent standard of choosing between the good and the bad and the ugly.
But, in this deliberation of the Ballot Measure Committee they must also ensure to us all
that no minority interest in this country is harmed in any way.

I can think of another very good example of the use of National Ballot Measures to
illustrate this point more fully.

In the 1960’s a black woman by the name of Rosa Parks was told by the Bus Driver, a
city employee of Selma Alabama City, that she must vacate her seat and move to the back
of the bus solely because a white man wanted her seat. This was the accepted, but tacitly
illegal practice at the time all over the South and probably in many other places in this
country too.

Rosa Parks, courageous and rightfully indignant at this request, politely refused to give
up her seat for a white man. She was arrested and the case ignited race riots and
demonstrations that lasted for decades and which finally led to the Civil Rights
legislation that we live under today. It is illegal today to discriminate in any public place
against people who are in the minority in any way. This struggle for the rights of black
people led to the rise and untimely death of Martin Luther King.

My point being, why oh why in the name of God, do we have to suffer such an
undignified process of forcing millions of people to protest about a problem when a
simple Ballot Measure would suffice.

If we had the Internet and we were allowed to Vote on the Internet at the time of this
incident and others like it, is there any doubt that a more equitable set of laws would have
arisen from the hearts and the minds of the vast majority of Americans. Most Americans
are fair minded and I know this because most of us watched in horror every night on the
evening news when we saw protesters beaten by police, many were killed and thousands
were arrested for merely expressing their opinions about this issue which is
First Amendment right guaranteed to us all. It is not guaranteed just to white folks or just
to black folks but to all of us, regardless of race, color, gender or creed.

Yet, the police in many cities of the South felt justified to deny our citizens of their
Constitutional rights, brazenly in public, on TV where the whole world was watching.

Today, I think it safe to say that the vast majority of us would be mortified if any of these
discriminatory laws were still on the books and we would all work to have them
Therefore, if Voting on the Internet were possible in the 1960s it most likely would have
saved us thousands of hours of demonstrations, spared us the embarrassment around the
world and it would have saved the life of at least one man, Martin Luther King because
he wouldn’t have even needed to speak about this issue and make himself a target for
hatred as he did. He knew he probably would not live to see the day when his people
would be totally free and he didn’t. Many people would argue that many minorities are
still not equal in all respects to white folks, but gradually, we are changing for the better.

Voting on the Internet would speed up this gradual and natural rate of change toward
greater and greater understanding, equality and respect for one another, I am convinced.

But only if it is forced to remain under the umbrella that is the foundation of our great
nation. The service to the majority while preserving the rights of the minority.

Now, what exactly is a majority? Since we are opening up the potential of really serving
the majority for thousands of years henceforth, we must all understand what a majority is
and what a minority is.

First we must understand that a Majority Opinion on any given issue is not immutable. It
will change over time as more and more information is brought forth by the actions of

AND the RULE of MAJORITIES as I see it:

On any given issue the majority of voters will be opposed to each other on the next issue.
In other words, the Majority is NEVER the SAME group of people. The majority is
always changing because we are all individuals and we have diverse views on many
different things as a result of our own individual experiences.

There is nothing to fear from the majority of voters on any given issue. The enemies of
REAL DEMOCRACY, mainly the Republicans and Democratic Party leaders, not the
rank and file, will tell you that a democracy is actually “MOB RULE”. Don’t believe
them because who is this MOB they’re referring to? You and me. The average citizen in
America is like a MOB to them. This is the same language the Roman Emperors used to
use for the citizens of Rome. “Give the mob, bread and circuses”, Emperor Nero once

And, when they criticize the idea of Real Democracy with whatever they have to say, the
reply is: “So, you would prefer to keep things the way they are?”

Nobody, no one has any better ideas for repairing the damage done to this country by the
Two Party System. If you don’t think it needs repairing, think about the Nixon
Administration. President Nixon in almost anyone’s objective opinion was a crooked
person. If he had not been pardoned for his crimes against the people by President Ford,
he probably would have gone to jail and he should have gone to jail.
If this Republican Party was a business that sold bread to the American people what
would we have done if we discovered that all the bread sold to us by the Republican
Party was intentionally poisoned? We would have forced the bankruptcy, tried all the key
executives, put them in jail and abolished their company, taking away their license to sell
food to the American public and we would never have to deal with that company again.

So, after the Nixon disgrace, in my opinion, the Republican Party should have been
banned from doing any political services in this country again. OK, so they were not
banned because they are the government, or at least 50% of it. But, after the First George
Bush Presidency, certainly then, the American people should have voted to disband the
Republican Party. OK, how about the second Bush Administration? Isn’t that enough?

That’s like 3 strikes and you’re out. They have given the world three losers in a row.
Why doesn’t any other party have a chance to replace them? The reason is, we are in
their control. There is nothing we can do about the power the two parties have over us.

Some would argue that the Democratic Party is just as bad and they should be abolished
too. But, at least the Democratic Party gave us Social Security and other safety net
legislations. I don’t agree with all of it, but it means they have a slightly more
progressive, general democratic leanings.

But, the failure of the Democratic Party to counter-act the outrageous and illegal actions
of the Bush Administration shows that they are not serious enough about their obligations
to their constituents either.

