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Service Description First year Subsequent year
PesoPay eCommerce Standard Php 34,200 Php 19,200
Second settlement currency option Php 17,100 Php 9,600
(Peso or Dollar)
Second account onwards Php 15,800 Php 9,600
(same time as first application)
Second account onwards (separate Php 21,600 Php 9,600
period from first application)

AsiaPay manages your ePayment on three levels as we create your merchant account:
One Time Setup Security Licenses Per Transaction
• For setup of sub-merchant account • For the use of PesoPay platform: • 4.5% MDR (by acquiring bank) +
under PesoPay firewall, hardware, database, Php 6.00 PesoPay handling fee for
• For application processing on your network, and anti-fraud securities successful transactions, regardless
behalf with the acquiring bank • Licenses for SSL and real-time of the amount
• Technical and operations support, credit card authentication • Instead of Php 500,000 minimum
production account and key setup • Technical support security deposit required by the
arrangement with the bank • PayAlert, fraud-check, 3D Secure Bank, a 30-day deferred payment
• Unique merchant ID issued to you services settlement is adopted.
• Your merchant name will be • Payout frequency is every 1st and
reflected in your customer's billing 16th of the month
statement • Payment is made via checks less
MDR and PesoPay handling fee
• All credit card transactions are
subject to 0.5% withholding tax

Single Proprietorship Partnership Corporation
• DTI Business Registration • SEC Registration • SEC Registration
• Original / Renewal Application for • Articles of Partnership • Articles of Incorporation
Trade Name • By Laws • By Laws
• BIR Registration • DTI Business Registration if Partner • DTI Business Registration if
• Mayor's Permit Name differs from Business Name Corporate Name differs from
• Notarized Special Power of Attorney, • BIR Registration Certificate Business Name
if signed by a person other than the • Mayor's Permit • BIR Registration Certificate
registered owner • Notarized Partnership Resolution/ • Mayor's Permit
• Audited financial statement Secretary's Certificate authorizing • Notarized Board Resolution/
• Whois Lookup print out for domain the Signatory to enter into an Secretary's Certificate authorizing
registration Agreement with Equitable Card the company to enter into an
Network Inc. Agreement with Equitable Card
• Audited financial statement Network Inc., and the assignment
• Whois Lookup print out for domain of authorized signatory
registration • Audited financial statement
• Whois Lookup print out for domain
PesoPay forms:
1. PesoPay Payment Service application form
2. PesoPay Service Agreement
3. BIR/SEC Business Registration, Corporate Account Bank Statement (recent 3 months) - Attach these to the PesoPay
application form
Bank forms:
4. Merchant Information Sheet
5. Secretarial Certificate Form
6. Tripartite agreement between Equitable, AsiaPay and your company
PesoPay eCommerce (Credit Card) Service Plan

1. FREE PayAlert Service (Anti-fraud)
2. FREE PayCart Shopping Cart module
3. Includes PesoPay Expess Activation

Special Philippine Introductory Offer until March 31, 2008

Plan Description Premier Plan Standard Plan
PESO or DOLLAR settlement PESO or DOLLAR settlement
Merchant Account Direct Internet Merchant Account
PesoPay Master Merchant Account
with bank
Deposit Subject to BDO Equitable PCI Not Required
Choice of Credit Card Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB
Choice of Account Currency PHP Philippine Peso
Deferred Payment N/A 30 days
Payout Frequency Daily subject to bank 1st and 16th every month
Transaction Support (real-time) Sales, Authorized, Void Sales, Authorized, Void, Refund
Merchant description on statement Full Merchant name Full Merchant name
Average Setup Lead Time (approx.) Upon completed application Upon completed application
submission: submission:
4 weeks 4 weeks

Monthly Transaction Upper Limit Subject to BDO Equitable PCI Subject to BDO Equitable PCI Bank

Service Pricing
PesoPay Account Setup (one time) 4 PHP 24,000 PHP 15,000
(All rates VAT Inclusive)
PesoPay Account Monthly Fee (prepaid 12 PHP 2,800 PHP 1,600
months) 5 (All rates VAT Inclusive)

Transaction Processing Fee - Bank’s Merchant Discount Rate+ 4.5%
for successful transactions only 0.5% + PHP 6.00
(* with PayAlert, fraud-check and 3D service) or PHP 8.00 per transaction; (To be automatically deducted)
(All rates VAT Inclusive) whichever is greater
(To be billed)
Testing Account Support Fee (optional) waived waived
(All rates VAT Inclusive) PHP 4,500 PHP 4,500
Chargeback Processing Fee Subject to BDO Equitable PCI PHP 500 per case
(All rates VAT Inclusive) Bank

Valued-added Services and Support
PayCart Shopping Cart module Provided Free Provided Free
Payment link tools Provided Free Provided Free
Account eStatement Provided by bank Provided Free
Monthly Statement / Settlement Fee Provided Free Provided Free
Settlement Exchange Rate Charges Provided Free Provided Free
Refund Handling Fee Provided Free Provided Free
Chargeback Support Provided Free Provided Free

Remarks :

1. The competitive payment service plans are offered for commercial companies registered in the Philippines. All fees
(except transaction fee) are to be paid in advance and are not refundable.

2. Instead of adopting bank’s practice requesting merchant a guarantee deposit from 1-3 months sales to safeguard
business risk, an alternate merchant control of 30-day deferred payment is adopted.

3. PesoPay Account Setup fee includes the service and support on application processing, implementation technical and
operations support and production account and key setup arrangement with the bank.

It includes the basic setup for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB for Philippine Peso currency. PesoPay
Account Monthly Fee includes the account service and use of the PesoPay platform and technical support. For non-
Premier plans, it also covers the service and support on account settlement reconcilement, merchant settlement twice a
month, and refund processing.

PesoPay Account Setup fee also includes PesoPay expess activation service, which comprises the basic setup and
activation of the following in the Merchant's website: shopping page, customer profile registration, check out page which
will be integrated to PesoPay payment page when the merchant account is turned over.

The fee is a 12 month pre-payment for the basic package service and support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
and JCB of Philippine Peso currency.

4. PesoPay will charge PHP 6.00 pesos on transaction processing while our bank partner may charge 4.5% subject to
bank’s final offer and merchant’s prior eCommerce history.

5. The average fee starts from 4.5% and maybe tiered down based on future sales volume. Higher fee may be charged for
merchants with higher risk business models (e.g. intangible goods and services) or payment transaction of micro payment
nature. Final fee percentage is subject to application assessment and approval.