There obviously should be at least one other Major Party who could compete with these
two incompetent organizations and be able to supply us with a power balance and
hopefully some new ideas, new solutions. But, the Two Party system is in control and
they rule the roost.


Real Democracy and especially Voting On The Internet would be the start of the process
to dilute the control of the Two Party System and the control of the Lobbyists. It would
allow more candidates from a wide spectrum of political and social ideas to come to the
fore. They would be on an even playing field with the Democrat and Republican Party
candidates and eventually, all Parties would vanish as an institution. As soon as any
individual gathered enough attention on the Internet, he or she would be at the head of the
PACK running for any given National Office.

But, far more importantly, Voting On the Internet would give us all the methodology of
putting forth our ideas and then seeing them on the Internet rather quickly and without
the interference of lobbyists and their money. In this way, only the best ideas would rise
to the top of the heap and we would all be given choices, REAL SOLUTIONS to real
Problems and then voting them into LAW.
The will of the majority on any given issue would be served.

That is real democracy. It’s the only solution to our present situation and I urge all of my
readers to NOW take an ACTION to help bring about the Dream of Real Democracy in

YOUR own fate may hang in the balance, or certainly the fate of your children and their
children after them. May all future generations thank us for what we now do.


In putting this book together, I realized two things:

1. That A Real Democracy is similar to a Suggestion Box you may have seen in your
place of work or where you shop.

2. And so is this book a SUGGESTION BOX, a small demonstration of Real Democracy
in Action. The MORE OF YOU WHO PARTICIPATE in a Real Democracy or in this
book, the better it will get.

My small brain cannot possibly contain all the best ideas for Voting on The Internet. In
fact, I have just enough mental capacity to know that my thoughts on the subject just
barely scratch the surface of what is needed to make a Real Democracy on the Internet
really work.

Therefore, I am calling on all citizens in this country to lend your own best ideas on the
subject and invite you to make them a part of this great historic work.

If you have any thoughts that you feel should be included in this living book, please
email them to me at: “”

Knowing that I will be inundated with these ideas from millions of citizens, I must tell
you that I will only be able to OPEN emails with the Following in the SUBJECT of the

“Voting On The Internet: Suggestion Box”

If you put anything else in the subject of your emails, they will simply be tossed in the
trash without my even opening them. Sorry to have to be so draconian, but I am already
inundated with ideas from readers and the book is barely caught on yet. So, I can
imagine that with a wide readership, the number of emails will number in the millions. I
simply don’t have the staff to handle so many of your ideas.

HOWEVER, if you follow the instructions above, eventually, I will see them and
possibly include them in future editions of this book. I will give credit to the sender for
their work and may even split the revenues commensurate with the impact that the idea

For more information on how Voting On The Internet was seen by the Government to
work as an ABSENTEE VOTING SYSTEM Called Voting Over the Internet, <a
href=”" CLICKHERE.</a>

The Dept. of Defense, the creators of the Internet, have worked out all of the technical
aspects of HOW TO VOTE ON THE INTERNET, and yet they have not seen fit to
INTRODUCE IT TO YOU. We can only wonder why.

At the very bare minimum, if the department that gave us the Internet can see this
usefulness, it’s just a matter of time when the rest of us will catch on.


Benjamin Franklin once said, “There are only two things certain in life, Death and

Though this is one of the greatest truisms of all time there are things that we can do about
both of these inevitabilities. To postpone our death, we can eat right, exercise, take
plenty of vitamin supplements and herbs and get regular checkups from our doctors. To
change the taxes we pay, it’s a little more complicated than that.

But the basic contract between the government and the governed includes, at least in this
country, should include a way for the taxed to have a say in how much taxes they should
pay and where their hard earned tax dollars should be spent.

The current administration, and to a lesser extent, all previous administrations have felt
that it is their duty to take our money and spend it in the way that they see fit. They are
sort of like Robin Hood. They steal from the rich and give to the poor. Except, in the
case of this administration, they have reversed that old saw and they steal from the poor
and give it to the rich.
All the people of a nation as great and powerful as this one deserve a break if and when
we can get one. After all, how did this nation get to be so great and powerful? It
certainly was NOT from the efforts of our leaders. We are a great nation due to the
blood, sweat and tears of the average American worker. We are the most productive
group of human beings on the planet. This is astounding when you consider that we also
have the most free time of any other nation on Earth. So, we work hard, put in an honest
days work. We rarely complain about our lot in life and we produce trillions upon
trillions of dollars in value, the Gross National Product, every single day. No other nation
on Earth in the history of civilization even comes close to our productivity and our strong
economy. The US Dollar, despite the best efforts of politicians to weaken it, is still the
strongest most desired currency in the world.

What do we get in return for all this hard work and attention to duty? We get
overwhelming tax burdens and that is partly why we are so productive. We must produce
plenty of goods and services in order to earn enough just to pay our taxes. We pay taxes
on our homes. We pay taxes on our incomes. You’d think that one income tax would be
enough for them to live on. But, no, we pay income taxes to the Federal government and
then the State government holds out their hands as well. Then, most of us pay a city tax
as well. When we get into our cars, we pay a gasoline tax. When we park our cars we
pay another tax for using the roads in either parking fees or fines. And, then there are the
myriad of other hidden taxes such as registration fees and business license fees and of
course they tax us for being in business.

Every time we buy something with our HEAVILY TAXED and thus reduced dollars, we
pay another tax, the local State and/or City sales tax. There’s even talk in Congress for a
National Sales Tax to help the government get out of the debt its in for spending infinite
trillions on unnecessary wars.

Right now, the average American works until May or June just to pay their taxes. The
other half of the year, our families receive the benefits of our toil.

Taxes are also the way that our government controls our economy. If they tax us enough,
they can direct the revenues to industries that they believe are in the best interests of the
general economy. The prime example is the current subsidies we are paying to the Oil
Industry. The thinking in Congress and in the White House is that the Oil companies
deserve a tax break since they are so essential to our moving about the highways and this
is what gets us to work. So, in order to help us earn more money and pay more taxes on
these earnings, our government sees fit to give the Oil companies a break on their taxes.

Just in case you doubt these words, check out the profits of the Oil companies in the last
few years. Exxon and Mobil and BP oil and all the rest have reported profits that are
staggering, in the billions of dollars and the greatest profits they or any other organization
has ever made in the history of the world. Surely, the government’s argument for giving
all these profits to the Oil Companies sounds like a good one. “They need the money so
that they can go out and find more oil.” This is what any right-minded Congressman will
tell you to support these subsidies, your tax dollars at work.
Yet, let’s look at this situation more closely. The oil industry spends millions of dollars
per year bribing our Congressmen to give them these tax breaks that equal in the
BILLIONS of dollars. So, from an investment standpoint. The best investment for the
oil companies is not in going out to explore for more oil. They make a far better return
on their investment exploring for crooked Congressmen and the strange thing about this
is that they invest their bribery dollars in both parties. Both Democrats and Republicans
take this money gladly.

Will Rogers once said, “The only reason they don’t call it bribery, is because the bribed
are the ones that get to make the definition of ‘Bribery’ and to them, this is a
CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION, not bribery.” Have you ever heard of a Congressman
giving this money back, AFTER THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER? I have not.

So, one of the biggest advantages of having a Real Democracy is that We the People
would suddenly have almost total control over how much money we want to send to
Washington D.C. and also where to spend the money we do send them, which I assume
would be a much reduced budget for the government to live on. And, this is the primary
reason they will never support a Real Democracy in America. They know that when they
lose control of the purse, they have lost control of their slaves, you and me, baby. And,
they must resist this at all costs.

Unfortunately, we are all so used to paying these exorbitant tax rates that we have come
to live with them. If you did a survey of the American People today, most of them would
say that they want to pay taxes. But, in reality, if they knew that they could pay far less
and have a better country, they might eventually come to realize the power of controlling
the purse will give us.

Let’s use the example of the trillion dollar tax breaks we are currently giving to the oil
companies. First of all, if we stopped giving them free money, would this make them
MORE or LESS motivated to go out and explore for more oil? I believe it would make
them MORE motivated because the only way to improve their profit situation would be
greater market share, as apposed to ripping off the American People as they are doing

Secondly, if we took some of the tax INCREASES of the Oil Companies and then we all
voted to spend that revenue on SOLAR, HYDROGEN, BIODIESEL infrastructure,
eventually, these industries would grow and become healthy enough to compete with OIL
and GASOLINE on an equal basis. And, when you had a choice at the ENERGY
STATION to choose between HYDROGEN ENERGY which does NOT POLLUTE OUR
ENVIRONMENT, or BIODIESEL which pollutes our environment less than gasoline,
and they were THE SAME COST or perhaps even less, which would you choose to
power up your vehicle?

I think most of us would choose the healthier choice for our planet and for our children.
THIS IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE of the very beneficial use of the National Ballot
Measure Movement. Voting on the Internet is the fastest and easiest way to achieve these
before it’s too late.


When this country was founded in 1776, there existed a large population of slaves
brought over in ships from Africa. These poor unfortunate people were not freed until we
fought a civil war over the travesty in 1860. President Abraham Lincoln is regarded as
the best President in our history because it was his conviction that we had to abolish
slavery in this country and through his brave and honored leadership, the slaves were

The slaves were freed by an Amendment to the United States Constitution, the 13th
Amendment passed and ratified in 1860, the direct cause of the Civil War. Many states in
the South who depended on slaves to harvest their crops rebelled. The vast majority of
citizens in the Southern states thought it was their right to own slaves. It was their right
only because there weren’t enough people living in the South to contest this claim. Since
the slaves were not citizens, they were not allowed to vote and since the voting system at
the time was rigged only to elect people who thought along party lines, the slaves were
not allowed to even register their opinions. Newspapers, the only form of media at the
time would never have accepted a story written by or for a slave or a black person.

In the 1960’s the descendants of these slaves decided that they were not going to suffer
the indignities of racial segregation in the schools and public places. They boycotted the
Southern stores and they marched in the streets and held demonstrations for years until
finally legislation under President Lyndon Johnson made it illegal to discriminate in
public hiring and in any other public place. The black people, under this new form of
freedom had achieved racial equality, at least in the eyes of the law. Many black people
still feel as though they are not regarded as equals by many white people and so their
struggle continues.

Progress was made, it must be clear over the last two hundred years in these slow and
painstaking steps. There is no more slavery in America at least no slavery that is based
on the color of one’s skin. Today, they have made us all slaves. They made us all slaves
by doing three things over the course of the last one hundred years that took away all
chance of real democracy in America.

1. They adopted the Two-Party system.

2. They made it legal to bribe a Congressman by cleverly calling the bribes “Campaign
3. They allowed an extra-legal central committee be formed and gave it power over the
Congress. This central committee is known as The White House and it is now re-writing
the Constitution of the United States, something strictly forbidden in the Constitution.
The current President of the United States, and nearly all past Presidents have issued
hundreds of what are known as “Executive Orders”, something not mentioned in the
Constitution because it was never conceived as a possibility by the Founding Fathers of
this great nation. The Founding Fathers gave all power of making laws to Congress and
none to the President.

These three changes to the American form of government has been so subtle and created
so slowly and secretly, in the smoke-filled rooms, behind the scenes, away from reporters
and cameras that we all accept them as a legal and customary form of doing business in
the American Government. The only way this could have been done is under the
“watchful” eye of the Two Party system. The Two Party system must now be recognized
for what it is, the Two Party Conspiracy to rob the American People of any chance at real

We are all today slaves to this system. If we want to change our tax codes, we must wait
for these co-conspirators to recommend and formulate the changes. This is why, even
though they tell us they have lowered our taxes, taxes still go up. Like a clever magician
who uses slight of hand and distraction, our party leaders give with one hand and take
away with the other. All tax cuts that we were given in the last few years have been
offset by higher consumer prices, delivered to us by the same people. If it were not for
the policies of this administration, our net expenses of life would be lower, instead of
higher. Our elected officials have raised our costs of living by having very expensive
wars, over and over, without our approval, and they have conspired with the oil
companies to force us to drive expensive vehicles that are not only changing the weather
of the planet, but also cost us a small fortune to operate.

Because more and more people are speaking out about this, now, they are pushing
BioDiesel made from corn which will lower the pollution produced by our cars, but it has
already started raising the cost of food. The American farmers are already reaping huge
profits and the real industry has not even begun yet. Why Biodiesel over electric cars
which would be powered by hydrogen, solar or wind power? Because the farming
industry has paid the government in the form of “Campaign Contributions” to have this
done for them.

I could give the reader hundreds more examples of how our government has been stolen
from under us by the special interests. Special interests would NOT have any power over
the will of the majority of people in a country that is not run by the Two Party System.

It was the three subtle changes to the government perpetrated by the Two Party System
that allows this type of corruption to exist. There was a time when the corruption would
exist, but they would still allow real legislation OF, BY and FOR the PEOPLE to be
introduced. The last President who was a true democrat was President Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, FDR, who was President from 1932 to 1944. He was the only President in
history to be elected to FOUR TERMS as President and because of his four term
Presidency, they changed the Constitution so that no President is allowed to serve more
than Two Terms today.

Roosevelt was the only President who practiced real democracy by having Congress pass
into law the first social safety net in this country. The Social Security System exists
today due to the work of this great American hero. The Social Security System saves
from starvation and homelessness millions and millions of Americans who have made the
sole crime of getting old. In this society when you are older, you are no longer looked
upon as having any value in the working world. Many millions, the vast majority of
Americans too old to work hard would be laying dying on the streets of all American
cities if it were not for this great social safety net for our elder American, citizens who
have produced so much and done so much for the world, people who deserve a break at
this, the most dangerous time of their lives.

After the death of President Roosevelt in 1945, the next series of Presidents began to
become intoxicated with power. The United States, along with our allies, had won the
greatest war in history. It was a victory that would establish American power in Europe
up until the present day. This positioning of our troops also pitted us against the next
greatest power, one of our allies in World War Two, the Soviet Union. This Cold War
mentality that existed from 1945 up until present day is the root cause of the biggest
threat to our freedom and the root cause of our slavery to the system.

President Lyndon Johnson, President Nixon, President Reagan , President George Herbert
Walker Bush, father of George W. Bush, and to a lesser extent, President Clinton all used
the fear of an imminent attack from the Soviet Union to create the largest military
spending in peacetime the world had ever known. This current administration, the 2nd
Bush Administration follows that long line of Presidents who are consolidating their
power in the world by maintaining this level of fear.

President George W. Bush, however has used the fear of attack by terrorists as his reason
for celebrity because the Cold War was largely over by the time he took office. The proof
of this statement is his response to the attack on the city of New York and the World
Trade Center. President Bushes invasion of Afghanistan was intended to take some
action to satisfy the American people while allowing the leadership of Al Qaueda to go
on living because with this terrorist threat, his power would be severely reduced. Osama
Bin Laden, the real perpetrator of the attack on New York City is alive and well today
because President Bush was convinced, most likely by the Saudis to let him live.

The evidence of this betrayal is the fact that the first order given by President Bush after
the attack on the World Trade Center and the city of New York.was to allow Prince
Bandar of Saudi Arabia to fly ALL of the Bin Laden relatives out of this country. This
was the only civilian airplane allowed to fly that day as all other traffic was banned,
fearing more hijacked airliners might still be out there.
Certainly, if there was no conspiracy against the American people, the first order of
business after identifying the perpetrator of this attack would be to hold these relatives of
Bin Laden’s for a period of a few hours at least to ensure that they had no hand in the
attack, at the very least. Secondly, they should have been questioned about any
knowledge they may have about the whereabouts of their cousin or brother or Uncle.

Instead of being held and questioned by the F.B.I., the F.B.I. was instructed to escort the
escape of these Bin Laden relatives. This would be the equivalent of the F.B.I. being told
to safeguard the escape of the relatives of Lucky Luciano or Bonnie and Clyde fifty years
ago. It’s unheard of, unprecedented and might even be treasonous.

Why were there no outcries from the opposing party as soon as they learned of this?
There were no outcries and in fact, the democratic party went along with the conspiracy
to cover it up. If it weren’t for enterprising journalists on the Internet, the Blogging
community, we would never have found out.

It’s the same reason that there are no real outcries from the democrats on the Iraq War.
We were lied to about the reasons for going to war, spending trillions of our dollars and
spilling countless gallons of our blood. Yet, even now that the democrats have a majority
in Congress, they are doing nothing about returning the troops. They claim that they
don’t have enough votes to overturn the President’s Veto. Yet, all they have to do is
continually send him the same bill and eventually, he would have to sign or else the
troops would run out of money. So, whose fault would it be?

So, the conspiracy of the Two Party System is uncontestable. But, by far and away, the
best evidence for the conspiracy of the Two Party System, really only one party, but two
branches, is the fact that no United States Senator or Congressman will speak to you
about the ability of all of us to VOTE ON THE INTERNET. They are squelching this
idea even though they are fully aware of the practicality and the effectiveness of such a
system where we would immediate TURN ON a REAL DEMOCRACY just the same as
turning on our TV’s, Ipods or Computers.

The government does NOT want us to enjoy this wonderful boon to our society, the next
logical and natural extension to the use of the Internet because they, the so-called servants
of the people would lose many of their perks. They would not have as much power over
us certainly. And, by putting National Ballot Measures on the Ballots for the people to
decide, eventually, we would cut the size of government so that we would employ only
the essential people and services that WE SAW FIT TO EMPLOY.

If we chose not to utilize the IRS, then it would be abandoned as a government agency. If
the majority of Americans felt that the CIA, the NSA, the other government spy agencies
were not worth their keep, would disband them or at least reorganize them. Indeed, we
must all remember that after the expenditure of hundreds and hundreds of billions of
dollars, perhaps as much as a trillion dollars over time, the CIA and all other spy
agencies, of which there are nineteen in this country, were unable to detect the efforts of
twenty Muslim fanatics who were known terrorists and in the government databases and
they were allowed to get on planes with weapons sufficient to attack New York City
causing thousands of fatalities. The death toll continues due to all the toxic
contamination of all the debris in the wind and which fell all over the Northeast.

So, are they worth their money? Worse yet, when the CIA warned President Bush that
there were no weapons of mass destruction as far as they knew, in Iraq, this intelligence
was ignored. So, these billions of taxpayer dollars spent for intelligence, in this writer’s
humble opinion are totally wasted. You might as well toss our treasure into the sea for
the fish to find new habitat.

American people would find better ways to solve our transportation problems, our energy
problems, our school problems and even our economic problems.

This writer can think of many hundreds of NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES that
would probably be passed by the Electorate and if I, only one person, can think up some
of the best solutions to our problems, IMAGINE what new and improved policies will
come from the brain trust of hundreds of millions of people, thinking, discussing,
brainstorming and working for real solutions to real problems.

For example:

I give you here some samples of what I feel would easily be the best way to solve
problems, AND if not THEY are the BEST ideas, at least they are FAR SUPERIOR to the
actions or the lack of actions taken by our Congress.

1. We should be putting a very high use tax on the biggest gas guzzler vehicles. People
who can afford to drive vehicles like Hummers and Cadillac Escalades, Huge Pick Up
Trucks with enough power to pull down the Golden Gate Bridge and other huge wasters
of the planet’s resources, should be willing and able to pay a yearly tax of $10,000 just to
register these vehicles. The money raised by this surcharge could be spent on ways that
would offset their wastefulness.

With such a tax on gas wasters, there would quickly come a time when even these rich
wasters would abandon these vehicles. Much gasoline would be saved and the price
would come down. One of the reasons gas prices have risen in the past several years is
because there is such high demand for this commodity and they keep the supply very
tight. Then, the Oil and Gas Lobbyists prevent any laws like this one from being
presented in Congress, they don’t even make it out of committee, so this kind of law that
would save the consumer money is never introduced and therefore passed.

2. We should be spending more money on schools and health plans in this country and
good and Christian policies for the rest of the world, instead of bombs and weapons, the
work of the Devil. In a supposedly Christian nation, we allow the Pentagon to order
more and more sophisticated and expensive airplanes, submarines, ships, boats, missiles,
anti-missle missles, bigger more powerful bombs, biological weapons, etc. etc., for the
purpose of killing and maiming innocent people all over the world. When all they really
need is decent food and clean water to drink. If the Pentagon spent a fraction of the
money they spend on bombs that kill people and instead spent it on food and clean water
that helped the poor and underprivileged of the world, we would never have to fight a
war again because the terrorists could never get any support.

A NATIONAL ballot measure to cut spending on these weapons coupled with another
one to use the money for humanitarian purposes around the world, may not pass the vast
majority of people living in the United States TODAY, because we have been so
thoroughly BRAINWASHED by this and other administrations. It may take a few years,
or even a few generations for us to clear the junk from our minds that they have fed us for
so long about fear and hatred of our fellow human beings. Eventually, I have faith, we
would be able to vote on such measures and vote for them in huge majorities. Americans
would have nothing to fear from any enemies if we acted in such a Christian way.

3. We should have a LAW making it a FELONY for any businessperson or business
organization, and even any individual to give money to a United States Congress person
or Senator if they expect anything in return, including access to their office or
consideration for their ideas as opposed to the ordinary citizen.

This type of bill will never be introduced by the Senators and Congressmen and women
because they know it would spell the end of the gravy train. In case you did NOT know,
currently, our elected officials are allowed to accept money from business groups and
individuals in return for special favors. This is NOT called a bribe only because the
people being bribed are lawyers making it legal for them to accept what they term,
“Campaign Contributions.” But, after they collect millions of dollars for their
campaigns, I have yet to hear about any politician giving the EXCESS money raised back
to their contributors. Instead, somehow, they end up in 100 Million Dollar Homes with
10 Million dollar Vacation Homes in Aspen, Colorado or Beverly Hills, California.

Because of all these secret changes that they have made to our governmental system,
there are no longer any CHECKS and BALANCES in government as is required in our
Constitution. Therefore, there are many things that we can and MUST do if we want to
maintain this fledgling experiment in democracy in America. It’s almost too late, but
there is still hope.

and VOTING FOR NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES, not just people who promise
the world in their pretty speeches and then do the opposite of their campaign pledges as
soon as they gain office and power.

You would think that since there is no valid reason AGAINST a new technology and
there are MILLIONS of reasons FOR using this new technology for our overall general
welfare and the benefit of the vast majority of Americans, that SOMETHING WOULD
HAVE BEEN PROPOSED by now centered around this concept of real democracy in
America. The Internet has been around long enough for most of us to see how it could be
used in this way.

The powers-at-be are squashing this concept ONLY because they DO NOT WANT YOU
TO KNOW about it. They fear real democracy because they would lose some of their
power. It is only selfish greed and their own vested interests in wanting to enhance their
own personal treasuries that they balk at giving the PEOPLE MORE POWER. This
power could only be used to do the right things. It could never be abused because the
power of REAL democracy is diluted and in the hands of millions of people. Designed
properly, it can never be used for the aggrandizement of any one individual or group.
That means the Two Parties would also lose their influence over us.

If you are a loyal Democrat or Republican, you must ask yourself, what good has your
party done for this country. Sure, there are a few, a very select few who benefit from the
party in power. Those who contribute in the largest amounts are usually given some boon
for their financial support. Ambassadors to most of the countries are picked from the list
of major supporters and many businesses have gotten contracts and/or increased sales by
paying enough money to their political party leaders.

The vast majority of us, however, get nothing in return for our support and therefore, I
beseech all loyal Democrats and Republicans who truly care about their country to
forsake their support of this Two Party Tyranny and strike out for The People in General.
These are your neighbors, your countrymen, of whom I speak. If you ride down the
street in your car and look at them, you’ll see that the vast majority of American people
are fine and upstanding citizens who work hard to support their family and who would
gladly lay down their lives for this country and the principles upon which it stands.

Most Americans today, even though they gain nothing from participating in the Two
Party System are loyal Americans, true believers in the opportunity, the equality and the
richness of this society, even though we are far from a perfect society. But, we all believe
in the vastly superior economy and political system that we have attained.

But, being superior means being compared to all other societies on this planet. We are
aware of no others. The vast majority of economies and political systems in all the
nations of the Earth are nothing to be proud of, to be sure. Corruption and crime and
repression are the norm on the planet Earth today than the exception. Therefore, to rest
easy just because America is the BEST of this lot, is to fool oneself horribly.

We can do so much better. We can rapidly and easily have the full freedom of a real
democracy starting tomorrow. All we have to do is UNIFY ourselves on this issue.

Therefore, I appeal to all loyal Democrats and Republicans, all Libertarians, Green Party
members, and everyone in this country regardless of party affiliation, race or creed to
come to the aid of this nation in its darkest hour of need. Let’s put aside all our petty
differences and unite on the idea of saving this great nation and everything she stands for.
Lady Liberty, the personage in the Statue of Liberty stands there in the cold rain waiting
to be respected and loved by the world once again.

It was the Statue of Liberty that the people of China raised in Tieneman Square in 1992 in
their valiant attempt to bring democracy to the Communist government of China. This
movement was squashed mercilessly, with thousands of dissenters arrested and many are
in prison or have been executed for trying to bring real democracy to their country.

Luckily, in America, we don’t YET have a military Junta capable of such repression here.
If we all stand united for REAL DEMOCRACY in AMERICA, all they can do is call us
names. They’ll use, as they have done for years, every force in their power to try and
KEEP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IGNORANT of this great concept. But, kill us and
imprison us, THEY CANNOT, not without endangering their own survival in office, for
we live in a government based on the rule of law. SOONER OR LATER, even these
most powerful will be forced to join us. They will be the last to join us, but they will still
be welcomed.

in this GREAT Country is the United States Constitution, THANK GOD, and in that
basic contract between the people and their government, we are GUARANTEED the
right to free speech, free press and the freedom of assembly and THE RIGHT TO

This ONE FREEDOM, rarely mentioned in Political Science textbooks is the FREEDOM
is a basic right in a democracy to set up a petition process that is then signed and turned
therefore redressing our grievances. AND, the FASTEST and EASIEST MOST
DEMOCRATIC WAY to perform this little miracle is OVER THE INTERNET. This is
the only way to redress our grievances any more, since CONGRESS is now bought and
paid for by the special interest. There is no longer full REPRESENTATION and this is
the MAIN GRIPE that our founding fathers had in 1776. There is no historian and there
is no Constitutional Lawyer in this country who can argue against that point.

YES, there is HOPE, but only if all of you, now reading this book immediately take one
of the forms of action I am going to list here:

1. Recommend this book to everyone you know. Send dozens of emails every day.
Follow up on your contacts and find out how many people are really interested in the
future of this country. Put pressure on them until they read and make the commitment to
do likewise. There is no more important issue in this world than the saving of this great
nation from certain death and dismemberment if we are left to stay this course of history.
Mention our website in every email. Only by having millions
of visitors to this site, will we ever gain enough national attention to have a glimmer of
2. Make up as many websites and blogs and other Internet entities to point to our web

3. If you are a member of any group, Kiwanis, Elks, PTA, Church Group, political group,
hobbyist group, invite me and other speakers to come and speak at your gatherings. We
need to get the word out and I am willing to do anything required of me.

4. If you are a member of the media, a local newspaper, news outlet, radio or TV station,
talk up this idea of producers and editors for a story or an appearance or interview.

5. If you have a bulletin board at work, make up a flyer. Hold your own Town Hall
Meeting to discuss any of the issues raised here and elsewhere. Get active before we’re
all radioactive.

6. If you have a vehicle place a sign on it so that other travelers on the road can know of
our website.

7. If you own any real estate or know someone who does. Convince them to put a sign
on their front lawn with our website prominently mentioned.

8. If you produce a newsletter, ezine or other form of mass communications, invite us to
place a small mention of our web site as a public service announcement.

9. If you are a teacher, begin adding books like this one to your curriculum.

10. If you are a student, start your own Real Democracy Club and devise ways in your
meetings about how you can all help to bring this about. Be creative. Be focused in your
group meetings.

11. Find and Buy OTHER BOOKS by this author me, Michael Mathiesen, . The Longer
Version of this book is found on my web site. Spread the word about my Science Fiction
novels because they are related to my work of raising the consciousness level of people
all around the world. Many are found on AMAZON.COM. I need your support. IF
YOU BUY MY BOOKS on AMAZON in great numbers, major publishers and movie
makers may pick it up and then many millions more people will be allowed to read and
hear about this concept. THE EDUCATION of millions of our fellow citizens IS OUR

Go to and Search for ONE MILLION A.D. by Michael Mathiesen

Or BORN AGAIN, the 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told. AND soon on Amazon you will find
VOTING on the Internet, an Idea Whose Time has Come by Michael Mathiesen. Right
now, it is only found on my website.

12. Email me with your suggestions of other ways to go or the results of any of the ones
I’ve mentioned so far. Email me at:
13. Because we are in the throes of the Presidential Election of 2008, we can ALL have a
much larger share of political influence because what happens throughout the campaign
is lots of horse trading of ideas in order to gain larger and larger support by any given

So, what you can do is contact any or all of the campaigns of the several
PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES and even some of your local Congressional Candidates
for 2008 and TELL THEM that you will support them ONLY if they support and speak
publicly about their support of NATIONAL INITIAVES and VOTING for NATIONAL

They will pretend they don’t know what you’re talking about, so you will need this
BOOK handy as a reference to ply your ideas on them. What you CAN ACCOMPLISH
is getting Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or perhaps it will be one of the Republicans,
getting them to speak about supporting National Initiatives as an Amendment to the
Constitution as part of their platform. Senator Mike Gravel has already stated that he
supports this idea, so BEGIN WITH HIM. Make sure HE KNOWS that you will support
him as long as he DOES NOT DROP his support of National Initiatives and Referenda.
I’m worried that he may have already done that.

This strategy is a long shot since I told you that the two parties have conspired to keep
this information from us. BUT, there is always hope that a relative UNKNOWN will take
it on as a form of desperation in order to increase his chances. It’s always a horse race
down to the last minute. So, if nothing else, it may convince enough of my readers to see
that I am right. They don’t want us to have this new freedom even though it’s our right
and is the best idea out there right now.

There are countless other ways you can get involved. I cannot think of all of them. I am
only one person. I need your help to bring about this great change in the way we do
business in our government.

I appeal for your support and your encouragement. If you cannot support and encourage
the potential for real democracy in America, God will forgive you. .

FINALLY, I have a link placed below that is the report of a PILOT PROJECT done by
the Dept. of Defense for VOTING OVER THE INTERNET in 2001.

You don’t have to believe me. OUR OWN GOVERNMENT TESTED THIS IDEA and
found it to be a “HUGE SUCCESS” and even “HISTORIC” their words. See page one
of their report.

GO TO: FOR MORE WAYS you can be part of the
SOLUTION, instead of part of the problem.

NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Mike Mathiesen
Santa Cruz, CA


I began this book by showing the historical trend away from slavery in this country.

I hope I have shown that by allowing our political leaders to squelch our God Given
Rights in this country that we are now and becoming more and more SLAVES to their
very limited view of our freedoms.

They limit our freedoms more and more every day. They have been caught spying on
Americans, forbidden in our Constitution. They have tried to abolish, and some would
say they have succeeded in abolishing the right to Habeus Corpus, also a basic right
under our Constitution. They have conspired against us to squelch all basic legislation
that could help the average citizen while concentrating their efforts on helping their

They make speeches every time they have an opportunity to speak and in every speech
they use the word “Democracy” and they use it very loosely because they don’t offer us a
real democracy yet. If you don’t believe me, look it up in the dictionary.

Websters Dictionary: “Democracy: The form of government wherein the governed are
given the right to vote on popular proposals, (petitions) and either pass them or defeat
them according to the will of the majority. As in the democracy invented by the Golden
Age of Greece, circa 500 to 200 B.C.”

When is the last time, you voted on any of the MOST IMPORTANT and urgent issues of
the day, like getting our troops out of harm’s way or creating a National Health Care plan
or anything of this sort?

We DO NOT have National ballot measures in America. They enjoy them in RUSSIA,
AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND and even in COMMUNIST CUBA. But not here, not in
this so-called democracy, the world’s last and best hope.

Isn’t it time we did something about that?

Today, if you agree with the general thrust of this book, go out and DO SOMETHING to
make this concept better known. Remember, your government is suppressing these
ideas. They were not invented by me, but only discovered as something we can and
should do. This country sorely needs your participation. Get involved. Commit to spend
at least one hour per week in helping spread the word over the Internet or any other way
you know.

Find another person who will read or buy this book. Get that person to debate the issues
with you. The two of you find a third and then debate these issues amongst the three of
you. Get the two friends to visit our website.

“” and sign the petition and/or place your votes on the
issues that we post there daily.

Circulate our Historic Petition to end the war in Iraq inspired by Senator Mike Gravel.

Then, each of you go out and create another group of three people. By growing
geometrically in this fashion, it would only be a matter of months when nearly everyone
in the country will be familiar with the concept of:


ALSO call the local news media in your town. Tell them about the book and how it may
have affected you. Get someone there to do a radio or TV show or newspaper article
about us. Always refer them to the Web Site for more information.

You can buy a quantity of books and sell them to friends or in stores you may own or
ONLINE STORES you may have. We have an affiliate program to allow for fulfillment
and payment of commissions through ClickBank. Go to and order
through them if you want to join our affiliate program or the website if you don’t want to
do that but have the desire to buy more books.

IT WILL ALL HAPPEN from the book’s popularity. In this way, I will be invited to do
more and more talk shows and eventually, we will reach our Critical Mass Audience.
From there, there will be no turning back. If you can think of a way to help in the
distribution of the book, please contact us with that information.

Send your ideas, comments, suggestions to:

VotingOnTheinternet @ OR contact us through the Web Site.
As soon as a Critical Mass of American’s, my guess is a number totally at least ten
million people are onboard and actively helping to achieve a VOTE on the INTERNET,
we cannot fail but to initiate these ideas and give them to the world.

Trust me. I am only one person and I have not covered even the smallest fraction of what
this Real Democracy will look like in the future. I can imagine it, but I cannot conceive
of exactly how it will manifest itself.

I have laid the seed. But the fetus will grow in the hearts and minds of many, many more
American citizens, much smarter than I. Then, someday, the baby Real Democracy will
be born on the Internet, and everyone who participated in the birth will be very proud

May God allow me to live long enough to be one of you.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER. This is a LIVING BOOK. It will expand from the
IDEAS, comments, suggestions that I receive from my readers. Please send me lots of
your thoughts on the subject. BUT NOT ARGUMENTS against. I’ve heard them all.
There are none that make any sense to me at all.

There is no doubt in my mind that having a Real Democracy would do nothing but SAVE
US MONEY, SAVE US OUR LIVES and SAVE OUR COUNTRY from the path of ruin,
they have put us on.

We are so far in debt thanks to the incompetence and arrogance of ONE MAN, George
W. Bush, that we may never be able to recover from it. The Chinese government holds
trillions of dollars of our debt in the form of bonds they bought from us due to the
staggering trade deficit with them. We owe the Chinese more money than any nation has
ever owed any country in the history of the World.

Our reputation as the defender of democracy and freedom around the world is destroyed.

Surely the wicked and ill-conceived actions and irresponsible inactions of ONE MAN, in
a democracy SHOULD and MUST be Counter-Balanced by the greatest force of all time,
the force of COMMON SENSE in order for this great nation to prevail.

Mike Mathiesen

Author and Publisher


Copyright, 2007 by Michael Mathiesen